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OBJECTIVE Seeking to obtain a challenging position in Educational and Information Technology field, where I can utilize my interpersonal and technical skills along with my academic and work experience for the growth of the organization and myself. EDUCATION Course Ph.D in Computer Science M. Phil in Comp. Sci MCA Year Regd 2011 University/Institution Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore. Percentage

73.50% 70.22%

2008-2009 2004-2007

Vinayaga Mission, Selam. St Joseph’s College (Autonomous), Trichy, India. - Bharathithasan University Pope John Paul II College of Education, Puducherry, India -Pondicherry University Fatima Higher Secondary School, Puducherry, India S.V.V High School, Puducherry, India

B.Sc., B.Ed (Integrated Course) Higher Secondary level schooling Secondary level schooling







Underwent a training certification program in the following packages and languages  ORACLE Certified Trainer on Introduction to SQL and Administration Workshop I  C, C++, VB. NET and ASP.NET  Advance Networking in CISCO Routers (CCNA) WORK EXPERIENCE     Working as Lecturer in Rajiv Gandhi Arts & Science College, Puducherry in Department of Computer Science and Application from January 2011. Worked in ACHARIYA COLLEGE as Lecturer in Department of Computer Science and Application from July 2009 to Jan 2011, Pondicherry. Worked as a System Analyst in Zenta Knowledge Services, Chennai, from June 2008 to June 2009. Worked as a Web research Executive (E-Commerce) in Mobius Knowledge Services, Chennai, from September 2007 to June 2008. This is a leading KPO in Chennai.

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AREAS OF INTEREST  Database Management Systems, OOPs concepts, Networking Concepts

PROJECTS HANDLED 1. LOGEYE RFID System (Major Project) Team Size: 2, Duration: 6 Month (From December 2006 to May 2007) Description: LOGEYE RFID is time and attendance automation software designed exclusively for H.R. Department of Azimuth Software India Private Limited. This system is to develop a fully automated data processing system for the massive campaign done on the Logging system and monitoring the employee of the company. 2. Design of Ad Hoc Network using IP V6 ( M.Phil – Dissertation work ) Team Size: 1, Duration: 6 Month Description: To connect wireless ad hoc networks to the Internet, adaptations of established procedures for IP address and name assignment are required. It proposes an approach to integrate the dynamic allocation of IP addresses into an advanced distance vector routing protocol for wireless ad hoc networks, in order to utilize the advantages of proactive ad hoc routing and to reduce the additional overhead of traditional IP address assignment. 3. Implementing Ad Hoc Network using Neural Network ( Ph.D Research Problem) Description: Mobility prediction allows estimating the stability of paths in a mobile wireless Ad Hoc networks. Identifying stable paths helps to improve routing by reducing the overhead and the number of connection interruptions. The routing protocol must also adapt to frequently changing network topologies caused by nodes mobility, as well as other network characteristics. The majority of these solutions are based on finding the shortest path in term of distance or delay. This failure causes connection interruption and data loss. However, rediscovering routes phase involves a substantial overhead. This is why stable paths are worth to be exploited for routing packets, instead of shortest paths. The paths stability estimation can be done by predicting nodes future locations, which we call mobility prediction. In this study, we propose a method for mobility prediction in Ad Hoc networks. This method is based on a recurrent neural network. PAPER PRESENTATION, WORKSHOP AND JOURNALS

 

Enhanced Wireless Ad Hoc Networks using Neural Networks Artificial Intelligence -

National Conference Work Shop

Erode, India Puducherry

ACADEMIC PARTICIPATIONS  Conducted a blood camp in the college through JIPMER hospital, Puducherry  Participated in one day work shop in college on Soft skills.  Undergone as teacher trainee for two months to schools in Under Graduation.

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EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES  Actively participated in ‘AIDS Awareness Program in rural areas’ conducted by NSS.  Undergoing a ‘Human Relation Development Program’ conducted by Human Relation Development Academy  Participated as student coordinator in NSS Special Camps held under the theme ‘Youth for Swachatha’ in college. PERSONAL STRENGTH  Flexible  Good Communication Skills  Function well in group Environments PERSONAL PROFILE  Father’s Name / Occupation  Mother’s Name / Occupation  Date of Birth  Sex  Marital Status  Language Known  Hobbies : Balasubramanian, Advocate. : Vijayalakshmi, Teacher : 30-01-1982 : Male : Single : Tamil, English and French : Reading magazines, listening Songs and pencil drawing

I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge and I bear the responsibility for the correctness of the above-mentioned particulars.

Place : Puducherry. Date : ( BALA MURUGAN. B )

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