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Reliance Capital Ltd, a part of the Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group, is one of India's leading and most

valuable financial services companies in the private sector. The company has interests in asset management and mutual fund; life and general insurance; consumer finance and industrial finance; stock broking; depository services; private equity and proprietary investments; exchanges, asset reconstruction; distribution of financial products and other activities in financial services. They have operations in Singapore, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates. Reliance Capital Ltd was incorporated in year 1986 at Ahmedabad in Gujarat with the name Reliance Capital & Finance Trust Ltd. The company entered the capital market with the maiden issue in the year 1990. Initially, the company engaged in steady annuity yielding businesses such as leasing, bill discounting, and inter-corporate deposits. In the year 1993, the company diversified their business in the areas of portfolio investment, lending against securities, custodial services, money market operations, project finance advisory services, and investment banking. In January 5, 1995, the company changed their name from Reliance Capital & Finance Trust Ltd to Reliance Capital Ltd. In December 1998, they obtained their registration as a Non-banking Finance Company (NBFC). During the year 2001-02, the company took a new strategic initiative by entering into the life insurance and general insurance business. They made investments in Reliance General Insurance Company Ltd and Reliance Life Insurance Company Ltd, by virtue of which the said two companies became the subsidiaries of the company. Also, they divested their holding in Observer Network Pvt Ltd and Reliance Net Ltd and thus the said two companies ceased to be the subsidiaries of the company. The company shifted their registered office to Jamnagar in Gujarat. During the year 2005-06, Reliance Asset Management (Mauritius) Ltd and Reliance Asset Management (Singapore) Pte Ltd became subsidiaries of the company. The company along with their affiliate Reliance Land Pvt Ltd, acquired the controlling stake in Adlabs Films Ltd, a leading company engaged in the entertainment sector. Pursuant to such acquisition, the company and Reliance Land Pvt Ltd became Promoters of Adlabs Films Ltd. During the year, the company acquired AMP Sanmar Life Insurance Company Limited, with the approval of Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA), which enabled the company to enter the exciting growth area of life insurance. Pursuant to the acquisition, AMP Sanmar Life Insurance was renamed as Reliance Life Insurance Company Ltd. They shifted their registered office to Mumbai in

Maharashtra. During the year 2006-07, Reliance Venture Asset Management Pvt Ltd, Travelmate Services (India) Pvt Ltd, Medybiz Pvt Ltd, Net Logistics Pvt Ltd, Reliance Capital Research Pvt Ltd and Reliance Technology Ventures Pvt Ltd became subsidiaries of the company. As per the scheme of amalgamation, Reliance Capital Ventures Ltd was amalgamated with the company. Reliance Mutual Fund launched 6 new schemes and they increased the number of braches from 81 to 123. In the Reliance Life Insurance, the distribution network was increased to 217 branches as against 153 branches. Also, Reliance Life Insurance Company Ltd secured the approval of the Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority (IRDA) to start an additional 130 branches. Reliance Asset Management (Singapore) Pte Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of company received approval from the SEBI and the Monetary Authority of Singapore to commence operations. In February 2007, the first fund of this subsidiary, India Equity Growth Fund, commenced operations. In April 2007, the company formally launched Reliance Money, a comprehensive online financial services and solutions portal, which provides the customers with investment and trading access to equities, equity options, commodities futures, mutual funds, IPOs, life and general insurance products, offshore investments and credit cards. The range of offerings, the ease of access and the sheer technological edge which Reliance Money brings is unparalleled in the history of the Indian financial and capital markets. During the year 2007-08, Reliance Capital Markets Pvt. Ltd. and Reliance Asset Management (UK) Plc became subsidiaries of the company. Reliance Mutual Fund launched 6 new schemes Reliance Auto Invest Plan, Reliance Secure Child Plan (unit linked plan), Reliance Wealth + Health Plan (unit linked plan) and Reliance Total Investment Plan Series (Retirement and unit linked insurance plan) and Group Leave encashment plan. Reliance Money made tie ups with global partners like Reuters, Vasco, Valcambi, Webaroo, World Gold Council and Wincor Nixdorf, to provide the customers better access and wider choice of quality global products. In May 2007, Reliance Consumer Finance commenced operations. Thus, the company entered into the fast-expanding consumer finance segment with a wide range of products which includes personal loans, vehicle loans (cars and commercial vehicles), home loans, loans against property and SME loans. In November 2007, Global fund management house Eton Park bought 4.76% equity stake in the Asset Management Company. In January 2008, RCAM launched a new fund - Reliance Natural Resources Fund. In February 2008, the company

received approval from Reserve Bank of India to commence the business of asset reconstruction. During the year 2008-09, Reliance Consultants (Mauritius) Ltd, Reliance Equities International Pvt Ltd, Reliance Home Finance Pvt Ltd, Reliance Capital Services Pvt Ltd, Reliance Capital (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Reliance Consumer Finance Pvt Ltd, Reliance Securities Ltd, Reliance Prime International Ltd, Reliance Commodities Ltd, Reliance Financial Ltd, Reliance Alternative Investments Services Pvt Ltd and Reliance Capital Pension Fund Ltd became subsidiaries of the company. In January 2009, Reliance ARC acquired 2 NPAs from Dena Bank for an aggregate acquisition price of over Rs. 2 crore. During the year, Reliance Capital Asset Management received approval from Malaysian Authorities to start operations in Malaysia. Also, RCAM received approval from the Financial Services Authority in United Kingdom to commence investment advisory operations in the United Kingdom. Reliance Life Insurance launched 89 new life insurance policies, namely Reliance Super Invest Assure plan, Reliance Super Invest Assure Plus Plan , Reliance Guaranteed Return Plan Series I Insurance , Reliance Guaranteed Return Plan Series I Pension , Reliance Group Savings Linked Insurance Plan , Reliance Group Credit Shield Plan, Reliance Imaan Investment Plan and Reliance Savings Linked Insurance Plan. During the year 2009-10, Reliance Asset Management (Malaysia) SDN BHD became subsidiary of the company. Reliance Mutual Fund launched a new product feature 'Reliance Smart Step'. Reliance Life Insurance launched five new life insurance policies, namely Reliance Jan Samriddhi Plan, Reliance Traditional Group Gratuity Plan, Reliance Traditional Super Invest Assure Plan, Reliance Life Highest NAV Guarantee Plan and Reliance Life Super Golden Years Senior Citizen Term 10 plans. In May 2009, Reliance Mutual Fund launched a new fund - Reliance Infrastructure Fund. Reliance Spot Exchange is a new initiative of the company in the exchange space by setting up modern exchanges, in various segments. They commenced operations by launching Reliance Spot Exchange (RSX) in October 2009. In June 2010, the company transferred their Consumer Finance Division (CFD) business to two of their wholly owned subsidiaries, namely Reliance Home Finance Pvt Ltd (RHFPL) and Reliance Consumer Finance Pvt Ltd (RCFPL) with effect from April 01, 2010. During the year 2010-11, Reliance Exchangenext Ltd, Reliance Spot Exchange Infrastructure Ltd, Quant Capital Pvt Ltd, Quant Broking Pvt Ltd, Quant Securities Pvt Ltd, Quant Commodities Pvt Ltd, Quant Commodity Broking Pvt Ltd, Quant Capital Advisors Pvt Ltd, Quant Capital Finance and

Investments Pvt Ltd, Reliance Wealth Management Ltd, Quant Investment Services Pvt Ltd, Qoppa Trading Pvt Ltd and Valankulam Investments & Trading Pvt Ltd became subsidiaries of the company. Also, Medybiz Pvt Ltd, Net Logistics Pvt Ltd and Reliance Capital Services Pvt Ltd ceased to be subsidiaries of the company. During the year, Reliance Commercial Finance Pvt Ltd (RCFPL), a wholly owned subsidiary of the company, was amalgamated with the company with effect from April 1, 2010. In June 2010, the Brokerage and Financial Services Business of Reliance Equities International Pvt Ltd was demerged into Quant Broking Pvt Ltd with effect from April 1, 2009. In February 2011, the Infrastructure Division of Reliance Money Infrastructure Pvt Ltd was demerged into Reliance Capital Asset Management Company Ltd. In October 2011, the company completed the sale of a 26% stake in Reliance Life Insurance to Nippon Life Insurance Company for a consideration of Rs. 30.62 million. In February 2012, the Company, through their wholly owned subsidiary, Sun International (South Africa) Ltd, acquired additional interest in Real Africa Holdings Ltd, subsequently increasing their ownership to 99%. In March 2012, Nippon Life Insurance Company signed final agreements with the company to acquire 26% stake in Reliance Capital Asset Management (RCAM), India's profitable Asset Management Company (AMC). Consolidated annual report
Particulars Gross Sales Other Income Total Income Total Expenditure PBIDT Interest PBDT Depreciation Minority Interest Before NP Tax Deferred Tax Reported Profit After Tax Minority Interest After NP Net Profit after Minority Interest Mar-12 (Rs.Cr) 6,477.00 50 6,627 3,805 2,822 2,250 572 54 0 190 0 328 7 458 Mar-11 (Rs.Cr) 5,351.83 167 5,600 3,731 1,869 1,464 405 50 0 58 0 297 5 291 Mar-10 (Rs.Cr) 5,895.24 33 6,144 4,152 1,992 1,332 659 68 0 188 -43 446 10 436

Extra-ordinary Items Adjusted Profit After Extra-ordinary item EPS (Unit Curr.) Book Value (Unit Curr.) Dividend (%) Equity Non-Promoter Holding Shares Non-Promoter Holding (%) PBIDTM(%) PBDTM(%) PATM(%)

-1 458.6 18.6 0.0 0.0 246.0 112,650,528.0 45.9 43.6 9 5.1

54 237.5 11.9 0.0 65.0 246.2 112,650,526.0 45.9 34.9 8 5.5

0 435.7 17.6 0.0 65.0 246.2 111,190,574.0 45.3 33.8 11 7.6