Crea-ve  Partnership: Me  to  Jake:  1.

 Hey  Jake,  very  interesDng  thumbnails,  I  really  like  the  use  of  lines  and   the  textures  which  reflect  the  Aztecs  structures  design.  I  like  how  you  are  thinking   about  your  space  by  considering  different  views/angles,  for  instance  8.9.10  are  very   interesDng  as  you  menDoned,  keep  it  up   hEp://­‐environment-­‐   thumbnails.html#comment-­‐form 2.  looking  really  nice,  in  my  opinion  I  like  1c,  2c,  4c  as  they  will  stand  out  in  your   secret  lair  because  of  their  "glow"  effect  for  instance  4C.  I  think  you  will  have  a   clearer  thought  once  you  put  colours  and  textures  in  your  secret  lair hEp://­‐prop-­‐   development.html#comment-­‐form Jake  to  me:  1.  Thumbnail  3  is  my  favorite  table,  and  in  my  opinion  has  the  most   'futurisDc'  appearance  :) However,  I  think  that  these  tables  seem  a  bit  modern  rather  than  the  furniture  of   the  future.  Maybe  tweak  the  designs  and  re-­‐think  some  aspects  of  its  pracDcality?   For  example;  perhaps  involving  retractable  furniture  or  things  built  in  the  walls?   What  I  mean  by  retractable  is  'fold-­‐away'  items.  I  believe  there  is  a  nice  example  of   this  in  Tron?  :D  I  think  this  could  also  fit  in  nice  with  the  'Secret  Agent'  part.I  spoke   earlier  with  you  about  the  hero  prop,  the  idea  is  nice  and  it  will  be  nice  seeing  your   developments  :)  hEp://a-­‐­‐  secret-­‐lairs-­‐ thumbnails.html 2.  Somehow  I  haven't  seen  any  of  these  posts!  I  like  your  idea  of  having  the  kind  of   'cloaking  device'  on  your  characters  'body-­‐armour'.  The  background  of  your   character  is  also  interesDng,  but  I  think  perhaps  you  should  define  the  narraDve  a  bit   stronger  :) I'll  give  you  Tron  tomorrow  as  well  for  more  influence  :D hEp://a-­‐­‐secret-­‐lairs-­‐character-­‐  profile.html 3.  These  are  great  photo  references!  I  think  all  your  images  have  bold  colour,  which   is  an  element  that  you  should  keep  throughout  your  design  with  could  also  assist   you  in  developing  a  nice  style.  The  last  image  is  my  favorite  as  I  think  that  the   'straight  lines'  are  more  effecDve  and  visually  pleasing  :D hEp://a-­‐­‐secret-­‐lairs-­‐effectslighDng.html 4.    That top image is awesome! The composition and the initial mark making is
really bold. Nice work :)

hEp://a-­‐­‐painDng-­‐pracDse_11.html Me  to  MaE: Hey  MaE,  I  like  the  second  thumbnail  as  its  texture  and  use  of  colour  looks   interesDng.  Concerning  the  third  thumbnail,  I  have  a  feeling  it  would  look  strong   once  you  start  experimenDng  with  colours  and  textures  considering  your  totem  pole   influence  map.  can't  wait  to  see  more

hEp://­‐lair-­‐iniDal-­‐   thumbnails.html#comment-­‐form Peta  to  me: 1.  I really like number 1 it just appears like it could be a very interesting space hEp://a-­‐­‐secret-­‐lair.html

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