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000 0 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Annual Output (MW) No.000 30.1 in the world consecutively for 8 years Revenue: 6.990 (1 RMB = 0.000 MW of annual production capacity for R&M jobs (~25 Units) New Orders Composition .000 10.1585USD) 5.1 Billion USD Total employee: 19.8 Billion USD Current Assets: 13.000 20.General Introduction 40.


Unit Class and Fleets 1000 MW 600 / 660 MW 300 / 350 MW 200 / 210 MW CFB Unit Ultra-super Critical Ultra-super Critical. 300/350MW and 600MW Over Over Over Over 40 Sets of 1000MW. 250 Sets of 600MW. 300 Sets of 200MW and below Reference: . Sub-Critical Super-Critical. 360 Sets of 300MW. Super-Critical. 135/150MW. Sub-Critical Sub-Critical 50/60MW. 200/210MW.

World Largest Bulb Type . World 2nd Largest Francis Type 75MW.Manufacture. Hydro Francis Type: Kaplan Type: Bulb Type: Pelton Type: Pump Storage Type: 1 MW to 770 MW 1 MW to 200 MW 1 MW to 75 MW 1 MW to 200 MW 50 MW to 300 MW Hundreds of Hydro Units capacity from 1MW to 770MW Reference: 770MW.

Gas Turbine Technical Corporation with MHI. 29 Sets M701D. Japan for Gas Turbine M701F Simple Cycle: 320MW Combined Cycle: 480MW M701D Simple Cycle: 144MW Combined Cycle: 213MW Reference: M701F. 2 Sets .Manufacture.

Conventional Island Equipment Unit Capacity 1000MW to 1750MW Generation 2+ CPR1000 Generation 3 EPR Generation 3 AP1000 70% Chinese Market Share for Conventional Island 50% Chinese Market Share for Nuclear Island . Nuclear Nuclear Island Equipment.Manufacture.

5MW 3MW.5MW.Manufacture. 3MW Reference: More than 2. 2.5MW. 5MW Direct-Drive Type: 1. 1.600 units installed 4.5MW. 2. Wind Double-Fed Type: 1MW.000 units contracted .

Solar Solar Power Portfolio .Manufacture.

DEC Manufacture Solar Thermal Hydro DEC Limited Nuclear Gas Turbine Wind .

DEC Capabilities Thermal Hydro Nuclear Wind Gas Solar Equipment Manufacture √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √* √ √ √ Plant Turnkey EPC Plant Service √ √ √ √ √ √ Remark: *only a few projects .

Projects Dongfang’s Clients in India • • • • • • • • • • • • ABHIJEET GROUP ADANI APPL BGR ENERGY SYSTEM DPL EAST COAST ENERGY PVT LTD JPL/CLP INDIA JSW KSK LANCO VEDANTA WBPDCL …… Total 89 Units in 28 Plants (41.535MW) ) .Business in India.860MW) ) 34 Units in operation (11.

6% 77.8% 85 % 85.R&M Case Study A Typical 200MW Steam Turbine Flow Path R&M Xuzhou Power Plant.3% 92. Designed Heat rate 8450 KJ/KWh) HP Efficiency Before R&M Design Value for R&M After R&M IP Efficiency LP Efficiency Heat Rate KJ/KWh (KCal/KWh) ) 78. flow path R&M in 1998 (Commissioning in 1985.5% 88.6% 87% 87. unit #7.5% 92.9% 8625 (2060) 8143 (1945) 8128 (1941) Exhaust Steam Pressure: 5.2 kPa : 6% .

Part One Part Two Upgrade and Renovation Refurbishment Part Three Miscellaneous . Analysis. we concluded and provided the R&M solutions comprising three portions. R&M in 2011 ) According to Site Inspection & Evaluation. Computation.R&M Case Study A Typical R&M Case in China (Xiangyang Power Plant #1) Capacity increased from 300MW to 330MW (Commissioning in 1998 . Experiments.

8 0. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Modification Items Optimization of Pulverizing and Combustion System Renovation of Fans Optimization of Thermodynamic System Vacuum Sealing Vacuum Pumping System Hi-Lo Speed of Circulating Water Pump Flow Path of Steam Turbine Boiler Feed Water Turbine Boiler Body Generator Capacity Increasing Electrical system Coal Mill Rubbery Ball Cleaning Device Turbine oil treatment device Intermittent and continuous drain system 142.4 Upgrade and Renovation Reduce of Heat Rate (KCal/KWh) 3.5 0.175 Reduce of Auxiliary Power Consumption (%) .01 3.8 0.424 5.5 8.R&M Case Study Part One No.6 121.

1 2 3 4 Refurbishment Modification Items Insulation Replacement Optimization of Operation Mode Electrical System Thermal Control system Part Three No.R&M Case Study Part Two No. 1 2 3 4 5 Miscellaneous Modification Items Replacement of Condenser Pipe Heating System Modification Add Oxygen Measurement Sensor to Boiler Recommended items for Generator Capacity increasing Add inverter to Desulfurization Booster fans .

.R&M Case Study A Typical R&M Case in China (Xiangyang Power Plant #1) Capacity increased from 300MW to 330MW Summary Modification Items Heat Rate of the generating Unit (by total R&M) Heat Rate of the generating Unit (by ST modernization) Heat Rate of the Steam Turbine Plant Output Lifecycle Before R&M 10224 kJ/kWh (2446 kcal/kWh) 10224 kJ/kWh (2446 kcal/kWh) 8686 kJ/kWh (2075 kcal/kWh) 300MW 25-10=15 years After R&M 9376 kJ/kWh (2240 kcal/kWh) 9523 kJ/kWh (2275 kcal/kWh) 7920 kJ/kWh (1892 kcal/kWh) 330MW 8% 10% Refurbish to 25 years The Investment will be returned in 3 ~ 4 years.

high flue gas temperature at APH outlet. The retrofit scheme for boiler established by DEC through performance calculation as below: Add about 1500m2 of vertical section low temperature reheater heating surface.R&M Case Study Boiler R&M (Xiangyang Power Plant #1) Capacity increased from 300MW to 330MW To meet the requirement of larger capacity. Low-NOx horizontal dense-lean burner is adopted. from 300MW to 330MW. and solve the problems due to the change of coals such as lower steam temperature at reheater outlet. . slagging in the furnace. H-FIN type economizer is used instead of smooth economizer.

R&M Case Study Boiler R&M (Xiangyang Power Plant #1) Capacity increased from 300MW to 330MW Item Unit capacity Maximum continuous rating Exit gas temperature (after correction) Boiler efficiency (after correction) NOx emission (O2=6%) High temperature reheater outlet steam temperature Before retrofit 300MW 1025 t/h 145℃ 91.22% 360mg/Nm3 540℃ ℃ 10% .92% 422mg/Nm3 522℃ After retrofit 330MW 1077 t/h 135℃ ℃ 93.

the retrofit scheme for reheater system established by DEC through performance calculation is to add about 770m2 of vertical section low temperature reheater heating surface located in the front deflecting chamber in the back pass to increase the heat absorption of low temperature reheater. Item Unit capacity High temp reheater outlet steam temp Before retrofit 200MW 515℃ After retrofit 200MW 540℃ ℃ . which is influenced by the low exhaust steam temperature of steam turbine high pressure cylinder.R&M Case Study Boiler R&M (Qinling Power Plant #3. 200MW) In order to solve the problem of low steam temperature at reheater outlet. thus ensuring the reheater outlet steam temperature is 540℃ and no overheating happens to the reheater under various load.

Meanwhile. The NOX emission is reduced from 700mg/Nm3 to 280 ~ 360 mg/Nm3 after the retrofit. this retrofit met the environmental protection requirement and realized its expected goal. to keep the original elevations of burners. to arrange OFA nozzles at the proper positions of top layer of burners at the front and rear walls. . Hence. dividing the furnace into the combustion zone and burnout zone so as to realize further staged combustion. The scheme is to replace the original 36 pieces of dual-channel burners with new type low NOx swirl PC burners self-developed by DEC. 600MW) DEC established a comprehensive retrofit scheme after performing feasibility analysis and adequate demonstration for the combustion system retrofit for Beilun Power Plant 2# imported boiler.R&M Case Study Boiler Burner Renovation (Beilun TPP #2. the boiler efficiency retains unchanged.

97% 304mg/Nm3 50% .R&M Case Study Boiler Burner Renovation (Beilun TPP #2. 600MW) Item Unit capacity Boiler efficiency NOx emission (O2=6%) Before retrofit 600MW 92.75% 633mg/Nm3 After retrofit 600MW 92.

3. Applying new technology. 2. . which have exhausted their life due to various reasons.Indian LMZ 200MW Focus Typical Proposal for Indian TPP R&M Projects ( LMZ Steam Turbine) 1. Change of components that are needed to adhere to prescribed environmental standards. Necessary modifications in the system to run the unit at rated capacity with the available low calorific coals. 4. Replacement of components.

……. Pumps. Site Management DEC. Piping) I&C (DCS) I&C (DCS) Commissioning Commissioning …… …… Civil Construction Civil Construction Erection Erection Materials Materials Fire-Fighting Fire-Fighting Repair Repair …… …… . Power Plant Service Division (R&M Contractor) DEC. Piping) Valves. R&D Centre (Design Institute) (Design Institute) DEC DEC Turbin Turbin e e DEC DEC Boiler Boiler DEC DEC Generator Generator Sub-vendor Sub-vendor Out of India Out of India Sub-vendor Sub-vendor Within India Within India Site Inspection Site Inspection Diagnosis Diagnosis Evaluation Evaluation Engineering of TPP Engineering of TPP Detailed Design Detailed Design ……. Pumps. Power Plant Service Division (R&M Contractor) DEC(India). Valves.R&M Case Study R&M Project Organization for India Client DEC. Site Management DEC(India). ST (GT)& ST (GT)& Auxiliaries Auxiliaries Boiler Boiler Auxiliaries Auxiliaries Generator Generator Auxiliaries Auxiliaries System Auxiliaries System Auxiliaries (Fans. R&D Centre DEC. (Fans.

75MPa/535℃ ℃ 2.342MPa/540℃ ℃ 670 t/h 3000rpm I + 11 11 2x4 500T 765/740mm . Indian LMZ 200MW Item 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Comparison Type Rated Power Max Power Main Steam Reheat Steam Max Stream Flow Speed HP IP LP Weight LP Last Row Blade Dongfang 2F 215MW 219.9MW 12.807 mm LMZ 2F 210MW 215MW 12.207MPa/535℃ ℃ 670 t/h 3000rpm I + 11 11 2x4 500T 650 .74MPa/540℃ ℃ 2.Indian LMZ 200MW Focus Dongfang 200MW vs.

.Indian LMZ 200MW Focus LMZ 200MW R&M is based on our RICH experience on 200MW manufacture/R&M and operation data accumulation I. DEC has supplied 200MW Class Thermal Power Units to 66 power plants with 92 Boilers. IV. Since manufacturing the first 200MW class unit in the 1970’s. DEC has applied advanced technologies to the original design. Out of the 106 sets of 200MW steam turbines manufactured by DEC. II. 106 Turbines and 104 Generators. adopting 600MW and 1000MW ultra-supercritical advanced steam turbine technologies. III. DEC also performed flow path R&M to 20 units of 300MW and 31 units of non-OEM 300MW units with various outputs. we performed flow path R&M to 42 units.

just two years after the major earthquake which destroyed all the facilities. .Turbine factory Brand new manufacture facility re-located in Deyang starting operation in May 2010. It is the most advanced and the largest turbine manufacture facilities in the world.

Thank you and welcome to visit us You have to see to believe it .

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