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Phuong Tran

95B Church Street, Kitchener, ON, N2G 2S3 September 29th, 2012 Recruiters Global Banking & Markets Scotiabank

(519) - 729 9015 (c)

Re: Investment Banking/Mergers & Acquisitions Winter Analyst Co-op Position

Dear Recruiting Manager: I am writing this letter to express my absolute interest in the position. Having completed three co-op workterms in the financial industry, I am motivated to pursue career in finance. The recent hEDGE capital markets conference that I was selected to attend has further strengthened my interest for the use of financial instruments to maximize returns while minimize risk in the current dynamic marketplace. The coop position that was described in the posting is an opportunity of great motivational and professional dimensions. With my abilities and experiences, I believe that I can make positive contributions to the company. I have reasons to believe in my capability to succeed in the position. Firstly, as a math and business administration double degree student, I am able to approach an issue from multiple aspects. Passing the Financial Mathematics Exam organized by the Society of Actuaries has enhanced my knowledge of financial instruments such as options, swaps, forwards and futures, basic hedging and investment strategies. Having worked at Sun Life Financial as a financial analyst, I had experience analyzing large volumes of data from the past 5 years to build a new Excel-based unit cost model which significantly reduced manual input and as a result chances for errors. The model extracted financial data from Cognos database without requiring manual input. Secondly, I have strong problem solving skill and a good grasp of computer knowledge especially that of Excel application. On my third work term, I assumed a senior manager positions role of building a complex forecasting model for credit card balance for about 25 international countries of Scotiabank. As a result, my work has impressed a new-hired senior manager. I am constantly looking for a chance to apply my knowledge to add value to my workplace. During my second work term, I successfully integrated VBA in the monthly reports to speed up the process and allowed sufficient time to produce 5 new reports necessary for management analysis. Thirdly, having worked in a split position between two different teams at Scotiabank, I had a chance to hone my time management skill and always had to prioritize my tasks to fulfil the duties of both teams. I have put in so much effort to communicate my priorities to the two managers of both teams. As a result, it also provided me with an opportunity to develop interpersonal skill. My strong communication has been attested by successfully coordinating meetings for about 20 project teams. I had an opportunity to communicate with project leaders and provide them with necessary information on the Operational Readiness process. I also actively contribute to the school community. As an executive of University of Waterloo Finance Association, I plan various events such as trading simulation competition and online trading competition for an average of over 200 students per term. I also share my interest in finance and capital markets by running tutorials on financial instruments and investment strategies to the student members. With a keen interest in the prospects of finance career, I am confident that I can perform the job beyond expectations. I have enclosed a copy of my resume. I look forward to discussing my qualifications with you at the interview. If you have questions, please feel free to send an e-mail to or call me at (519) 729-9015. Sincerely yours, Phuong Tran.


95B Church Street, Kitchener, ON, N2G 2S3 (519) 729-9015 (c) |

EDUCATION Bachelor of Honours Mathematics, Actuarial Science - University of Waterloo, Sep. 2009 - Present Bachelor of Honours Business Administration, Finance - Wilfrid Laurier University, Sep. 2009 - Present Passed Society of Actuaries (SOA) Probability Exam (univariate probability distribution and multivariate probability distribution) Passed SOA Financial Mathematics (interest rate theory, derivative, option, swap, future, forward, hedging, investment strategy) Attended hEDGE Capital Markets Conference - participated in private equity, equity research, sales and trading workshops, talks on current market trends, economy and capital markets WORK EXPERIENCE Performance Management Analyst - Work Evaluation: Excellent Scotiabank, International Banking (IB) Retail Products, Toronto, Canada, Jan. 2012 - Apr. 2012 o Assumed a senior managers role: Analyzed historical balances and seasonality to build forecasting models for credit card and Scotialine for all international countries (about 25 countries); examined the differences between the plan growth and the forecast growth which are useful for strategic planning of product sales o Examined revenues and loss to identify low risk/high profitability countries; identified the key observations about balances and revenue of the products over the month for the Director of Performance Management to present to the Executives o Collaborated in producing monthly executive reports to track performance of mortgages, personal loan, Scotialine, credit card, other retail lending products, core and term deposits Produced Excel ad-hoc reports for IB Retail Products Vice Presidents using Business Objects financial database o Redesigned Excel Chile originations report to allow faster processing of data used to track performance of lending products o Leveraged the use of Sharepoint Web portal which is a useful channel to collaborate and share information; provided training on the use of the web portal to the team and produced a manual which is useful for new users Associate Business Analyst - Work Evaluation: Very Good Scotiabank, Scarborough, ON, Canada, Jan 2011 - Apr. 2011 o Worked in a split position between Technology Project Review (TPR) and Operational Readiness (OR), monitored projects with high risk and setup cost above $500,000 and monitored progress of all initiatives for implementation o Restructured reporting process to keep the information available to various parties consistent as well as enhanced efficiency of the process; integrated VBA in the reports for the first time to simplify the process; thus allowed spare time to develop 5 new reports necessary for analysis and management purpose o Analyzed the current resource allocation of Enterprise Architecture and Consulting team for de-loading strategies for the team o Coordinated meetings for about 20 project teams; communicated with project leaders to organize meetings; prepared and distributed pre-meeting and post-meeting materials; took notes during the meetings for management purpose; tracked progress of project implementation o Modeled TPR processes and TPR site structure using Microsoft Visio; modified workflows using Microsoft Sharepoint Designer; studied and modified settings of TPR governance template using Infopath o Prepared requirement document and made suggestions for the expansion of the process on a global scale Financial Analyst - Work Evaluation: Excellent Sun Life Financial, Waterloo, ON, Canada, May 2010 - Sep. 2010 o Analyzed Excel-based unit cost model and large volumes of financial data from Cognos database; developed a new one which requires significantly less manual input; reduced processing time from 1day to 0.5hr o Reduced processing time of Excel FTE reports by 1.25 hours and made the procedure more systematic o Provided informal Excel training to manager and 2 team members and provided training on the new unit cost model o Created and published FTE and Excel-based budget variance reports to various business units o Reviewed expense reports and analyzed travel spending for management purposes LEADERSHIP AND VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE Executive Team Member - University of Waterloo Finance Association, May 2012 - Present o Plan events for future term to benefit students who are interested in financial industry o Organize various initiatives such as real-time trading competition, investment competition for the club o Work on various proposals to obtain funding and resources for the club o Run financial tutorials to teach students on financial concepts Expansion Associate - University of Waterloo Student Offering Support, May 2012 - Aug. 2012 o Identified opportunities to expand the service to new faculties by accessing student demand for the service o Developed plans for new exam aid courses and new ideas for operations Coordinator - University of Waterloo Student Offering Support, May 2011 - Aug. 2011 o Coordinated with Math 239 tutor to prepare materials for review session o Planned the review session and developed a timeline to guarantee for the quality of the review session o Facilitated review sessions for other courses, provided students with registration instructions o Helped out at fundraising events for the outreach trip to developing countries

Student Career Assistant - University of Waterloo, Career Services, Aug. 2010 - Dec. 2010 o Critiqued resumes and cover letters of 8 students/week; provided recommendations to improve their quality o Advised students on resources for career planning and job searching o Received good feedback on knowledge, professionalism, organizational skill, team work and communication