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February 2008 Edition

Worried about the recession and how it may a!ect your career? Worry no more. The Recession Survival Kit is here!
5 keys t o r id i n g o u t t h e r e c e s s i o n


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Orlando Sentinel Careerbuilder Job Fair (Orlando, FL)
Local employers recruiting for various position from account managers to systems analyst. Free admission.

2nd Annual Advertising & Marketing Industry Diversity Job Fair (San Francisco, CA)
Top ad agencies recruiting new grads and experienced creative professionals, with an emphasis on diverse candidates.


he “Big R”, Recession, is upon us. Ushered in by higher gas prices and the

Department stores reported disappointingly low sales numbers for the holiday season and are scrambling for a new strategy to win back previously free"spending consumers.& The “Big 3” automakers are planning to layo! nearly 130,000 workers in the coming year. And, big business is announcing mass layo!s in nearly every sector. Manufacturers are closing their doors in record numbers #over

HireQuest Diversity Job Fair
(San Jose, CA) HireQuest job fairs focus on retail, sales and management positions. Dress professionally. Bring resumes. Free admission.

subprime mortgage debacle, signs of the recession are spreading like Ebola to every sector of the economy. The stock market recently took a spine"tingling 326" point dive before rebounding #to our collective relief$. The unemployment rate is at a two"year high of 5%. Housing prices and home sales are at an all"time low #una!ected by Fed rate cuts$.

Greater NYC Citizenship and Social Enterprise Expo
(New York, NY) Thirty companies and social enterprises recruiting students and professionals for CSR, nonprofit and green jobs.

Signs of the recession are spreading like Ebola to every sector of the economy.
212,000 jobs lost in 2007$. The financial services firms are scrambling to regroup. Even the shiny, high"performing tech sector has been a!ected #Yahoo recently announced its plan to layo! as many as 14,000 workers$. And, the only relief in sight is the economic stimulus package being hastily constructed by the President and members of Congress, the benefits of which we may not see until this summer. So, what can you do to ride out this recession?

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“In Every Crisis, An Opportunity”

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What can you do to ride out the recession?
iding out a recession does not mean simply surviving but, where possible, arriving at the shore in a better condition than you left. Believe it or not, this is possible with any economic or other crisis that may impact your career.


Steady Yourself: The only way
to beat back uncertainty is with preparation. Start by preparing yourself emotionally. Share your concerns and fears with your significant other, friends, family or career coach. Having a support structure in place during a crisis or setback is key to staving o! depression and hopelessness. Your personal support group can also help you plan your “recession survival strategy”.

Embrace the Opportunities:
Even in crisis there is opportunity.& For every change there is someone to usher it in. Could you be that& someone? While layo!s are awful for those a!ected, they spell great opportunity for entrepreneurs, human resources professionals, consultants, attorneys, job coaches, outplacement firms and even colleges. Take advantage of the opportunity to re"tool""take executive education classes online or at local colleges, take a hobby to a new level.

The 5 steps featured here are time" and crisis" tested.

5 ke y s t o r i d i n g o u t th e re ces si o n

1. Steady Yourself 2. Shore Up Your Finances 3. Flu! Up Your Resume 4. Network...A Lot! 5. Embrace the Opportunities

Shore Up Your Finances:
Now is the time to save money, spend wisely, lay o! the credit cards and refinance variable loans while rates are low #if your credit allows$. Don’t rule out taking a part"time or freelance job. You’ll earn extra cash and, just maybe, start a new career.

Resources Career & Leadership Coaches: Professional coaches provide career and interview coaching, job search help and presentation skills training. career"advice.

Flu! Up Your Resume: Don’t
assume you will lose your job, but do keep an open mind and an eye on the job listings. If your boss does deliver dreaded layo! news, you’ll feel better having a job search plan in place.

Network...A Lot! This sounds
crazy, but consider this. Networking is key to staying abreast of hidden job opportunities and emerging business opportunities. There’s also a social"emotional benefit:& Commiserating with others actually makes us feel better. Research mortgage rates, no"fee, high" interest savings and checking accounts and no"risk CDs.

ResumeEdge: Resume writing services and consultations. Events Calendar: Find

sub sc ribe to ca r e e r s t h a td o nt s uc k . c o m
professional and business events in your area. events"calendar. Network with other professionals based on career or personal interests.

ot Tips H
5 Employment Trends You Must Know

Hiring is Like Baking a Souffle
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It can’t be rushed.
Nineteen percent of employers took two or more months to fill open positions.

Bend It Like...
Sixty percent of employers.
Sixty percent of employers currently offer flexible schedules; 39 percent plan to offer alternative schedules, compressed workweeks, telecommuting, sabbaticals, summer hours and/or job-sharing.

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Free Agents Are Hot Properties
Put your talent on the market.
Thirty-one percent of employers expect to hire contractors or freelancers in 2008.

Movin’ On Up
It’s not just for George and Weazy.

Twenty-six percent of employers plan to provide more promotions and career advancement opportunities in 2008.

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Your Google resume, or dossier.
Employers are taking another page out of the Internet daters’ handbook; they are “Googling” prospective candidates. Thirteen percent of employers always or usually use search engines and social networking sites to research job candidates; 33 percent do it occasionally and 19 percent plan to start or increase use of Internet resources in 2008. What will your “Googleme’ say about you? (Source: Job Forecast 2008)

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“Prosperity proves th! fortunate; adversity, th! great.”
Pliny The Younger #A.D. 62?"113?$. Panegyric, 31

My Ca re er 2008
From this day for ward, I declare my commitment to career " empowerment and, hereb y, pledge the following: "

I will proactively mana ge my career " I will find or create jobs that enable me to do wh at I do best ever y day " I will fearlessly pursu e career opportunities th at excite me


I will maximize my earn ing potential I will make optimal use of my work and personal time " I will deliver my be st performance ever yday " I will actively pursu e professional growth opportunities " I will start saving fo r retirement today

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