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Sage Bhrighus Blessings

Pam is a member of AIAC, Chicago.

She lives in Eastern Pennsylvania and is a Kriyaban in Self Realization Fellowship. She is currently completing AIAC Level 2 training. She is a Level 1 instructor and mentor to students from all over the world. Pam is also a contributor to the school's ezine AIAC Times which is available free in the Saptarishis Astrology book shop under the magazines section.

By Pam Rosevear, USA

Technique: Saptarishis Astrology
Readership Level: Basic To Advanced

ith Obeisance to Lord Ganapati, to beloved Rahu who is the Instigator of Karma in our lives. We submit this technique at the holy feet of Sage Bhrighu, the founder of Bhrighu astrology, the greatest one who no doubt is most beloved for showing us all that we do not know astrology yet. May he accept and bless this technique. May the ones who follow the rules of Jyotisha Purusha be able to use this technique effectively; the wise say the ones who have not mastered the Shadripus (Six Weaknesses) will one day fail in using

the real secret methods of real astrology. There are some things in life which have logic and many things in life which does not have logic. Does God exist, yes he does but what is the logic behind his existences might not be known, one would rather be in the company of God rather than know the reason behind his existence. Same way when it comes to logic behind astrological statements probably only the Rishi knows the logic, if we humans try to ascertain logic to it then we are only using our intellect to create a logic and it need not be the Rishis logic. So without bothering to find out the logic in BSPs let us first test it aggressively if it works. Only when we are convinced with BSPs application and have the heart to give BSP its full due credit cum respect should we venture deeper into the esoteric logic of each BSP. To read a BSP is one thing, to test it on 25 charts is one thing and to make an attempt on 50 charts is another thing, only when the Jyotish muscles are exercised on a single technique for 75-100 charts then one gets the mastery that a Master only would have. Before that there is no use in deciding if a technique works or not.

B S P - 21
Sage Bhrighus Easy Methodology - Bhrighu Saral Paddathi

BSP-13: Rahus 5th aspect implements itself in the 22nd year.

a) This would be the Moha Maya Aspect (attachment aspect) b) This could be very karmic an event, depending on other factors Case 1: Princess Diana 1st July 1961 19:45 52n50 0e30

a) Rahu is in the 10H, the 5th aspect of it is in the 2H of Family Way/an event in family/addition in family. Rahu is with Mars who is MK, matrukaraka mother. b) The 22nd year would be from July 82 to July 83 c) An event happened in the 21st June 1982, 9 days later her 22nd year would have started. d) The event was birth of a child, that is Prince William. A mother always has attachment (Moha Maya) towards her child. e) Those who believe that her birth time is accurate can see her D60, it has Rahu in the 5H aspecting the 9H with its 5th aspect. 9H in female horoscopy is children. Case 2: Swami Vivekananda 12th Jan 1863 6:33 22n32 88e22 LMT

a) Rahu is in the 12H of death and is the 3L of death of parents (BPHS Chapter 11 Shloka 3), so an event concerning parents could happen. Rahus 5th aspect is in the 4H of ones home. b) The 22nd year would be 1884 c) In 1884, Swamis father died, throwing the family into litigation and poverty. The ancestral home was lost. Narendra, (his given name) gave up his college career to find work and feed the family. Case 3: SA Volunteer

a) Rahu is in the 7H of secondary profession1, its 5th aspect falls in the 11H of income where Sun 3L of acting and Mer 4L of education is sitting b) This focus house is in the 8th of transformation from 4H of education and Rahu signifies photography too c) In the 22nd year which would be from May 94 to May 95 the native changed his education from engineering to doing a course in film making (rahu) which later became his profession.

Case 4: John F Kennedy, Sr

a) Rahu is in the 4H of ones home & mother. Its 5th aspect is on the 8H of inheritance and it activates the 8L Mars too b) On his 21st birthday which would be his 22nd year running he received inheritance gift of $ 1 million dollars. Case 5: Marie Antoinette 2nd Nov 1755 19:30 48n13 16e20 LMT

1 Most know this that 10H is profession and 10th from 10th is the bhavat bhavam or arudha of the 10H, hence 7H becomes

the house of secondary profession. - SA

a) Rahu is in the 3H of unlocking of Karma and 3H of bhagya of marriage, its 5th aspect would fall in the 7H of marriage, so something to do with marriage can happen b) Her 22nd year would be Nov 76 to Nov 77 c) Marie was married to the future Louis XVI at age 14. The lack of consummation of their marriage was a topic of concern in the French court for 7 years. The Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II, Maries brother, paid the couple a visit on April 18 1777 due to this situation. They consummated their marriage August 30 1777 in her 22nd year. Case 6: Barbra Streisand 24th April 1942 5:08 40n38 73w56

a) Rahu is in the 6H and its 5th aspect falls in the 10H of career and fame b) Rahu also signifies sudden events and its 5th aspect on 10H activates Sagi and thus Jup who is placed in the 3H of singing c) An American icon, Barbra Streisands rise to fame began shortly after she finished high school. These notable achievements took place in her 22nd year: her first album, The Barbra Streisand Album, won Album of the Year and Best Female Vocal Performance at the 1963 Grammys. And for her Broadway debut in 1962 in I Can Get It For You Wholesale, she was nominated for a Tony Award and won the New York Drama Critics Circle Award.

Case 7: SA Team Member

a) Rahu is in the 3H, 5th aspect of it would be on the 7H of secondary profession, the 7H goes in the 2H of Start Of Income a Artha Trikona (Wealth Triangle). This Saturn in turn aspects the 4H of home and mother. b) The 22nd year would be from Oct 99 to Oct 2000. c) On March 20th 2000 he got & joined job in the Income Tax Department of India, and this would be his 22nd year. d) As Saturn is involved in this Yoga of Rahu-5th Aspect- 22nd year, he with his 3rd aspect separated the native from mother and homeland and thus his first posting was in another state and another city.

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