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// // file name: xWatchDog.txt // // configuration file for xWatchDog // If this file is missing, defaults will be set as specified here.


// Verbose Debug Output Mode (0=No Debug Output, 1=Debug Output, default is 0) Verbose = 1

// // "RebootSystem" and "FailedRestart" together control system reboot: // The system reboots only if "RebootSystem" is "true" and // consecutive failed Agent-restarts reaches the number set by "FailedRestart" // // Agent-restart failure means the watchdog cannot start Agent. // If Agents starts, then exists because of configuration errors, that is not a failure. //

// Default is false RebootSystem = false

// Default is 0 FailedRestart = 5

// ping rate in seconds (default is 60 seconds) PingRate = 6

// missed consecutive pings before staring agent (default is 5) MissedPings = 5

// log file "xWatchDog.log" maximum size in kbytes (default is 1024 kbytes, 0 me ans no log file is created) // Once maximum size is reached, the log file is wiped out and starts over again . LogFileSize = 1024

// Auxiliary service definition. xWatchDog will monitor network service at speci fied IP address and port number. // xWatchDog will start and stop the service (using specified commands) accordin g to the dependency flags. // If dependency flags are not set, xWatchDog will always try to keep the servic e running. // There can be more than one auxiliary service definition. // The following parameters are recognized: // // // // ip: IP address of the service port: port number of the service startCmd: command to start the service stopCmd: command to stop the service

// asAgent: Agent dependency flag (the service is started/stopped only if t he Agent is running/not running) // asServer: Server dependency flag (the service is started/stopped only if the Agent connected/not connected to the server) // AuxService = ip=; port=80; startCmd=net start Apache2; stopCmd=net s top Apache2; asAgent=false; asServer=false

// setup the ESRSHTTPS service AuxService = ip=; port=443; startCmd=net start ESRSHTTPS; stopCmd=net stop ESRSHTTPS; asAgent=true; asServer=true // setup windows services //AuxService = ip=; port=21; startCmd=net start MSFTPSVC; stopCmd=net s top MSFtpsvc; asAgent=true; asServer=true AuxService = ip=; port=21; startCmd=net start MSFTPSVC; stopCmd=ne t stop MSFtpsvc; asAgent=true; asServer=true //AuxService = ip=; port=25; startCmd=net start SMTPSVC; stopCmd=net st op SMTPSVC; asAgent=true; asServer=true AuxService = ip=; port=25; startCmd=net start SMTPSVC; stopCmd=net stop SMTPSVC; asAgent=true; asServer=true

// Custom Agent service name. Default is AxedaConnector / AxedaGateway AgentServiceName = EMC SRS Gateway Client