The Shining The empty spaces swallows up the inhabitants like in the end of repulsion.

Figure 1 shows Danny playing on the carpet, while the large carpet print swallows him up.

Figure1.Corridor.(1980) The hotel feels like its trying to swallow up Danny. The large ceilings feels really menacing and creates fear for the viewer. The film uses big spaces to create fear Bradshaw said that “Kubrick gives us the eerie, colossal, brilliantly lit spaces of the overlook hotel (created in Elstree Studios,Hertfordshire)”(Bradshaw ,2012) when Danny rides his bike through the hotel you get that sense of emptiness because his trike wheels are so loud when they are on the wooden floors and the abrupt mute silence as he rides on the carpet is very apparent . The bright open spaces creates a lot of tension between the characters, the isolation from the outside world makes this film scary because we know that when jack cracks there will be none there to help them. The poster reflects the pinnacle moment of the film, in figure 2. Jack is peering through the door that he broke open with an axe.

Figure2 Jack peeping through the door.(1980) At this point in the film its expected for Jack to react in this way, because the signs are all pointing to him breaking down. The film is carried by the craziness of the main character Jack Torrence which is a reflection of the other characters that he’s played ,“All the elements of the jack persona are on display in “The Shining”-that rascally charm, that off-the-wall energy, and that wicked wit”(Sonic Cinema, s.d) The characters madness is witty at times and engaging yet terrifying and when he snaps, it’s a very scary moment. The film uses constant sound to evoke terror , Hill says “ The sound is suitably creepy and atmospheric throughout” (Hill, s.d)although it doesn’t have true moments of silence like repulsion the constant sound is able to produce fear in a different way that allows the film to stay on edge.

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