lmost 5 years ago, the NYSYLC was composed of a small group of immigrant youth dreaming of a more equitable society for immigrants and their families. Our campaign priority was immediate passage of the Dream Act and we lobbied and collected petitions for our dreams to come true. Idealistic and inspired by the strength of a growing immigrant rights movement, we engaged students, educators and parents locally and nationally to fight for equal access to higher education and opportunities for immigrant youth regardless of immigration status. To achieve this dream, we have led hunger strikes, walks across the country and state, built Dream Teams across the city, led the NY Dream Act campaign, developed new leaders through our leadership development programs, dreamed through our Arts and Expression programs and created the first undocumented youth scholarship program in NY. 2012 has been an extraordinary year for the NYSYLC with the passage of the Deferred Action for Child Arrivals (DACA) policy and the long fight for the NY Dream Act. The NYSYLC was even recognized as an emerging Power of New York in The New York Times. Since the meeting when the NYSYLC was born, little did we know that our work could be transformational, not only for our communities, but also ourselves. Yet, our fight is not over. Until our communities no longer live in fear of deportation, until ever young person has access to higher education, until we are all free, we will continue to be undocumented, unafraid and unapologetic. -The Board of the NYSYLC.

170 active members within the organization who run committees such as: Media and Outreach, Advocacy, Organizing, Arts and Expressions, Leadership Development, and Fundraising


NY Dream Act- the NYSYLC’s 1st ever state campaign that would allow undocumented youh access to the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)

1,500 & 600 DAILY VIEWS ON OUR

15 Dream Teams -youth-led groups- were established in private and public colleges, and communities who are committed to grassroots organizing

9,500 people subscribed to our newsletter 2,000 likes on Facebook 1,500 followers on twitter

16 Scholarships and 2 fellowships awarded, for a grand total of $10,000 awarded to immigrant youth during our fiscal year; $36,000 since the start of the Scholarship Awards Program in 2007

40+ workshops and presentation held on NY Dream Act, Dream Act, and undocumented youth led movement ‘Road to College” guide has over 500 viewed by over 500 on our website; 200 distributed through our College Clinic workshops

Ask Angy – the first ever undocumented youth led Q&A blog that has made appearances on BBC and New York Magazine

Over 30 videos on our youtube channel, with an average view of 250 per video

20 – the number of deportation of DREAMers & families we have stopped through our Education Not Deportation (END) Campaign Concluded our 2nd undocumented high school peer led mentoring program with a cohort of 12 students. All 12 have successfully enrolled in their first college semester

AUG US T 2011
•NYSYLC’s 4th Annual Scholarship Award Ceremony was held with 9 scholarship recipients, a total of $4,000 was awarded •Julio Hernandez, NYSYLC’s first END case, was granted de ferred action while his case for asylum relief is pending.  

D E C E M B E R 2 0 11

S E P T E M B E R 2 0 11

•Created DREAM teams in across New Yorks’ boroughs and college campuses. •Brooklyn DREAM team held its first Town Hall for the NYDA. Nadia and her mother Nazmin Habid E.N.D case was made public and they were granted a year stay of removal. •Stopping the deportation of Nadia built credibility of our organization with the South Asian community. •The NY Dream Coalition was formed that would advocate for NY DREAM legislation –including the NY DREAM Act. •NYU Law Clinic accepts our proposal to draft the legal language for the NY Dream Act.

•Youth Leading Change Training was held with over 20 partici pants who are committed to organizing for the NY Dream Act •NY Dream Act had its first ever State Assembly hearing. •NY Dream Act Bronx town hall was held with over 100+ attendees •Held the 2nd College Clinic Program in Brooklyn and reached over 75+ who received information about higher education and applying, regardless of immigration status.


•We held our first active members retreat to plan the NY Dream Act campaign and several weeks of actions to ensure passgage by June 2012


O C TO B E R 2 0 11

•Queens DREAM team held its first Town Hall for the NY DREAM Act, with 200+ attendees •We moved to a new building that has a history of social justice initiatives dating back as 1960s.

N O V E M B E R 2 0 11

•NY DREAM Act Week of Action which consisted of social media, petition drives, phone call-in days to Speaker Silver’s office, and a rally to urge passage of NY Dream Act this year. Additionally, we started mobilizing our youth for the NY Dream Act Albany Day of Action that was held on March 6rh •Our Arts and Expression program launched UndocuMic which consisted of undocumented youth performing for audiences. UndocuMic was attended by over 50 individuals. •We continued our annual tradition of fundraising for the 2012 Scholarship Awards Program for Immigrant Youth

•Road to College Clinic takes place, first stop the Bronx with an attendance of over 100+ youth and families •We become an official 501c3 organization and recognized on paper as “New York State Youth Leadership Council, Inc.”

MARCH 2012
•March 6th NY Dream Act Albany Day of Action was attended by over 300 youth who ralllied, marched, and spoke with their rep resentatives about passing NY Dream Act and the importance it is for higher education •Following our action, we held our Annual Coming Out of the Shadows Week of Action which consisted of featured story, poetry, social media status updates, wearing “undocumented, unafraid”, and closing the week off with a rally in Union Sq. •Annual Coming out of the Shadows event •NYDA vigil held outside of Governor Cuomo’s office to demand support. •YLC board member Sonia and core member Angy were honored as two of the 40 of the Under 40 Latino Rising Stars for their work at the NYSYLC •Rally at Governor Cuomo’s office was the YLC’s first act of civil disobedience.YLC members Janet, Rosario and Sara were arrested for demanding Cuomo actively support the NYDA •Jordana Judith Vera Serna one of E.N.D cases was granted 1 year deferred action.

M AY 2 0 1 2

•May Day Rally •Youth Leading Change Training held. •Hempstead NY DREAM Act Forum JUNE 2012 •NYDA Day of Action in Albany. YLC held a sit in outside of As sembly Speaker Silver’s office and met with him and Jim Yates to demand support and pass the NYDA. •Emergency rally held outside of Assembly Speaker Silver’s office. •Stop and Frisk March. •YLC held its first Soccer Competition Tournament. •DREAMers begin to occupy President Obama’s campaign offices to demand an executive order. •YLC core member Melissa appears on the cover of TIMES magazine. •President Obama announces Deferred Action Policy will be in effect immediately. •YLC’s holds a Deferred Action Workshop. •National DC Graduation.

APRIL 2012

•15 undocumented and documented youth walked to Albany to put pressure on Cuomo and other politicians to support the NYDA. •Latinos and Immigration Reform Panel held. •Facing Race Launch Party •Undocumented Unafraid Screening at the Tribeca Film Festival held. Members of the YLC appeared in the movie and their stories were highlighted.

J U LY 2 0 1 2

YLC core member Angy appears in New York Magazine. Ask Angy is featured in BBC news and compared to “Dear Abby” but for undocumented youth

The 2011 Scholarship Awards Ceremony Recipients August 2011


Rally to Stop the Deportation of Nadia Habib and her mother September 2011

The Annual DREAM Act Mock Graduation in Washington DC, June 2012

Coming Out of the Shadows: Undocumented, Unafraid,Unapologetic March 2012

Walk to Albany for the NY Dream Act, April 2012

NY Dream Act Week of Action February 2012

Breakthrough ATLAS:DIY Brooklyn Immigrant Youth Coalition New York Immigration Coalition Flushing International High School The New York Immigration Coalition Hunter College Liberty Partnership Program Lehman Dream Team Brooklyn College Dream Team City College Dream Team John Jay Dream Team Westchester Dream Team EyeOpeners Youth Against Violence NY Dream Coalition Professional Staff Congress –CUNY New Jersey Dream Act Coalition The National Immigrant Youth Alliance *Co-founders The Governor’s Office of New Americans


FUNDERS AJ Muste Memorial Institute Campus Progress New York Foundation New York Community Trust- Fund for New Citizens North Star Fund New World Foundation and various individual donors IN-KIND SUPPORT Google Ad Grants Materials for the Arts Lawyers Alliance for New York Bingham McCutchen LLC. Community Resource Exchange

2011-2012 DONORS
Adam Lesser Aida Rosa Albert Minotta Ald Bello Aldo Maldonado Alejandr Ortiz Alia Bruce Alicia Dominguez Alma Nazario Alyshia Galvez Amaha Kassa Ambal Medina Amelia Fallon Andrea Brown Andrea Madrid Andrew Fuys Andy Das Angela Bunch Ann Bastian Anna Loizeaux Anne Weinberg Anonymous Anthony Joseph Antonia Wilson Aracelis Salazar Ariadne Reza Arianna Martinez Bakary Diaby Belem Orozco Bernabe Martinez Betty Ross Bradley Hope Caitlin Cahill Carey Tan Carlos Perez-Valle Carol Mendoza Carolina Amoruso Catalina Bermudez-Rosales Chauntel Gerdes Cheryl Engel Chris Malloy Chris Miller Christine Spinelli Christoph Dankert Christopher White Claire Powell Cristopher Chavez Daniel Gardner Daniel Koppich Daniel Magee Daniel Reyes Daniela C. Guzman Danny Lee David Charcape Davied Stein Deborah St. Julien Deena Fladell Diana Marin Diana Weaving Dolly Sacristan Dolores Fernandez Dra. Maria E. Torres-Guzman Dulce Rosas Eddy Guaman Elba Flores Elba Galvan Elena Yesner Elise Goldin Elise Victoria Elizabeth Ouyang Ella and Elmo Pascale Emily Winkler-Morey Erica Dorn Erick Leon Erik Gonzalez Erika Granger Erika Iverson Erin Kleinman Estela Vazquez Farzad Novin Flavia De La Fuente Fred Sanchez Gabriel Aldana Gabriela Aldana Gabriela Maguire Gail Golden Gary Schwartz General Board of the United Methodist Women’s Division George Morris Gerald Poucher Gerry Lifrieri Ghita Schwarz Gillian S. Cohen Hardai Banjoo Harold Fernandez Heather Conn Hilarie Meyers Hyunhee Jeong Isabel Martinez Jacqueline Paredes Jade Hines James Von Blum Jamie Williams Jason Ojalvo Jennifer Byers Jesenia Morales Jessica Coffrin-St,Julien Jessica Medina Joann Fernandez Joann Gomez Johanna Soriano John Ghertner Jose Perez Jose Luis Zacatelco Joseph Sudbay Juan Fonseca Julia Gelatt Julian Morrison Ka Ho Yeung Karen Martinez Kate Pfordrescher Katherine Cross Katherine Reiehlman Katherine Selengia Katherine E. Hardy Kathleen Driskill

2011-2012 DONORS
Katie Savin Kelly Wells Kevin Jarboe Kia Schwaninger Kiran Savage Kyle Warren Latino Lawyers Association of Queens County Laurel Aderson Lauren Moffett Laurie Christophe Leiland Stevens Leroy Nesbitt Les LaRue Lindsey Heitman Livia Mikcova Lorena Valencia Lucia DiPaolo Luis Reyes Lulu Martinez Luzdary Aguierre Luzdary Giraldo Lynn Kriesten M. Torres Margaret Cohee Mari Hayman Maria Arettines Maria De Martins Maria M. Gonzalez Marie Zermatt Scutt Marilyn Bryant Mario Alulema Marlen Fernandez Martha Wells Martin Sanchez Mary Moore Masami Takenaka Matthew Silverman Matthew Stern Mayanne Chess Melida Maldonado Michelle Kennel Miguel Tavarez Milton X. Trujillo Miriam Valdovinos Monica Novia Nancy Hood Nancy Lemberger Nancy Mata Naomi Sugie Naomi Zauderer National Latina Institute For Reproductive Health Ngari Kabia Nicholas Napolitano Nicole Opdenbosch Nicole B. Rosefont Niki Jones Omar Vilchez Orin Abel Orlando Lara Oscar Mena Owenisia Pierre Pam Promer Patrice Haspil Paul Busby Philippa Proudfoot Professional Staff Congress Rachel Greenwald Rafael Jimenez Rafael Martinez Raquel Collado Ravi Ramaswamy Reilly Cundiff Rene Merino Ricardo Miranda Roberto Martinez Roberto Verastegui Rocio Romero Rodrigo Pereyra Romulo Guerrero Rosario Cecillo Rubeel Iqbal Ruri Kinoshita Sam Horwich-Scholefield Sandra Rubio SEIU 1199 Workers Shabel Castro Shirley Ann Noel Sister Mary Jackson Stella Kang Stephanie Ullman Stephany Barreto Su Manzi Susan Karlson Susana Giberga Suzanna Challen T Wilson Talita Acciari Tania Mattos Tania Romero Tanya Uddin Tatyana Kleyn Tavia Gilbert Theresa Deane Timothy Jamilkowski Tommy Coleman Tony Sierra Tyisha Drakeford Vanessa Lopez Veronika Ivashkin Vinson Cornejo Wendy K. Wendy Seligson Will Alias Wilson Ojeda Women’s Division Yuliya Zboroskaya Yunsung Han Zenon Xochmitl

CONTACT US: [A] 330 LAFAYETTE ST., SUITE 304 NEW YORK, NY 10012 [P] (212)473-2570 [F] (212) [E] INFO@NYSYLC.ORG [W] WWW.NYSYLC.ORG

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