Luna Powerbars always donates %1 of its sales to v arious women's charities.

Luna hast its Luna Berry Almond in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. This bar has women-specific nutrients like calciu m and folic acid as well as Vitamins A,C and E. [X NEWLINEX]Liposuction surgery is one of the most po pular body contouring surgeries in the world. It w as first performed in 1974 and it has advanced tre mendously over the time. Modern techniques used fo r liposuction are much better and they involve les s pain. Recovery time is also reduced due to impro vements in the techniques. It is also one of the s afest body contouring surgeries. Liposuction is do ne for various body parts like tummy, face, thighs , breasts, arms, buttocks etc. [XNEWLINEX]It is in creasingly becoming a popular cosmetic surgery, as many celebrities, especially men are opting for i t. In this surgery the bald scalp it replenished w ith artificial hair. This surgery is also known as hair weaving and is a boon for bald people. [XNEW LINEX]This cream contains coenzyme-A which is a kn own oxidant and helps reduce fatty acids. It also contains the extract of plant bupleurum falcatum, which helps to fight fat cells. Cellulite MD also contains caffeine, which reduces excess water rete ntion in the skin. [XNEWLINEX]Coach Poppy Lip Glos s Set ($35): This 5 piece mini kit of lip gloss co lors range from a translucent peach to a rich rasp berry. With each purchase Coach will donate 20% to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. [XNEWLINEX ]Some studies have indicated that it can increase the risk for blood clots, breast cancer and endome trial or uterine cancer. The risk for blood clots is particularly high for women who take estrogen a nd smoke. But the risk can be quite low for those who use estrogen skin patches. Women receiving thi s treatment may also have an increased risk for st rokes and developing gallbladder diseases. [XNEWLI NEX]A large number of health experts are against g iving infants soy based formulas as compared to br east milk or cow's milk formulas. The reason for this agai

soy, which when given to kids at such a tender age can be dangerous. The American Academy of Pediatr ics (AAP) is now taking several measures to preven t any potential dangers of soy milk to children, a nd recommends giving children cow's milk formulas as the first alternative to breast milk. A study c onducted in 2008 by this organization states that soy milk may be given to children only if it is me dically necessary or as recommended by the pediatr ician. [XNEWLINEX]Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Foods rich in the nutrient are known to be able to curb the m ood swings that you experience during PMS. As such , foods such as ground flax seeds, avocados, salmo n and sardines are good foods to eat during this t ime. In fact, sardines are also a rich source of c alcium, that will help with the cramps at this tim e. [XNEWLINEX]

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