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Unto Us A Child Is Born The birth of a child is the beginning of a new experience.

From apparently nothing, except for two people coming together, derives the miracle of life. In the following paragraphs, the miracle is one that births the newborn qualities of comfort, peace, love, joy, and goodwill. The child is born to bring us into the presence of the divinity that lives in us. The soft tenderness of the infant brings us to the source of all goodness, where the spiritual fruit blossoms from within us, and upon the earth. We are given the gift of peace, meekness, and gentleness to make this world a tranquil one. The newborn brings the spirit of love, goodwill, and kindness for making harmony with people of every nation. The inspiration of faith, joy, and goodness comes to grant us optimism on every continent. With the child, we walk day by day with patience, self-control, and perseverance in divine qualities. HEALTH The birth of the child brings us comfort in our health. The soft tenderness of the divine birth comforts our mind and emotions to guide our behavioral responses. The health of the world is united through the miracle of the newborn comfort within persons of every nation. May the miracle of comfort be within every country. SECURITY The birth of the child brings us peace in our desire to be secure. The soft tenderness of the divine birth instills a stable tranquility to make us serene within ourselves. The security of the world bonds through the miracle of newborn peace within people of every country. May the miracle of peace bring serenity to the universe. BELONGING The birth of the child brings us to love within our acceptance of one another. The soft tenderness of the divine birth carries harmony, tolerance, and fellowship from a person to a person. The belonging in the world comes together through the miracle of newborn love within people of every continent. May the miracle of love embrace the worlds population. SELF-WORTH The birth of the child brings us joy in the estimation of our self-worth. The soft tenderness of the divine birth fills our esteem and ego with optimism about who we are. The worth of the world is felt through the miracle of newborn joy within the souls of people. May the miracle of joy esteem the inhabitants of the planet. SELF-EXPRESSION The birth of the child induces the spirit of goodwill within our words and deeds. The soft tenderness of the divine birth fills our creativity, ideas, inspirations, and thoughts with noble intent. The self-expression of the world harmonizes through the miracle of newborn goodwill within people around the world. May the miracle of goodwill be communicated worldwide.

Some people want to deny us the experience that the birth of the divine child brings. That child brings comfort, peace, love, joy, and goodwill to the world. They are

pessimistic and angry at the thought of the fruit of the divine miracle being born within us. They refuse to agree that the soft and tender qualities of the newborn will bond nations together through peace. Acceptance that the divine birth reshapes the universe, beginning from within us, is the only way to feel comfort and joy. Reservoirs of people exist that do not want the divine birth to be recognized by occupants of the world. The attitudes that exit from them convey ill-intent to the inner miracles that the deity's child induces. Those attitudes transfer through people who thrive on dominance through harshness and treachery. They place minimal worth on joyful, loving, and peaceful harmony. Hostile attitudes to the spirits newborn enter through our estimation of self-worth. When seeking the divine child, who brings comfort, joy, and peace to us, some will humiliate that effort. They are hostile, cruel, and display extreme pessimism to the esteem and ego of those who are hospitable to the miracles of the newborns fruit. That might cause us to accept worldly praise that comes through materialism and physical gratification. We begin to become a part of the network that destroys the fruit of the miraculous birth. There are those who are susceptible to adopting the attitudes of those who persecute the qualities of the child born unto us. They are those who do not interpret the soft tenderness of their inner being to be a manger of newborn, and divine fruit. That cycle can be interrupted by realizing that the moist tenderness within us is fertile ground for divine birth. We can assess that unto us a divine child is born. The diagnosis is that some people desire to eradicate the child from being born to us within our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Even so, we plan to accept the soft tenderness of the childs meek and gentle spirit of peace. We implement that plan by responding to opposing influences through the moistness of the spiritual fruit. The evaluation of the childs birth within us comes through the divine fruit of the spirit. When love, peace, faith, and perseverance blossom into what we say and do we are hospitable to the miraculous birth.