Hello Singapore and Southeast Asia, My name is Stephen Black and I am hoping to find someone to work with on an art

, creative or commercial project. I am experienced in fine art photography, conceptual art, 3D gamemaking software videomaking, writing and music production. With this open invitation, I hope to connect with galleries and art curators as well as those working in publishing, gamemaking, television production,music,fashion, hotels, theatre, magazines and movies, especially 3D. Although I have worked extensively in New York, Paris, Hong Kong and Tokyo (cities in which I was also involved with companies such as CNN, Cartoon Network,Fox, Fuji TV and France 2), the following projects are Singapore-based:

2002 Creative Director/Developer for Walker-Asiam a Singapore based start-up. We developed original software for a platform similar to both YouTube and Second Life before both existed.The unexpected loss of the CEO brought this to a crashing halt, though I am confident that, like a phoenix, the project will be reborn for the mobile age. The connections made with governmental and educational groups worldwide are still strong.

TIONG BAHRU- a nearly completed work, 2008 Bus Stopping, a hardcover book of photo- this project will showcase over two years of research, writing and interviewing. graphs published. “... a spontaneous, studied and ever elo- Frequent contributor to Singapore Architect magazine. Topics: Cultural Medallion quent eye.” winner Amanda Heng, the 2012 Art Stage Xu Xi, 2007 Man Asian Literary Prize Singapore, Video Art, and more. 2010-ongoing nominee Michael Lee - collaboration/support on various projects. Co-wrote text to his Office Orchitect installation at the 2011 Singapore Biennale. participated in the 2011 Abject Systems show(curated by ML) at Studio Bibliothéque, SB interviewed ML for ML’s retrospective catalogue. ”When I first met him, I thought SB was either a genius or a compulsive liar.” Michael Lee. 2009-ongoing

3how- art, music and text project co-founded with Amith Narayan. We have performed in abandoned buildings, at LASecrets Exhibition of mixed-media works, SALLE, the Substation and other venues. A rock opera was performed at the 2010 Galerie Omote-sando, Tokyo Lit Up festival and t the 2011 Night Festival.3how is ongoing. Co-produced by 2003 Attended Invitation-only screenwriting SB, 3how’s first recording is entitled The Riverwalk Session (http://www.amazon. course with Hollywood legend Robert com/Obama-Search-Words-ebook/dp/ McKee. B001U8981S) http://mckeestory.com/

Private screening of video artworks and Director of Photography for Bubu Again, 2009 the feature film directorial debut of leg- Established Book Merah, a book incuba- commercial projects at Sinema. October, endary Japanese actress Kumiko Akiyoshi. tor. Published 1st Singapore-based eb- 2011 ooks on Kindle: Cyril Wong’s Fires & S Open House art event: Occupy Tiong Bahru. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kumiko_ Black's Obama Search Words. All of the Book Merah titles have reached One of 15 artists invited to create site-speAkiyoshi #1 in their respective categories on Ama- cific or community-specific artworks. Created a thumb-shaped kway edible sculpture E-published the Agaricus blazei Murrill Note- zon. to signify the gentrification of Tiong Bahru book, the first publication devoted to exclusively to the gourmet and medicinal mush- "It's a double pleasure to read this... First, there's and its loss of identity as symbolized by a room also know as the "mushroom of the the joy of gleaning nuggets of knowledge about kways, a traditional food which were once Singapore and the printed word hitherto unknown; common in Tiong Bahru.February, 2012 sun." and second, there's the childlike wonder of never knowing what Stephen Black has in store for us on Depth: Appropriated photography exhibi2004 tion, performances by 3how Huge Perpetual World Photographic exhibi- the next page." tion at the Photographers Gallery Ng Yi-Sheng, winner of the Singapore Lit- http://domainartgallery.com/artist/steerature Prize in 2008, commenting upon phen-black April, 2012 Seven Polaroids with Cyril Wong, plus Contact With Shadow. All of the Book Audio. Merah projects can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbqJOvveco8&list=UUcCCQ7pueDrg3F5C- http://www.facebook.com/media/ set/?set=a.348720038540197.88537. jO2pvWg&index=24&feature=plcp 343618745716993&type=3 2004-2007 Freelance projects in film and video. Doc- Obama Search Words can also be found umentation of Sri Lanka after the Boxing on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/ Day Tsunami. Documented Michelin 3star O b a m a - S e a rc h - Wo r d s - e b o o k / d p / chefs in Tokyo, Paris, Brunei, Manhattan B001U8981S and Seville as part the Alleno 101 book project with Kazuko Masui. Taught 3D gamemaking classes. Numerous artworks and writing projects realized, including several editions of Voice of Pieces. Produced ProIf you are interested in doing something together in 2013, I would duced a poetry reading at the National Libe happy to meet. Do get in touch soon, as 2013 is already looking brary as well as a performance and lecture series by Stelarc (http://en.wikipedia.org/ to be an exciting year with events being discussed for audiences wiki/Stelarc) for the Singapore Science on the internet and in Singapore, Myanmar, and the United States. Center. Was the main actor in The ChanI am now in Bali, concluding a novel called I Saw Her SUV in Bali.. gi Murals, a film by Boo Jun Feng.http:// After that...? www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3bc8tEvdF0

Onward! Stephen Black
More detailed SB info: http://www.scribd.com/doc/79168211/Stephen-Black-2012-resume http://www.obamajalanjalan.com/stephen-black/ design by Lee Lip Jiang (lipjiang@gmail.com)

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