Net Project - Summer Training 2012,NOIDA CITY WITHOUT CRIME
City Without Crime is a web based application where user
can interact with various Police Stations. With its help civilians can easily lodge instant complaints. Various Police Stations can interact with each other and can send required information to any other Police Station efficiently. This application allows online administration of crime and categories. This system uses an online interaction with the server database.This application finds its use in the real world when all the Police stations in a city are connected with each other through a central server, which is supposed to be the highest Police Authority of the city. The interaction involves spontaneous messages informing the details of a crime to other stations so that the whole city police becomes a single unit. Moreover, a normal user can also report a crime to a particular station which would lead to easy access of his request. Also, a criminal database ,easily accessible to the Police Officials holds the details of all the criminals of the city.

The scope of the project can be listed as follows:  To Register new police stations.

 To provide spontaneous crime reports.  Add to Emergency News.  Updating the criminal lists.  Maintaining criminal record.  To provide crime news to the users.  User Module  User Complaints  Administrator Module  Login  Complaint Received  Report to Police Station  Add new Criminal  Edit Criminal Record  Delete Criminal Record  Delete Complaints . Login for stations and admin.

Database Tables Complaint Field Name Id Description PStation_Id Description int(8) primary key Varchar(50) Varchar(10) Criminal Field Name CriminalID Name Gender Height Weight PStation_Id Crimelevel Status Description Varchar(10) primary key Varchar(30) Varchar(5) Varchar(5) Varchar(5) Varchar(10) Varchar(20) Varchar(30) emergency Field Name Sno Descripton Description int(3) Varchar(100) task Field Name Id Description Varchar(10)not null .

Net with C#. Ajax Client Side : HTML.not null Varchar(30)not null Varchar(50)not null Int(10)not null Varchar(20)not null Varchar(10)not null Tools & Technology Technology : Server Side : Asp. CSS .Description Ftid Ttid Varchar(20)not null Varchar(10)not null Varchar(10)not null Police_Station Field Name PStation_Id PStation_Na me Address Phone PStation_He ad Password Description Varchar(10) primary key. JavaScript.

Database : SQL Server 2005 Framework : DotNet Framework 3.0 or higher IDE : Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 .5 WebServer: IIS 6.

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