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Diablo II : Lord of Destruction v1.10 Nezeramontias v1.06c -------------------------------------------------------Vi Tinh 57 57 Tran Quang Khai Q.1 TP.

HCM -------------------------------------------------------What's New : Bug Fixes: -Fixed the upgrade recipes (normal to exceptional; exceptional to elite) -Fixed the low damage bug with Blade Fury -Fixed the bug with the Power Surge skill that prevented the reduction in health to take effect. -Fixed several bugs with uniques and souls appearing with "An Evil Force" as the ir name. -Fixed the bugs with the Overseer and similar souls that prevented use of their skills when the soul is equipped. -Fixed a bug with the "Raise Skeletal Mage" skill that caused the number of skel eton mages that can be summoned to display incorrectly. -Fixed a bug that prevented a new enchantment (percentage bonus to max stamina) from spawning on the various items it was meant for. -Fixed a bug that previously disabled all the runewords. -Fixed a bug with the savior set that caused two of its items to have the same b ase type. -Editied the AI parameters of Andarial and similar monsters to prevent the bug t hat caused then to suddenly die when a player ran behind a wall. -Fixed a bug with Laconium Shields that caused them to upgrade to Wards. -The meteor skill now displays the physical damage it does. -Boulder sentry and Potion Launcher now correcty display the physical damage the y do. -Changed the base item of Valna's Wand to an Archon Staff to fix the problem wit h the staff's pic not fitting its size. Balances/Edits: -Reduced the "reduced vendor prices" bonus that appears on Gheed's Fortune. -There is now only one socket screwer item in the game, and it works for magic, rare, set and unique items. The other socket screwers no longer spawn, but they will still work if you have some lefto ver from a previous version. Also, these items will now work with crafted equipment. -All added recipes that require an "enchanted" item will now also work with craf ted items. -The cube recipe for generating a magic item from a normal item now also works f or superior items. -Reduced the gold drops for monsters in Nightmare in Hell difficulties. -Increased the mana cost of Dragon Flight and Teleport. -Reduced the base worth of exceptional and elite armors. -Adjusted attributes on some of the added uniques. -Edited the original 1.10 recipes for upgrading uniques and rares to their excep tional and elite counterparts so that each now requires a space fragment in addition to the previous items in order to work. -Reduced the amount of experience required for hirelings to level. -Cut back on the drop rates of some monsters in Kagero Dungeon. -Increased the elemental resistances of several monsters in Nightmare and Hell d

-Improved the Hell Bovines and cut back their drops in Nightmare and Hell diffic ulties. -The paladin resist auras now grant the ability to absorb an element as well as resist it. -Added a few more hidden items to be discovered while playing. -Added three new monsters to Kagero Dungeon. The summon now also spawns with an aura that does periodic magic damage to surrounding enemies. -Lowered the casting rate bonus from the Sorceress and Necromancer gems. the level requirement to use the ring or amulet is increased.txt for details). -Decay Scream now drops elemental resistances as well as physical resistances. See cube recipes. They will now appear as red text rather than the gold text most uniques have. -Edited all the recipes for boosting normal rings and amulets. -Increased the starting level requirement of normal rings and amulets. -Added two new monsters to the Treasure Maggot area. -Added nine new runewords. -Added a new group of throwing axes that only the Barbarian can use. -Enemy versions of the Act 2 guards can now use the Jab skill. -Added new cube recipes. -Reduced the chance that an act boss can drop its doll or soul. -Added a few new monsters throughout the various acts. -Boosted the life of the Divine Presence skill. -Added one new rune. These weapons can only be dropped by the Summoner a nd Lazarus. -The Summon Sword Familiar skill now displays the level of the familiar's aura. Many of the recipe s have higher requirements (see cube recipes.txt for details on the non-hidden new recipes. Now. -Added two sets. -Added some extra enchantments that can spawn on equipment. Additions: -Added twelve new uniques. -Added six new base staves. . -The Druid's Elemental Aid skill now receives bonuses from his energy stat.ifficulty. each time y ou add stats to a normal ring or amulet. -War cry now does magic damage as well as physical damage and receives extra syn ergy bonuses. -Reducded the piercing ability of the Sorceress masteries and edited their damag e bonuses. -Altered the text color of soul items. -Potion Launcer now has an increased impact radius.