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IFUGAO HOUSE – an enclosed structures resting on four tree trunks as columns. BAHAY NA BATO –a permanent house made of stone for ground flr.The floor ht. also from agricultural environment.drinking & bathing took place.50 to 2. ANCIENT MALAY TAGALA HOUSE– rectangular in plan. 2. Architectural structure as colonial marks of this Era: the “bahay na bato” & churches. / receiving area. an all purpose rm. adjacent to kitchen. pigs & cattles are kept. 2. With low partitions. c. c.) BODEGA – a storage room for keeping old furniture & palay bins. is about 1. single pitched roof resting on an inclined series of rafters made. One imp’t item found in the sala is the mirror not to check the appearance but to indicate the no.Philippine Architecture 94 PHILIPPINE ARCHITECTURE PHILIPPINE ARCHITECTURE is an admixture of the Muslim. It is an improved version of bahay kubo in terms of materials & space allocations. Most impt. 5. & dancing. g. Its flooring is made of bamboo.w/walls made. Above the ground usually located on the floor of the masters bedroom right underneath his bed. d. feature is the wood carvings & the use of colors red. 4. D.0 to 4. projected window & bamboo slots for floorings . SILID – sleeping area w/ “ tampipi” instead of closets. KAMALIG – a storage house detached from the house where unhawled rice is kept.00 mts can be found in the mountains of Cordillera.0 mts. huge antillan house”. E. h.constructed. also an ancestral house for the Datu & his family. INDONESIAN HOUSE– tree dwelling type of shelter. Periods of Development 1.) COMEDOR – dining room. Malayan. BADJAO HOUSE – built on stilts right above the water . Above the ground w/ an open roofless veranda extended from the whole front of the house. Above the ground.) SALA – a living room. GILIR or PAGLUTUAN – kitchen area containing the ff . Chinese and Japanese.) CUADRA – horse table.) DAPOGAN or kalan – cooking apparatus w/ a shoe shape stove.) CUARTO – sleeping area.) CEREMONIAL STAIRS – 1st 3 steps made of stone concrete then succeeding steps made of wood. d. Floorings made of bamboo slats w/ spacesin between.) DISPENSA – use as a food storage. EXAMPLES : 1.& wood for 2nd flr. pestles.) ENTRESUELO – a mezzanine elevated 1.20 mts. TYPICAL PARTS OF A BAHAY KUBO : 1. a royal house used for political & social ceremonies by the Datu. C. a. It was patterned after the stone. e.) CAIDA – an antesala. sewing. Located in the lakeshore of Mindanao.up of sawali & stairs made-up of polished bamboo ladder.0 mt. consisted of a simple. Filipinos established their villages near bodies of water where mostly food were taken from the sea.) BANO or paliguan – bathroom separately from the toilet.) PATIO – an enclosed courtyard open to the sky & adjacent to Zaguan SECOND FLOOR . Eurpean.30 to 2.5 mts. Window sliding sashes were made of sawali .up of tree branches w/ the end resting of the ground & the other end resting horizontal wooden lintel supported by tree trunks and roofed with grass. a. b. c.size jars are kept & washing. BULWAGAN – living rm. of children the family has & to drive away evil spirits. Spanish and American influences. b. It is built from 2.NIPA HUT–Also known as “bahay kubo”supported by stilts or posts. 94 . EARLY PERIOD or PRE–SPANISH ERA– during this pd. BATALAN–an exposed porch where child. yellow and blue. raised on wooden post about 2. It is built from .) BANGAHAN or banggera – place where pots are kept. w/ a low table called dulang. Located in lowlands all parts of the country. 3. b. B.up of nipa & flooring made. Above the ground. MARANAO HOUSE– or “Datu House”. e. PARTS from GROUND FLOOR . TYPES OF FILIPINO HOUSES : A.) ZAGUAN – where wine carriages & saint’s floats are usually kept. F.0 meter into the ground. In both environment houses werenot built permanently& therefore light & flexible materials were used. Earliest type of shelter : LEAN – TO.) COCINA– kitchen w/c sometimes built separately but connected to the house f. Square in plan. SIIONG – where farm & fishing tools. a. square in plan supported by four wooden posts & capped w/ a rounded.A stair w/c can be drawn & kept from the ground for protection . It sunk 1. SPANISH PERIOD – two considered impt. pyramidal thatch roof. For dining. covered by four steeply pitched roof made of thatch.

) BALCON – overhang balcony. j. over looking the streets. Philippine Architecture 95 95 .) ALJIBE – cistern storage of collected rainwater.) AZOTEA – open terrace open to the toilet. use for laundry drying space. k. underneath azotea.i.

Francisco Ducos. Francisco Manosa ( 1975). supervision of the dome by : Domingo Cruz y Gonzalez ( 1781). it is known as Basilica of Immaculate Concepcion. Antonio Sedeno & Engr. Diego Jordan. Fort Santiago– “Shrine of Freedom” by : Fr. 6. INTRAMUROS – early builders : Augustinians. then restored by: Fr. then redesigned by : Archt. 5. rebuilding the church by : Columbian fathers (1950’s). 3. 4. QUIAPO CHURCH – early builders : Franciscans. FORT PILLAR. 2. ZAMBOANGA by : Fr. Today. 10. 8. then original plan designed by : Juan Nakpil ( 1933). SCHOOL BLDGS : 96 . MILITARY BLDGS : 1. Zaragosa. – early builders : Dominicans (1596). . Miguel de Vera (1894). STO. SANTA CRUZ CHURCH. Diego Cerra (1792) and restored by Arch’t. BARASOAIN. Fr. MANILA CATHEDRAL – early builders : Dominicans. then converted into cathedral by : Fr. MALATE CHURCH – early builders : Augustinians (1591). Also known as Walled City of Manila. BULACAN – early builders : Augustinians (1859).early builders : Jesuits. DOMINGO CHURCH – 1 church by : Bishop Domingo Salazar. BINONDO CHURCH. MLA. early builders by : Augustinian Recollects then Engr. Melchor de Vera. RIZAL – original design by : Fr. Agustin de Mendoza reconstruct the church (1868). Domingo Salazar. Don Genaro Palacios y Guerra designed the present 9. SAN AGUSTIN CHURCH. MLA. FORT OF ILIGAN by : Fr. 3. Jose Ma.Philippine Architecture 96 IMPORTANT EXAMPLES OF CHURCHES : 1. Combination of Romanesque & Renaissance Arch. SAN SEBASTIAN CHURCH – the 1st “ all iron church in the World”(1991). 7. then by 1607 it was reconstructed by : Juan Macias. LAS PINAS CHURCH. 2.

The crowning glory of the Recollect churches in bohol. which has retained its Spanish architecture although it has a semi-modern façade. 7. There is the Bell Temple. PANGASINAN MANILA CATHEDRAL REDEMPTORIST CHURCH . Design for the church was finished in 1883 and was prefabricated in Belgium. 8. SAN JUAN DE LETRAN COLLEGE by : Fr. DARAGA CATHOLIC CHURCH Albay Built in 1773 by Franciscan missionaries. 4. Manila The seat of the Catholic Archdiocese of Manila is presently the 6th cathedral to rise on the site since 1581. CHURCHES 1. This is highly prized by art enthusiasts because of its rich baroque architecture. The shrine is known all over the Philippines. molave choir stalls. Luna cor. OUR LADY OF PEACE AND GOOD VOYAGE Antilopo. Manila This small jewel-box church is the first all-steel church in the Philippines and in Asia. 10. Its very huge structure is considered above-standard. BACLAYON CHURCH Baclayon town. Roque Roano.The church is the oldest stone church in the country. built in 1608. TOMAS by : Fr. Bohol Located 3 kilometers from the city proper. BACLARAN COMMONWEALTH IGLESIA NI CRISTO . Manila The oldest stone church in Metro Manila dates back to 1571. SAN AGUSTIN COLLEGE. SAN SEBASTIAN CHURCH Plaza del Carmen. 2. Real Street. north of the city the Maryhurst Seminary with its brilliant gardens. 2. Of great interest are the Baroque pulpit. An intricately carved door opens to the church. MANILA CATHEDRAL Plaza Roma. 3. Philippine Architecture 97 MANAOAG CHURCH . with a three-storey convent. Gen. and the last war. and an 18th century pipe organ. built by the Jesuits in 1595. Intramuros. SHRINE OF THE NUESTRA SEÑORA DE MANAOAG Pangasinan The shrine of Nuestra Senora of "Apo Baket" is situated atop the hill. SAN AGUSTIN CHURCH . Devotees frequent the church especially on Saturdays and Sundays. LOBOC CHURCH Loboc town Located 24 kilometers from Tagbilaran City. BARASOAIN CHURCH Malolos. fire. 5. Quiapo. Intramuros. BAGUIO CATHEDRAL Baguio City Rising above the city skyline are the pinkish hues of the Baguio Cathedral. ILOILO by : Joaquin Diaz. Previous structures were destroyed by typhoons. 13. PAOAY CHURCH Laoag. Santos. It was rebuilt on the second half of the 1950s through the efforts of Architect Fernando Ocampo and Archbishop Rufino J. Bulacan The seat of the Revolutionary Congress where the First Filipino Constitution was drafted and ratified. The cathedral is but one of religious landmarks which dot the city. Miguel Narro. This is one of Bohol’s beautiful churches. earthquakes. and the second in the world. and Lourdes Grotto with its 252 steps to heaven. DAUIS CHURCH Dauis town. 11. Rizal Antipolo is known to be the home of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. 9 . Bohol Located 6 km fr the city proper. LOON CHURCH Loon town Located 25 kilometers from the city proper. 12.) COLLEGIO de STO. Ilocos Norte This fortress-like church is probably the most popular in this area. CENTRAL 97 . The second oldest church in Bohol. The completely knocked-down church was shipped backed to the Philippines in 6 ships. 3.1. 6..

League of Phil. 2 Filipino Archt’s.MACTAN CE CHURCH .P (practical experience of 5 yrs. Tomas (1930). BURNHAM . In 1903. Then other schools that offered the course were . it was amended to Academia de Ingineria Arquitectura y Agrimensura de ilipinas. MO . Felix Roxas y Arroyo 2. Adamson University (1931). MO – A ( completion of academic training of the Master builder’s course ) Then graduates fr.. First Registered Archt. (UAP) First Training school to train to be Maestro De Obras is ESCUELA PRACTICA y PROFECCIONAL DE ARTES OFICIO DE MANILA. Science Bldg. Baguio City Planning b. First Arch’l. Philippine National Bank c. FEU Admi. Mapua Institute of Technology (1925). ANTONIO . Manila Railroad Co. Manila Hotel Landscapie 98 . CEBU M A LA C A N A N G P A LA Q. “LICEO de Manila” with 2 Classifications : a. AMERICAN PERIOD In 1900.7 Main Bldg. Diego Hervas FILIPINO ARCHITECTS 60’s TO 80’s 1. established school “Escuela de Inginiera y Arqui-tectura. Liceo de Mla. Architect’s Society & become the President. DANIEL HUDSON FAMOUS WORKS: a. In 1945. Tomas Mapua. it was amended to Phil. brought to Europe to study Mester Builder Course. 1. (APGA) & These two merged to become United Architects of the Philippines. Gov’t Archt’s. b. Of Phil. University of Sto. 2. Juan Nakpil founded the Phil. Burnham Park . 1.A: Carlos Barreto. MEMORIAL N THEATER BAGUIO CATHEDRAL ME TROPOLITA MANILA POST OF TOURISM OFFICE CULTURAL CENTER OF THE PHIL. Archt’s (LPA) & Ass.) b. Baguio City c. a. PABLO SEBERO FAMOUS WORKS : 6. w/ Academic title MO. Like . DEPARTMENT 3. Society in the Phil. the Americans came & had established a School for Master Builders. Institute of Archt’s Other societies estsblished. Academia de Arquitectura y Agrimensura de Filipinas 1902. In 1933. Philippine Architecture 98 3. Under the American Pd.C. First Filipino Archt.

Bank . The Atrium . f. PEREZ . Atomic Research Center Complex . Rodriguez g. Metropolitan Theater ( Restored by Otilio Arellano) c. d. Science Dev’t. Protestant Chapel & Fellowship Center .. Army-Navy Club Landscapings e Phil. ILDEFONSO PAEZ a. U.Sining Kayumanggi at the Mehan Gardens c. 30 Storey Wackwack Twin Towers .PICC 1976 f. U. of Puerto Azul & Beach Resort. Intramuros l. U. Mkti e. 3.C.Museum FAMOUS WORKS: b. Santa Catalina College . d. IDEAL Theater .P. & Carriedo h. Interior of Benguet Center .Legarda Elementary School a. ANDRES 22.. Complex . a. Nat’l.PHILCITE 1976 e.C. Dominican Church .Guam. Q. h. Rizal Ave.Makati Stock Exchange Bldg.Dewey Blbd. Aurora Blvd. Philippine Nat’l. Eternal Gardens . CRESENCIANO CRUZ Famous works b. Academy of the Phils. ARANETA . North Edsa & Sm in Cebu 5. RCBC Bldg. Makati Medical Center d. a. a. 26 Storey Ayala Twin Towers .Shrine of Our Lady Queen of Peace . Mkti f. EDSA b .Ninoy Aquino International Airport 1979 b. Mirador Shrine . Loyola Memorial Park . TOMAS BAUTISTA 24. San Juan b. CALMA . d. Tagaytay City 8. a. Q. Quezon City Sports Club . Teresita Church . MAPUA . SANTOS –VIOLA . Robinsons commercial Complex .Caliraya Lake Resort . Legarda . Development Bank of the Phil.Cultural Cener of the Philippines 1969 c.Tahanang Filipino at the CCP Complex Roxas blvd. Palacio del Governador . ROQUE FAMOUS WORKS : FAMOUS WORKS a. Union Church of Manila g. Buendia Ave. Ateneo de Manila Campus.Rizal Ave. LUNA de SAN PEDRO .P. Bel Air Apartments .Mla.. Landscaping of Corregidor Island e. .C.P. e. Makati f. UST Main bldg b. (Now roxas Blvd. Libingan ng mga bayani . Batangas c. Escolta Mla. U. ARGUELLES . Malolos .N. SANTOS . Interior of Dev’t..Hyatt Regency Hotel . e.N. WILLIAM VARGAS 4. Pasig a. Mandaluyong City f. Domingo Church k. b. Taft Ave.) g.San Miguel Corporation Head Office.C f. c. Meralco Compound . Loyola Heights . Makati 1976 a.d. Capt. Centro Escolar Univ. Holiday Inn . Luis Gonzaga Bldg. Malacanang Grounds 9. Complex . OTILLO A. Villamor Hall at the U. Lingayen c. Bank of the Phils.C. Jesuit Church of San Ignacio . Restoration of Metropolitan Theater e. Los Banos c. a. Insular Life ldg.. 600 Units Philam Life Homes . Asian Dev’t. Mla. Legislative Bldg. g.Quezon Memorial Circle . Renovation of Sto. Post Office Bldg. Manila Polo Club . Post Office Landscape 7.Bank ( Now Dep’t. Church of our lady of Manaoag 13.Mary Imaculate Parish Church. MANOSA . 32 Storey One Beverly Place in Greenhills d.C. Makati 1974 FAMOUS WORKS : j. NBI Nat’l. & Paranaque f. General Hospital Landscape f. Bldg. Buendia b. PSBA .C. Las Pinas .Ave. SM City .Mandaluyong FAMOUS WORKS: b. Q.Manila Doctor’s Hospital . Phil. e.N. Plaza Hotel 1976 g. Intr. San Vicente de Paul Chapel . C. Ave.Ternate. DOLLY QUIMBO FAMOUS WORKS : FAMOUS WORKS: a. Pedro Gil Mla. Makiling . d.(Now Housing Senate & Natl. LORENZO LICAD FAMOUS WORKS: a. Marawi City Manila Pavilion (former Mla.. . Escolta.Midtown Ramada Hote . Mindanao State University Bldg. c. Bank . Gateway Business park .Q. . 1971 21. Baclaran f . Makati d. Q. Makati g. COSCOLLUELLA . San Miguel . Caloocan City e . Taal Vista Lodge in Tagaytay c.. Roxas Blvd.Inc. Rizal Park .Mandarin Oriental Hotel . Q. Sta. Taft Ave.. Mla 2.P. Mla.Times Theater . Q. ROXAS .. DE CASTRO . FRANCISCO TRONQUED d.Malacanang Palalce . Baguio City g. f. Quezon Blvd. San Juan Municipal Ctr. ARELLANO . Reconstructed Parish Church of Bacoor Cavite m. b. Taguig Mla. Nueva Ecija d.of Foreign Affairs. Rizal Ave. Nat’l.Mla. Taipei.of Dev’t. Chronicle Broadcasting Network Studio .. h. U. Diliman b. Mla. b. Int. Central Luzon State University Bldgs. d.P College of Forestry Bldg. Proj. Colgate Palmolive Phils. Bulacan h. E. g.Makati f.Taiwan Vietnam & Saudi 11. LUIS MARIA ZARAGOSA FAMOUS WORKS: h.P. Yokohama . FAMOUS WORKS: 10.N.Istana Nurul Iman ( Palalce of Sultan of Brunei ) d. Interior of Silahis Hotel .Hilton )U. Diliman Campus b. England 1750 12. Intr. Mother of Perpetual Help . Galaxy Theater . Makati c. .c. Diliman ‘s Palma & Melchor Halls c. Sn Marcelino . CARLOS D. Roxas Blvd.. Laguna d. Los Banos 1976 c. e. Batulao Village Club . CESAR HOMERO b. FAMOUS WORKS: Famous Works a.. Cavite Philippine Architecture 99 h.Holy Sacrifice Chapel . a. Landscape of Padre Burgos Ave.Folk Arts Center 1974 d. Intramuros d. b. of Mla. Manila 14.) g. Cavite e. Manila Polo Club g. Mandaluyong e. Roxas Blvd. Childrens memorial Hospital . Dominican College . Childrens Park in UP . Bureau of Investigation . Rizal c. U. Ayala Museum . National Arts Center . ARELLANO . Interior of Phil. Shoemart Bldgs. Landscape of Harrison Park e. RUANO . In Manila Philam Life Building .Domingo St. CARLOS ANTONIO FAMOUS WORKS: FAMOUS WORKS 99 .. JUAN DE GUZMAN FAMOUS WORKS: c. Fort Bonifacio . Pasig d. Ave. FELIX ARROYO i. c. CONCIO . North and South Port Areas f. LOCSIN LEANDRO VALENCIA 20. b. Roxas Blvd. Japan FAMOUS WORKS: 23.

Mandaluyong b. SINDIONG . Makati h. Army-Navy Club . NAKPIL . COBB . PBCOM Tower G.Q. Green Meadows . . 22. 8..Glorietta . c. WILLIAM E. OBATA & KASSABAUM 1997 2000 SOM / PIMENTEL RODRIGUEZ SIMBULAN & PARTNS.Robinsons Land Corp. /RECIO + CASAS Archts. h. & PARTNERS 2001 KOHN PEDERSEN FOX ASS.. Ermita . Taft c.S. 1998 SKIDMORE . The World Centre 21. at the Rice Research institute . San Fernando . Hotel . Cubao d. Harrison Plaza Shopping Ctr. pages b. 2. Bldgs. e. The Peak 22. Academy of the Phils. Rodriguez b. Lopez Museum Bldg. Pasay 17. 1 Taft and Padre Faura b. Church of Our lady of Most Holy Rosary. Campus TALLEST BLDGS. Philippine Normal Schoo & Womens Dormitory d. One Legazpi Park 19. Central Seminary Bldg. Pacific Plaza Tower 2 11. Phil. FELIPE MARCELINO a. Intramuros 15. Baguio Plan together w/ Daniel Burnham b.C.Quezon Institute Administration . of Immaculate Concepcion . Enterprise Centre Tower I 16.Batasang Pambansa Bldgs. BSA Tower Makati 20. 9.Safeway Supermarket . 7. NAKPIL . Cubao e. 28 Storey La Metropole Condominium . 6. Q. Normal School Womens Dormitory m. ( together with William Parsons) 16. International Tower Petron Megaplaza 1322 Roxas Boulevard BSA Tower 1 BSA Tower 2 One San Miguel Avenue LKG Tower Pacific Plaza Tower 1 City Makati Makati Makati Manila Mandal.(1st HighRise Bldg)f.Quiapo Church c. Ateneo de Mla. J. SM Megamall . IN THE PHILIPPINES Tallest Building 1. Cathl.F. GUAM a. Quezon Blvd. Makati i. Rizal g. PEI . ALI MALL II . Q..De la Salle university Bldgs.TOLEDO .S. Tower 13.. Roxas Blvd e. a. YMCA Bldg. ANTONIO FAMOUS WORKS: FAMOUS WORKS a.. Ayala Tower 1 17. Caparros & Ass. 4. OBATA & KASSABAUM 1998 WONG TUNG & PARTNERS 1996 SKIDMORE . Los Banos 26. f. 20.A./RECIO + CASAS Archts 1999 RECIO + CASAS Archts 1999 RECIO + CASAS Archts -.G. Morayta . Summit 15. Mormon Temple .S. 25. Iglesia ni Cristo Structures b.C. Pampanga c. Manila City Hall FAMOUS WORKS: c. Q. Phil.Storey Pacific Plaza Condominium . Mandal. Pampanga FAMOUS WORKS: l. press Club Bldg.Mapua Memorial hall . Franciscan Church of Singalong ... OWINGS & MERILL / G.ATLANTA LAND CORPORATION HELLMUTH .a. & PARTNERS 2000 NO ENTRY 2000 NO ENTRY 2001 PHILIP RECTO 1998 KOHN PEDERSEN FOX ASS. 43. SANCHO b. U.M. UP Padre Faura Campus c. U. Mla. Kalaw . / G. OCAMPO . OWINGS & MERILL 2002 ARCHITECTURE INT’L. d. OWINGS & MERILL 1998 R .Far Eastern University Hospital . The Oxford Suites 24. 18.J. FAMOUS WORKS: FAMOUS WORKS: a.Storey Metro Bank Plaza .T. Our Lady of Lourdes . JUAN FELIPE de JESUS 19.Univ.MIT b. Robinson Place Tower I 23. RCBC Bldg. 3. ANGEL E. Manila c. FAMOUS WORKS: f. E. 250 Room Suehiro Hotel . Mla. Ayala Ave.F. Manila Hotel .C. MENDOZA . d. ANTONIO MANALAC k.Asumption School bldgs. Padre Faura d. Manila Metropolitan Cathedral g. d. OWINGS & MERILL 1991 NO ENTRY -. General Hospital c.M. Department of Finance b. a. Nuestra Senora de Guia . Magallanes Drive . Essensa East 100 . R. FREED & PARTNERS 10. UP University Library . / Engr.C... San Fernando ..Taft d. Roxas Blvd. Nurse’s home at the PGH. Picache Bldg. 5. Farmers Plaza Shopping Center . 23 Branches c. Urbanbank Plaza 18.. Cebu j. Antipolo . PARSONS .Storey Cebu Plaza . Atlanta Centre Robinson's Equitable 12. 2001 HELLMUTH . Department of Tourism a. Mla. Former Head Office of PLDT . 1995 NO ENTRY 2001 I.Commercial bank & Trust Bldg. Rufino Bdg. Roxas Triangle Tower I 14.PCI Bank T. First UP Bldg.Plaza Miranda Qpo. Nat’l.Dev’t. Mandaluyong d. Angeles City d.T. Pasig Makati Makati Makati San Juan Pasig Makati Makati Makati Makati Makati Makati Makati Makati Makati Manila Makati Makati Ht Flrs 259 m 217 m 210 m 203 m 197 m 197 m 183 m 180 m 179 m 179 m 179 m 175 m 174 m 174 m 172 m 160 m 155 m 150 m 154 m 152 m 138 m 137 m 130 m 125 m 55 43 45 57 51 51 54 43 52 52 37 45 51 38 40 35 38 45 37 30 38 38 30 30 Year ARCHITECTS 2000 SKIDMORE . Makati e. Mla. VILLAROSA 2006 ARCHITECTURE INTERNATIONAL 1998 NO ENTRY 1995 SKIDMORE . FERNANDO HIZON a.San Jose Seminary Bldg. Mkti g.

Moonwalk Church in Las Pinas 7. Ortigas 7. T. Francisco ‘Bobby” Manosa:“Architecture must respond to local conditions. Pasig. CITIBANK Makati 119m 33 1993 PIMENTEL RODRIGUEZ SIMBULAN & PARTNERS PHILOSOPHIES & FAMOUS WORKS OF FILIPINO ARCH’TS : A.. function. Orient Pearl Plaza. Verde De Pasadena Condominium. San Juan 8. function.. & the climate. Chateu De Balle I and II. Manila Stock Exchange Center 2.” Famous Works : 1. Leandro Locsin :“ Creating Architecture that is both modern & undeniably Filipino. Cultural Center of the Philippines 11. 6. Bayview Park Plaza Hotel. Makati Palace 9. Princeville Condominium. New City Plaza. Nicanor Reyes. Palace of Brunei “ISTANA NURUL IMAN” B.). 14 Station LRT Metrorail Transit 5. San Miguel Head Office near Megamall 2.”Good Architecture is not based on design but on the bldg’s. Knots Realty Town House. Cebu City 11.. Kalaw. Manila Intercon Hotel 5.T. Manila 5. Ortigas & Roxas Blvd. T. Kalaw. & 23 other branches 4. Morayta. 7. 7. Felipe Mendoza : “ He Makes the fullest possible use of natural light & ventallation. 4. Caloocan 6.25. Second 0 = The man who has money in the bank but inflation is eroding Its real worth faster than the interest it accrues. the techniques & the budget available. Add up all the 0’s and it =to Perfect 100 (Land Owner. Mla. Feu Hospital. Ortigas 3. 4. 28 Storey Asian Trade Center Tower. Manila 3.”The Philosophy started out w/ the “Nipa Hut”. Ever – Gotesco Grand Central. Garden Island. Manila Mandarin Hotel 13.Church of St. Philippine Plaza Hotel 17.SM Manila 12. the materials on hand. Folk Arts Theater 10. Manila 10. Convention Center 19. the people’s needs. Phil. N. Antipolo Rizal 101 ..C. Y. Local conditions include. Manila 9. Development Academy of the Phil. Third 0 = The Architect w/o land and money and still considered = 0. Manila 8. Batasang Pambansa Bldg. Rizal 3. RCBC Bldg. Ninoy International Airport 18. Benguet Center 15. 2. . Famous Works : 1.M. Buendia Makati. Makati Stock Exchange 12. The Assumption School Bldg. NPC Center 3. Mla. Golden Bay Condominuim. Greenbelt Square 4. Mla. Pasig Tri Condominium E. Andrew 8. Ortigas 7. National Library. Bldg. the budget. Our Lady of peace shrine at Edsa 6. Gaisano Country Mall.E. Int’l. Landmark Shopping Center. Las Pinas Bamboo Church 4. in Q. Chapel of Holy Sacrifice 9. Manila Hotel 14. 2. Makati 5. Golden Bay Condominium. the environment. Coconut Palace known as “Tahanang Pilipino” at CCP Complex 3. Greenhills. San Juan Regency 10. Ramon S. San Juan 2. National Eucharistic Congress Altar C. PLDT Bldg. Rainbow Garden. Domingo. Gilbert Yu : “ A Pragmatic Approach to Architecture” His famous equations : 0 + 0 + 0 = 100 First 0 = The land owner who owns property but idle & undeveloped. The Financier & the Archt. Ayala Museum 6. Locsin Bldg.M. Bldg. Famous works : 1. Manila Diamond Hotel Philippine Architecture 101 D. Licup : “ Good Architecture is not based on Design but on the bldg’s. PCI Bldg.the climate. 5.” Famous works : 1. Famous works : 1. Davao Insular Hotel 16. Roxas Blvd. Ortigas 6.

Mla.T. Int’l. 7 New Bldgs. 3. 32 Storey One Palace . Bel Air Place. 250 Rooms Suehiro Hotel & Safeway Market. Azalean Row Center.Star Shangri – la Hotel.C. Mkti ONE SAN MIGUEL TWR. Taft Office Center. 4. Twin Tektite Towers. 10. EGI.”Mr. Mariano Marcos Memorial College of Science & Technology.” Famous works : 1. 46 Storey Palladuim Summit. & framing the future. 8. Claude Edwin Andrews : “ Office bldgs. San Juan. H. Divisoria 4. Cagayan De Oro 11.C. Ortigas 2. Tower . San Jose Seminary Bldg. Crowne Place. Golden Lion Townhouse.C. Ilocos Norte 15. Taft Ave. Mkti 102 . Quezon City Sports Club.” Famous works : 1.Rufino Plaza. 22 Hectare Tutuban Station. & V. E. 5. Buendia corner. Makati 3. PETRON MEGA PLAZA . Mkti G. Q. ) Famous works : 1. Ceasar Homero Concio : “ The structure must be well oriented. 7. Central Mindanao University. Batac. Robinsons Commercial Complex. Mla. Isetann Commercial Complex. Ateneo De Mla. Library & Science Center of Xavier University. Edsa Plaza 3. & Joey Rufino – chairman of URDEC Properties Corporation : “ Creativity & Innovation in Real Estate. Mla J. Ley Construction & Development Corporation:“Laying the past. 3. Ortigas Q. Mormon Temple.” Famous work : 1. Children’s Memorial Hospital. U.C. 2. Green Meadows. . 13.” Famous works : 1. U. Mla. DILIMAN 2. Atrium in Makati 6. Diliman’s Palma & Melchor Hills. Divisoria G.P. Rice Research Institute. Mla. Mla.C. Makati Cinema Square Tower 2. Ceasar Yatco. Cuevas Tower Condominium. Gotesco Regency Twin Towers. Guam F. William Vargas Coscolluela : “ More on Vertical Approach. . Makati 5. Mla. Rodriguez. Q. Mandaluyong City I. 6.8. Recto 5. are no longer simply spaces but are now termed” Intelligent Bldgs. National Government Center Constitution Hills. Manuel & Janet Ley & Mr.P. Malate Philippine Architecture 102 PBCOM . 30 Storey Wackwack Twin Towers. Museum Bukidnon 14. 9. Richard Hsu ( Pres. Pres. 5. University Campus. For the Int’l. shaping the present. Los Banos (1976-1991) 12. Q. Q. Mandaluyong City 4. Q. KP Tower Luxury Condominium. College of Forestry Bldg. Rufino Tower. 9.C.



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