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EM Outreach Program 2012

University of Asia & the Pacific | San Roque National High School December 7, 2012

Objectives To show gratitude for the fruitful and blessed year of 2012 To exemplify the spirit of giving this Christmas season To share the blessings we have received as entrepreneurs To promote Unitas not only within the UA&P campus but also outside the university To give the San Roque National High School children a time for joy and giving this Christmas season To give, especially to the needy ones, food, clothes, and school supplies To tighten the bond between Entrepreneurial Management students To share the values of UA&P students outside the university

Brief Background Our chosen beneficiary is the students of San Roque National High School. The principal of the school is Ms. Mita A. Abergos. The said school is a public school, composed of 1,440 students, ages 12-16 years old. The students belong to classes C and D. The parents of the beneficiaries are currently earning below the minimum wage and their usual work are tricycle/jeepney drivers and sapateros. Only a few of the students belong to a complete family; hence, most of the students live in a dysfunctional family. Outreach in detail The Process The people who were at the outreach program were mostly the EM Juniors; Luis Lansang, Linea Dumag, Monica Reyes, Erika Recomite , Kat Perez , Joey Santos, Judd Santos , Chrisitan Baguisa, Jeric Cua , Frich Pena, Mac Pua, Fernando Bascon , Demer Sun, Kevin Ancheta, Nica Navaro , Christel Chui , Justine Ayroso , Inez Amante, Janine UY, Lanz Cue , Daryl Uy , Gerald Chen, Kyle Celestra , Juan Umpa , Migs Itchon , Ayen Go , Yura Choi, Camille Lim. We first met up in school for everyone to gather and to be accounted for. We then proceeded to shell marcos highway in order to wait for Monica who knew the directions and had all the materials we needed. Upon Monica's arrival, we all proceeded to the venue.

San Roque National High School is situated in marikina city near the major road, Marcos Highway. The school was under renovation during the event but the school administrators were still able to welcome us and give us proper classrooms. We were able to manage the event by planning way before the target date. We first asked for donations, both monetary and in kind. We then packed the material gifts and listed the things we needed to buy. We decided to go to divisoria in order to buy notebooks, ballpens and other needed materials. Monica then did the grocery shopping for the food needed for the event. After all the hardwork and planning the event wouldn't have been successful without Mr. Policarpio giving us a free cut and encouraging everyone to join the outreach. Funds The total amount of funds collected was Php 9,690; P2,900 came from the first year, P1,750 from the second year, P2,790 from the third year and P2,250 from the fourth year. These funds all came from the P50 donation given by each student together with the additional donations given by some students. The funds were used to purchase goods for the outreach such as the prizes, the packaging, the utensils, the food and what not. The breakdown of the expenses is as follows: PARTICULARS Transportation (jeep & LRT) Notebooks & Pens Packaging Utensils Grocery National Book Store Prizes Labor (2 helpers helped in packing the goods, 1 driver transported the goods, 2 helpers prepared the food) AMOUNT 290 2,010 480 600 4,490 1,170 500 Total Php 9, 690 The Gifts and Sourcing

Before the group went to the actual outreach program the things we specifically bought were school supplies, namely notebooks and ball pens. With these school supplies the package includes the donations of every student, clothes and toys/books and food. Donations were given by every student where each would give a minimum of 50 pesos and in kind, old clothes that can still be used and toys and books that the high school students can use. For the school supplies, Monica Reyes, Erika Recomite, Linea Dumag, Luis Lansang and Judd Santos went to Divisoria on a Thursday, December 8, 2012(which lasted from 1 until 4 in the afternoon). After the class ended, the 5 of us went to Divisoria; from school the group went to Robinsons Place in Cainta form there we rode a jeep to LRT 2 Santolan station and stopped at Recto station, and lastly a jeep ride to Divisoria. The groups goal is to look for school supplies of good quality with low whole sale costs. In addition the group also bought other supplies like, plastic bag, paper plates, and plastic cups for the packaging of gifts and for food. After buying the needed materials in Divisoria, Monica Reyes bought additional school supplies for game prices, due to the savings from the earlier shopping. On the other hand, for the food that will be severed for the students on the day for the outreach, Monica Reyes was able to buy and prepare sandwiches and drinks on that same day. As well as to finalize packing the gifts that was given to the students. The reason the group planned to give these specific packages is because these could help them in add materials the need for school. Preparation The week of November 19 23, 2012, EM students were asked to bring their goods, which include: old clothes, old toys and old books and stored them at the EM office. At the same time, their P50 donation was also collected. The week of November 26 30, 2012, the goods were sorted and were initially packed. However, since a lot of students werent able to bring their goods yet, the team had to wait longer until there were sufficient goods for the targeted 180 students. The week of December 3 6, 2012, other goods (Notebooks/pens/utensils/etc.) were bought. The donations were also repacked at the house of Monica Reyes for the day that the goods were completed was on December 6, 2012 which is exactly a night before the day of the outreach. Thus, Monica Reyes needed extra

manpower to repack the 180 packages, prepare the food for 180 students and to transport all materials for the outreach. Program judd

The Package judd

Feedbacks The teachers were very thankful. They were happy that we gave the students a break from work and a early Christmas gift. One of the teachers even joked that they were also given a rest day. The students were very participative. Although you can observe the shyness from some of them, it was very clear that the outreach made them really happy. Photos **Judd part** Conclusion As a whole, despite the problems that we encountered, we were still able to push through and made the outreach program a success. It was observed that through this activity, everyone had an urge to help in his or her own little ways. However as a course, we still need to communicate more and develop the willingness of students to help those who are in need. Nonetheless, given the short time for preparation and the small amount of funds raised, we, the EM community a small populated community, was able to create an impact to society.

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