City of Doors, Sigil The Harbinger House Attic Bloodboil & Berk’s lane

Alturiak 26} 1373DR

First, this ain’t no diary it’s a log. A record to sort things out. I’d rather
put my axe to heads than pen to parchment but such is my present state. I’m putt’n my thoughts down to make sure I got things straight. It’s this place I’m in, it clouds the mind. Almost makes a berk barmy er a bloke mad. That’s just what I’m say’n. Now I’m even beginning to talk like these cagers uh folks in this here so called City of Doors. Sigil, that’s where I’m at- so I’m told anywise. It’s like I was napping in my soon-to-be kingdom one minute and the next I’m come’n to in a steamer trunk. Yep, it’s like that here, it’s like being in a crowded, stuffy steamer trunk except’n there ain’t no corners. Just long avenues that curl around a long bend to... well if you walk long enough you end up right back where you started! That is after you’ve passed a bunch a dems you would normally hack down just cause that’s what a body felluh does to demons. Well I haven’t even started to sort. Here goes. All right, we heard of the Drow fix’n to come to the Vast and really give it to us this time. Some, like myself took this as day to day chatter and figured when I got to it, I’d go to it. Then when I was getting to it and head’n to see my newly betrothed I learn them rumors were way short of the mark. My Haelil had been grievously wounded in battle against these verminoids! She lay there hearing but one voice, that being death calling her name! I raced to her side and she was so pale and weakened. Maddening I tell ya, I couldn’t take but a few moments a seeing her like that. Like a thunderbolt from Moradin’s anvil I shouted orders to her people there and set off with the best cutters companions I had. You see, my brother is away doling out some old fashion diplomacy in god’s forsaken Calant in a sad little corner of the Vast, so I was with the best I had. Well we tracked these murderous cowards to their

fitting hidey-hole and made to smoke’m out. But they was gone. In their place two dems and a few of those weak Drow-folk was watching out. During clean up we found a letter that read:
It is as you expected. A source here confirms that the goddess is on the move. Attack and kill her enemies without pause or mercy. I’ve learned the location of a portal for you. It leads from the Markeplace of this great city into a set of caverns situated in an underpopulated area of Faerun. I do not know if it works both ways. I shall continue to find out more information and leave it for you at the Oarsman. Have your messenger present this letter.

Well we knew we had to get through a portal in the cave... that’s where our quarry went, there were tracks. We figured it all out and ended up here, in Sigil. Talk about a wet blanket! Tracking from that point was useless, since that there damn portal popped us outright onto a busy street under a weasely little arch with nasty letters say’n ‘Welcome to the Merchant’s District’ all friendly and all, sheesh I wanted to tear that thing up and throw it at... Anyway by talk’n around we ended up finding our way to the Oarsman mentioned in that letter we found. There we met a graybeard er a scholar who knew more than most around here and willing to talk. You see, most folks don’t talk, everyone’s afraid the other is part of a faction or taken notes for the Lady. Find something wrong and bam the Lady’s sends her Dabus to really check things out. If they get suspicious that you is law breakin then The Lady herself might come call’n! Then, then my friend, well forget it. Just know from what I’ve heard and I can’t see any reason not to believe this one, she holds tight reigns on Sigil. They say she just points and your gone, gone to some extra-dimensional Maze till you find your way out (which aint never happed as they say) or you just die.

Okay, so this here scholar, Rule-of-Three he calls himself. Damn arrogant, as there seems to be some kind of fundamental rule of the multiverse: things happen in threes. He frequents this bar, the Styx Oarsman. A building no stranger than others round here. Got a ship on top though, that’s a bit weirder I suppose. So we talk to this fellow since he don’t seem afraid to talk back and with some good info. I gotta say that R.o.T is very ugly even for tall folk. I think he said he was a Githzerai Scholar. Well looks aren’t everything so we went ahead and spillt that we are from ‘outside’ and we tell him about home and the Drow and the letter we found with the name of the Oarsman on it. He seemed very interested and wanted to help. So I told him my love fell ill to some very fell poison that seemed to have more purpose than kill’n to it and she’s in a terrible slumber and pale and... can’t go on about it. This Gith-whatever talks in riddles that I don’t find clever but he’s all we had at the moment. He said he had special access to The Lady’s library and that he’d research Drow poisons that cause such a thing and then he’d have some powerful friends make an antidote. He promised to secure a portal back to the cave or somewhere close to home. Great right? Well then he started in with the whole ‘three’ thing. Three errands that he needed done. I guess we didn’t have a choice when you come right down to it so agree we did. The first was in town and that’s when we came across some talking rats with exposed brains. They had a warning of some kind, yes- they talked:
“You must listen to us” they said, “Scuttle very carefully through this sewer. Demons are triple liars, but angels are eager to make you martyrs. Go, and trust neither heaven nor hell. We mean victory for you and defeat for the Spider Queen.”

Uh, I guess the City is the sewer and we did get accused of consorting with demons by some celestial types, but the last part?

Troubling for sure, nope- don’t like the sound of that and those rats got some cred now so we’re keep’n aware. Also as a bonus part of the first errand we got a free prophecy:
The bow of beasts dissolves the taint of the corrupted, The bitter ice hides a dwarven axe to crack abyssal armor. Search The Lady’s wisdom and the book of flesh, Bide your time, and flee when the goddess shakes her web. A pair of keys: a blackened tongue, a golden word, Pass through three gates: serpent, darkness, stone. Kill the queen in her black pearl, and find Near the throne a fourth gate--- home.

Goddess? Web? Kill the Queen?! I hope the Celestial folks aren’t as ‘right as rats!’ Hmm I like that, that’s my slang now. So them, back we went for R.o.T’s second errand. Well if he ain’t nosy. So he interprets our prophecy as meaning we should seek the bow named Thaas in the Beastlands which turns out ain’t in Sigil and ain’t at home so off to the Hive Ward to climb some tree while singing some hymn to some All-Father to transport us through it’s portal to these Beastlands- whew! All very strange, but if all this chicanery will lead to the antidote, home and beating off the Drow invasion- then I am in in in. So the Dark er, the just of it is we did all he said. We got the bow made of horns after dealing with large talking squirrels who later happened to let slip of a powerful Dwarven Relic. This in yet another land we could get to from their ‘World Ash’ tree. I could not, not go- so we went. Now that place, fittingly termed ‘The Land of Frost Giants’ by the Rattatosks, was a land in terminal winter. There we indeed recovered The Demon Quelling Axe from a nasty servant of a nasty Giant Demon Prince named Kostchtchie who, thank Moradin, wasn’t there. So, finally, this is why I sit alone for a few moments. This is why I put my thoughts to parchment in a candle lit attic in a truly god’s forsaken world much

unlike any I have ever experienced. This is why I am starting to get nervous that this Rule-of-Three might not be who he claims to be after all. That he might just be jezebel telling me stories, wasting my time while my love sinks further into an unknown mire of fell dreams! Yes, while perhaps mine and other’s lands become subjected to further Drow invasion! And perhaps while the Demon Queen continues spinning her intricate filigree of plans within plans to ensnare worlds into her fetid abyssal web. Have I been a pawn to Lolth’s agent, this sham-scholar who cavorts with demons in a demon bar? Has my name been so written in hell’s tomes by virtue of my accomplishments in Faerun? Has foiling wizards, liches and killing dragons and giants raised eyebrows in the nether worlds? Is Tordek Ungardt, future Thane of the Vast a viable threat to these infamous manipulators of mortals...? Well hell, if not yet then I’m ready! I’ll make this Gith-bubber, ahem, drunk play his last card and see who starts playing who now. I have a feeling he’s playing two sides (or more!)- I’m just not sure who and why. If this all does lead to Lolth’s web like these riddles, prophecies and rats hint then by Moradin’s Ax her anthill and Rule-o-three are about to come down like the house of cards they’ve been playing! Tordek Post script: There’s a lot more I haven’t put down, not the least of which includes some very personal family developments but I ain’t putt’n that kinda stuff here, this ain’t no Damn diary.

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