Character Evaluation

Harry Potter
Julie A. Carlson
January 10, 2011
PSY/ 230 Theories of Personality Instructor: Chris Allen Shreve, MA, LPC


Character Evaluation Character Evaluation: Harry Potter


A favorite character of mine is “Harry Potter”. Harry Potter is a character from the books written by J.K. Rowling. These books have now been made into movies. I have chosen to use Harry as the subject for my evaluation of his personality. The evaluation will be in terms of the five trait clusters discussed in Chapter 5 of the textbook, “The person: A New Introduction to Personality Psychology, by D.P. McAdams, (2006). When the audience is introduced to Harry, he is a twelve-year-old orphan who lives with his deceased mothers’ sister and her family until he is brought to live at Hogwarts School of Magic. Harry is an introverted child who has few friends. When he eventually does make friends, he does so with a select few and is very loyal. Harry does, however, show qualities of being extroverted by challenging himself with outrageous risks. I would say that, like most people, Harry has both introverted and extroverted traits (ambiverts). Harry shows little interest in the arts or literature unless they have a direct impact on his life and situation. He does, however show a great understanding of things that are abstract when he is called upon to decipher the situations that he finds himself in the middle of. Harry also comes up with unique ideas on how to solve the problems he is faced with. I would rate Harry at the upper-middle range in the openness personality trait. Harry is compassionate towards the majority of people. He spends time consoling his friends who are emotionally down by lending a sympathetic ear or by being a shoulder to cry on. He empathizes with people who are hurt physically or emotionally by dark magic. Harry is trustworthy, which is shown by the faith that others put into him to succeed in his mission to defeat the dark forces.

Character Evaluation


Harry does have some neurotic personality traits. He has nightmares and is frequently lost in his own thoughts. Harry also spends some time in daydreams in which his parents are still alive and with him. Harry must pay extremely close attention to details to solve puzzles and keep himself alive. From the time Harry joined the wizarding world he has accepted his extraordinary duty of defeating the dark forces which threaten the peace and harmony of society. Harry is shows a high conscientious trait as frequently put himself in the way of danger for the greater good of his world. He does, however, have a tendency to bend the rules of his own society and school often, as he feels he is above the standard rules. This type of behavior is shown by his frequent trips out of his room after curfew. All things considered, being conscientiousness is Harrys’ strongest personality trait, in my opinion.

Character Evaluation



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