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Emerson Network Power Emerson is one of the world's leading diversified manufacturing and technology companies.

It is consisted of 150 companies and has been in business for more than 100 years. They have been manufacturing and sales offices in more than 70 countries, and their products and services are marketed around the world. They have more than 129,000 employees -- including more than 7,000 engineers involved in the design and development of new products and services. The Embedded Computing & Power group of Emerson Network Power have been in the Philippines since 1994 and occupy four facilities in the Philippines the Eastwood Engineering Center, manufacturing plants in Sta. Rosa, Laguna and Rosario, Cavite, and the Regional Operating Headquarters in Ortigas. Astec Power Intl. Ltd., also known as Emerson, is committed to maintain its technology leadership in the power conversion industry. The Astec engineering community is uniquely structured to meet the demands of the changing electronics industry. Advanced circuits, topologies, materials, silicon integration and packaging techniques are analyzed, computer simulated, engineered, tested, and the findings then shared among our product development teams throughout the Astec Power divisions.

Nokia Siemens Network With the tag line for a world in motion Nokia Siemens Network boasts of their achievements in the field of data networking and telecommunications equipment. From the first ever call on GSM, to the first call on 4G LTE; they proudly say that they are at the forefront of every generation in the mobile telecommunications industry. The reason for their success in the field is their dedication to research and development (R&D). As a matter of fact, just last year, they inaugurated their largest R&D facility in Southeast Asia. It is known as NSN NetworkLabs and is located at the UP-Ayala TechnoHub, just across Commonwealth Avenue. The facility is expected to maintain NSNs claim at the frontline of the telecoms industry by developing innovations that will support the advancements in 3G and 4G wireless network technologies. Sources:

INNOVATRONIX, INC. Company History In 1987, Ramon Castillo, a former senior engineer at Intel, left the manufacturing firm of computer components and integrated circuits, to put up Innovatronix, Inc. It is a fitting acronym for a company promising to engage in "innovative electronics" with Castillo as the engineer and one technician. For the first two years of operations, the company relied on projects from Intel, then to Motorola, Telefunken and later on to companies in other industries, like manufacturing and packaging. The fact that Innovatronix was a small company and without a track record to boast did not become a hindrance to offer the products and services to industrial giants. These companies need Tronix services for productivity development. From this time on, sales picked up. Innovatronix has managed to increase its customer base through recommendations from its existing clients. Being the only Filipino firm experienced in making electronic displays, and Innovatronix was contracted to make the scoreboards for the Southeast Asian games held in Manila in November 1991. This big break became the starting point of bigger opportunities for Innovatronix.. From scoreboards, Innovatronix's TRONIX brand on consumer electronic products was launched. Up to this date, Innovatronix had reached Filipino household with its Power-on-Delay (POD10), electronic ballasts, AVRs and ACT20 for window-type air conditioners. In 1997, when the Asian financial crisis came, Innovatronix was resilient by venturing into another business concept. This was due to the advent of digital cameras. Castillo, also a photography hobbyist, established the Tronix Imaging Centers in 1998. It started in Farmers Plaza, Ever Ortigas and Pavilion Mall in Bian, Laguna offering digital imaging services plus retail of Tronix brand of consumer electronics. Over a few years, Innovatronix's network of outlets grew rapidly, covering the entire Metro Manila and nearby provinces. By 2006, Tronix Imaging Centers have scattered all over the country. It is one of the pioneers in the digital photo studio industry. Tronix Imaging Centers offer wide-range of digital imaging services. Also in 2006, Innovatronix Inc launched its own brand of photo equipment products. This product line is now exported to over 80 countries worldwide. While it used to export assembled electronic parts during the 1990s but using its own brand started the leap for Innovatronix to start doing business in the global marketplace, proving that a once-small Filipino enterprise can rise up and win its own challenges. In 2010, after years of continuous growth, Innovatronix Inc moved to its new office and manufacturing facility along Sumulong Highway, Antipolo City. The 3-storey building on a

50,000 sq ft lot is now housing its retail and export business units, product research & engineering and administrative offices. Mission To provide opportunities both for professional and financial growth for every member of Innovatronix family To encourage people to suggest new ideas for continuous growth To nurture and promote honesty, loyalty, concerns for property, excellence, thrift, unity and camaraderie as prime virtues To help, by realizing its social obligation, communities in uplifting the quality of life

Vision To strive for quality, believing in synonymy of quality and Innovatronix To ensure Total Customer Satisfaction, realizing the survival in the business is due to customers support To become one of the top technology firms in the country and the world

Affiliations Filipino Inventors Society (FIS) Electronic Industries Association of the Philippines (EIAPI) Photo Marketing Association International


Maxim Philippines Operating Corporation (MPOC) is a subsidiary of Maxim Integrated Products. MPOC has two manufacturing sites, one in Cavite and the other in Batangas. Both cities are within driving distance of Manila, the capital city of the Philippines. The Cavite facility is the larger of the two, consisting of a workforce of 2,550 employees. The Batangas site has 497 employees. The Cavite and Batangas sites are located about 50 kilometers (30 miles) apart. MPOC operations in Cavite started up in April 1997. The site was set up to enable Maxim to reduce dependence on subcontracted test and assembly processes and to accommodate future manufacturing growth requirements. In 2000, Shipping, Tape & Reel, and Wafer Sort operations were all transferred to MPOC Cavite, and in 2004, a failure analysis laboratory was added. Today, the Cavite site is a major manufacturing facility for both test and assembly. The Batangas site, which manufactures devices for module and WLP operations, including iButtons, was also established in 1997. In addition to its locations in Cavite and Batangas, Maxim also has a Philippine Shared Service Center called MESC (Maxim Enterprise Solutions Corporation) located in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. MESC took over the shared service function from Singapore in January 2009.

Maxim Profile Maxim makes highly integrated analog and mixed-signal semiconductors. For fiscal 2011, Maxim reported revenue of approximately $2.5 billion.

Reputation for Innovation 29 major product categories Leader in process technologies160 semiconductor processes 250 package types Over 500 ASICs developed in collaboration with customers

Financial Strength $2.5 billion (approx.) revenue in FY2011 $571 million revenue in Q3 FY2012

$3.67 billion in assets in Q3 FY2012 $935 million in cash in Q3 FY2012 23.8% of sales reinvested in R&D A Fortune 1000 company Listed on the NASDAQ 100, Russell 1000, and MSCI USA indices.

Global Resources and Support 24 sales offices 40 technology design centers 11 wafer fabs and test facilities

Facility: Maxim Philippines Operating Corp. Gateway Business Park Special Export Processing Zone Bgy Jalavera Gen. Trias, Cavite 4100 Philippines

Activity: Site Management, Production Control, Quality Assurance and Reliability, Failure Analysis, Wafer Sort, Final Test, Tape and Reel, Packing, Shipping, Warehousing, Distribution

Group Members: Flores, Rizhelle Samuya, Joseph Ryan Tan, Sonny Canseco, Rap Esquivel, Billy Palaganas, Jason Macabasco, Jesse Paulo Dumlao, Mark Lester Macayana, Yvan Pacolor , Karl Sze, Clarence Valentino, Lorenzo Prades, Joed