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90 Minute Synopsis-Green Light Lucas Caine is standing against a wall in an unknown location.

He is eagerly waiting for a text form an anonymous source. Lucas becomes more and more impatient frustratingly assessing the space around him looking left and right for anyone around. To calm his nerves Lucas pulls out a packet of cigarettes to smoke but before he can begin smoking the cigarettes he receives the text. He throws the away the cigarettes in a burst of rage at not having been able to smoke it. Lucas begins to walk to the warehouse gate where he opens the gate with the controls. He walks into the warehouse closing the gates behind him. Has he steps into the room an unknown figure tied to a chair with a bag over his face awaits him. Lucas walks up to the person and points a gun at their head. Lucass hand begins to tremble and shake he takes a minute to settle himself. He places the gun gently against the head of the figure. With one deep breathe he pulls the trigger and the body slumps to the floor lifeless and dead. He walks out in absolute shock of the events that have just occurred. He steps outside and vomits uncontrollably. He slowly looks up to find a Mercedes CLS pull up right next to him. The window of the car rolls down Lucas looking inside feels completely terrified and in a moment of confusion pulls out his gun. Lucas is shot in the chest but quickly reacts by firing a shot back killing the driver. He walks up to the car pulls out the driver out and steps into the car. He pauses to check is injury, the bullet had entered is body and did not come out. He then receives a call from Green Light and answers to woman voice she then informs him while he is driving to the safe house that he is getting closer to finding out who killed his wife and put him in a coma forgetting all about the past but in the meantime he had to keep on working for Green Light has an assassin. At the safe house Caine notices a shadow inside the house still injured from the gun shot he walks unafraid of the sight of four men he smiles at then. He walks over to the desk picks up one of the ornaments and begins to tell a story about it, just has he is about to finish he smashes the head of one of the assailants ad a fight begins with Caine barely coming out alive he staggers out of the house and begins to run chased by a man on bike he loses him using the alleyways and backstreets. Caine realising he had lost a lot of blood passes out before doing so calls for a pick up. He is taken to Green Light base where it is revealed in a flashback Caine worked for the C.I.A and was a renowned mask man the perfect assassin. Green light intelligence revealed that Caine had framed by his own government to get rid of him in exchange for the life of a corrupt politician. Caine when he found this out went rogue and assassinated those who were out to destroy him. I revenge the corrupt politician took everything away from Caine. It is also revealed the man Caine had killed earlier was simply a test to see if Caine could kill without remorse but he failed that test but redeemed himself at the safe house by killing the henchmen of the politician Green Light then sends Caine on a mission to kill the politician who turns out to work for a corrupt organization out to take control of the governments of the world super powers. Reaching New York Caine is met by taxi at the airport which takes him to an abandoned factory where he the politician awaits him. The politician then explained that Caine was his most vital pawn has he had got rid of

all the C.I.A agents who would have been invaluable in stopping the plans of the organisation. A fight begins between Caine and the politicians henchman. Caine badly injured after the constant fighting stumbles to find the politician with a gun pointing at him laughing telling Caine it is all over that he had lost. Caine realising he is about to die starts to reminisce the times he had with his wife in contrast of him been an assassin and how she did not know. Caine is brought back to reality with the sound of a gun firing looking on himself thinks he has been shot but it is in fact the politician. Caine wife walks up from behind the politician and smiles. She then shoots him as he lays there dying she explains to him that she was a double agent working for the organisation sent to keep an eye on Caine so marrying him was the only way. She also explains that she had to kill the politician because he was no longer useful and that organizations next target was Green Light had having Caine working for them would prove problematic for the organisation so he had to be taken care of. Caine starts to cry has he watches his wife walk away from him the film ends.

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