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Isaiah is the name of the twenty third book in the Christian Bible. Many people have written books about this chapter in the Old Testament, and the prophet whose life it depicts. Most of those writers is Christian, or related to that religion, which is an indication that those writers would be tolerant to that book and it’s content. One such writer is Gregg Braden who in the year 2000 published “The ISAIAH EFFECT” which ultimately had very little to do with Isaiah and most of it’s content. Braden is a very good author who have published numerous other books, some of them great work. He is however a humanitarian with the intent to create a more peaceful global society, an honourable ambition. The book Isaiah does not advocate a peaceful global society, but rather one ruled and governed, courtesy of the Lord Almighty, by the Israelite nation, with a take no prisoners attitude, the only reason the rest of society will be spared is if they subject themselves to that nation and their God. How humanitarian is that? Allow me to explain: We, or rather every person, man, woman, and child who have gone to a Christian related church to worship have been brainwashed to believe that they, if they are not Jewish was at the mercy of that nations God, or Lord Almighty. The Jewish nation themselves have subjected themselves to that God, and that God gave the command that every gentile, or heretic (non Jews) on earth, if he or she wanted to be “saved”, must first subject themselves to that nation, before they will receive his blessing and mercy. Every single Christian preacher was taught this, and confirm this command to his flock wherever they find themselves on this planet. Jesus was made the son of that God by the Christian leaders of his time. He denied it, and explained that the people have worshipped a Devil since the beginning. He even confirmed that devil as the father of the people; which means that “Devil” created us. That devil was called God, or Lord Almighty, by the people, and still is! In a previous article I stated that Jesus even said to the people that this Devil, their Father “climbed into this world in another way”. In various places in the Bible this Lord appeared to the people in various circumstances, and at times in a mode of transport. I will not go into detail here, but in Ezekiel this Lord is explained as sitting in a vehicle of some kind inside a “dome”!

Was the saviour, the Messiah, alias Jesus, lying? The Christians worship this man! In the book of Isaiah this Lord Almighty gave the Israelite nation a very sinister command, a command which have led that nation to have been rejected, killed, and thrown out of other countries numerous times. Every time they call on society at large to help them and assist them against the tyranny of such nations! And the societies rush to their aid time and time again! Unfair practices have occurred regularly when they invade other countries, the second world war ensued partly because of this, but every time they walk away as the poor oppressed! I might receive terrible criticism because of this, I might be called a racist, a Nazi or even worse, but the reason for their “detriment” is self inflicted. They sold their religion, then started to act on their “Lord’s” command. He or their highly ambitious religious leaders, knew they were not strong enough to conquer the world, and gave them a brilliant plan on how to invade and break all resistance to them. The book Isaiah holds this plan. In chapter 49 of this book Isaiah in verse 22 to 23 this Lord states that he will signal nations and they will send his children home, Kings and Queens will bow before this nation. In chapter 54 verses 1 to 10 the command is given to go and invade the other nations, and get back the land, fill cities, have many children, extend their boundaries, in verses 14 to 17, he tells them that if anyone should stand up against them it would not be through him, thereby distancing himself from their probable defeats and annihilations. He also mentioned that he will teach them how to survive in those countries and become prosperous! In this chapter specifically but also in the mass of Isaiah is commands to go and invade and take financial control. A direct order from their “God”. From Isaiah chapter 54 it is a clear command and the intent of that nation to go and invade, divide, destabilize, and use any means possible to achieve their aim! That is the “chosen nation” and their Lord’s intent, to take over whatever they can from whoever they can. Allow me to explain some legal and social laws, laws put into place by people, to look out for people, against bullies from whatever kind. “Actus Non facit reum nisi mens rea”. The above is a legal social term meaning the following;

A crime is not considered to have been done unless the intention of the accused was to do so. If intent can be proved when a people purposely invade the living space of others to claim those persons lively hood for themselves, then those people is accountable. From the book Isaiah it is clear that the intent was premeditated and followed by the acts which caused the so called atrocities against that nation. All other nations who have acted similarly have been told to withdraw and restore whatever it was they have wrongly inflicted on others. Must the world keep turning a blind eye to the wrongs of a so called “chosen nation”, yes they have suffered because of it, but no one owes them an apology, nor sympathy. They are inflicting their own pains through their own premeditated actions. From the New Testament and the words of a man the Israelites rejects as a false prophet, words of wisdom was given to that nation. Jesus gave this nation two commands, two simple logical life truths. Love your neighbour, and love your creator, it is also stated that he apparently said that all other laws hang on these two “laws”. This “false Prophet” have read and studied their religion. He saw that if they should implement the order in Isaiah 54 their chances of survival as a nation was very, very remote. He understood that they might be one day wiped from the face of this earth because of that command. He gave a message to all who would read that religion or who might be taught about it, a message of love. We all know that love in the sense he mentioned it does not happen in a flash. That kind of love is created slowly, through trying to understand first, then to respect that which we understand, and eventually from that respect it is possible that love can grow. I used to be a Christian, I worshipped, just like the religious. But after having investigated the Christian and other religions for many years realized that all those religions is simply the history of various nations and their perceptions on a God figure. This has made me look at religions from a purely logical point of view. I have found that Jesus like some other so called deities was mostly human beings with visions, visions which left a mark on societies today. Some deities is simply myth, others is names given to heavenly bodies or stars and were incorporated into religions to control the masses. From my investigations it has become clear to me that Jesus, in my humble opinion was a man. A person who lived two thousand years ago and died like all

humans do. This man was incorporated into the Christian religion due to the fact that he created a perception which could crush the Jewish or Israelites religion and the nation as a whole. He realized it and out of sympathy he gave two commands which might save them. Those two commands have survived and is being applied today across the globe by thousands of leaders trying desperately to create a peaceful global society. The Israelite nation or Jews, as they are commonly known, owe their sheer existence to this so called “false Prophet”. The “heretics or gentiles” took those two commands and through tolerance, understanding and respect have applied incredible patience towards this nation. Effectively a man called Jesus is still saving them two thousand years later. When he apparently said in John chapter 15 if we understand his words, or teachings, or commands if you wish to call it that, we become his friends. I do not worship any God, or deity today, but I do have respect for this man, a man who had vision, the vision to leave a legacy, a legacy of peace.

Walter Muller.