A: Putih please make me a cup of coffee P: Yes dad M: You make it and let me serve to Daddy.

Its looked me dilligent. Daddy this coffee was made for you A: Why you make? I have Putih make it M: Si putih is lazzy,so merah that make this coffee. Get drink please A: Err... This coffee or salt water? Its so salty. M: Salty? A: Yes. Try drink this. M: Oh no daddy,this sure si Putih. Grrr A: Why with putih? You make it coffee,didnt it? Ok, i will take a bath. Dont repeat again. M: yes dad, forgive me please. P: why ur face look sad? Haha M: All of this because of you putih! You take some salt to daddy’s coffee P: me? And then,if i did it,why? Is that problem for you? Haha M: grr u r bad child P: its ur fault merah. The Next day.... A: Mommy, merah putih please come here. I: what happened daddy? M: Yes,what happen? Any accident? A: No. Daddy will go to next city to trade. Take care of you all in home. Dont make any problem. Wish the best for me so that can be back to home again. P: yes dad, i will pray the best for you daddy, take care too on street. M: We will miss u daddy. I: take care on street and get back. Remember all of us daddy,we love you so much. A: Ok, i go now. Bye. M: mommy, lets get avenged to Putih. I: Sure my son. Mommy wont let you being unlucky because putih P: Hey hey, what do you say?me? im beautyfull? Surely! Im Young girl,still fresh. I: err.. mommy also still young, try to see my face its so white and brightening. P: Yes because mommy wear a mask, if mom unwear mask surely like grandma age 90th. I: u r immodest, never hear my words. M: Yes mom, putih always impolite with parents. Bad child u r putih! I: Im confuse speak with you putih. Now wash all cloths. Mommy and merah will take a rest. P: why me? Im not wrong,i didnt mistake. I: do it now, dont too much speaks. N then after wash,serve dinner for mommy n putih. In silence morning but the silence is broken by noisy of merah. M: Mom, i go to market in few minutes,any things that must be bought. Will you accompany with me mom? I: no, thanks. I will do the Yoga in home,so my body keep sexy.. M: Err... okey i go mom... The day where merah meet with handsome prince. Pr: Please take my wallet, i will pay this book. G: Yes sir. Pr: Lets go back now. I have finished to expense. G: Yes sir,any thing will be bought again? Pr: No,lets go back.Hurry up. And then unexpectedly a wallet fall down and merah saw that.

M: excuse me, is this ur wallet? Pr: yes that’s mine thankss have found my wallet M: u r welcome,u r lucky because if not me who found that,surely didnt returnable Pr: Yes, thank you so much M: oh yeah,introduce me,im Merah and who r u? Pr: im prince from Persia,country where beautyfull and peacefull M: oh, im just ordinary people, i live in bombay village. Pr:oh nice to meet u,will you back to home with me?as sign of my thanks. M: sure,impossible for me to reject ur invitation. Arrived at home.. M: sorry, this is my home, small and dirty Pr: no problem M: putih,lets make a drink for me and my guest P: yes merah,be patient In a few minutes P: this is the drink,sorry too long standing. M: yes too long standing! Pr: oh nevermind, sorry,who r u? P: im putih sir M: You acts so cute putih. Pr: dont call me Sir,call me prince P: yes prince P: Sorry i must go on now, M: Oh,next time come in again prince, Pr: Sure. Merah n putih, may it we can meet again. Guardian,lets get we back. G: Yes sir,sorry sir where we go back?to bookstore or? Pr:Go back to the castle,lets go. M: mommy,i just meet very handsome prince. I: then,u introducing urself with him? M: Surely, he also take me off in this home. I: Waw goodjob, M: yes mom,but the prince seems that like with putih. Putih acts so beauty an so friendly. Sly she is! Suddenly putih has come. P: what? Im sly?if im sly,why?problem for you?hahaha. hoaam im sleepy, i will take a rest. Bye... M:grrrrooarrr...

At next day, prince visit in bawang’s home with his guardian. G: Sir,we go to here for meet whom?merah or putih? Pr: Putih ( :3 unyu unyu) She is kind and beautyfull G: Err.. oo. Tok tok tok bunyi mangkuk dipukul,eh.. M: Oh my prince,enter please. Pr:why looks silence?where others? M:oh mommy is in kitchen. Pr:ehm,putih where she is? M:oh forget it,maybe she is out,please sit down, i will make a drink . Pr:okey... At Merah in kitchen with her mom

M: mom, please get putih clean the warehouse,let she didnt meet prince I: yes honey,it so easy. Putih,come here please, P:What happen u call me,huh! I: Mommy need ur help,please clean the warehouse,too long its look dirty. P:Huh yes mom. Putih go to warehouse and mother locked the door M: this is drink prince Pr: thanks, Suddenly putri screaming... P: Help me help me,i have been locked in this. Help me! Pr:Whose voice? G:its looks from back sir. Pr: Who r that merah? M: eh eh, nothing prince... Pr: Ok,lets we look! M:Wait prince... Arrived at warehouse P: Help me cuy,help me up! Pr: The door is locked,whom people that locked it? Unexpectanly mommy came... I: What happen is it? Pr: Who bring the key? Just silence in few minutes... G: Lets Check them sir,surely between they are that bringing the keys. (pointing at Merah n mother) Pr: Where the keys? I: this is,prince.. Pangeran opened the door P: Prince... Pr: Putih,is it you P: Prince help me, i have been torture everyday by them and also they are who lock me in this warehouse. M: dont speaks any fake putih! Pr: Ok,now you n ur mother lets go out from here or i will report it to government. I:But,prince... Pr: Go out! Merah n mother go out. G: How pitty they are! Merah is beauty but have a bad attitude Pr: Yes,dont seeing person from its cover only. G: You right Sir. Pr: Putih,now you secure because they are have been gone. P: Thanks prince Pr: u r welcome, ehm u r look beautyfull together mutual look each other and live happily ever after.

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