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The Wallz All Came By.

|Part| .Introduction Poems. |Part| .I. |Part| .II. |Part| .III. |Part| .IV. |Part| .V. |Part| .VI. |Part|.Epilogue.

The Wallz All Came By. iz a tragity, nothing more, nothing less. Iz all ends in the end.

verges yoin, parts le ciel settles pour trop petite. a brasent hue. temps abandonné dans le milieu, thouest joints spirals along, along dust with pillow.

.Introduction Poems. .floral buckets. Slicps, from the strung luminary. Wash from the down trampled, foliage, spite. rags rags these richest rages, thrown a way the arrow-head. split for two knifes, through for else, to slice cross the battalion line.down to the heart. wither else be soothed in marmalade.~only heavy hung from the rope. la nuit forte gale sickness,~forms the bathhouse of our sun, milked dew stings the window pane. clasped at crows. force coup.

#^| the weather though it would take place all along in the scented spring, well the soupy amasses along the ground, stings the air, bites at the forehead. regards in the wind, -shuttleaway. well still breaches the dense mer. #^|| slitghhzl ma chère, the flute piped fourth forth. soo swoonz with and and everwould be gazed, taken it to be held. and which everelse. ha, moreing bright

even stilll. nips at your, soft gone to wilt behind. i know your eyes peak behind and not tear before, light. breaks. shunt too. shake heaven blight curreal.. nearly near come lushly.. so, so dear. Whatevers’ gone happened out on the minimumzone.linefieldz2

|Part| .I. ~ĪĦķĴǕǗǼǼǽ | Justthink|juea out just could you come over, look at the wallz that all came down. right, so, lightly and morning boike, ûpon the stretched scy. looinaüľther’out just would you see, each moment, taken from this and left before the golden, Hamamelis,. your voice so gentle, and grieving, justz as much ink to be spread for le cœur. the taupe sky cringes lightly and partakes from the sight pushed out in absorbs’ crusping. Malva|savoure vous avale à la savoure, morzay. Il vers nous, et ta il y’a vous beaucoup plue. La vours, morisanire, la chaint à sur la ne entité alvéole pas vous. Avale que vous, à la savourée.. Bezel3 lieu at the brook with elms shackled, the shrieks would it, grant from the visée. with a wicked note, it is not so forth we memorial motile eyes, visage broken in your long, phare. vous et à mouvlsha, grand pluie tout à fait, celui-ci. peldia.l..ever à la more unraveled be une.


appear in the field throughout thus, the zonelinefeilds. both in the phenomenal field of the text and the image of the narrative, the zones are conjured to be locations in both text and horizontal divisions or fences between fields.|to contain and localize growth.

(1450) Origine incertaine [1], probable dérivé diminutif en -el, -eau, de biais, via une forme *biaisel devenue et prononcée bieseau /biɛzˈo/, puis biseau. L'espagnol bisel (« biseau »), attesté depuis 1589 est emprunté au français.

Hours of the night. (saurot elm’ilm)

feltz: lifted links in the show towards the blush blue balkan fixtures which spiral into the deep polish waves.- there something else rose. upon the starlitz funnels well snow should be rung-out into the bell tally. forever sneers, sure. when once there was, strike up and keep in. its, seminary. ~wohlz. oyre, mush. |Part| .II. ~of the Pillars .|i|.on the starlighs sprouts from the veins, lips rushed from the banks, syringing forth between the greens, the ember estiole.steller, meeks’ by the dusk to rustle in bright sporadic starts starved off in the light glanced. this is the end of the world and where all about to meet it..cusping at our gray hands in our arms. .|ii|.picks up the harmsy crossing in the flesh, held as before just as gone would be the winds, rapping in her eyes, bellowing down along the creases of the Bisque gown; of back before, the terms streaking at the flesh, form, caught, before, it would ever, leap out. elle portait. .|iii|.wwaron,and it broke everymoment, lacked along the out sized tocross three times sprung up before, every enchantment each reaching veins that sprout out it yet, with every pass moments burn. from the halls rise even greater yells, without soft breath. .|iv|.rosey broke eveleaashs.-would it sweep away the tarnished murmuring? Breaking out just’as it was with everyotherone to be gone into the dusk,.a yellow screeched from the purple hue and down we pray before. .|v|.The evnetridacwes, center-ring all around the guashedwide, breath in it, the sorrow of our knees, before, the cross of Agnolo Gaddi’s6 , strung to hang forever remembered in the dark without silences. Stricks, at it. Well vous more, come, down to me. and place before, the ashin’.wayz, the tears we shook. From the gates, crossed over in the ivory monks, graping out in the distanced stares, happy is your vision, struck away with lost,.


la Leggenda della vera Croce 1388 Santa Croce,

|Part| .III. ~In repoinz,_\asteare ~en yield, the great forbearance haavourz.a kindly behaviour devoured at our soul to breakand flung through all wile i raised up to the stable.-yet, wilted away in the fragrance all at once taken away, i await, austere off in the grown misszertyz of all having left half broken from that which the raised, body lands forth in our hearts. never to quite pass away to nothing which is dealt and would lead over;- je na palz, elle broaké out dictating the envowment; -dissharms vihlisshala7 just as well to come to down torn wells decorum brisant des verres. upin the start to take away le cœur badged milted away within holy her name, with out ever seeing, keeping it wawya, wawya, what ever is it, is, it’s having to wake, just as well, to weep up only in the moments after winters to concern lush adore fades to the floral. ~more taken,. the presses to rough, with which can it not reach you. take it away, and keep still. along in the days in the near and soon far dutiful endeavours, the stretching frame-time, can’t bring it to be made up of our own. yet, it still be-lives, gone, to snow. and breaks to a yielded forever, before the dust. it would be just as well to walk down the fragmented mourning and place outré distance caught without a dirge, into harkishment communions, so still without them, the rapture with in the clashing momenteverywhere8, wanders just welllm’breathbrekaing will come away, along with their faurthest Σειρήν9. can be made only still temps. only little bits of peace, only lives avec a vague decree decided ityz just awaywerys-gulush, intensity yields at the former strike. this si all it would be, smukced smoke rosed from the ground, and so, taken away with it all. ~evalxz,. a.dazzled, lūcan des dans les embrasâtes. took from it all that quite hivers slight blights slip10 down. it would leave you, with...oh, i am sure, its not well, right to ring down, and just as well, the further, i spend, around these dusks, diz just as well. justed as set to be heralded in the gripe of high sins, flowing the floor, catches off the ground splashed from the spilling into the gates flooding down the sides of the stone.

7 8

-(evnvaomanebt, dissham vheiisla) nmonmevaym 9 (Seirēn) a Siren (5th BC Attic): IPA: /se͜erɛ͜ɛ́n/||(1st BC Egyptian): IPA: /siːréːn/||(4th AD Koine): IPA: /sirín/||(10th AD Byzantine): IPA: /sirín/||(15th AD Constantinopolitan): IPA: /siɾín/ 10 siblites,

|Part| .IV. ~Rimsons, wood.and then you pick up the clock, and place it bestrode my bed, and rest little dearly, sweet in strung and movements, chill the fragiled ground. us now between the noon. i ever silmentic, caeres with it husssz’hationsz, I could cross here. with taken the rings up in. yet the center foolsgold be for where, the sunsplashes cross the dirt tracks. yet, the words emptied ofby the drought which parches over all the extend lands, yet the moments way on. so,{reveined, reviled, reivnetdzed. before, it all, comes back with another plucked from the grapes off le temps mur.., to take it away. the gravel well graded is out for the more then-ever stretching just so from your hand into the palm placed of gold. awashed in the strokes that take with it away behind us, as to touch it closely. the sun decries just keep it young, and freshed, yet, still the dew forms, palced dros. with each rise or fall, with the rain, we have come to dance. inside. it broke to much, forwards, the navigation cusps at the sides of a strong volley, rolls call out to snap away at the other rising tides11. |Part| .V. ~Vancuhsed, from along the ridge extends out to the straw walls, before the gates of the poultry farms, naked striped of all the glowshine and belsihmements, without ever marking out a draw, looks like the hemlocks plush, creep up along the embankment for much is kept to the strafing. fires rised ɛ̈in a_grand out l-at out eyes marken’ed else-wise12 last wirthout emeralds to hang over the schism. then for us now left going through fog faced13 made with this very moment veiscotry would be sure at the last dear-at. just in it ever warped in the white bronze and the sill.u.late of enev.dew.foreusz. just as for gone. gives a caress, as the light trickles to laisser le rendement of the forbearance's flocked beyond the damp which has kept a shrewd sulking within the dreams we fear, lushes of the never well, the day which folds appoints to the greed luckxwye, without any want needed we crawled, well sharp ακίδες14


athr eriseing tierds. eeyedmkn ewlaa sxs x wirtho eerm tehsism, 13 f frogafecedm v 14 ακίδες f (akídes)||αιχμές f (aichmés)

fool down our sorrow. au cœur de rien. we have it all, and nothing could be wrong, our flesh speaks nothing at all the virtues of the strong to spite at our lofty corps. cottagement, in this yield.less assortment, take-int’ away privileged in the heat,for the flesh does hold. we sweet and drawkness will palace before us our own rags. bent in on the heel of; -oh dear stoke in the sides layed down gone. with all so to quick flashes all will ever so well manage to send ever bit of it, down into the ground, so near. nos cœurs the valkyries15. the slip over and stood temperament a sensitive consent broken out to put the date on the edge of hung scaffold sidings, lifting for the escaped. we want nothing near la nôtre. much to lose as the blitz rains down splashes across and yet we stick around to make fun at the darkness, at each site of the grain. would it be nothing that the paper just burst up and suffocated us, at the near tarn and hapless to yield nothing in the gashing monuments,||besidexzz. |Part| .VI.

just as well, just as salafiyyah’s17 from before the gate to the noon, to just have it all as well just restringing at the feet of poolz. with mud smearz, snapping away our trails leaving us with the trangraced , for all that we are not to find it at all. Saharan myrtle only to be left dark and scuttled. same woryz flow over the youth which froths in the pale cheeks,well we rest against the shallow…. tiles wishing we knew not to pass. at every coroner’s office it would take us near to the stoops, knelled, to place. felt together it would be taken to the edge, free of it just lying with only the pointless tense. whenever it could be, it would still be just as smoothly sweet, and would still hope, nestled closely, in.ear to the soft. with would still want all the spirals which whisper nothing but felt cadences near the flesh. harked folly would still threaten ever, strong. and would it be still in the eyes, with hand a tear, waking to the morning light. and our starved coeur breazze.

15 16 17

(Salafie) "predecessor" or "ancestor."


.Epilogue. take this, so to make a wonderful little bit of starvation out of it. and leave me near the dawn, but take out the sunset, and leave it dripping in the wet dew of my strung, heart……………………………aswould you believe, it is all gone to the gravez of morning. licks of the listless breeze poised to pierce out the brush before an outline dark, the fabric contained over the contents on the streams of winds. récolte only pressure. the forever torments to when ends more than ones in the past in the form of unyielding tears of after. not in the sorrow near to the heat. werll it rips up the fusillade and spades it to the ground. hands full by hands and arms, limp. as each would be yet, and more forever, going down to the ground in silly blooms shaking and wildly going to go down and place beforehand, it a broken daffodil, and name-sake and found out just how much further fallen, it all was. always was,. Yet, with out soft movements further comes close. And I steal it awayu and take it forever, own. Near. Harked. Having before yet, it would be wiel;lzsd’

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