Dec 11, 2012

With an offer to respectively negotiate with Vancouver City Mayor and Council

[Under Sec 1 of the Charter and Sec 8 CCC, common law jurisdiction] This NOTICE is being pressed in order to outline our 'prescribed set of rules and activities' in order for City officials to know what we are engaged to undertake at our HEADquarters, under Freedom of Expression, as Officers of an Officially recognized federal party NAMELY The Radical Marijuana Party and The Van-Centre Parti Marijuana Party EDA. We do this to protect our membership's right to enjoy one of the only benefits of being in this very repressive archetypal form of government called: The Supremacy of Parliament • Let it be clearly understood that as a fair notice: under a necessity defence, we expect the Mayor to respect the fact that we are in His Municipality and any intervening /interference by any Attorney General or his employees will be construed as a violation of the Mayor's oath • The territory being vacated by the City include 1058 and 1062 Granville Street, in order to be seized under Sec 8 CCC and placed under the jurisdiction of our Parti Marijuana Party EDA. • This EDA will collect a PST [party sales tax] under a clever expression and application of a Longley Loophole defence, under Sec 8 CCC common law jurisdiction and the Elections Act. IN ORDER TO OUTLINE THE STRUCTURES OF THIS UNDERTAKING: The EDA will enter into several arms length agreements with co-op entities that operate within properly established accounting practices, in order to accommodate our EDA's political goals and objectives, The Medical Cannabis Dispensary will operate as a co-op at 1062 Granville under an arms-length 3part fiduciary agreement with the EDA officers, the Dispensary's officers, and its Dispensary members. • This Dispensary, in the spirit of co-operation, will operate within the existing parameters, and will comply with /follow the same criteria as other clubs do in recruiting members and furthermore we will conform to similar business hours and practices that other clubs operate. • Any other 3-part fiduciary agreements in 1062 Granville will be done by the Dispensary, • Like medical practitioners and other cultural activities needed to support the Dispensary. • The Vapour Lounge at 1058 Granville will operate as a private members' club under a 3-part fiduciary agreement with the EDA, the officers of the Vapour Lounge and our EDA members. • Any other 3-part fiduciary agreements in 1058 Granville will be done by the Vapour Lounge, • Like food services /hall rentals for events like reggae night /band venues [for example]. • Because the Vapour Lounge is in a club zone, means it will be open later than the Dispensary. • We will strictly enforce that everyone must be of voting age and hold a free party membership to enter the premises, We will not participate in any bar watch program because we will not dispense alcohol and we have privacy rights, like a union, because of another Longley decision • in fact we will enforce AN ALCOHOL FREE ZONE policy on everyone in the Lounge • No one will be permitted to sell any form of smoking grade cannabis while in the Lounge and unlike other Vapour Lounges, we will require a free party membership to be in our private club. IN REGARD TO THE FOOD SERVICES • The goal here is for the EDA to enjoy a peaceful way to attract social and political participation by offering a better than Amsterdam experience, under the platform of EDIBLE = MEDICAL • Our wet-bar will have an Expresso Machine, and blenders for making Smoothies and offer a selection of prepackaged Macro Biotic Superfood concentrates to add to these blends. • Everything on the menu will be available as a non-medicate or medicated super healthy food IN REGARD TO AN OFFER TO COOPERATE WITH THE CITY: We hold no animosity toward the City, and we actually commend its ground breaking position on the Pitfield decision, for example. BUT under a necessity defence we have to express that the only valid way to fight a bad law, [like this new criminal OMNIBUS BILL] under especially this cruel form of Supremacy of Parliament that the HARPSTER is dishing out, is by forming an EDA, and stand-under the fact that under the Supremacy of Parliament, it's 'prescribed by law' that the only thing the majority in power is directly prohibited from doing is trampling on the right of another officially recognized party to enjoy our express guarantee to protect a belief that enough is enough, and the majority in power has no moral, legal, or lawful right to trample on our rights to seek benefit from a certain food given by God in Thanksgiving, and everyone knows that everything God gave to mankind is good, when used in thanksgiving. [1Tim4] but then DEATH CANADA does not subscribe to God or to being reasonable. - Under a necessity defence, we do what we must in order to defend our Free and Democratic Society With due respect,

Joramel Dela Cruz Van Centre EDA CFO

David Errol: Holmes Van Centre EDA Officer

marc boyer: freeman Marijuana Party Whip

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