Installation of Vertex 3.2 on Sun Solaris and oracle 10.2.0.


Get the software from the vertex. Install the document CD to get the admin guide which will be used for further implementation. Create a directory called vertex under /opt/local/<SID>/vertex with 777 permissions. Copy the relevant content of the vertex to the vertex directory created at the OS level (sunsolaris and Oracle Execute: tar –xvf QSUT.TAR file to get the required scripts. As per the confirmation from vertex, Vertex is Non-Unicode compatible software which has to be installed on a separate database schema. For creating a new schema, logged in to OS with user ID other than, SIDadm and ORAsid, which have PATH variables set to execute sqlplus. [PATH /oracle/<SID>/102_64/bin/] Before creating the database schema, shutdown the SAP database, stopsap or stopdb. Login to the database with the other ID and execute the following: # sqlplus /nolog SQL> connect sys as sysdba SQL> CREATE TABLESPACE vertex DATAFILE 'vertex.dat' SIZE 130M ONLINE;
SQL> create the vertex user: CREATE USER <user name> IDENTIFIED BY nielsen DEFAULT TABLESPACE vertex;

Give all the GRANT permissions to the user as given in the Admin guide to wads the table, Procedure, functions.

Commands used:


grant create any table to <vertext user>; grant insert any table to <vertext user>; grant select any table to <vertext user>; grant delete any table to <vertext user>; grant execute any procedure to <vertext user>; ALTER USER <vertext user> QUOTA 130M ON vertex;

Once the table space is created: Execute the following commands to create the required Tables and stuff$sqlplus Enter user-name: <vertex user> Enter password: <password> SQL>start locins.sql SQL>start rateins.sql SQL>start regins.sql SQL>start tdmins.sql SQL>exit; {ex. Start </path of the sql file stored- start /sapcd/vertex/locins.sql>

Databases created

Once the Tables are created go to the directory: /opt/local/vertex/utils Execute ./regutil to register an ID to the Vertex database.

Check the connectivity to the database using the : Execute - ./vsttest

Select option 5

Leave the datasource blank and continue

If the connection successive * will be append to the databases installed in Vertex.

Select the file from /vertex/utils

U needs to get this screen.

This ID will be used to connect from the front end. <SID-vertex> Upload the data to the respected databases in vertex with the appropriate files: To do this use the client software installed on the desktop and configured to get connected to the vertex server: Follow the procedure shown in the inserted doc:

Install Oracle for Vertex 3.2 TDM client.doc

For updating GEO coder data follow the doc:

Updating Rate and GeoCoder Database for Unix.doc

Once the QSUT part is done: Move the TRANSLNK.TAR file to /vertex/translink directory which is newly created under vertex. Unpack the TRANSLNK.TAR file using the command: tar –xvf TRANSLNK.TAR make the necessary changes to translink.reg for ex:

Test the translink configuration with the commands: Create a text file test.out.txt
vertest vertest vertest vertest vertest vertest vertest -i -i -i -i -i -i -i test.geo.txt –o test.out.txt test.calc.txt –o test.out.txt test.calc1.txt –o test.out.txt test.calc.doc.txt –o test.out.txt test.upd.txt. –o test.out.txt test.frc.txt. –o test.out.txt test.all.txt -o test.out.txt
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in Nielsen scenario we created a .sh script file which calls the verrfc command which will be used for RFC connectivity with the environment variables set to the defined values given in vertex documents: the script file is:

Make sure the permissions for the .sh file should be 777, and for the Translink directory contents as well. Connectivity from SAP with RFC setup: SM59-TCP/IP-new connection:

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Exporting vertex content from OS level using Oracle exp TOOL LONNIEDBS01:orar3p 5% exp r3pvertex/nielsen file=vertex.dmp log=vertex.log rows=yes Export: Release - Production on Tue Feb 5 19:38:47 2008 Copyright (c) 1982, 2005, Oracle. All rights reserved. Connected to: Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production With the Partitioning and Data Mining options Export done in UTF8 character set and UTF8 NCHAR character set . exporting pre-schema procedural objects and actions . exporting foreign function library names for user R3PVERTEX . exporting PUBLIC type synonyms

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. exporting private type synonyms . exporting object type definitions for user R3PVERTEX About to export R3PVERTEX's objects ... . exporting database links . exporting sequence numbers . exporting cluster definitions . about to export R3PVERTEX's tables via Conventional Path ... . . exporting table LOCADMN 4 rows exported . . exporting table LOCCITY 65424 rows exported . . exporting table LOCCOMPRESSION 97 rows exported . . exporting table LOCCOUNTY 3252 rows exported . . exporting table LOCSTATE 60 rows exported . . exporting table RATEADMN 4 rows exported . . exporting table RATECITY 97942 rows exported . . exporting table RATECOUNTY 6621 rows exported . . exporting table RATESTATE 124 rows exported . . exporting table REGADMN 3 rows exported . . exporting table REGPOSTRETURNSTBL 0 rows exported . . exporting table REGPRERETURNSTBL 14507 rows exported . . exporting table REGREGISTERIDTBL 1 rows exported . . exporting table TDMADMN 3 rows exported . . exporting table TDMCOMPANY 17 rows exported . . exporting table TDMCUSTOMER 244 rows exported . . exporting table TDMCUSTOMERBASIC 207 rows exported . . exporting table TDMEXEMPT 8 rows exported . . exporting table TDMGEOCODE 26 rows exported . . exporting table TDMLOCATION 0 rows exported . . exporting table TDMMASTER 229 rows exported . . exporting table TDMOVERRIDE 195 rows exported . . exporting table TDMPRODUCT 1591 rows exported . . exporting table TDMPRODUCTBASIC 402 rows exported . . exporting table TDMTAXABILITY 0 rows exported . . exporting table TMTADMN 2 rows exported . . exporting table TMTCATEGORY 0 rows exported . . exporting table TMTCATEGORYNOTE 0 rows exported . . exporting table TMTJURISDICTION 0 rows exported . . exporting table TMTSUBCATEGORY 0 rows exported . . exporting table TMTTAXABILITY 0 rows exported . . exporting table TMTTAXABILITYNOTE 0 rows exported . exporting synonyms . exporting views . exporting stored procedures . exporting operators . exporting referential integrity constraints . exporting triggers . exporting indextypes . exporting bitmap, functional and extensible indexes . exporting posttables actions . exporting materialized views . exporting snapshot logs . exporting job queues . exporting refresh groups and children . exporting dimensions

. exporting post-schema procedural objects and actions . exporting statistics Export terminated successfully without warnings. UP Loading vertex data to database: The dump file will be provided by vertex user:

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It all about vertex guys…. Have a good time.. SAP guide for Vertex:
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