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Sandpiles! Understanding Fear!

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thecast by Mac Davis August - September 2012





a" the most important news you don’t see on tv

US Government Arming Up
Hollow point bullets are special because they expand or explode inside the body, tearing internal organs. Typically, those who have been shot with hollow point bullets do not have a chance at healing. They have been banned for use in the military since in 1899. Hollow-point bullets are illegal to have in many countries, unless you are police. Police commonly use hollow point bullets against people, presumably because the life of a “criminal” is not valued. The department of homeland security filed a solicitation on August 14th to purchase 450 million rounds of hollow point bullets, and 750 million rounds of other types, including shotgun shells and 357 mag rounds, that can penetrate walls. (Link) “Homeland security” purchased 1.2 billion rounds of ammunition in four months. Officially, it is for “target practice.” (I’m not kidding.) An order for riot gear and bullet-proof checkpoints with “stop-and-go” lights in them was put out by DHS as well. Stop-and-go lights are presumably for herding angry rioters through city streets. (Link) A congressman said, this month, when sponsoring a bill to make it harder for individuals to purchase ammunition: "If someone wants to purchase deadly ammunition, they should have to come face-to-face with the seller... It's one thing to buy a pair of shoes online, but it should take more than a click of the mouse to amass thousands of rounds of ammunition." (Link) The social security administration filed an online solicitation for 174,000 rounds of hollow point ammunition, August 7th. (Link) The national weather service filed an online order for 46,000 hollow point rounds, August 9th. (Link)
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Most people have been trained to see individuals as irresponsible, and government as legitimate. When “homeland security” purchases 1.2 billion rounds of ammunition, it is okay. It is the government. They are probably going to be responsible. They can carry around high-powered rifles in public whenever they like. That is normal, and acceptable. But individuals would be seen as crazy, insane. Absolutely not normal, and not to be trusted. My dad traveled to India when he was younger. He was shocked to see people in military uniforms walking the streets and in front of government buildings holding machine guns. All of the people there thought it was normal. Individuals are to be thrown in prison for having a gun in public in India. But if you join the military, within the year you will be paid to hold a gun in public. Does the thought ever occur that people wearing uniforms are also individuals? You fundamentally have to trust what you are in order to live. Anything else means your thoughts and actions have no reference point, and no direction. Living without choosing a reference point and not choosing a direction is called weakness. Weakness is a lack of courage or conviction. Weak people hurt people not because they are bad, but because they are scared. They are scared of who a person might be, or what they might do, so they want to prevent that person from being. Why are they scared?

Bitcoin News
I talked about Bitcoin in thecast newsletter issue #1. It is a currency designed by hackers that makes it impossible to own or control the flow of money. Some of you know about my exploits regarding the currency, and some of you invest with me. Here’s an update. Bitcoin Savings and Trust was a Ponzi scheme, offering 7% weekly interest on Bitcoin. (Link) The creator of it gained control over a significant fraction of the world’s Bitcoin supply (millions of dollars) and announced this weekend that starting Monday Aug 20, he would be shutting down business and returning all investments with interest. Since the announce occurred, price dropped from 12 to 8 dollars.
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Luckily, I cashed out my Bitcoin at the 12 dollar price point. I paid off some debts, bought hard assets, purchased cryptographic server time in Panama and Amsterdam, and commissioned the building of a custom designed cryptographic supercomputer. The computer is designed for one thing: cracking Bitcoin hashes. It’s over 100x faster than a standard, $200 graphics card and would put me in the top 10% of Bitcoin miners. Inflation means a decline in the value of a currency because of an increase in the quantity of currency. One good thing about Bitcoin is that it has protections against inflation. One of these is the way block rewards are. Block rewards are how Bitcoin is produced, and in less than 100 days, the block reward will go down by one-half. This means it will take twice as much effort to create the same amount of Bitcoin. This event may have an effect on the economy. Bitcoin is a technology. It is a software protocol. It is no less useful in any one place in the world versus any other. This is like how HTTP, the protocol that web browsers use to communicate, is used universally in every country and on nearly every type of networked computer device. Bitcoin works on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Bitcoin exchanges this month become available for the first time in Nepal and Bangladesh, Turkey, Bolivia, and Iceland. Exchanges have opened up in Africa. Japan and Hong Kong began buying Bitcoin to a significant degree this August. You can buy dental care in Finland. (Link) You can buy the ultra-efficient, award winning, 100 mile-per-gallon car, the Wikispeed, in Bitcoin. (Link) MPEx is the largest exchange where Bitcoin stocks, bonds, and options are traded. (Link) They reported 75,000 transactions in August, indicating a rise to five times the level it had in July. The Global Bitcoin Stock Exchange (Link) is a free stock exchange with unique offerings, such as one asset that allows speculation on the value of the Argentinean peso. (Link) BitInstant has announced that it is coming out with a debit and ATM card. Governments are doing their best not to mention a thing. Maybe if it never comes up on television or in newspapers, no one will ever know that small businesses around the world have been engaging in business in an unlicensed, unregulated, untaxed, unrecorded manner. That would pretty much destroy everything.
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TrapWire Leak
According to emails leaked by Wikileaks and an anonymous hacker, a network of surveillance cameras is installed in most major American cities, and also exists abroad. Data is sent to a centralized analysis center where a software program analyzes the images to detect “suspicious” behavior, and reports individuals and their actions to law enforcement. The program is a joint effort of Stratfor and Abraxas Corp. (Link) Reuters and the Associated Press did not write a single article about it or even mention it. An article was published in Australia in the Sydney Herald, but the story was pulled the same day without explanation. (Link)

CNN on the day of the leak (will Obama raise the price of pizza?)



CNN, instead of publishing any articles about TrapWire, featured a story about whether or not Papa John’s Pizza will raise in price because of an increase in employee’s health insurance premiums. A man also had a gun in a movie theater, and don’t forget the Olympics. If you don’t know, the last time true gold medals were awarded, was in 1912. Today, the medals are 1% gold, and the IRS requires winners pay taxes on their winnings, at 9000 dollars per medal. Once you start to critically think and realize for yourself what is going on, you can’t even accept or are able to actually acknowledge these “news sources,” or “sporting events,” as having some degree or quality of being real. Fuck this culture of complete bullshit. I remember when everybody seemed to have their own blog, that they took care of. A personal website where they wrote their thoughts and feelings en masse. They customized the design to reflect their identity. It could have been blogger, or livejournal, or wordpress, xanga, or myspace. All were heavily customizable. Today, everyone uses Facebook. Facebook is standardized. Text does not come up in more than one color. Images do not appear in different places than you expect. No one uploads videos—it’s mostly short thoughts, and links. I remember when YouTube used to have “Broadcast Yourself ” on every page. I joined the video blogging revolution myself. I began creating my own culture. Today, YouTube is corporate. Most videos watched and uploaded are done so by corporations. People think it’s normal now to see commercials and advertisements to spontaneously appear inside your frame of view. Everything you habitually do overwrites you with a copy of what that is. Do you create your own culture, or do you consume manufactured culture? Are you actively conscious of your experience taking place, or are you actually electing to buy a lower quality version of what you are already experiencing? When you engage your self with Facebook, Twitter, and Google, you are being tracked, surveilled, and quantified. Suspicious activities and conversations are
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reported to the police. Courts, years later, can bring up records of anything you’ve said. And when you bank with US Dollars, Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal, your entire financial history is on file. But there are alternatives. I’ve written about the Silk Road, Bitcoin, and Tor. I’ll write in the future about more. There’s a lot more, and they work. It’s your choice. Humans have only scientifically been living for less than 300 generations. You are already on one of the most unique and astonishing journeys in the universe—you see reality constantly forming out of nothing right in front of you, all the time. Are you really going to pay for entertainment, when the universe is happening? Creativity’s raw material is perception. There’s no scarcity of this: you are already conscious, all the time. Trust in your self is the axiom of creation. It’s a deep choice.

New Island Created
A New Zealand military ship spotted on August 9th an island that was not previously there. It was created in the span of a couple weeks by an underwater volcano and is now 10,000 square miles (larger than than Israel). One officer of the Royal Australian Navy said it was the flat-out “weirdest thing I’ve seen in 18 years at sea.” (Link) This provides an excellent opportunity to start a new country, free of all previous legal jurisdiction. I would like to buy some inflatable satellite uplinks from GATR Technologies. (Link) They advertise their flagship product as, “the most portable 2.4 meter satellite antenna in the world.”
CIA inflatable satellite uplink

Although they usually sell their products to the CIA, I’m sure they would have no problem selling to a wealthy Bitcoin magnate. One thing that is special about this island is that it is made of pumice. That’s right! Pumice is a type of volcanic rock that can best be described as crysta"ine foam. Crystaline foam that floats. That means the island is actually a pilotable raft!



At 10,000 square miles, and with some dynamite and a geologist, I’m sure we could find the best portion to blow off and live on, saving the rest for later. Someone might say that the island has no natural resource on it. There are no plants, and no ecosystem. I call bullshit. Pumice is a highly valuable natural resource used for lightweight concrete, insulation, as a cosmetic exfoliant, in pencil erasers, in bathtubs, as soap and toothpaste, and chinchilla baths. (Cute video) And there’s really no reason an ecosystem wouldn’t form here. I can guarantee you there’s already an extremely interesting microbiological ecosystem on that floating rock, and algae and cyanobacteria communities growing underneath. Biologists have very few opportunities to watch the way that ecosystems form starting from nothing. This is a gigantic floating island in the ocean off the coast of New Zealand that literally appeared two weeks ago. I guarantee you that in 100 years, a rich, developed ecosystem will be growing all over that rock.

Pentagon “Lost” All Records of Osama bin Laden Raid
One year since the raid on Osama bin Laden by US Navy SEALS, Pentagon officials say they cannot locate any information about the raid actually happening. They searched files at the Pentagon, US Special Operations Command in Tampa, FL, and the Navy Command center in San Diego that controls the USS Carl Vinson—the aircraft carrier used in the mission. Pentagon officials said they could not locate any DNA identification records, pre-raid materials that would discuss how the government planned to dispose of bin Laden’s body if he were killed, and no death certificate was found. There were no emails sent about the bin Laden mission that were sent or received in the year before the raid. The Pentagon could not find any photographs or video taken during the raid, none that showed bin Laden’s body, and there were no images taken on the aircraft carrier where his body was stored prior to its destruction within 24 hours of the mission. (Link) Despite the fact that no evidence has yet been given that Osama bin Laden raid actually happened, everyone around me has seemed happy to believe it. It was stated as true by every major newspaper and television network. Proof enough? Evidence, apparently, is not necessary.
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If you have studied logic, you probably know there is something called “Appeal to Authority.” Appeal to Authority is the tendency of a person to actually believe something is true because the leader of an organization said it was. “Logic,” which was once a cornerstone of the academic curriculum, has somehow been left out of today’s curriculum and is generally not discussed by educators. Three months after the mission, 22 members of the same military team that conducted the Osama raid all died in a freak helicopter crash over Afghanistan. What a coincidence, I guess. A photograph was distributed by the White House that depicted Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, and other members of the elite watching a video feed of Navy SEALs infiltrating Osama bin Laden’s house. (Link) Unfortunately, CIA director Leon Panetta said there was a 25 minute blackout of the live feed, that was cut out before the SEALS even entered the building. (Link) Hilary Clinton is shown with her hand over her mouth, as if she has witnessed something disturbing in the photo, but she later commented that “it could have been one of my early spring allergic coughs,” and that she did not necessarily remember what was happening at the time the photograph was taken. (Link)



We also have a little bit of an evidence problem regarding Osama bin Laden’s involvement with the September 11th attacks. In fact, he is consistently on record denying any involvement. “The U.S. government has consistently blamed me for being behind every occasion its enemies attack it... I would like to assure the world that I did not plan the recent attacks.” -- Osama bin Laden, September 17, 2001 In October 2001, Afghanistan’s government offered to extradite Osama bin Laden in return for evidence from the American government that he was involved in the 9/11 attacks. This offer was rejected by George W. Bush stating, “There’s no need to discuss innocence or guilt. We know he’s guilty.” (Link) It was not until late October 2004 that Osama bin Laden claimed responsibility for the World Trade Center attacks. No one can be sure why it took three years, or why he changed his mind. There is, however, one guy who thinks he knows. Professor Bruce Lawrence is the head of Duke University’s religious studies program. He said that the Osama bin Laden tapes that were found in Afghanistan by US soldiers involved an Osama bin Laden who could not pronounce Arab names correctly, used the wrong hand to write with, and wore gold rings, which, according to Bruce, is a practice totally in opposition to the Muslim faith. (Link) The same tapes showed Osama bin Laden with a fat, shorter nose than all of his previous tapes did, with most of his facial features in the shadows.

Former CIA officials admitted to shooting fake Osama bin Laden videos before, in a 2010 Washington Post article.
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The agency actually did make a video purporting to show Osama bin Laden and his cronies sitting around a campfire swigging bottles of liquor and savoring their conquests with boys, one of the former CIA officers recalled, chuckling at the memory. The actors were drawn from “some of us darker-skinned employees,” he said. The reality... was that the agency really didn’t have enough money and expertise to carry out the projects.“The military took them over,” said one [agent]. “They had assets in psy-war down at Ft. Bragg,” at the army’s special warfare center. (Link) Zero Dark Thirty is a Hollywood film coming out in December 2012 about the Osama bin Laden raid. It is rumored that the government leaked confidential information about the raid to the filmmakers so they could make the movie better. A book is coming out, too, on September 4th, called No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission that Ki"ed Osama Bin Laden. You can pre-order it from Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble. (Link) What would normally be a breach of extremely sensitive, top secret non-disclosure agreements, is being publicly published and widely reported on by the mainstream media. I’m sure it’ll be discussed on Fox News, on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and NBC. Although the book was originally written under the pseudonym, “Mark Owen,” the author’s real name, a photograph, and other personal information was leaked shortly after the book’s announcement. The Department of Defense indeed confirmed that the writer was Matt Bissonnette, and despite the fact that this was a highly sensitive secret operation and identities would need to be officially hidden, Matt will be doing interviews on television. The book, according to the Department of Defense, has “not yet been evaluated for sensitive information that could jeopardize national security.” I guess that means the readers at home will be the first to know! “While written in the first person, my experiences are universal... It is time to set the record straight about one of the most important missions in U.S. military history. No Easy Day is the story of ‘the guys,’ the human toll we pay, and the sacrifices we make to do this dirty job.” -- “Matt Bissonnette”



Irish Government Papers Up For Sale Again
As the September issue of International Living magazine writes, The government of the Republic of Ireland is desperately trying to rebuild the country’s shattered national economy and bolster financial markets after one of the largest banking collapses in history. Perhaps as a mark of that official desperation—or of politicians’ universal urge to “do something” in a crisis—the Irish government is offering special residence visas to foreign individuals willing to invest in the country. This new program began on April 15, 2012, and if you make the investment, it can lead to full citizenship. Irish citizenship opens the door to full personal and commercial access to all 27 countries in the European Union. An Irish passport means you can travel to and from any government-sanctioned airport in Europe and 100 other countries in the world. Perhaps with a name like “Mac Davis” I could fit in there? Nations in decline usually let up their previously sacred restrictions on who is allowed to live in the country. Basically, they need more people that are willing to put up with their bullshit.

“Illegal” Immigrants Line Up for Free Government Papers
On August 15th, the New York Times reported “tens of thousands of young illegal immigrants waited excitedly in lines as long as a mile” for federal immigration workers that were accepting applications for legal work documents in the US. According to organizers, 11,500 people attended the event, which was held at Chicago’s “Navy Pier”. Under the program, the federal government will grant a two-year reprieve from deportation to illegal immigrants who are under age 31, have been in this country since they were children and meet other requirements. (Link) The cool thing about all this is that with 12,00o nondocumented people applying for legal work permits, the government has intentionally opened up a huge exploit in its identity control system. This is an easy way to start getting a new identity. Barack Obama himself started the program, and I’m sure he has it set up to basically accept
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all correctly filled out applications. With so many applications and an election year coming up (one that illegal immigrants can vote in), this is an easy way for anybody to start getting fresh government documents under a new name. Most fun of all, if you ever want to get deported, that means a free trip to any country in the world—the US State Department will literally pay to deport you to ANY country you say you are from. (Link)

Federal Reserve Audit Results Come Out
The Federal Reserve was actually partially audited, after Ron Paul’s bill to “Audit the Fed” was passed. The Fed was found to have sent out 16 trillion dollars to foreign and domestic banks and corporations between 2007 and 2010, in what it refers to as “all-inclusive loan programs.” The money was loaned out at 0% interest and virtually none of the money has been returned. (Hint: Don’t expect that to change). The Fed previously advised that the audit not be done because it would produce great political and economic instability. The American public probably would have been upset to know that the Federal Reserve sent 16 trillion dollars to foreign countries, and banks that people in the Fed have worked for, when a large fraction of Americans were out of work and in debt to the government for college and home loans. Page 131 of the audit shows a list of the institutions that received the most money from the all-inclusive loan program. (Link)



divine delicacies straight &om the source

There is something called an abelian sandpile model in math. It’s a square grid of sandpile sites that can each hold, for example, up to four grains of sand (in a pyramid). Adding a fifth grain of sand causes an avalanche where the top grain is knocked over or pushed down, and the new, fifth grain of sand becomes the top of a nearby pyramid. The interesting thing, is that when you do this, complex patterns emerge. This image shows what the sandpile looks like after 50,000, 200,000, and 400,000 grains of sand have been added. What this tells us, is that extremely beautiful complexity can emerge from the repetition in time of the most simple possible thing... a grain of sand falling on a single point. The more time passes, the more complex it grows.

Here is a video where sand is poured onto a metal plate that is connected to a speaker. As the frequency of the sound rises, the same fundamental process as the sandpile becomes visible.



Watch video: “Cymatic experiment”:


Watching the video, notice how a simple vibration—causing the sand to move up and down at a specific rate, causes the particles to move into beautiful shapes and patterns. The higher the frequency (the more time passes), the more complex the shape. Towards the end, it almost starts looking like bacterial colonies (watch how the cells divide). This video is the same experiment, with a slightly more interesting take on it:

Watch video: “Cymatic Experiment Mozart ‘Una Donna a Quindici Anni’” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KU84ckD1AcA

Let me remind you that frequency is a measure of time—it is nothing else. Asking the frequency is of something is to ask “how fast is it happening?,” or, “how much time is progressing for this?,” “how many times is it happening?”. The fundamental question is time. Increasing the frequency of something means you are making time happen faster for it. In the abelian sandpile model, time corresponded to number of sandgrains dropped. In the sound experiments, time corresponded to the how fast the sandgrains were vibrating, or the frequency of the sound. In atoms, time corresponds to the atomic number of the atom. The periodic table is in order according to the number of electrons in each atom. It starts at Hydrogen, and each successive atom has one more electron in it. Each element is assigned an atomic number to identify how many electrons it has. Why is this important? The more electrons there are in an atom, the more energy the atom has, and so the atom vibrates at a higher frequency. Atoms with a higher atomic number tend to have higher frequency electrons.
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But what makes different elements different is not what number they are—it’s what shape they are. The electrons in an atom are like sandgrains. They naturally fall into certain shapes, depending on their frequency. The same fundamental process that makes interesting shapes in sandpiles and that was in the youtube videos is where atoms and matter come from. Without their shape, atoms would not bond with one another, to create even more complex and beautiful structures.

(This is what atoms look like that have between 46 and 59 electrons) All atoms are constantly changing their shape. They are always vibrating. Their frequencies are always changing a little bit. Any change in the frequency of atoms is called light. Light is a connection between two atoms: one that is increasing in frequency, and one that is decreasing in frequency. For any atom that increases in frequency, there must be a corresponding atom that decreased. The amount at which it decreased is the color of the light. If it decreased a lot, the color will be purple or ultraviolet. If it only decreased a little, the color will be red, or infrared. In between is green and yellow and orange. Eyes are focused light receivers. When you open your eyes, a lot of light is concentrated on a small number of atoms suddenly. That makes a wave of atoms that are all changing frequency, and that wave spreads all throughout the brain. Atoms changing frequency like waves called electricity. The frequency shift ripples, being
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conducted from atom to atom. Brainwaves are measurements of the frequencies of electricity moving through our brain. The link that unites these different examples is how time affects the expression of information in space. From time, comes shape and light.

Understanding Fear
Fear is wherever our concept of reality ends. The experience of being pressed up against that border is called fear. Death is the most certain fear, followed by the fear of making your own choices. When we make our own choices, we are stepping into raw and unformed reality, and carving it out in our own image. The fear of making your own choices is called in philosophy, angst, or anxiety. “Teenage angst” is a stereotypical period of time when people become more aware of the fact that they can make their own choices. People who are afraid of making their own choices feel relieved when there is one good choice that is easy. Hard choices take commitment, which means the choice is one you have to make over and over again or it doesn’t matter. Commitment creates a lot of anxiety, because a commitment is many choices. People that make hard choices do so because of reason. They trust their own mind, and know that something is true. People also make hard choices because they understand their prior experience. They make the commitment even when the risk is large, because they trust their own understanding, The ability to make hard choices and stick to them is called courage. It is a commitment to your own understanding and knowledge of what is right, even when the risk is large. People who do not trust themselves are afraid of making their own choices. People who do not trust themselves, do not trust their model for what a person is. They are afraid of the idea that other people can make choices. They would feel better if somehow, we could delete choices. It would cause less anxiety. What happens if we do this?



Imagine your concept of reality is a circle you can move around in. You can move around a certain amount before you get close to the edge. Getting close to the edge makes you get scared (you’ve never been beyond the edge). Your response to fear could be to build a fence that prevents you from getting too close to the edge. That way, you never have to get scared. But the fence you build quickly becomes your new circle. Because you never go beyond the fence, it’s your new edge. No matter where you are standing or moving you become increasingly likely to be near the edge, the smaller your circle gets. When we choose to delete choices, we actually increase the amount of fear we experience. The alternative is go right up to the edge of the circle and look around. Only do this when you are well-rested, and have everything you need for living in your circle. Every time you go up to the edge of the circle, the circle will get bigger. Every time. If it doesn’t, it’s because you didn’t choose to go up to the edge. You just accidentally showed up, or something pushed you there. That doesn’t count. When you really choose to go to what’s there, there will always be something there that you never expected. If you expected it, it wouldn’t be the edge. Fear is wherever our concept of reality ends. The experience of being pressed up against that border without going over is called fear. Going over is pure freedom.