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January 29, 2009



SCs slam BUKLOD’s vote “No”campaign
by Rogene Gonzales with reports from Faith Allyson Beunacosa


Just a few days before the Codified Rules for Student Regent Selection (CRSRS) referendum, student councils (SCs) and other groups contested BUKLOD-UPLB’s campaign to vote “No”, saying the move is “divisive to students.” This after BUKLOD, a political party in the campus, objected to the SCs’ present campaign to vote “Yes” in the referendum set Jan. 26-31, 2009. In a statement, BUKLOD called on the UPLB SCs to conduct a “genuine student consultation,” as allegedly “no information campaigns [were held] regarding what the CRSRS contains and its contentious provisions.” BUKLOD is a member of the Choose to Know movement, an alliance of UP student councils and political parties campaigning for a “No” vote in the CRSRS referendum. Choose to Know proposes the following amendments to the present CRSRS: inclusion of minimum academic requirement as qualification in the SR nominations, addition of specific duties to the OSR, modification of the SR selection voting scheme to give bigger campuses a larger number of votes, extension of the effectivity of the CRSRS from one year to three years and “de-politicization” of the SR selection process by removing the provision containing the Katipunan ng mga Sangguniang Magaaral sa UP (KASAMA sa UP), a system-wide alliance of SCs. ‘ABUSED DEMOCRACY’ University Student Council (USC) Chairperson Charisse Bernadine Bañez said those who are campaigning for “No” chooses to dwell merely on the technicalities of the CRSRS. She cited the OSR’s instrumental involvement in supporting UPLB’s campaign for students’ rights and welfare such as the campaign against Tuition and other Fees Increase, the ratification of the 1984 UPLB USC Constitution and the ongoing campaign for UPLB’s Student Agenda. “Kung titingnan kasi natin na magkakahiwalay itong mga bagay-bagay na ito, ibig sabihin lang hindi natin kayang tahiin ‘yung pangkabuuang kaayusan ng demokrasya sa ating pamantasan.” Bañez stressed that the word “democracy” has been “used and abused” by political groups and individuals to pertain to their “elementary definition of individual preferences” rather than a collective action to defend student rights. She argued that the proposed amendments to the CRSRS have “faced consistent and rational opposition not only by [a] considerable number of student councils but majority of student councils of the UP system” during the CRSRS’ ten years of existence. “Hindi ba’t ito [proposals] ‘yung sinasabi nating hindi democratic dahil hindi nila nirerespeto ‘yung pinagpasyahan ng isang GASC (General Assembly of Student Councils) kung saan na-eexhaust ang lahat ng arguments at napagdedebatehan siya [CRSRS]?”

DEFENDING THROUGH MUSIC. Billy the Kid band jams out with students in kOnSyeRto, a free concert sponsored by the Defend OSR-UPLB.

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Gonzales to assume OSA post

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Defend OSR holds university-wide convocation
Estel Lenwij Estropia the event as the UPLB Convocation attended by more than 2,000 students As part of the in morning and afternoon campaign to gather active sessions. student participation in Issues such as the the upcoming referendum state of democratic rights for the Codified Rules in UPLB, the student for Student Regent agenda containing specific Selection (CRSRS), the concerns of students Defend the Office of the such as large lecture Student Regent Allianceclasses, org recognition UPLB (Defend OSR) and tambayan phase-out, held a university-wide and the commercialization convocation in Baker Hall of education in UP were last January 15. discussed in the said Defend OSR is an convocation. alliance of student councils Pamela Angelie campaigning to defend Pangahas, Vice President student representation with for Luzon of Katipunan ng a “Yes” vote on the CRSRS Sangguniang Mag-aaral referendum. sa UP (KASAMA sa UP), Classes were a system-wide alliance of suspended for the specific Student Councils, said these time assigned per college. issues were discussed to Students almost filled emphasize the vital role of the Baker Hall, making the Student Regent (SR) in it seem quite small for airing student’s concern in the Board of Regents (BOR). The history of the OSR was discussed, including the events on how the Student Regent evolved from being a mere student observer in the BOR to a regent who has voting power. Pangahas also discussed the role of KASAMA sa UP in the establishment of the OSR. University Student Council (USC) Councilor and Referendum Officer for UPLB Odraude Alub said the convocation has served its purpose, as an overwhelming number of students attended the convocation. “Nakita natin na ang mga estudyante ay matimong nakinig hanggang matapos ang convocation at magandang panimula ito para sa mga estudyante ng UPLB”, he furthered. Ahnea Alvaran, BS ComArts ‘05, said the convocation encouraged students to be involved in


UPLB Perspective

VOLUME 35 | ISSUE 7 | January 29, 2009




Hundreds of students participated in the university-wide convocation to support the Defend OSR campaign. Different campus issues were also discussed in the convocation in line with the upcoming referendum.


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the referendum especially now that they are equipped with more knowledge on the nature of the OSR. Alex Meria, BS Econ ’08 added, “Dito [convocation] rin namin nalaman na ang isyung kinakaharap ng OSR ngayon ay maaaring
u n d e r s t a n d the existence a n d s i g n i f i c ance of the O S R a n d i t s connection to t h e s t r u g g l e for students’ d e m o c r a t i c r ights. F u e n t e s stressed that B U K L O D ’ s m ere adoption o f t h e a m e n dments reflects t h e i r l a c k o f understanding o n t h e c o n s e quences of c a m p a i g n i n g for a “No” vote i n t h e r e f e r e ndum.

magsilbing balakid sa representasyon ng mga estudyante sa BOR.” SR Shahana Abdulwahid, who was brought to UP Diliman’s infirmary, was not able to attend the convocation due to a high fever. [P]
would produce a more “pulsed”, “principled” and “competitive” SR.

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The GASC, a convention of all UP SCs, is in charge of the yearly deliberation on the CRSRS, as well as the selection of the SR.

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‘REFERENDUM’ NOT ‘INITIATIVE’ In a memorandum ‘D I V I S I V E T O S T U D E N T S ’ released last Jan. 16, SR KASAMA sa UP ViceNikko Angelo Oribiana Shahana Abdulwahid cited President for Luzon Pamela and Activities Division head Congress’ “Initiative and Angelie Pangahas stressed Janett Dolor, incumbent Referendum Act” to define that the criticisms against USC Chairperson Charisse The Central Electoral “referendum” as “approving the CRSRS referendum Board (CEB) set last Jan. 21 Bernadine Bañez, UPLB or rejecting what has been made by these groups are and Jan. 27 tentative dates Perspective Editor in Chief ‘ C H O O S E T O KNOW’ drawn up or enacted by a only means to “divide the Christian Ray Buendia, for the 2008 University E r n e s t F rancis Calayag, legislative body,” hence only students”. Student Council and College College Secretaries and E x t e r n a l s C ommittee Head the question “Yes” or “No” in She said the proposal College Student Councils o f B U K L O D , said they are the referendum ballot. Student Council elections. to remove KASAMA sa UP c a m p a i g n i n g for a “No” in She stressed that the chairperson. from the CRSRS to “deThe CEB is mandated o r d e r t o w i d en information proposal of the Choose to politicize” the SR selection Bañez said that as by USC constitution to d i s s e m i n a t i o n regarding Know movement to include process is invalid since the suggested by student facilitate the annual t h e C R S R S a nd “provide the alternative of a CRSRS CRSRS only recognizes the elections, from formulating councils, the election will with amendments takes r o l e o f K A S A M A s a U P i n t h e [ a n ] a l t e r n a t ive to the be held for a day and a half the Election Code, h i s t o r i c a l e s t a b l i s h m e n t a n d s t u d e n t s o t h er than the ‘Yes’ the form of an initiative just like in the elections and setting qualifications and campaign.” and not a referendum. She perspective of the OSR. plebiscite last Sept. 10-11 approving candidates C a l a y a g explained that said the proposals were “Mayroong mekanismo that registered one of the to proclaiming elected t h e c a m p a i g n was adopted “entirely the work of the at network [ang KASAMA sa highest voter turnout in UPLB officials. electorate” and “without the U P ] p a r a s a m g a s y s t e m w i d e f r o m s o m e s tudent groups history. This year’s CEB is participation and against c a m p a i g n s n a t u m u t u l o n g s a f r o m U P D w ho are part of Last Jan. 21 the USC held O S R l a l u n g - l a l o n a s a d a t a composed of the newly t h e p o l i t i c a l parties Alyansa the wishes of their elected a meeting with Samahan ng appointed Office of the n g m g a M a g - aaral para sa representatives”. gathering for policy reviews Kabataan para sa Bayan and a t d o o n s a p a g c o c o n s o l i d a t e P a n l i p u n a n g Katwiran at Student Affairs Director Dr. Abdulwahid also stressed BUKLOD-UPLB to discuss K a u n l a r a n a nd Nagkakaisang that the amendments are Vivian Gonzales (acting as sa iba’t ibang units ng UP,” to them USC’s plans on the I s k o l a r p a r a sa Pamantasan already invalidated as the the ex-officio officer of the Pangahas said. a t S a m b a y a nan. deadline for submission On the amendment CEB), Student Organizations upcoming elections. [P] “ T h e f i v e amendments of proposed amendments regarding the voting scheme, has already lapsed last P a n g a h a s s a i d t h i s w i l l o n l y n a g u s t o n i l ang [Choose to Schedule of 2009 UPLB USC-CSC elections: K n o w m o v e ment] ilagay were Oct. 1, 2008. Since no SCs skew the results of the SR s e l e c t i o n p r o c e s s i n f a v o r o f t h e a m e n d m ents na gusto rin submitted proposed changes Deadline for filing of candidacy Feb 5 (5pm) n g B U K L O D na maging part to the CRSRS during that UP Diliman (UPD) since it n g C R S R S , ” Calayag added. time, the CRSRS as amended CEB meeting to approve Feb 6 (3pm) has 22 councils, the largest B u t h e c l arified in 2007 has been set for number in the UP system, official candidates referendum. w h e r e a s o t h e r U P u n i t s h a v e t h a t w h i l e B UKLOD is Posting of qualified candidates Feb 9 c a m p a i g n i n g for “No” votes, The final referendum less, such as one for UP Campaign Feb 10 to Feb 23 t h e p a r t y i s not saying “No” question was decided by the Baguio and nine for UPLB. Miting de Avance Feb 24 t o t h e O f f i c e of the Student OSR based on the proposals Meanwhile, Samahan R e g e n t ( O S R ). He added and comprehensive reports ng Kabataan para sa Bayan Election proper Feb 25 and 26 (8am-5pm) submitted by SCs in the All C h a i r p e r s o n L e o X L F u e n t e s t h a t t h e i n c l usion of the Canvassing of Votes Feb 26 and 27 a m e n d m e n t s to the CRSRS Councils Meet last Dec. 19 stressed that it is more i n t h e r e f e r e ndum ballots in UP Diliman. [P] imperative for students to

CEB sets ‘09 election guidelines


VOLUME 35 | ISSUE 7 | January 29, 2009

UPLB Perspective

Gonzales to assume OSA post
Rick Jason Obrero with reports from Rogene Gonzales
policies that are acceptable to students, including a fraternity peace agreement that Cuevas claimed has resulted in zero fraternity war. A fratman, who refused to be identified, said fraternityrelated violence in the university still exists in spite of the presence of an Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC) and the existence of a peace agreement. The IFC provides venue where fraternity-related issues are solved with the OSA as the intermediary. Gonzales said she will coordinate with the organizations and USC to come up with solutions for these issues. Mark Vincent Baracao, USC Councilor, argued that tambayan phaseout, nonrecognition of organizations and Tuition and other Fees Increase (ToFI) were attacks to students’ rights, all of which were issues that happened under Cuevas’ term. “In Cuevas’ term, students also proved that their unity can never be defeated by the strongest force of repression and commercialization of education,” Baracao added. Gonzales, an honorary


As issues involving student welfare remain unsolved, Dr. Vivian Gonzales from the College of Public Affairs assumed the post of Officerin-charge of the Office of the Student Affairs (OSA), replacing Prof. Severino Cuevas, last January 16. Chancellor Luis Rey Velasco has the prerogative to recommend to the Board of Regents the next OSA Director, whose appointment shall be approved by the BOR, after one month. As Cuevas vacated his post, he passed on student issues to Gonzales for appropriate action. These include recognition of religious orgs and the phaseout of BioSci tambayan. Janett Dolor, Student Organizations and Activities Division head, said Gonzales already recognized the religious organizations that were not recognized during Cuevas’ term. Before the end of his term, Cuevas cited provisions of the UP Code to prove the “discriminatory” nature of organizations. Also, the OSA is supposed to coordinate with the University Student Council (USC) in the current Student Regent Referendum, as well as the incoming University and College Student Council elections. Jerald Mojica, President of Philobioscentia, said the essence of being an OSA Director should be consultative with the students and organizations. Meanwhile, Cuevas said he will continue to perform civil service work in Isabela and Batangas through agricultural extension. Cuevas is a faculty member in the College of Agriculture. Zosimo Dimaculangan, Administrative Officer IV of OSA, said Cuevas has implemented

colonel of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, was OSA Director from 1995 to 1998. She proposed the Student Transformation and Enrichment for Truth – Values Integration and Promotion (STET – VIP) program in 1997, which was adapted by the Civic Welfare Training Service (CWTS). She was involved in suspending fraternity members involved in rumbles in 1997. During the second semester of AY 2004–2005, 350 CWTS 2 students complained against her after she failed them due to alleged unsatisfactory group reports. [P]


Yves Christian Suiza

Seguridad sa dorms tinasa
Mag-iisang taon na ang nakalilipas magmula nang magkabit ng security cameras sa kampus kasabay ang pagbabawas ng mga security guards, na umani na ng iba’t bang reaksyon mula sa mga opisyal at residente ng mga dormitoryo. Noong Pebrero 2008, binawasan ang bilang ng security guards sa lahat ng mga university dormitories at iniiksian ang oras ng duty ng mga ito mula sa dating 6 p.m. hangang 6 a.m. tungong 9 p.m. hanggang 5 a.m. Kasabay din nito ang paglalagay ng mga security cameras at ang pagtatalaga ng mga Community Support Brigade (CSB) program na tumutulong sa pagpapatupad sa mga polisiya sa campus at ang pag-roronda sa ilang bahagi ng unibersidad. UPF: CSB, MALAKING TULONG SA SEGURIDAD Ayon kay University Police Force (UPF) Chief Norlio Aquino, nakatulong ang CSB sa pananatili ng seguridad at hindi sila ang problema sa mga dormitory dahil ang mga estudyante rin mismo ang may problema. Ipinaliwanag ni Aquino na ang pagbabawas ng mga security guards sa mga dormitoryo ay binunga ng kakulangan ng kakayahan ng unibersidad na sumuporta ng mga permanentang manggagawa. Nakatulong naman umano ang mga CSB sa pangangalaga ng seguridad sa loob ng unibersidad dahil 24 oras silang nakatalaga at nakapagsisilbi kapalit puwesto ng mga security guards. Sinubukan ng Perspective humingi sa UPF ng mga tala ng mga nakalipas na kaso ng krimen sa mga dormitoryo ngunit administrasyon lamang umano ang maaaring maglabas nito. At dahil sa kawalan ng panahong tumugon sa panayam ay hindi na nakuhanan ng panig si Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs Elpidio Agbisit. KARAGDAGANG SECURITY GUARDS Batid ni Liwayway Dumagco, Dormitory Manager ng Men’s Residence Hall, na hindi kayang

Dahil sa mga insidente ng nakawan

hand carry to SU 2/f rm 11 or ng Women’s Residence Hall, wala pa umanong kaso ng nakawan sa kanilang dormitoryo. Ipinaliwanag niya na mahigpit magbantay ang security guard ng dormitoryo at maayos na naipapatupad ang pagkakaroon ng curfew.



tumbasan ng mga Student Assistant ang serbisyo ng mga security guards. Nagpadala umano si Dumagco ng request sa administrasyon para sa karagdagang security guards ngunit wala pa ring tugon ang administrasyon. Noong nakaraang ika-10 ng Enero, dalawang residente ng New Dormitory ang naging biktima ng nakawan. Isa rito si Lyon Alec Fiesta, isang BS EE ’06 student na nakawan ng cellphone at laptop. Nagsagawa ang UPF ng isang imbestigasyon ngunit wala pa rin itong umanong resulta. Hiling nina Dumagco at Fiesta na madagdagan ang security guards sa unibersidad dahil na rin umano sa pangangailangan na matiyak ang seguridad ng mga estudyante.

CSB HINDI EPEKTIBO SA UPPER CAMPUS Ayon sa mga opisyal ng New Forestry Residence Hall (New FOREHA), Forestry Residence Hall (FOREHA) at Makiling Residence Hall (MAREHA), ang maayos na seguridad sa upper campus ay hindi dahil sa CSB at security cameras dahil wala rin naman umanong nakatalaga rito. Samantala, inilahad ni Virginia Alinsod, Dormitory Manager ng PANGANGALAGA NG SEGURIDAD SA New Forestry Residence Hall, na mayroon lamang iilang kaso ng CAMPUS Ipinahayag naman ni Veterinary nakawan ngunit pinaghihinalaang estudyante at residente lang rin Medicine Residence Hall Manager naman ang kumukuha. Florentino Pasco na nabawasan Dahil sa pagiging kampante ang kaso ng krimen sa kanilang dormitoryo mula noong nagkaroon ng ng mga residente na walang mga rumorondang CSB. manghihimasok sa dormitoryo ay Samantala, ayon kay Marian iisa lamang ang security guard sa Dinglasan, BS Econ ’06 at presidente FOREHA at MAREHA. [P]

Feb fair to relive legacy of student movement
Katrina Elauria
Along with UPLB’s Centennial festivities, the annually held February Fair (Febfair) will revolve around the theme “RaGeneration: Reliving and Reaffirming the Legacy of the UPLB Student Movement.” The University Student Council (USC) has started preparation for this year’s Febfair which will start on Feb. 10 to 14 with an initial budget of P400,000. Originally organized as a protest fair, the Febfair serves as a venue for students to commemorate the dark years of Martial law, back when UPLB students mobilized against injustices committed by the Marcos Regime. With different themes every day, the five-day event will tackle the history of student movement and the present campus and national issues. Ira Olivia Garcia, USC Councilor and FebFair Ad Hoc Committee Head said this year’s Febfair will promote student awareness on issues like tambayan phaseout, nonrecognition of student organizations, Tuition and other Fees Increase, OSR referendum, mass charging of ST activists and administration’s push for Charter Change. She added that students should relive and reaffirm the fruits of previous student movements and use these to evaluate whether their resolutions to the current issues are enough or should be improved. Michael John Acosta, President of UP Society of Agricultural Engineering Students (UP SAGES) said, “Wala naman naging problema [sa preparations], na-relay ng maaga [ng USC] at maayos ‘yung mga specifications para sa fair.”
Meanwhile, UP Animal Science Society (UPASS) President Kristine Lopez said the theme for this year’s Febfair is fit to bring awareness to the students. “Inaasahan ko na magiging grandest Febfair ‘yung ngayon since kasabay nito ang pag-celebrate ng UPLB centennial,” Charlie Tañala, BS Agricultural Engineering ’06, said. One hundred sixty booths will be put up on Freedom Park which will be occupied by different student organizations and concessionaires during the entire Febfair. Various mainstream and local bands such as Ephrot Act, Brownman Revival and Itchyworms have been invited to the said event. Other activities include an Oblation run, cultural presentations, torch lighting, WAR show and other activities organized by different organizations. [P]

Kawalang-Kasiguraduhan. PHOTO KARL SUMINISTRADO Ilang kaso na rin ng nakawan ang naitala sa New Dormitory, at ang itinuturo ng mga residente na dahilan nito ay ang kawalan ng security guards tuwing umaga. Madilim din ang daraanan paakyat sa dormitoryo.


UPLB Perspective

VOLUME 35 | ISSUE 7 | January 19, 2009


“Mas may sympathy ako sa Hamas kaya faction sila at hindi militants para sa akin. Lumalaban sila dahil binakod ng estado ng Israel ang Gaza. Siyempre nais ko rin ng kapayapaan sa Palestine, ngunit kung may dipagkakaunawaan at hangarin na nasira, nagkakaroon talaga ng giyera. Sana lang ‘wag makialam ang Amerika sa sitwasyon na ito.” ~ Reb “Naghihirap na nga, sa giyera pa inilalaan ang budget. Sinasayang lang nila ang pera ng taumbayan. Ilaan ang budget para sa pangangailangan ng nakakarami: seguridad para sa pagkain, edukasyon at kalusugan. Mahalaga ang kaligtasan ng bansa at dapat itong protektahan, subalit hindi sa ganitong paraan. Kaysa magpatayan at magwasakan ng kapaligiran, magmahalan na lamang, magkaisa at magtulungan.” ~ Napoy | BS Agriculture ‘07 “Hamas rejected a UN resolution for a ceasefire in the Hamas ruled Gaza strip. Gaza however would accept any ceasefire but UN failed to consult the about the ceasefire resolution that Israel had rejected earlier. Around 2 Million Gaza population are in need of dire assistance. Anywhere in Gaza and in Israel, civilians are not safe. Death toll increases every day. I think the problem with both government leaders is that they’re so into themselves that they don’t think about the welfare of their people.” ~ Dayan Mendoza | BS Biology ‘06


Ano ang masasabi mo sa nagaganap na digmaan sa pagitan ng Israel at Hamas


Paglagas at Pagsibol


MGtthlcrsrsosrmp3usbdvdPLUS! MANY

Ano ang paborito mong parte ng Perspective (News, Features, Culture, Graphics, Opinion) at bakit?
“Of course it’s the News, because it keeps me on track of what’s happening in campus.” ~ Ian | BS Veterinary Medicine ‘08 “Opinion. Dahil sa Mumblings! Malupet yung mga personal stories! Madaming nakakarelate. Masyado kang naa-attach sa writer habang nanatili siyang anonymous dahil sa kung anong alyas.” ~ Lyka | BA Communication Arts ‘07 “Graphics! ‘yung part ng OMG Plus! Kahit na may pagkakalokohan, pinapakita naman ‘yung reality ‘di ba?” ~ Ericka Eunice Hipolito | BS AgriBusiness Management ‘08 “Kwadrado. Kahit halos lahat ng articles ay tungkol sa problema, pag tiningnan ko na ‘yung larawan, nakakarelax. It’s so nice to see the world at a new angle.” ~ Chafor |BS Chemistry ‘08 “Sa bawat issue ng Perspective, binabasa ko lahat ng parte nito. Siguro ang masasabi kong paborito kong parte nito ay ‘yung Culture page dahil nag-eenjoy akong basahin ang mga nakasulat sa page na ‘yun. Isa na ‘yung Kwentong Freshie kasi nakakarelate ako doon. Sinusubaybayan ko din ‘yung story about the Backseat Kiss. Bukod sa Culture, gusto ko din ‘yung Graphics at Opinion page.” ~ Earl Jay Ledesma | BS Computer Science ‘08 “The Opinion Section. Truth be told, I still don’t exactly know the very reason why I so like the Opinion portion. But look, it’s just funny how people handle bad news in different ways. Some people have some visceral reaction. Some go into denial. Others—others just walk away. But UPLB Perspective remains fierce and vigilant as possible to help everyone through the rough patch every situation cries a remedy for, without even being a deadly bore unlike the News part that taxes my patience. No doubt I never hesitate to re-read the Opinion section over and over again.” ~ Albert Salazar | BS Chemical Engineering ‘08 “Graphics page. Lalo na Kwadrado at OMG Plus. yung OMG Plus ‘di lang nakakatawa, timely pa sa kung ano ang latest issue sa campus. May sense of awareness pa yung mga theme nun.” ~ 09184484*** | BS AE ‘06


SU BLDG. 2/F. RM11.


Mag-text sa 09174192496/09295085076

1. mo’y mahalaga. 2.

Ano ang isinagot mo sa CRSRS referendum question? Bakit?

Sino ang gusto mong makasama sa darating na Valentine’s Day?

Malimit bisitahin ng pagsusungit ng panahon ang kubo ni Mang Arturo*, at sa tuwing marahas na umiihip ang hangin mula sa lawa, kasabay na gumigiray ang mahigit sa isandaang kabahayan at kabuhayan sa bahaging baybayin ng Banilan at Cabusan, Pakil, Laguna.
Pamamalakaya sa malawak na Lawa ng Laguna ang hanap-buhay ng malaking bahagdan ng naninirahan sa Banilan. Kabilang si Mang Arturo sa humigit kumulang 13 milyong residenteng pangunahing umaasa sa 90 libong ektaryang pangisdaan. Hinahati ng Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources ang gamit ng lawa sa open area fishing o municipal, komersyal at aquaculture. Malaking bilang ng namamalakaya sa lawa ang nakikinabang dito bilang pantawidgutom. Gayunman, tanging komersyal na pangingisda tulad ng baklad at pukot, at aquaculture gaya ng fish pen at fish cage, ang sumasakop sa malaking bahagi ng yamang-tubig ng lawa. Bakod at Baklad Naging pirmihang unos para sa mga mangingisda sa lawa ang malawakang pangangalap ng isda at iba pang lamang-tubig ng mga malalaking kumpanya. Sa komersyal na pangingisda pa lamang, umaabot sa tatlo hanggang 150 toneladang lamang-tubig ang maaaring makalap sa lawa. Bunga nito, taon-taong nagkukulang ang mga isdang maaaring mahuli ng mga karaniwang mangingisda. Sa kabilang banda, ang pag-usbong ng industriya ng aquaculture ay naghatid ng sala-salabat na lubid, kawayan at lambat sa daang-tubig tuwing papalaot sa lawa ang mga kagaya ni Mang Arturo. Kadalasan, umaabot sa dalawa hanggang apat na kilometro ang kailangan niyang bagtasin patungo sa gitna ng lawa upang makahuli ng isda. Subalit hindi sa lahat ng pagkakataon nasusuklian ng maraming huli ang paghagis-paglubog-paghila ng kaniyang lambat. Kalimitan, sa tuwing susuungin niya ang lamig at dilim ng madalingaraw, hindi kasintimbang ng kanyang huling isda ang 60 pisong krudong ipinangutang at ikinarga niya sa kanyang bangkang de motor. Naging higit na malimit ang kakarampot na huling inuuwi niya sa bahay sa pagdagsa ng mamumuhunan sa lawa. Nilinyahang Pangisdaan Hindi miminsang naranasan ng mga komunidad malapit sa baybayin ng lawa ang kasalatang dulot ng labis na pangangalap ng mga yamangtubig para sa komersyal at aquaculture na gamit. Sa kabila ng Republic Act 4850 na nagtalaga sa Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA) upang pangalagaan at pagyamanin ang lawa kasama ang maliliit at subsistence na mga mangingisda, nananatiling hindi sapat ang nakukuhang suporta ng mga nakaasa sa pangisdaan na higit na naaapektuhan ng pagdami ng komersyal at aquaculture na pagmamay-ari. Kapansin-pansin din ang ganitong karanasan sa mga karatig-bayan ng Pakil gaya ng Los Baños. Mga ilang kilometro mula sa baybayin ng Banilan at Cabusan, parehong sentimyento ang ipinahahayag ng mga mangingisda sa Timugan at Tadlac. Ayon kay Mang Genario*, ang paglakas ng komersyal na gamit sa katubigan ng Timugan ay nangangahulugan ng papaunting yamang-tubig na maaaring matamasa ng karaniwang mangingisda. Kabaligtaran ito sa kantidad kanilang huli ng mga nakalipas na taon, kung saan hindi na kailangan pang pumalaot upang makahuli ng isda na tutustos sa kanilang pangaraw-araw na pangangailangan. Sa panahong naitayo ang mga matatayog at malalawak na fish pen at fish cage, kinailangan ng mga mangingisdang umangkop at sumuling-suling sa mga iba’t ibang direksyon kapag pumapalaot upang maiwasan lamang ang mga baklad. Kadalasan, nakararating sila sa pinakamalayong parte ng lugar lawa, kung saan maaaring hindi sila kung saan mapagbintangan ng paninira at kapansinpagnanakaw ng isda sa mga fish pen pansin ang at fish cage, subalit nahaharap sila sa mabilis na malaking panganib dulot ng biglaang urbanisasyon at unos sa laot at aksidente. industriyalisasyon. Ang paghahati ng lawa para sa municipal, komersyal at aquaculture na Agos ng Kawalang-katiyakan pangisdaan ay isang salik na nagdulot ng Bahagi ng araw-araw na pirmihang suliranin sa mga karaniwang bangungot ng mga taga-Banilan, bukod mamamalakaya. Itinalagang pangunahing sa maliit at malayong pangisdaan ahensya ang LLDA upang pangunahan at mababang uri ng isdang nahuhuli ang pagbabaha-bahagi ng mga lugar dahil sa marumi nang tubig ng lawa, sa lawa sa mga korporasyon, negosyante, ang marupok na pundasyon ng kooperatiba at karaniwang mangingisda. kanilang hanap-buhay. Palagiang Taong 1983 unang isinagawa ang suliranin sa buhay ni Mang Arturo at iba sistema ng paghahating ito ngunit hindi pang mga mangingisda ang pauntinagtagumpay dulot ng makaisang-panig unting pagkawala ng yamang-tubig na pagbabahagi ng lugar pabor sa at ang papaliit na pagkakataong malalaking negosyante at korporasyon. makapamalakaya pa sa malawak na Inamyendahan ito at nagluwal sa Fishery pangisdaan ng Lawa ng Laguna. Zoning and Management Plan (ZOMAP) Hindi makapapantay ang na ipinatupad noong 1995 upang kontrolin pinsalang dala ng bawat hagupit ng at tugunan ang suliranin ng malabis na bagyo sa kanilang pansamantalang pagtatayo ng fish pen at fish cage sa lawa. panuluyan kung ihahambing sa Ayon kay Maximo Tubal, municipal pinsalang dulot ng patuloy na agriculturist ng Los Baños, ang pagkaubos ng yamang-tubig sa lawa. pagpapatupad ng ZOMAP ay tumapos Ang kanilang kubong sawali, pawid sa labis na pagtatayo ng ganitong mga at kawayan na nanatiling nakatayo istrukturang pangisdaan. Subalit nang sa ragasa ng ulan at baha ay tila lumaon, nagbunga naman ito ng ‘di istrukturang buhangin na madaling pantay na distribusyon ng pangisdaan matitibang sa banta ng CALABARZON na kadalasang pabor sa malalaking Development Program na pangunahing mamumuhunan at negosyante. Ang isinusulong ng kasalukuyang mga malalaking mamumuhunan administrasyon. Ito ay bahagi ng na nagpapatayo ng komersyal na programang suportado ng Overseas pangisdaan sa kasalukuyan ay halos Development Assistance ng Japan sumakop maging sa mga lugar malapit na sinimulan noong 1989. Layunin sa baybayin. Ang labis na bilang ng mga istrukturang ito ay maaring makita sa baybayin ng Metro Manila, Rizal at Laguna, mga

VOLUME 35 | ISSUE 7 | January 29, 2009

UPLB Perspective


nitong baguhin ang ekonomiya ng Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal at Quezon mula tradisyunal na agrorural tungong agro-industriyal sa loob ng 20 taon. Pagbakod o pagbaklas? Sa kasalukuyan, masahol pa sa senaryo ng pagsisiksikan sa chapel tuwing may bagyo ang unos na dala ng walang-katiyakang relokasyon dulot ng nasabing proyekto. Kaakibat nito ang imahe at banta ng permanenteng paglayo sa hanap-buhay na kinamulatan ng mga mangingisda. Ang mga planong pagtatayo ng mga establisimyento malapit sa lawa at pagpapalawak ng daanan bilang bahagi ng lubusang pag-iindutriyalisa sa lugar ay nag-iiwan ng marka ng ligalig at agam-agam sa mga mangingisda. Kalakip ng mga alalahaning ito, nalilikha sa isip ng mga taga-Banilan ang bakas ng pinagsama-samang unos ng nakalipas—pangakong napako, makaisang-panig na pagtingin pabor sa malalaking korporasyon at hindi pantay na karapatan sa hanapbuhay. Isa itong malaking daluyong ng alon na nakaambang bumaklas sa bawat hibla’t himaymay ng pawid, sawali at kawayan ng kanilang bahay, kabuhayan at buhay. [P]
*hindi tunay na pangalan

Salita: Arjay Garcia | Litrato kuha ni: Grekka Grace Sarmiento at Kathy June Fiel| Disenyo ng Pahina: Salvatorre de Vince Olano

Pagbaklas sa Bakod at Baklad ng L awa ng L aguna

OVCCA implements new security measures
‘Blue guards’ under Santo Niño Security Agency were replaced by new security guards from the Fisher Comprehensive Security Services and Systems Preparations, which supervised the installation of eight surveillance cameras around the campus. Last May, the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs organized the Community Support Brigade program. Similar to the Special Services Brigade of UP Diliman, the CSB aims to “provide assistance in monitoring and implementing UPLB’s security policies and programs” such as ID system for jeepney drivers, cigarette-smoking ban, obligatory wearing of crash helmets for motorists and vehicle entrances for those who have UPLB stickers or diplomatic plates. A series of fire drills in cooperation with the Los Baños Bureau of Fire Protection was also conducted: one in February 2007 and another in July 2008. [P]

UPLB studes reaffirm 1984 USC Constitution
UPLB students ratified last year the 1984 the student leader members of the Central UPLB Student Council (SC) Constitution after Electoral Board resulted from a debate on the almost losing their representation and voice qualifications for candidacy. Office of Student in the university with the delay of the 2008 SC Affairs Director Severino Cuevas claimed that elections. there are contradicting provision between the 1984 SC Constitution and the UP Code, and the The plebiscite and the elections administration later said there are no records of simultaneously held last Sept. 10-11 made a ratified SC Constitution. history by registering 70.54 percent voters turnout and 95.5 percent affirmative votes, Thus, even after being used for 20 years, the thereby successfully ratifying the 1984 SC administration required the 1984 USC constitution constitution. to undergo a plebiscite as it was “lacking legal documents.” With a deadlock at the campus The need for holding a plebiscite to level, the issue was only resolved when UPLB ratify the SCs’ constitution arose when a students brought the issue to the Board of standoff between the administration and Regents level. [P]

Tambayan eviction cas Perspective’s EIC appointment withheld
Along with the delay of the University Student Council (USC) elections last semester was the withholding of the appointment of UPLB Perspective’s Editor in Chief. Chancellor Luis Rey Velasco set the publication of the USC’s financial statement as a prerequisite for the release of Christian Ray Buendia’s reappointment letter. Buendia said, however, that failure to publish the financial statement of the USC in Perspective should not be used as justification not to appoint the EIC. The delay of the appointment was condemned not only in UPLB but also in other UP units like UP Diliman and UP Baguio. Members of the publication, student councils and student organizations held mobilizations and fund-raising campaigns to release leaflets to denounce Buendia’s delayed appointment, as well as the immediate conduct of the student council elections. An editorial published by Perspective stated that the delay in appointment “resulted in the postponement of the release of its first issue and a special election issue, depriving the students of a potent voice to air their grievances.” Buendia was appointed July 2 last year, more than two months after the Ad Hoc Committee for EIC Selection submitted its recommendation to the Office of the Chancellor. [P] Feb. 2008- Although organizations based in the Institute of Biological Sciences (IBS) and student councils showed objections, nine tambayans of IBS organizations were relocated in front of the Student Union Building (SU). According to the IBS administration, the tambayans were obstructing passageways in the IBS building. As protest, organizations used native mats as tambayans.

tambayan replaced by a m named “Divi-divi,” which is a administration’s “12 UPLB He

June 2008- Expecting to see their tambayan, members of the Beta Kappa Fraternity and Beta Kappa Sigma Sorority went to their As of today, the IBS orgs’ ta tambayan in front of the CAS Annex 1 building are stacked in front of the S dampened by rain and drie after the semestral break only to see their

The UP Human Ecology Stud tambayan in front of the Co Human Ecology building wa by administrative staff. The c administration said the orga either set up a removable t could raise fund to construc

Admin steps up UPLB ecotourism projects
A possible source of income, UPLB’s ecotourism proposals are funded by its alumni, private sectors, stakeholders and international organizations. Ecotourism refers to tourism involving travel to destinations where flora, fauna and cultural heritage are the primary attractions. In this pursuit, the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Planning and Development created the Ecotourism Masterplan that aims to construct the Maria Makiling Ecotourism Village, Mountain Convention Center and Pook ni Maria Makiling. Meanwhile, eviction of tambayan at the Institute of Biological Sciences last January 2008 was done due to a plan of constructing miniparks around the campus. Buildings and facilities damaged by typhoon Milenyo (2006) were restored last May 2008. Also, the Math Building and the Humanities or CAS Building were repainted, and the Japanese pavilion and a new gymnasium between the Veterinary Medicine Building and Agricultural Training Institute Building were constructed. Further plans include the renovation of Baker Hall to Edwin Bingham Copeland Museum Complex, construction of a new dormitory, establishment of Mulawin Creek Ecowalk project, and installation of additional lampposts as part of the plan to promote walking inside the campus. Recently, 119 units of lampposts were installed around the campus and two student promenade parks at Mariang Banga and the Humanities Building were built. Last December 2008, the College of Forestry and Natural Resources Administration clarified in an assembly that only three jeepneys at a time are allowed to park in front of Makiling Residence Hall (MAREHA) Dormitory. [P]

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Writers Faith Allyson Buenacosa, Katrina Elauria, Estel Lenwij Estropia, Rick Jason Obrero, Nikko Angelo Oribiana, Mark Angelo Ordonio with reports from Rogene Gonzales | Graphics Chino Carlo Aricaya | Layout Aletheia Grace del Rosario

VOLUME 35 | ISSUE 7 | JANUARY 29, 2009

UPLB Perspective


Arroyo approves new UP Charter
At the beginning of UP’s centennial celebration, the Bicameral House approved RA 9500 or the “Act to Strengthen the University of the Philippines as the National University” which was later signed by Ms. Gloria Macapagal–Arroyo in UP Visayas April 29 last year. Also, it adds P100 million to the Centennial Fund of the University for five years. This is to be taken from the annual general appropriations. Under the new charter, the UP President serves as the chief executive officer of the university who carries out the provisions of the charter for the BOR. Also present in its approval was Senator Francis Pangilinan, who was the first Student Regent who had voting power in 1987, and was one of the proponents of the charter. [P]

Velasco retains UPLB Chancellor post
Chancellor Luis Rey Velasco started his second term as UPLB’s Chancellor last semester despite protests still hounding his previous administration. Velasco has been reappointed when majority of eleven regents present voted in his favor during the 1,236th Board of Regents (BOR) meeting held last Sept. 29 in Quezon Hall, UP Diliman. The other nominees for chancellorship were Dr. Felino Lansigan from the Institute of Statistics and Dr. Candida Adalla, former dean of the College of Agriculture. As requested by UP President Emerlinda Roman, a search committee headed by Dr. Salcedo Eduardo of the College of Veterinary Medicine was formed two months prior to the BOR’s meeting to assist in the selection of the Chancellor. Velasco said his organizational processes are characterized by consultation, greater participation and optimism for the future, which sought to promote solidarity within and among UPLB constituents. [P]

Provisions in the charter include the conduct of the Student Regent referendum and the power to adjust tuition fees through the Board of Regents (BOR). Moreover, it entitles the BOR to lease UP’s idle assets, legitimizing land use for income generating projects such as the UP Ayala Land TechnoHub in UP Diliman.

UP celebrates 100 years of excellence, leadership and service
“Excellence, leadership and service in the next 100 years” summed up the theme of centennial kick-off held last January 8 in UP Diliman (UPD). Around 700 students, faculty and staff from UPLB participated with pride in the kick-off, along with delegates from other UP campuses. Distinguished UP personalities carried 100 torches to highlight the university’s 100 years of existence. University Student Council Chairperson Charisse Bernadine Bañez, who stood as representative of UPLB students, bore one of the torches. Student leaders from various UP units protested when the UPD Special Security Brigade blocked the unfolding of the “Serve the People” banner. According to a statement released by the All UP Workers Union and All UP Academic Employees Union, the expenses for centennial activities such as centennial lecture series, concert and contests amounted to P147.15 million, as approved by the Board of Regents last Sept. 28, 2007 at UPLB. Meanwhile, Student Regent Shahana Abdulwahid reminded students that UP’s centennial celebration must not only focus on the pride and excellence of UP in its alumni but must also reaffirm the university’s core principle to highlight its role in continuing the quest for social change and justice. [P]

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OSA withholds recognition of orgs
Former Office of the Student Affairs (OSA) Director Severino Cuevas refused to recognize student organizations due to “noncompliance” to some provisions in the UP Code. Cuevas tagged UPLB fraternities, sororities, religious and varsitarian organizations ‘discriminatory’ because of their restrictions on membership. He added that varsitarian organizations violated Chapter 72, Article 444 of the 1984 UP Code, which states that “organizations which are provincial, sectional or regional in nature shall not be allowed in the UP System.” Varsitarian organizations were later recognized when the Board of Regents, as requested by Student Regent Shahana Abdulwahid abolished the said provision last Sept. 29. Meanwhile, Cuevas said he did not recognize religious organizations for their non-compliance to Section 3 of 1984 UP Code, which states that UP should remain a secular institution. In an interview with Perspective, Dr. Vivian Gonzales, OSA Officer-in-charge, expressed intention to recognize religious organizations next academic year. [P]

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Student agenda still draw support from students
The University Student Council (USC) and College Student Councils (CSC) drafted a List of Student Demands bearing specific students’ concerns that the UP administration needs to urgently address. After the Office of the Student Regent submitted to the Board of Regents a list of 18 student demands, which President Emerlinda Roman described as deriving mostly from UP Diliman issues, the student councils from various UP units started to compile their own list of general demands. USC Chairperson Charisse Bernadine Bañez, along with student leaders from various UP units presented the collated student agenda to Roman in a dialogue last Sept. 23. The student agenda were then passed on to the respective Chancellors of each UP unit. Among the issues included in the list were the democratic rights campaign, on large lecture class, high rental fee for university facilities, tambayan phase-out and Tuition and other Fees Increase. As of press time, more students and organizations are signing in the student agenda, the latest revision of which includes concerns on the Codified Rules for Student Regent Selection referendum. [P]

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USC Chairperson receives formal charge
Five college secretaries accused the then Vice-chairperson University Student Council (USC) Charisse Bernadine Bañez of “gross misconduct and deliberate discourtesy.” The complaint was based on the Feb. 6 Central Electoral Board (CEB) meeting where Bañez allegedly “disrespectfully addressed members of the CEB.” Bañez said, however, that the CEB follows parliamentary procedures where every member is given equal footing in pointing out their opinion during the meeting. Bañez received the formal charge last Sept. 12 and it was only during canvassing of votes of the USC elections, where Bañez was elected as a chairperson, that the first hearing proceeded. Meanwhile, Samahan ng Kabataan para sa Bayan launched the “Defend Chaba” campaign, calling on the Student Disciplinary Tribunal to junk the formal charge filed against Bañez. Since then the case has remained idle. Bañez is waiting for SDT’s notification for the next hearing. [P]


UPLB Perspective

VOLUME 35 | ISSUE 7 | January 29, 2009


Dito sa UPLB, sandamakmak at iba’t iba ang mga organisasyong maaaring salihan ng isang estudyante. Ayon sa tala ng Student Organizations and Activities Division (SOAD) para sa unang semestre ng A.Y. 2008-2009, 154 ang mga recognized na student organizations, sororities at fraternities sa ating unibersidad. May 77 academic organizations para sa mga estudyanteng may pareparehong kurso o interes sa acads; 23 civic orgs para sa mga may pareparehong adhikain tungo sa mga partikular na layunin; pitong cultural orgs para sa pagpapayabong ng kultura; limang sports orgs para sa may mga interes sa palakasan; 12 varsitarian orgs para sa mga estudyanteng nagmula sa parehong lugar, lalawigan o probinsya; dalawang religious orgs para sa mga magkakatulad na paniniwala’t pananaw sa pananampalataya; may international na organisasyon para sa pakikitungo sa iba pang mga mag-aaral mula sa ibang bansa; may pampulitikal na organisasyon; may 11 na fraternities na nagtataguyod ng kapatiran sa mga kalalakihan at 15 sororities naman sa mga kababaihan. Sa dinami-dami ng mga pagpipiliang orgs, frats at soro (bukod pa ang mga hindi recognized) na pinagtitipuntipon ang mga estudyanteng may magkakatulad na interes, may mangilan-ngilan pa ring walang balak maging “aplikante,” walang GA na dinadaluhan at walang alam na mahiwaga at espesyal na “handshake”. Ang tawag sa mga estudyanteng ito ay “Barbarians”. Ayon sa Microsoft Encarta, ang barbarian ay nangangahulugang “member of an uncivilized people” o “a crude, uncouth, ill-bred person lacking culture or refinement.” Kung ikukumpara ang dalawang pagpapakahulugan mula sa kultura ng unibersidad sa kahulugang ibinigay ng Encarta, lubhang magkaibang-magkaiba sila. Ang bansag na barbarian sa mga taong walang kinabibilangang org ay bukod-tangi dito sa UPLB. Dahil sa sobrang katagalan na nito sa kultura ng unibersidad, ang orihinal na pinanggalingan ng pagbabansag na ito ay hindi na matunton. Ayon kay Shinji Manlangit, BS DevCom ‘05, “Ang org, parang girlfriend lang yan eh. Sa simula... pahihirapan ka muna. Tapos sunod, gagastusan mo na ‘yan. Tapos, ‘pag nakapasok ka na, malupit na commitment na ‘yan.” Sa tinagal na ni Shinji dito sa unibersidad, mahigit anim na imbitasyon mula sa fraternities at ilang orgs mula sa kanyang pinanggalingang kolehiyo ang kanya nang tinanggihan. Dahil sa pagtanggi niya at ng iba pang mga barbarian na tulad niya sa pagsali sa kahit na anong samahan, hindi maiiwasang mamuo ang mga ispekulasyon ng iba pang estudyante tungkol sa kanila at sa maaaring rason sa hindi nila pagsali sa kahit na anong org.

Marahil ay hindi lamang ang mga haka-hakang ito ang taglay ng iba pang mga estudyante tungkol sa mga barbarians. At marahil din, ilan sa mga Guhit: Elyssa Rosales haka-hakang ito ay totoo at ilan ay hindi para sa iba pang mga barbarians. Disenyo ng Pahina: Ngunit kung may mga tulad nila Salvatorre de Vince Olano Bernadette, Shinji, CJ at Binky na hindi prayoridad ang pagsali sa isang organisasyon, mayroon namang ilan na kahit nasa unang taon pa lamang sa unibersidad ay kasapi na sa ilang mga organisasyon. Isa sa kanila si Rebeca* na NF pa lang nang sumali sa isang org. “Ang reason ko naman talaga kung bakit ako sumali ay [dahil] gusto kong matuto. Naisip ko na ‘pag pasok na ko, marami akong matututunan,” ayon sa kanya. Kahit na bawal sumali ang mga freshmen sa kahit na anong HAKA-HAKA # 2: organisasyon ayon sa Office of Student “Super acads mode” Affairs (OSA), hindi natinag si Rebeca ang mga barbarians upang sumali sa isang organisasyong pinaniniwalaan niyang makatutulong Dahil ang bawat sa kanya at sa kanyang kurso. organisasyon ay “May sarili rin namang utak ang HAKA-HAKA nangangailangan ng mga mga NF. May sarili ring konsepto # 1: Takot ang pagpupulong para sa mga ng kaya at hindi kaya. Kaysa sa mga barbarian sa aktibidad ng kanilang samahan, ipagbawal, i-discourage na lang [ang pagsali sa organisasyon] kung talagang “application process” hindi maikakailang kakain ito ng nakikita nilang [OSA] there’s a need for malaking tipak ng oras ng isang it,” dagdag niya. Sa issue ng Perspective, estudyante. Sa dinami-dami ng mga tomo 32 bilang 5, na-feature sa “It [joining an organization] pagpipiliang organisasyon (recognized LB Underground ang artikulong would mean commitment for my “You’ll Be Safe Here” kung saan part. Syempre kailangan may share man o hindi), at sa dinami-dami ng mga posibleng rason para sa isiniwalat ang mga prosesong sa time ko ang org activities. Baka pagkakapare-pareho ng interes ng mga pinagdadaanan ng isang sobra akong mapagod nun. At estudyante dito sa UPLB, hindi malayong aplikante bago siya tuluyang ang isang advantage ng walang mangyaring wala nang mababansagang matanggap sa organisasyong org ay less anxieties,” ayon kay CJ, barbarian. Ngunit, ang pagdedesisyon gusto niyang salihan. Kasama BSEE’06. sa pagsali sa isang organisasyon ‘di umano sa proseso ng ilan Ayon naman kay Binky ay mananatiling hawak ng buo ng sa mga organisasyon ang Ann Torio, BS HumanEco ’05 at estudyante. Siya ang mapagpasiya pangungupal o pagpapamukha graduating student, “’Di ba kaya ka sa usapin ng pakikisapi at nasa sa sa mga aplikanteng lagi silang nga nasa UP [ay] para mag-aral? Kasi kaniya kung paano niya ito titingnan mali, paggulong sa putikan, ‘pag kasali ka sa isang organization, – nakatutulong ba sa kanya o makauubos pagngudngod ng mukha ng isa pa ‘yun sa poproblemahin mo.” lamang ng kanyang oras ang pagsali sa aplikante sa toilet bowl at marami isang organisasyon pang iba. HAKA-HAKA # 3: Malungkot ang buhay Ang pagiging kuntento o masaya sa Ngunit ayon kay Bernadette ng isang barbarian buhay UP ng isang estudyante ay lagi’t Baylon, BS FoodTech ’06 na may laging nakasalalay sa kung paano niya ito tinanggihan nang limang org at Dahil wala silang permanenteng maisasakatuparan. dalawang soro, “[Kung] gusto mga lugar na maaaring “tambayan” Ayon nga kay Aileen Macalintal, mo talagang sumali sa isang org, at bukod sa pag-aaral ay walang instructor mula sa Kagawaran ng walang rason para matakot ka. umookupa ng kanilang free time, marahil Humanidades, “It doesn’t make them Siguro sa’kin hindi ako takot sa daw ay malungkot ang buhay ng isang [barbarians] any less of a person if they ipapagawa. Tamad lang ako gawin taong walang matatawag na orgmates. don’t belong to [an] organization since there are so many circle of friends they can yung kailangan para makasali, “Kung nalulungkot ang isang tao enter.” [P] kasi in the first place, wala ito [ang dahil wala siyang org, then sumali siya pagsali sa isang organisasyon] sa sa org. It’s simple as that,” pahayag ni *hindi tunay na pangalan list of priorities ko.” Bernadette.

Salita: Jonelle Marin


VOLUME 35 | ISSUE 7 | January 29, 2009

UPLB Perspective


Si Sipnayan *MAthEMAtiCKO
Una ko siyang nakilala noong bata pa ako habang sumasabay sa isang multiplication song sa isang cassette tape. Hindi siya ang first crush ko. Siya ang favorite subject na isinusulat ko sa slumbook ng mga kaklase kong babae - Mathematics, Sipnayan. Oo, mahal ko ang mga numero. Kaya nga ang pinakamataas na gradong dapat ay naisulat sa aking Form 137 ay 103 porsyento (nakapagtataka ano?), ngunit hindi ito isinulat dahil ang pinakamataas na batayan ay 100 porsyento lamang. Alas-kwatro ng hapon ang kalimitang oras ng pagtatapos ng mga huling klase sa paaralan na pinapasukan ko noon. Pagpatak rin ng ganitong oras, nag-uunahan na ang mga mag-aaral na gamitin ang maluluwag nilang oras para kamtin ang kalayaang gawin ang mga bagay na makapagpapaligaya sa kanila, ngunit hindi ang mga katulad kong may iba pang tungkulin maliban sa pagiging estudyante. Bilang presidente ng Mathematics Club sa aking ika-apat na taon sa hayskul, ilan sa mga naging tungkulin ko ay ang pagsasagawa ng mga review sessions (Math Clinic) at pagdalo sa mga pagpupulong sa loob at labas ng paaralan. Gusto ko ang ginagawa ko, basta kasama ko si Sipnayan. Ilang minuto pagsapit ng alassyete, dumating ang guro dala ang kanyang nakangiting pagbati sa aming mga nakapasa sa UPCAT. Napuno ng palakpak at bulongbulungan ang buong silid. Napangiti ako. Ngumiti sa akin pabalik ang kwadernong nakalaan kay Sipnayan. May nabuo ring ngiti sa aking isipan pagtingin sa inaasahang valedictorian ng buong klase na hindi naipasa ang UPCAT. *** Bago ang lahat, ang kinukuha kong kurso ngayon ay gumagamit ng aplikasyon ng mga aral ni Sipnayan. Hindi ito BS Mathematics o BS Applied Mathematics tulad ng inaasahan. Nagkaroon ako ng mga planong mag-shift para mas makilala ko pa si Sipnayan pero hindi ko itinuloy dahil ayaw makita ni Mama ang kanyang anak na nahihirapang gumawa ng mga lesson plan at nagche-check ng mga examination papers kapalit ng sahod na hindi ideyal, hindi makakabili ng luho at hindi makakabuhay ng isang pamilya. Ibinalik ni Sir ang mga bluebook na naglalaman ng resulta ng unang pagsusulit sa Math 17. Sa katagang ‘Honor Excellence’ sa ibaba ng seal ng UP ay naging kapansinpansin ang salitang ‘Excellence’ na matiyagang tinakpan ng correction tape. Wala daw naka-perfect sa exam niya, pero ilang puntos na lang ang kailangan ko at ng ilan sa amin para ma-perfect ito. Naintindihan ko ang gusto niyang iparating, at naging hamon ito para patunayan sa kanya na higit pa doon ang kaya kong ipakita. Dumaan ang mga araw ng pagpapakitang-gilas sa isa sa aking mga forte (oo, marami sila)—ang araw ng pakikipaglaro kay Sipnayan. Kinainisan ko ang mga kaklase kong hindi alam ang inverse lattice multiplication, Napier’s bones, pati ang napakapayak na transcendental functions. Minsan rin akong nag-discuss sa harapan ng klase ng isang temang naging malayo sa karaniwan ang istilo ng pag-aaral. Nakipagsagutan pa ako sa kaklaseng hindi maipaliwanag ng


a pagdiriwang ng sentenaryo ng UP, magbalik-tanaw tayo sa mga karanasan nating mga nagiging bagong iskolar ng bayan --ang mga freshman. Ating halukayin ang mga natatagong kwentong nagpapatotoo sa samu’t-saring karanasan mula sa paghahanap ng TBA rooms, hanggang sa SU para sa diskwento sa matrikula.

maayos ang isinasagot sa tanong ng guro. Tumatahimik ang klase kapag bibigkasin ko ang sampu sa milyong digits ng π, e, √2 at log 2. Sa mga sumunod na pagsusulit ay puro 100 porsyento o mas mataas naman ang mga nakukuha kong marka. Nababalot ng kayabangan ang klaseng iyon sa tuwing lilingon sa akin si Sir kapag wala sa buong klase maliban sa akin ang makasasagot ng kanyang tanong. Pagkatapos ng semestreng iyon, nakangiting inabot sa akin ng prof ko sa Math 17 ang class card na pawang nakangiti rin sa akin ang nakabilog na ‘1’. Akala ko, sasabit ang inaasahan kong uno dahil sa dalawang isinumpang ka-grupo na mali ang ipinasang sagot sa aming group project.

Masyado akong nagtiwala na matibay ang relasyon namin ni Sipnayan kahit na hindi ako gumagawa ng paraan para magkaroon ng magandang patutunguhan ang aming samahan. ***

Ito ang hilig na natuklasan ng hindi inaasahan—walang impluwensya, walang pamimilit, at ang higit pa rito ay ang mga hilig na kalaunang nagiging forte hindi dahil sa pagsasanay o namanang genes. Hindi nawala ang adiksyon ko sa mga numero sa pagdaan ng mga taon. Sa katunayan, ginamit ko na sa aking mga naunang research papers gayundin sa aking informative speech ang mga napag-aralan namin ni Sipnayan. Pero, hindi na kami masyadong magkasama ni Sipnayan habang *** dumaraan ang mga taon. May mga pagkakataon lang na makikita Dumaan ang mga semestreng napakinabangan ng ilang subject ang ko ang aking lumang kwaderno, Math 17 bilang pre-requisite. Ngunit ngigitian ako ni Sipnayan, at muli naming sasariwain ang mga hindi lahat ng ito ay pinagkalooban araw ng pakikipagbuno kasama ako ng gaya ng ibinigay sa akin ng Math 17. Wala man akong singko, ng mga numero, isang panulat at hindi naman ako nakuntento sa ilang graphing calculator. markang mas mababa pa sa uno Nais kong maging aral ito kahit na sigurado akong nararapat sa sa ilang labis na nagtiwala sa akin ang mga binibigay na marka. kanilang talento ngunit hindi Masyado akong nagtiwala sa ito mapatunayan sa lahat ng aking ‘stored memory’. Masyado pagkakataon. Kahit forte mo pa akong naniwala sa kakayahan ko ito, the limit of every rational kaya naging kampante ako sa mga function evaluated at its infinity gawaing pang-akademiko nang hindi does not always give infinity; that nag-aaral ayon sa pangangailangan. is, there is a limit. [P]
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offering her the job of a band’s manager. “Are you kidding?!” she exclaimed, obviously enthusiastic - jumping for joy even - like a kid given a new toy. “I am more than willing!” *Underlight Hugging her tight and tucking her into my arms, I thought making her part of the band would Megan’s eyes shifted from left to right, shifted from nostalgia to confusion for a minute ensure me that I would never lose her. Heck, I should’ve known the very same act would make that felt like hours. The room remained silent me lose her after several months. as all eyes rested upon her. She appears halfcrazed by the memory of Sid, by the burden Sid. He wasn’t an object of envy for me. of his untimely death, and by the utterance of I knew he’s charming for the swarms of our accusations that linked her to his murder. female groupies. But I also knew he’s loyal to *** Patricia. Megan, well, may have blinded me all this time. It seemed she was supportive of Seeing her flustered almost pained me first; the Backseat Kiss only a close second. me. The sight almost moved me to pity and repentance - almost led me to dash to her side I trusted that our relationship would last until--I don’t know, maybe forever. and embrace her like I always did when she’s hurt. Yet, I am satisfied knowing she deserves That is, until one of my bandmates warned every ounce of pain she’s being inflicted with. It was nothing compared to her blow of betrayal. me that the two are meeting behind my back. I almost collapsed when he showed me a photograph of them lying asleep in a van. How For two years, I have faithfully loved her head comfortably leaned on his shoulder, Megan. How could I forget the first night she went with me to Backseat Kiss’ then-unpopular how his arms wrapped around her? gigs? The rush of emotions of seeing her on At first I didn’t want to believe--surely, I the front row, screaming for me, was enough thought, it was only an innocent gesture. Megan to make me forget that I was just a bassist. At is the friendly type. She’s someone who can be a that glorious moment, with her smile and all, I buddy to the guys. But ever since that bandmate loved her. tipped me off, I started noticing their unusual closeness. I also memorized her reaction after


During those times our relationship was on the rocks, it was Sid who hears her complaints first. After our gigs, she’d compliment Sid on how great his transformation was “from a behind-theaction drummer to the center of the spotlight.” Then she would turn to me and say, “you were cool out there!” I was cool and he was great? And, damn, how I hated watching the two of them laugh before saying goodbye. What else could I do? Those eyes won me over every single time I tried confronting her. With just a touch of her hand I’m convinced that I wanted her to stay. But I am aware that someone has to be cut out from the picture for her to stay mine. It wasn’t Megan’s time to leave. Without a doubt, it was Sid’s. “Glen,” Megan suddenly got a grip. She stared at me, her voice trembling but slowly becoming steady. “We need to find Sid’s killer. It wasn’t me. I swear!” “I… believe you.” Of course I do, I thought. She couldn’t even hurt a fly! She gaped at each one of us, as if trying to figure out what words to say. “I don’t know what I’ve done to make you lose your trust. I’m sorry! I’m sorry that Sid died - but you have to believe me that I have nothing to do with it!” she begged. It was hard to resist her obvious blamelessness.

Megan started crying, wiping her tears with her hands. It was my turn to speak. “Yeah, losing Sid was one thing. But what I couldn’t believe was that somebody is pointing fingers to someone else. I thought the Backseat Kiss was more of a brotherhood than a band. What did he do to deserve such death? What’s worse is that the killer inside this room has enough guts to put on a sorry face while hoping he wouldn’t get caught. I trusted all of you! Then all of a sudden one of you would turn out to be a Sid’s killer?” I quivered. I shot a weak glance at him, he who tipped me off that Sid and Megan were cheating. And all of a sudden his crap sounded unbelievable. He glared at Megan, as if determined to pin her down as Sid’s murderer. His fists tightly curled into a ball. I saw his anger and jealously for Sid that he shared with me. I saw his willingness to lie - to kill! - in order to get rid of Sid. I even took part in his plans. Oh, what on earth have I done? “Megan, I’m sorry.” [P]
*Underlight is paranoid of losing people to death. There is a part of her that believes in immortality, but reality slaps her back every time.


Use the power of deduction. Go figure.

10 UPLB Perspective ISSUE 7 |

January 29, 2009
kagandahan ang kawalan ng flag ceremony sa unibersidad na pinasukan ko. Hindi ko na kailangang pumunta sa eskwelahan tuwing alas-sais ng umaga para doon. Nabunutan ako ng tinik sa indibidwalismo at makabagong kalayaan na nararanasan ko ngayon. Bago para sa akin. Kinapa ko ang wrist watch na pinasok ko na lang bigla sa kanang bulsa ng pantalon ko kanina. Dali-dali ko itong kinabit. Pinagmasdan ko ang mga kamay ng relo habang naglalakad. Sakto sa oras kung magsimula ang propesor ko. Sakto rin sa oras ang pagtiyak niya ng presensiya ng mga estudyante niya. Limang minuto na lang at magsisimula na ang klase ko. ***

responsibilidad na ipinapataw sa mga estudyanteng malayo sa tahanan. *** Hawak ang megaphone, placards at streamers, naabutan ko ang mga lider-estudyante sa Humanities steps na pinatatatag ang kanilang hanay. Malakas at mariin nilang isinisigaw ang tatlong kataga. Bahagya na akong nakalayo sa Humanities, ngunit naririnig ko pa rin ang mga katagang tumatak na sa aking isipan. Ilang araw na lang at masusubukan na naman ang tibay ng mga Iskolar ng Bayan. Mainit na sa Elbi sa mga nagdaang araw. Ngunit mas mainit ang buong lakas na pagtawag ng mga lider-estudyante para magampanan ng mga Iskolar ng Bayan ang kanilang tunay na responsibilidad. “Defend! Defend! Defend the OSR!” ***

Pagtalikod sa seremonya



nuumpisahan ang bawat araw sa eskwelahan ng isang seremonya. Batid kong kailangan itong isagawa ng mga kabataang Pilipino, ngunit isa itong pabigat para sa akin - noon. Para sa isang batang matagal kumain at magbihis, isa nang mahirap na responsibilidad ang pagpunta sa eskwelahan bago mag-alas-syete ng umaga. Ako ang tipo ng taong ayaw na nahuhuli sa mga kailangang puntahan. Lalo pang nadagdagan ang inis ko sa seremonyang ito pagtapak ko sa mataas na paaralan. Binibigyan ang bawat klase ng responsibilidad para pangunahan ang pag-awit sa entablado. Nadadagdagan pa ito ng presentasyon ng bawat klase ng mga tula, sayaw at kanta. Para maiwasan ang pag-akyat sa entablado at ang “kahihiyan,” napapadalas ang pagiging huli ko. Ngayon, tila ba isang biro ang takot at pagkainis ko sa flag ceremony kapag itinatabi ko ito sa mga hamong kaakibat ng kalayaan na dala ng pagtuntong ko sa Unibersidad ng Pilipinas. *** Pinahid ko ang tumutulong pawis sa aking noo. Yumayanig ang lupa, sumasabay sa pagsayaw ng tren. Pinagmasdan ko ang mga taong lulan ng mga katabing sasakyan. Tulad ko, inis ang mga ito sa abala na ginagawa ng ingay ng pagbabadya ng paparating na tren. Kailangang tawirin ang crossing na ito para makarating sa eskwelahan. Kaya, tulad ngayon, isang malaking antala kapag natiyempuhan ka ng paminsan-minsang

dumadaan na tren. Agad na umandar ang pampasadang tricycle ng tiyuhin ko pagkatapos ng limang minutong pagragasa ng tren sa riles. Napakapit ako sa trolly kong bag at sa gilid ng tricycle nang bigla itong humarurot. Limang minuto na lang at magsisimula na naman ang nakagisnang seremonya na nagpapakita ng paggalang at pagmamahal, sabi nila, sa watawat at sa bayan. *** Isang buwan pa lang ang nakakaraan nang lumipat kami sa lungsod ng Caloocan. Nasa mataas na paaralan na ako. Hindi na ako hinahatid ng tricycle. Para bang bigla akong binigyan ng isang makabagong kalayaan. Mag-isa kong nilalakad ang malalawak na bangketa, isang maikling distansiya mula sa bahay papunta sa eskwelahan. Binilisan ko ang mga hakbang ko. Bagamat ang klase namin ang nakatakdang manguna ngayong umaga, hindi pwedeng lagi ko na lamang itong tatakasan. Limang minuto na lang at magsisimula na ang flag ceremony. *** Dali-dali akong tumakbo palabas sa gate ng dormitoryo na tinutuluyan ko. Padabog ko itong sinara. Lakad-takbo ang ginagawa ko, hindi maiwasang mapansin ang tingin ng mga kasabay ko sa daanan. Wala pang isang minuto at malapit na ako sa C. Park. Pinilit ko pa ring maligo, kahit tatlumpung minuto na lang bago ang alas-syete kong klase. Mayroon din pa lang

Naghahanap ako ng karinderyang mabibilihan ng hapunan. Maliwanag pa rin sa kalye ng F.O. Santos, ngunit mas maliwanag ang daan papuntang Raymundo Gate. Nang wala akong mapiling ulam sa unang karinderya ay lumipat ako sa kabila. Tila ba nagka-canvass ako ng mas mura ngunit mas masarap na ulam. Nahihirapan ako sa ganitong sitwasyon sa Elbi. ‘Di tulad noon na nakahanda na agad ang pagkain, ngayon ay problema mo kung ano ang kakainin mo at saan ka bibili. Kailangan ko ring bilisan ang pagkain dahil may pagsusulit pa ako bukas. Mainam na bumili na rin pala ako ng sachet ng kape na magsisilbing kaibigan ko habang nagsusunog ako ng kilay. Hindi pala ganoon kaganda ang ibang klaseng kalayaan na ibinibigay ng layo sa mga magulang. Ibang klase ang

ibang pares ng mga mata na

Ngunit nagkaroon

nakasubaybay sa
atin sa unti-unting

matiyaga ring

paglaki ng mundong ating ginagalawan.


t is easy to list down resolutions and promises at a certain turning point in one’s life — when everybody seems to have their own record, written or mental of what-to-retain and whatto-modify. Now that countdown and fireworks had done us quick reminder of another year, convincing everybody to think about change — from stagnancy to progress – has never come easier. Aside from history at his pleasure, Barack Obama boasts or boosts, depending on one’s social interpretation of language, his credibility through speeches, promises and “change has come to Americas.” Being the new US president entitles him much reputation – judgments are expressed sometimes with sincerity and sometimes masked in criticisms and mockery. A marketplace of remarks, of different races and territories has created surpluses in every conversation, which altogether referring to Obama with contempt, if not serious attacks or otherwise to his reputation as the first black to assume the highest seat in the most powerful symbol of economic and political superiority – the White House. The life of the African-American US leader has already been described in many ways. Perhaps, it would be pointless to dwell on saying the same things now. “There have been too many speeches. There have been too many excuses. There have been too many flag-draped coffins, and there have been too many

stagnancy would prefer to do away

It seems clearer now that people in country of
with character


heartbroken families. The time for waiting in Iraq is over. It is time to change our policy. It is time to give Iraqis their country back. And it is time to refocus America’s efforts on the wider struggle yet to be won...” I wonder what the Iraqis’ reaction when they heard Obama uttering these words. Taking into account the Persian Gulf War in 1991, after an overwhelming showcase of technological and tactical superiority over Iraq, America destroyed much of their military capability. With this, Iraqis could possibly consider themselves free from almost two decades of desolation and inferiority; loss of hope, confidence and psychological capability to fix their identity as well as their nation, all for the sake of war-monger America. Like any other political leaders in the world, Obama’s words reverberate as if to save the country he’s now leading with painstaking effort and even the whole world from chaos. Obama gained much attention from people of different places and races – from buses to airplanes, Caucasians and Mongols, filling airwaves and newspapers about the 44th US president. Individuals have the liberty to make judgment about one another. It is inherent on them to explain other people’s victory and loss with speed and accuracy, together with their own biases and prejudices, making their opinions sound


Sinanay na tayo ng ating mga magulang sa kanilang matiyagang pagsubaybay noong tayo ay mga bata pa. Ngunit nagkaroon ng ibang pares ng mga mata na matiyaga ring nakasubaybay sa atin sa untiunting paglaki ng mundong ating ginagalawan. Sa bawat yugto ng ating buhay, nagbabago ang mga papel na ating ginagampanan. Kaakibat nito ang bagong atang na responsibilidad. Kasabay ng pagbabago ng takbo ng araw-araw na pagpasok sa eskwelahan at pag-uwi – noon at ngayon – nagbabago rin pati ang mga bagay na kailangan mong intindihin at ipaintindi sa iba. [P]

(In)dependent change
forcibly opened our consciousness to the culture of what we believed to be a superior country. Our ancestors embraced the system of education and the American culture introduced to us appearing to be ideally applicable to the Philippine context until now. We adapted almost all of what they had, even the American-English language, which we claim to be our lingua franca just like our own Filipino language. As regard military relations, our rulers believed indubitably US Armed Forces’ vitality and infallibility in the fight against terrorism. These realities obviously strengthen the ties that make us dependent to America. Since the appointment of Obama, there was yet no significant and observable effort development on the relationship between Philippines and America. It somehow disappointed those who were trying to brace our country with expected special treatment from what they thought to be a better change in US political setting. The shift to another seemingly greater than ordinary US president is a perfect change at least to those who believe him to be. It would be irrational, however, to reduce our hopes for perfect change into mere reliance on the change of a leader of an ally country after more than a hundred years of embracing its traditions, cultural practices, even language. It is imperative to think about progressive change for our own country, lest we remain entrenched in anachronistic and pseudo-democratic nature of US dependency. [P]


as if they’re criticizing a situation that has already been criticized. It’s exasperating, at least, to those who had been on the same track. Obama, however, is never safe from race-related prejudices. As some Filipinos put it, Obama will have to face extra burden of proving himself, being a black leader in a country of whites, as good as any other race when it comes to aptitude and governance. It may sound to intend pun but the statement of an elderly Chinese in a TV program perfectly stated mockery masked with high regard. “I really like this Obama, even if he is so black,” he said. I don’t know if the change of US leader, regardless of his considerably young age and color, would mean so much to all Filipinos now. Our country moves together with the whole world in making Obama the “star” – we waited as we tighten our grip on our hope — looking up thinking that the newest US leader would pave the way to our motherland’s progress. As people from other countries attest to Obama’s competence despite his color, the scholars of our country have been occupied much with what Obama could contribute to our present economic status. It seems clearer now that people in a country of stagnancy would prefer to do away with character assassination when they realize that they need an ally more than a mere subject of derision to feed their personal interests. The Filipino-American War in 1899


VOLUME 35 | ISSUE 7 | January 29, 2009 binuksan ang aking bag para makita ng sundalo ang laman nito – puno ng mga t-shirt at pantalon mula sa isang lingo ng pananatili sa akademiya. Sinilip ko mula sa bintana ang ilan niyang mga kasamahan sa maliit nilang outpost. Ang ilan sa mga sundalo ay may hawak na basahan, matamang pinakikintab ang kanilang mga M-16. Matapos makuntento sa pag-uusisa sa mga bagahe ng mga pasahero, nagsimula muling umusad ang bus. *** Nagbigay ka ng komento sa ilang mga isyu ng Unibersidad habang nanananghalian tayo sa likod ng main layb. Medyo nawalan ako ng ganang kumain sa sinabi mo. Sayang, ang sarap pa naman ng ulam nating barbecue. “Kailangan na ng UP na magToFI. Inevitable siya dahil kahit anong pilit natin, hindi tayo makakakuha ng mataas na government subsidy.” Ang sabi ko naman, paano na lang ang mga nakapasa ng UPCAT na nararapat magaral dito ngunit hindi kayang bayaran ang mataas na matrikula? Hindi natin dapat isipin na masuwerte tayo dahil hindi tayo naabutan ng ToFI at hindi dapat pasanin ng mga susunod na Iskolar ng Bayan ang responsibilidad ng gobyerno. Bigla ka na lang natahimik sa ating pagsasalo. Matapos nating kumain, agadagad kang nagbayad at sinabi mong may klase ka pa nga pala sa Malcolm Hall.

UPLB Perspective



alawang jeep at dalawang bus ang kailangan kong sakyan para makarating sa kampus kung saan tayo madalas magkita. Ugali kong lakbayin ang distansiyang ‘yun tuwing Sabado para puntahan ka dati. Sa tuwing bumibiyahe akong magisa paalis man o papunta sa Elbi ay nagmumuni-muni na lamang ako upang patayin ang oras. Pinaglalaro ko rin ang aking tingin sa mga bagay na nasa aking paligid – mga tao sa kalsada, gusali’t kabahayan, billboards o anupamang nahuhuli ng aking mga mata. Sa mga ganitong pagkakataon din tila hinahabi ng mga imahe na nalalampasan ko sa kasalakuyan ang mga hibla ng nakaraan at bukas. Nakakatuwa lang isipin na sa ngayon, napapadalas ako sa pagpunta sa kinaroroonan mo ngunit hindi na kita nakikita. Hindi ko maiwasang magbalik-tanaw sa tuwing nadadaanan ko ang mga dati nating tagpuan. *** Pasalubong ko ang isang kopya ng dyaryo sa ’yo at inamin mo pa nga minsan na mga artikulo ko lang ang binabasa mo kahit na sinabihan na kitang ‘di hamak na mas importante ang iba pang laman nito. Pasalubong mo rin ang mga kopya ng dyaryo niyo sa akin. At nahihiya na lang ako sa tuwing nag-aabot ako ng isa kapalit ng lima mula sa ‘yo – kahit na inamin mo pa nga minsan na ‘di mo na binabasa ni isang pahina nito at kumukuha ka na lang para maibigay mo sa akin. ***

Mga nakalipas na Sabado
*** May mga namumuong mga butil ng malamig na pawis sa aking pisngi dahil sa paghahalo ng init mula sa sinag ng araw at lamig mula sa aircon. Gayunpaman, wala pa rin akong balak takpan ng kurtina ang bintana. Isang rumaragasang bus ang nagovertake sa sinasakyan ko at naaninag ko sa repleksyon mula sa salamin nito ang mga baligtad na mga letrang “H” at “M” mula sa aking sinasakyan kasama ang mga guhit ng pula at dilaw. Mamaya lamang bababa na ako sa may kahabaan ng Kamias. *** Nakahiga tayo sa ilalim ng akasya, kasabay nating nakalilim ang mga damo sa Sunken, nakalatag ang mga dala nating dyaryo at nakatingala sa kalangitan. Nakasisilaw ang sikat ng araw at wala akong makitang mga ulap. Dahil sa mga luntiang nakayakap sa aking paningin, naramdaman ko ang pansamantalang kapayapaang nararanasan sa Freedom Park. Matapos mong basahin ang sinulat kong lathalain, tinanong mo ako kung bakit ba ako nakikialam sa lipunan, kung bakit ko ba pinapasan ang problema ng iba. Sa katunayan, matagal ko na rin iyong itinatanong sa aking sarili. Sinagot kita ng isa ring katanungan. Sapat na bang maging mabuti tayong nilalang, maabot natin ang sarili nating pangarap, magkaroon ng disenteng trabaho at matulungan ang ating pamilya?


*Sepia sky


Sapat na bang

natin ang




Oo, ang sabi mo, sapat na iyon. Ang iba pang mga bagay ay serbisyo na natin sa iba at sobra na sa hinihingi sa atin. Tinitigan kita at mula sa maliit na distansiya sa pagitan natin, naramdaman ko ang layo mo. Napansin mo ang aking pagkabalisa at kahit na hindi ako sang-ayon sa tugon mo, nginitian na lamang kita. *** Halos mapaos na ang barker na nasa harapan ng waiting shed. Ang kaibahan nga lang ng Philcoa sa Olivarez ay hindi “College” kundi “UP” ang paulitulit niyang isinisigaw. Ang dungis mula sa usok at alikabok ng lungsod ay bakas sa kanyang damit na babad sa pawis. Lumulan ako sa isang siksikang jeep papasok ng University Avenue, namamalikmata kong nakita ang kumakaway na rebulto ng isang kilalang fastfood restaurant. Ang kislap ng kanyang ngiti ay dumagdag sa itsura ng isang namamaalam na kaibigan. *** Dalawang jeep at dalawang bus ang kailangan kong sakyan para makarating sa kampus kung saan tayo madalas magkita. Ugali kong lakbayin ang distansiyang ‘yun tuwing Sabado para bisitahin ka dati. At dahil napapadalas ako sa kinaroroonan mo ngunit hindi naman kita nakakasama, hindi ko maiwasang isipin na marahil nga, sa mga landas na mas pinili nating tahakin sa loob ng unibersidad, hindi rin natin naiwasang iwanan ang isa’t isa. [P]
sending out their last gasps. As I have told you, they came like a thief in the night, inflicting what little harm they could do to the Enlightenment: Hoarding, Discarding and Adulterating Perspective copies. But I’m very confident that very soon we, the Enlightened people as opposed to the Detractors, will be able to eradicate these pernicious crimes, and then the Enlightenment will finally be complete. *** My imagination is my safest harbor. Here I can hold my enemies and my most loathed abstractions captive in my clenched fists. Here I can dream while giving my enemies nightmares. Here I can indulge my follies, and satisfy the darkest desires of my convoluted mind. Here I can launch my most effective offensive by taking their low blows lightly and with a dismissive laugh. Yet in real life I must face these oppositions with single-minded seriousness; there is no taking these things lightly. This time, my most potent weapon should be my resolve to let not my Detractors but the confidence that students have the capacity to realize their condition and decide to uplift their plight to define my struggle for a more progressive readership. [P]


sarili nating

Tumigil pansamantala ang sasakyan at ilang sandali pa ay pumasok ang mga mamang naka-camouflage. Checkpoint na sa may SLEX. Agad-agad kong

Taking it lightly



etached pages of Perspective blown by the wind over cemented road. Copies of the same newspaper lying desolately in trash cans, unread, to be dissolved later by rainwater running down heaps of garbage. People scurrying, secreting away newspapers that at the end of the day will never see light beyond the confines of the junk shop. These are the images that haunt me when my mind is standing idle. I can never really fully tell my fears to another human being so I put these thoughts down in paper. In the act of writing, I fiercely imagine, and in my mind’s eye I see a perfect world opening up before me, dazzling in its laid-back logic and vindictiveness: In this different world Perspective holds the Gospel truth. In the beginning was Perspective, and Perspective was God, things like that. Laws that moves stealthily in every corner protect the publication and its members from harm, putting things rightfully in their places, maintaining order in an otherwise anarchic world. Night has fallen and at Carabao Park people were circling a terrified Detractor. Detractors, it’s what we call these people now, those who attempt to destroy what the Enlightenment has achieved. They went underground at the onset of the

Detractors must have smelled the peril in the air then, and their near defeat, because most of them defected to our cause and helped bring down the their own members. It was during the Great Siege of Mariang Banga that we clinched our first genuine triumph. Working on a tip-off given by a knowledgable defector, the Defenders of the Truth cornered all highprofile Detractors who were conducting one of their underground meetings in Mariang Banga. Enlightenment but they still infiltrate our Rumor has it ranks. that they were The Detractor is hugging closely to his body several copies of Perspective. Obviously then planning the biggest he was guilty of Hoarding, a grave crime. Hoarding yet in And he knows it, too. He was trembling history. Thank violently, his head bowed ridiculously as God they were if he wanted it to snap and die there on thwarted. And the spot. The crowd was closing in on him good riddance, now, and before the mob could stone him too, as these to death, a Defender of the Truth, our reoriented police, took him away to the Dearth Detractors were caught harboring of Knowledge, where he will be locked up volumes of and forced to read Jessica Zafra. contraband Resistance against the Enlightenment has been steadily declining after high-profile materials — chick literature, Detractors were rounded up and executed. pornographic These high-profile Detractors were the ones materials, etc. who masterminded the printing and release I have of Pro Bono, Perspective’s rival publication. witnessed their It contained their anti-Enlightenment public execution. They were paraded on propaganda that encourages decadent an improvised stage, and as soon as we journalism, not to mention pop culture saw the Black Mark — the one that said crap that breeds apathy. Everything that abhors intelligence — from sensationalism to “stupid” — stamped on their foreheads, we helplessly burst into laughter. You should shallow analysis — is its daily bread. have seen shame cut across their wretched But the Enlightenment eradicated faces after the Conveyor of Justice read the everything that abhors intelligence, at Detractors’ sentence — death by multiple least the most dangerous ones. Students paper cuts. themselves began to throw away antiAnd so the incident you witnessed at Enlightenment materials. They started Carabao Park was just a remnant of the to read Perspective and other similar Detractors who are now pathetic creatures Enlightenment publications and books. The

launch my most effective offensive by taking lightly their low blows and with a dismissive laugh.

Here I can

12 UPLB Perspective ISSUE 7 |

January 29, 2009



Ang (dapat ay) Tagapagtanggol

Kapansin-pansin na ang proseso ng pagpili ng bagong direktor ng Office of Student Affairs (OSA) na isinagawa ng administrasyon ay naging direktang pagtatalaga lamang ni Chancellor Luis Rey Velasco kay Dr. Vivian Gonzales, na una nang naging director noong 1995 hanggang 1997. Hindi man lamang nagkaroon ng partisipasyon ang malawak na hanay na kanyang dapat pagsilbihan – ang mga estudyante – sa pagpili ng bagong direktor sa pamamagitan ng konsultasyon.
organizations, fraternities at sororities. Nanatili ang paninindigan ni Dr. Severino Cuevas sa kanyang sariling interpretasyon ng ilang probisyon sa UP Code. Nang tinanggal mismo ng Board of Regents ang Chapter 72 Article 444 ng 1984 UP Code na nagsasaad na “organizations which are provincial, sectional or regional in nature shall not be allowed in the University system” ay saka lamang itinuloy ang pag-rerecognize sa mga varsitarian organizations. Samantalang ang iba, tulad ng religious organizations, ay nanatiling hindi recognized sapagkat “secular” umano ang mga ito. Binalot din ng kontrobersiya ang pagpapatanggal ng tambayan ng mga organisasyon sa Institute of Biological Science at College of Human Ecology. Isa pa ay ang pagiging istrikto sa pagpapagamit ng mga pasilidad ng kampus at ang mismong paggiit na matuloy ang eleksyon ng Konseho ng mga Mag-aaral gamit ang 1978 UPLB Student Organization Constitution.

Maaaring nasa diskresyon nga ng Chancellor kung paano pipiliin ang susunod na Dekano ng mga Mag-aaral, subalit kung mariin nating iisipin, hindi ba’t nararapat lamang na may boses ang mga estudyante sa pagpili ng dekanong magsisilbi sa kanilang interes? Sa loob ng unibersidad, ang mga organisasyon pang-estudyante ang makararamdam ng direktang papel ng isang bagong direktor ng OSA. Mula sa pagrerecognize para ganap at pormal na makabitan ng “UP” ang pangalan ng isang organisasyon hanggang sa pagaapruba ng mga aktibidad at pasilidad na gagamitin sa loob ng kampus - ang kaakibat na pirma ng OSA Director ay may malaking impluwensiya sa katangian ng pag-iral ng mga organisasyon. Ang masalimuot na burukrasyang ito sa unibersidad ay isa lamang patunay na ang pinakamalawak na sektor sa unibersidad - ang mga estudyante - ay natatali sa desisyon ng iilang administrador. Hindi naging malinaw ang tindig ng nakaraang termino ng direktor ng OSA, kung babalikan ang mga polisiyang ipinapatupad nito, kung para ba talaga sa interes at kagalingan ng mga estudyante ang kanilang pinapangalagaan o nananatili lamang mekanismo upang mapatupad ng administrasyon ang kanilang mga hangarin, sa gitna ng malawak na kasalungat na sentimiyento ng nakararami. Nitong nakaraang semestre lamang, naging malaking usapin para sa mga organisasyon ang hindi pag-recognize ng OSA sa mga religious at varsitarian


...para ba talaga Ito ngayon sa interes at ang iniwang sitwasyon ng kagalingan ng dating direktor ng OSA na mga estudyante ngayon ay ni kakaharapin
ang kanilang

Ang nakaraang termino ng director ng OSA, sa halip na maging intrumento upang matugunan ang mga direktang atake ng represyon sa kampus, ay siya namang nagpabaya - higit pa ay nagpatupad ng mga polisiyang nabanggit na yumuyurak sa demokratikong karapatan ng mga estudyante.

ng mga estudyante. Pagkatapos man ng kanyang termino, hindi pa rin siya nilubayan ng mga batikos dahil sa pagbibigay ng bagsak na marka niya sa humigit-kumulang 350 estudyante ng CWTS 2 sa ilalim ng kanyang instruksyon. Kung magkaiba man ang istilo sa pangangasiwa nina Cuevas at Gonzales, parehas pa rin silang kinundena ng mga estudyante sa panahon ng kanilang panunungkulan dahil sa mga polisiya at aksyon na sumasalungat sa tunay na diwa ng pagtatanggol sa karapatan ng mga estudyante. At ngayon, magiging mahirap para kay Gonzales na makuha ang simpatya ng mga estudyante sapagkat hindi niya taglay ang isang uri ng lehitimisasyong magmumula sana sa aktibong pakikilahok ng mga estudyante sa pagpili ng direktor na magsisilbi sa kanila. Sa ganitong kalagayan, madalas na mapapatanong ang isang Iskolar ng Bayan: sino nga ba talaga ang tunay na pinagsisilbihan ng isang direktor ng OSA, at para kanino ba talagang interes ang isinusulong ng kanyang opisina? [P]

pinapangalagaan...naging direktor ng OSA si

Gonzales noong 1997. Ang kanyang termino noong taong iyon ay kumaharap ng maraming isyu’t mga pambabatikos. Isa sa kanyang kinaharap ay ang malawak na diskuntento sa pag-antala sa 1997 USC-CSC elections at ang pagpapatupad ng 200 porsyentong dorm fee increase na nagresulta ng isang linggong pagbabarikada


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