Test paper 04.05.


1. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Perfect Simple: 1. (open) Peter_________________________the window. 2. (close) Barbara ______________________the door. 3. (borrow) Kate _______________________an English book from the library. 4. (type) Caroline ______________________some reading passages. 5. (leave)Mr. Grant ___________________ the factory. 6. (get) He ___________________into his car. 7. (apologize) Daniel _______________________to his father. 8. (tell)His neighbour _______________________him about the window. 9. (break) He _____________________the window. 10. (drive) He _________________________home in his car.
3pct / 0,3 s

2. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Perfect Simple, as in the model: MODEL: The teacher is not in the classroom. The teacher (leave)__________it. The teacher has left it. 1. The map is not on the wall. The teacher (take)___________________it with him. 2. The pupils are leaving the classroom. They (finish)_________their school work for today. 3. The books and note-books are not on the desks. The pupils (put)____________________them in their school-bags. 4. The pupils are not in the classroom. They (go)_________________________home. 5. The classroom is clean and tidy. The pupils on duty (clean)_____________________ it.
3pct/ 0,6 s

3. Translate into English: 1. Niciodata-n viata mea nu am consdus un autobus atat de iute, asa ca nu trebuie sa te mire daca nu respect semele de circulatie. 2. Sora ei vitrega tocmai a cazut de pe o stanca si s-a lovit la cot, dar a si sosit un doctor sa o ingrijeasca. 3. N-am hranit caprioarele, fiindca am fost prea ocupat azi.
3pct/1s + 1pct of. = 10

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