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oOdiN’s RETURN by Ragnar Storyteller In a little Northern European village in the 15th century, a young Viking Warrior comes of age. His mother is horribly killed by a vile priest of the new slave-making religion that has over run his world. While making a pilgrimage to his mother’s grave he meets a tall dark, one-eyed stranger dressed in a long dark cloak. What the stranger tells young Thorolfr not only changes his life and the lives of his younger brother and sister, but it starts the revival of the religion of the Old Gods, who once ruled the Nort Follow Thorolfr on his vision quest into his rites of passage which change him from a teenage villager with no destiny to a Viking Werte with the fate of his kindred in his ands. ja} —_—_—- ooin’s RETURN by Ragnar Storyteller Published by World Tree Publications ‘The Outreach Ministry ofthe Asatru Alliance Post Office Box 961, Payson, AZ 85547 USA Designed & illustrated by E. Max Hyatt Copyright 1995 CE - 2948 Runic Era All rights reserved