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Instead of eating a lot in one meal, it is always advisable to eat small frequent meals.

Not only wi ll small meals not pile up weight and calories, th ey will also help in acting as metabolism boosters . [XNEWLINEX]Nevus DepigmentosusThis condition cau ses depigmentation of the skin. It can easily be d ifferentiated from vitiligo. These spots are stabl e and are permanent in nature. The skin is not com pletely achromic and hair growing on that skin are a is usually white in color. [XNEWLINEX]Researcher s considering factors as age and family history st ill saw a reduction of breast cancer by 28% of tho se taking bisphosphonates. 90% of the women tested were taking Fosamax then those who weren’t taking any bisphosphonates at all. [XNEWLINEX]More than sixty studies published in Asia, Europe, Nor th America and Australia have shown that women who are physically active have less risk for the deve lopment of breast cancer in comparison to non-acti ve women. [XNEWLINEX]Is truly smooth, it is a thic k cream and spreads very nicely. The results shown by this cream are also good, with change in thigh size and other areas being claimed by its users. It is also not too costly and is easily available over the counter. [XNEWLINEX]With the hands slowly and gently twist the breast in clock wise and the n anticlockwise movements. This process should be carefully done and rigorous movements can cause da mage. [XNEWLINEX]While there are claims that soy m ilk may increase the risk of breast cancer in wome n, studies regarding the same are inconclusive. Ye s, excess estrogen in the female body is likely to have several negative effects, but opposing studi es show that the risk of breast cancer was reduced in women who consumed moderate amounts regularly. However, these studies are not completely reliabl e because they were conducted on a small group of women, spanning the same age group and health cond ition. Finally, the study was conducted on Asian w omen, whose physiology is different than that of W estern women. The reduced risk of breast cancer may be att

that were not taken into consideration while maki ng the comparison. [XNEWLINEX]For ovarian cyst rem oval, surgery seems the right choice. But if the c ysts are small and do not cause pain, then a chang e in diet can help in dissolving these cysts and m itigating their recurrence. Women can switch to an alkaline diet that comprises fresh fruits, vegeta bles, tubers, nuts and legumes. The reason behind a diet change is, cysts cannot survive an alkaline environment. Also considering that blood is sligh tly alkaline with a pH value ranging between 7.35 - 7.45, an alkaline diet would help either way, ma intaining the pH value and also preventing any mor e cyst recurrence. [XNEWLINEX]