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House-140, flat-B#3,Lakecircus Kalabagan, Dhanmondi Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh +88029117923 (res) +8801817054540 (cell)


To obtain a challenging position in an organization that will contribute for growth of the organization and create an opportunity to make use of my education and hence, sharing my knowledge and experience.


Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) [2012-January]

School of Business, North South University (NSU) Concentration: Finance and Accounting, CGPA: 3.12 CGPA: 3.01 (Out of 4.00) (85% Marks) School From Dhaka Residential Model College GPA 4.70 out of 5.00 Science, Dhaka Board



Certificate (H.S.C) [2004-2006]

Secondary (S.S.C) [2002-2004]


Certificate From Dhanmondi Govt. Boys High School GPA 4.81 out of 5.00 Science, Dhaka Board

Skill Profile

Functional Skill Have an advanced knowledge of Windows operating system Capable of working with MS Office Applications & Open Office package Communication Skill Expert in both written and oral communication in English and Bangla Good at delivering information effectively Organizing skill Effective managing and organizing skill Very efficient in time-management


Flexible and adaptable to Changing environment Hard working, detail oriented, able to do multi-task Seek perfections in each and every steps in my performance Cant say No to work


I have completed my Internship from South East Bank Ltd. Dhanmondi branch from 18th September to 18th December 2011 and my research topic was South East Bank Ltd (SEBL) is having a positive and measuring impact of E-banking on customers satisfaction.

Project and Research works

Report on the performance evaluation of Grameen Phone (GP) IPO. Report on foreign exchange policy of Bangladesh Bank.

Related Coursework

Corporate Finance: Examines in details investment and financing, and their interrelatedness. The overall goal is to obtain a comprehensive and in-depth perspective of the area of Corporate Finance. Major topics include financial analysis and planning, valuation, capital budgeting, capital structure, dividend policy, working capital management, mergers and acquisition, hybrid financing, bankruptcy, multinational financial management, and risk management. Special emphasis is given on integration of the concepts of financial management into a total systems approach to business decisionmaking. Investment Analysis: Examines the investment environment and process. An investment is the current commitment of money or other resources in the expectation of reaping future benefits. The investment process involves identifying objectives and constraints, formulating and implementing strategies, and monitoring and updating the portfolio as needed. Major topics include investment alternatives, securities markets and trading mechanism, risk and return analysis, modern investment theory, valuation, analysis and management of bonds, common stocks and derivative securities, and investment performance evaluation. Taxation: Fundamental concepts of taxation and the local tax environment. It includes the theory and the historical growth of the fundamentals of the local tax laws and regulations. Emphasis is placed on the practical application of the tax laws in the preparation of the tax returns both for corporate and individuals and the need for tax planning. Working Capital Management: Focuses on the management of various components of current assets and current liabilities. Special emphasis is given on integration of the concepts into a total systems approach to short-term financial management. Topics include management of cash, accounts receivables, inventories and other current assets, and management of accounts payables, bank loans, other short-term loans and other current liabilities. International Financial Management: Focuses on understandings of Financial Management in an international environment. This is achieved through comprehensive coverage of topics from the area of International Finance. Major topics include international financial environment, foreign exchange markets including currency futures, forwards, options and swaps, foreign exchange risk management, international financing

and investing decisions, international working capital management, multinational capital budgeting, international portfolio diversification, etc. Intermediate Accounting : The fundamental nature of accounting communication embraced by a study of financial statements and reports, the form of presentation, analysis and interpretation of financial and operating statements, net income concepts, statements from incomplete records, theory and practice relating to cash flow, investment in tangible & intangible, current and non-current assets. Further emphasis on measurement of liabilities and stockholders? equity, the concept of the statement of changes in financial position, analysis of financial statements, problems with accounting changes, errors, estimates and income determination.

Personal information

Fathers Name Mothers Name Date of Birth Nationality Religion Marital Status

: S.Ebadul Islam : Noor-E-Afroza Begum : 22nd December, 1988 : Bangladeshi : Islam : Single


DR. Nazma Nasrin Assistant Professor Dhaka Medical College (DMC) Contact: 9669480

Mr. Shaheed Nuruddin District & Session Judge Speedy Trial Tribunal -1 Dhaka. Tel: 9135472