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Olympus Singapore

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Pre-Quote Form for Ultrasound/EC Inspection Systems

This form presents a series of questions to help identify the test environment, material to inspect, and the type of inspection. This information will help us make a quote for the appropriate product. Please revert to Olympus Singapore, IMS/NDT Business at the following e-mail address

Contact name: Company: Title: Address and country: Tel.: Fax: E-mail: Web site: Deadline to receive the quote: Number of employees: Type of business (petrochemical plant, inspection service company, etc): What is the type of inspection? Weld inspection Corrosion mapping Tube inspection Other, please specify.

What is the type of part to inspect? Pipe Tube


Plate Elbow Other, please specify. What are the dimensions of the part to inspect? (Precise dimensions specified in inches or millimeters) Wall Thickness Diameter Length Width Note: For pipes, specify the ID and OD What is the type of material the part to inspect is made of? Carbon steel Austenitic Other, please specify. If applicable, what is the type of weld to inspect and the welding technique used? What is the type of defect to detect? Lack of penetration Lack of fusion Stress corrosion crack Fatigue crack Porosities Slag inclusions Other, please specify. Min: Max: Min: Max: Min: Max: Min: Max:

Is there any sizing requirement or just detection? Is it in-service inspection, inspection during construction, or both? Are the parts already being inspected? If yes, using what technique? X-Ray


Manual ultrasound Other automated ultrasound technique, please specify.

Is there any inspection standard or any code that should be respected? If yes, please specify.

Is there a restriction in the available inspection area or in the environment? Please, specify. (External, rain, severe temperature, accessibility of the weld/part, physical restrictions around the weld/part) Is it for manual or automated inspection?

What is the inspection productivity needed? (Number of parts (weld or scanned area) per day/week)

Which of the following inspection techniques are allowed: TOFD, phased arrays, and/or pulse echo?

What is the budget allowed for test equipment and training services?

Do you need a complete package (equipment, training, technical support, warranty, etc.) or only test equipment?

What is the knowledge level of the operators who are going to use the test equipment? Basic Intermediate Advanced Other, please specify.