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providing trusted solutions to customers on a global scale. all Hydratight products and services are designed. Hydratight works in partnership with the world’s leading OEMs using the latest computer technology and market leading development facilities. Hydratight has provided world-class bolted joint solutions and continues to set international standards in joint integrity for its customers on a global scale. please visit us on the web at hydratight. the breadth and depth of our product and service offering is unrivalled in our specialist field. working closely with our customers ensuring a total understanding of their requirements. or information about our on-site accurate and reliable solutions to critical assembly problems. videos of our products in action. Our people are the key to our success: qualified. Hydratight sets international standards in joint integrity. Engineering Driven Safety Focused Solutions LRQ 0912064 LRQ 4003099 659747 2 hydratight. competent and innovative people. efficient and environmentally friendly.Meets Standards Totally committed to safety and quality. Complete Solutions Over many years. Our extensive offering includes: • Torque and tension bolting equipment • Portable machining equipment • Product sales. One Company . We continue to push back the boundaries of technology to provide fast.Who We Are One Company. Total Support. rental and technical support • Product service and training • Special designs and alternative sizes are available upon request For additional specifications on our products for sale or rental. Today. Through our ability to innovate technology that makes connections safe. ISO 14001: 2004 (Environmental Management) and OHSAS 18001:2007 (Occupational Health and Safety).com . manufactured and carried out within a management system in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 (Quality Management).

com 3 . highly accurate solutions providing safety.What Makes Us Different One Company .A Multitude of Solutions Hydratight plays a leading role in providing innovative engineering solutions and unique services to improve the cost effectiveness in many industries. hydratight. productivity and efficiency to all of our customers on a global scale. The core of our business is providing service-based.

Speciality Tensioners Whether it’s for use specifically for the wind energy market. Portable Machining Tools Hydratight’s machining tools (formerly DL Ricci brand) offer portable machining solutions from pipe cutting and bevelling. multi-stud. With options of interchangeable heads or dedicated square drive and low profile hexagon cassettes. portable boring. and subsea. through creative design and utilising the most advanced engineering. end-prepping and journal turning. Hydratight. Micro-. which provide a solution to topside. has developed a wide range of hydraulic bolt tensioners.Innovative Products. Hydratight offers a selection of specially designed tensioners for specific applications. but also improve safety and help increase reliability of your plant or pipeline. bolting problems. or self-contained tensioner (SCT) are only a few of the options . Hydraulic Torque Wrenches Hydratight’s range of hydraulic torque wrenches (formerly RSL wrenches) have been developed to provide tailored solutions to any bolting problem – ideal for make-up and break-out of bolted joints. slimline.our range of specialist equipment and technical support will not only save you time and money. Hydraulic Tensioners Bolt tensioning is an accurate and time saving method for tightening bolts and studs in all industries. 4 hydratight. to stud removal and thread refurbishment. milling. Hydratight also offers custom engineered machines for unique applications. or a design necessary to fit into tight working spaces. all products offer reliable light-weight yet powerful performance. grinding. Endless Applications Eliminating risk and saving time .

Available for use topside.Mechanical Connectors The Hydratight range of mechanical connectors (formerly Morgrip connectors) ensures high integrity. Power Consoles The high quality and reliability of the Hydratight range of bolt tensioning. certified weld strength pipe connections without the need for hotwork. Ultrasonics The rigorous safety demands imposed upon many industries today have led to a demand for instruments that can effectively monitor and record bolt stress. including flange pullers and spreaders. air and electric power 5 . hoses and accessories. Hydratight has again been at the forefront of equipment development with the Boltscope Pro and the Boltscope II. torquing and machining products is complemented by the most advanced range of hydraulic. nutsplitters and electric stud drive tool (ESDT). offshore and subsea. the connectors are based upon a unique ball gripping and graphite metal sealing system. Ancillary Products Hydratight offers a selection of ancillary products specifically designed for the easy connection and break-out of flanged joints. hydratight.

drilling. inspiring customer confidence from initial contact right through to the safe completion of the . mechanical plugging and metal disintegration machining. grinding. On-Site Bolting Services The combination of unique products including flange pullers and spreaders and a dedicated. highly trained workforce provides Hydratight with the complete on-site bolt working service. end prepping. Today we offer an unrivalled package of products and services along with fully trained and qualified Hydratight technicians worldwide. safety valve testing. reliable and cost-effective means for the localised pressure testing of piping. In addition to skilled technicians and rental products available around the world. pipe freezing. boring.Engineering. milling. 6 hydratight. Solutions and On-site Services Hydratight is an innovative provider of solutions to our customers’ joint integrity needs. Custom engineered solutions are our speciality. hot tapping and stud removal. Special On-Site Services In addition to the range of portable heat treating equipment and services. In-Line Weld Testing Hydratight’s in-line weld testing services provide a safe. On-Site Machining Hydratight offers a number of on-site machining services including: flange facing. pipe cutting. Hydratight also offers specifically customised solutions designed to meet the most unique challenges. hot tapping. Hydratight offers many other on-site services including: leak sealing.

Whether you choose to rent or purchase. hydratight. Hydratight is able to produce tailor-made solutions for complex joint related 7 . Engineering With state-of-the-art design software based on 3D modelling packages and engineering capability located in five countries. Rental Services The unique flexibility of the Hydratight approach is designed to ensure our customers receive totally satisfactory and cost-effective service at every stage. Training Hydratight provides comprehensive and externally accredited training in the areas of bolted joint integrity. Hydratight’s software enables users to select the right equipment and apply the correct loads to bolts. we work with customers to define the best solution and the most appropriate equipment and procedures to perform safe and efficient work. organise and achieve compliance and joint integrity. on-site machining and associated joint integrity management activities.Joint Integrity Assurance Software Our extensive range of integrity and shut-down/turn-around management software helps users to plan.

managed forests using Elemental Chlorine Free fibre. Email us at: solutions@hydratight.Our global network means you can rely on the right Material sourced from fully sustainable. HT/P&S/UK/10-12 .com Or find your local representative at: hydratight. products and services wherever you are in the world.