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The KEY RING is a monthly publication by the Kampala Baptist Church Mens Ministry that seeks to provide an avenue

where men can share knowledge and understanding of the word of God, experiences, encourage one another as the older men also perform the act of paralambano to the younger men. Our prayer is that the Lord will speak to you through these publications.

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Issue 10 - December 2012


Praise the Lord, On behalf of the Mens Media Team that has been producing the Key Ring this year, we thank all the men for the encouragement, active participation and feedback that you have given to this ministry. We have also been touched and blessed by the fact that our readership has not just been the men. We therefore would also like to thank the ladies who have been keenly following the different issues of the Key Ring and offering their treasured and timely feedback. Special thanks to the men who shared their lives with the rest of the men at KBC through the Key Ring this year. You might never know the full extent of the impact your shared lives have had in KBC and around the globe but only the Lord knows and we thank and bless Him for using you. For the many lives that have been touched through the different issues of the Key Ring we bless the Lord and look forward to an even more enriching year in 2013. As you take time off to reflect on the gift of His son that God gave us on Christmas, our prayer is that God will show you how you can bless and touch a life through the different avenues in the mens ministry and church at large. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

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1 - Sunrise Walk 3 - Church Cleaning 2 - Prayer Night 4 - Hymn Night

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HENRY LUYOMBYAS 2012 (Online Reader)

HIGH MOMENTS: The work that was done during the medical mission week, the dedication with which the different people served, the money people gave and the encouraging feedback we got from the people was all amazing. LOW MOMENTS: The last minute cancelation of the Mabira Jubilee Sunrise Walk by the Police after all the effort we had put in to ensure its success. LESSON LEARNT: Kind gestures as simple as helping someone can mean a lot to the person you have helped so I should never stop helping people. GODS GOODNESS: I have experienced the goodness of the Lord this year through my loving family. We had many challenges this year but my family never left me alone during any of those challenges. One I vividly remember was when our daughter got burnt by hot water and was down for almost a month and at the same time my wife fell ill. It was a difficult time but I thank God we overcame in Jesus name.

Peter Kafuruka and Reagan Turakira


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