Directors Journal

Name: Vishoswastik Ravindran Directing Dates: 29th October (Main day of filming) – 2nd November 2012 Location: Warehouse in Barkingside Members: Vishoswastik Ravindran, Raja Kavaiya, and Alexander Masha Time: 4:30pm – 7:00pm Directing: The first day was when we began filming our production “Green Light” which is an opening sequence consisting of two minutes of footage. After hours of brainstorming and planning we decided to make our production a Thriller, we only decided the name about two days after we started filming, when we looked over the footage. To begin with we all met up with each other after school had finished in the Sixth Form block in our school, we met up with Raja Kavaiya, who was the Cameraman and is also featured in the film, myself as the Director, and our Editor Alexander Masha who is also featured in the film, alongside our protagonist Jonathon Harwood. Jonathon was only selected two days before the filming due to the number of applicants that auditioned for the role of the protagonist; we also scrapped the idea of having an antagonist present. Jonathon was very suitable for the role of the protagonist because he had done Drama for GCSE’s and got an A, even though he had this qualification we had to audition him just in case he was lying and we thought that he was very good.

Once everyone was present we headed upstairs to our media class, where our tutor gave us all the equipment that we booked beforehand, like the camera, the tape, the tripod and the cases for all the equipment. We then took all the equipment and took a bus to Barkingside and we walked to the location, which wasn’t very far away from the bus stop. On the first day we were very unlucky that the owner of the warehouse left the warehouse dirty and it didn’t look the same as the first time we saw it. We helped the Cameraman, Raja, to set up the equipment and we cleaned the area that we wanted to film in. In our first scene, Lucas Caine (Jonathon) is standing against a wall in an unknown location. He is eagerly waiting for a text form an anonymous source. Lucas becomes more and more impatient frustratingly assessing the space around him looking left and right for anyone around. To calm his nerves Lucas pulls out a packet of cigarettes to smoke and throws the empty cigarette box on the floor but before he can begin smoking the cigarette he receives the text. He throws away the cigarette in a burst of rage, because he wasn’t able to smoke it. To show the impatience on his face I decided to use a Close-Up Shot of his face to show the viewers his emotions and almost make them feel what he feels, so the Cameraman moved the camera mounted tripod near Jonathon’s face and placed it in front of him. Immediately after this shot I decided to use a medium shot to move

focus from his face to his waistline and upwards. Me and the Cameraman decided to use a Cut-in shot to focus on the cigarette pack that he had in his pocket, we used this shot three times; one for where he reaches for the cigarette pack, one for where he takes out the cigarette and one for where he takes out the lighter. I then decided to use a Extreme Close-Up to focus on a certain part of his face which was his mouth where the cigarette was, the camera movement that we used for this was a simple zoom that we he wouldn’t feel insecure if we had the camera really close to his face. We then used a POV (Point Of View) shot to put the viewers in the characters shoes, the Cameraman took a shot of the phone from a close glance to make it look as if it was Jonathon looking at the phone, we had to be careful that we couldn’t see any reflection of one of the crew members in the shot. The next shot we used was a tracking shot of Jonathon walking to the warehouse, it was good that we filmed it against a brick wall so we didn’t need to be cautious of our reflections coming up in the footage. The next shot was my favorite shot in the entire production, this shot was a POV from Jonathon of him walking over to a plug switch and pushing the plug in, the reason why I like it is because it is almost like an establishing shot, it brings light to the scene and changes the lighting from dark to bright, it basically consists of a lot of elements. From this POV we changed to a Tracking Shot of Jonathon walking to the victim and then it switches to a Two Shot of Jonathon and the victim (Alexander Masha). I think that the role of the director fitted me very well, because I believe that I am very adaptable to circumstances and I’m not afraid to take charge of a situation if its for the best, especially when it is something I’m good at. I also think that I am very organized and collected. Throughout the role of being the director of our production, I have found that I have good delegation skills and I am able to voice my opinions, even though they aren’t always the best ones, I was also the main contributor to the distribution of roles and who had to do what, paper work wise. Beforehand I knew that the role of the director was very hard and but on the other hand it is also the most important role in the production, because it is essential that the director is present in decision making and making sure that everyone is doing what they are meant to as well as themselves, this is one of the main reasons why I decided to be the Director. Having responsibility skills is one thing, but when you are actually apart of the process you learn a lot more than you already know, it helps you to find your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to everyday things like organisation and leadership skills. It is my dream to pursue a career in the media industry; you could say that the drive of wanting to be a director in the future helped me to choose to be a director for this production, obviously to go into the media industry you need to know quite a bit about the industry and films as a whole, which I do, so I was able to share my own knowledge with my team as they shared theirs with me.

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