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Crystal “CJ” Nievera

Level Designer


Ants From Hell

Top-Down Arcade Shooter (UDK)
I wanted to create a top-down game that anyone could quickly pick up that was fun and ridiculously over the top, so I came up with the idea of needing to exterminate giant ants and their spawners.

Design & Concept
I wanted to gradually introduce the character to the game, increasing difficulty slightly as time went on, until the player reached the boss. I wanted to have a very fun and serious feel, yet still be a joke at the end, so I decided that at the end you would be fighting a giant “Auntie Ant” who is furious that you killed her nieces. I also included many “hell” and pest control related jokes in the items.

First I began the initial block out based off of my original design. From there I allowed people to test the game. I began adding in other weapons as well as different types of enemies to make the game more interesting. I also had to adjust the amount of enemies and spawners according to how players reacted to it.


Programs used: UDK, Maya, Adobe Photoshop Custom assets by: Crystal “CJ” Nievera and Lawrence Cordero. Other assets provided with UDK by Epic Games.

Sweets Factory of Death
Multiplayer Deathmatch Level (UDK)
Originally this was apart of a group project in a class in which we were required to make an industrial scene. Our group decided to have fun and focus on a candy factory in particular. I was the level builder. After the class, I took these assets and created my own Deathmatch level.

Design & Concept
When I first started in the group I aimed to create a multiplayer firstperson-shooter level, so i kept many concepts like chokeholds, cover, and arena areas in mind. We kept inmind what would be in an older candy factory,. Eventually I adopted this and added more to improve gameplay and the idea of using candy.

Eventually more rooms were added to give the player more diversity. The player was given an incentive to go on upper levels and to other rooms. I added in several hazards to give the player more risk and allow more interactivity. I also included many other routes to give players multiple choices in movement. General gameplay was improved overall based on feedback to make a fun, multiplayer experience for the player. The factory soon became a sweets factory with more of a sugary, sweet and deathinducing feel to it.


Programs used: Adobe Photoshop, ZBrush, XNormal, UDK, Maya Custom assets by: Crystal “CJ” Nievera, Luis Ramos, Brian Eng, and Trish Pierce. Other assets provided with UDK by Epic Games.

Magical Cave

3D Environment (UDK)

This was originally an assignment for a class in which we had to create a small environment. I had aimed to do something small because I had the tendency to aim for too large of an area.

Design & Concept
Originally I simply had the idea that it was an abandoned altar, in which four magic users of four different elements came together to discuss politics and meditate. Eventually it developed more architecture and became an abandoned altar that an art student stumbled upon when falling through a hole on a hill.

I started creating the main pieces as seen in the original art, but it still felt empty and without a story. I eventually added more architecture and other objects in order to show that the area had previously had people in that area. I also added more to the scene to give it a magical feel and still indicate that it was a cavern. Eventually I had the idea that the player would have fallen in there, adding in their belongings to the asset list as well.


Programs used: UDK, Adobe Photoshop, Maya, ZBrush, XNormal


Here are other examples of 3D scenes and assets I’ve helped create.

Magical Spear
The left is an example of a small weapon asset I made for a Unity game project titled “Arena of the Gods”.

High Poly Objects
The examples to the right and below are examples of my hard surface high-poly models. The gun images are both models of one of the main character’s guns, Ivory, from the game Devil May Cry.

More Assets
Organic Plants Title

These are holograms I created in UDK for a sci-fi city scene. This uses several nodes in the material edittor including bump offset and makes use of the different channels in the textures.

Vogon Commander
For the final assignment in a sculpture class we were given the option to recreate a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy race. I decided to sculpt the Vogon Commanderr Jeltz who reads awful poetry in the beginning of Douglas Adams’ book.

Programs used for digital: Adobe Photoshop, Maya, ZBrush Materials used for sculpture: Mixed media, including polymer clay, acryllic paints, and hot glue.

2D Cave Dungeon
Design & Concept

2D Tabletop Gaming Tiles

Originally this was created as apart of a school project to create 2D assets and textures. This is a section of a bigger dungeon made for the Dungeons and Dragons table-top roleplaying game.

This part of the dungeon is the part where bodies are thrown for a gelatinous cube to eat the corpses. It is littered with many spectres of past victims of the gelatonous cube, which serve as a warning for the approaching adventurers.

The Elven Bard The Gelatinous Cube

I first chose my favorite monster and began to work from there with my overall concept, finding accompanying monsters that complimented it. I first created a good tiling ground texture and then I began working on each tile of the ground and wall, marking halfway points accordingly and working off of a 2 inch by 2 inch grid. I made sure I had different organic shapes and different protrusions for the wall so the dungeon looked more like an organic cave.

The Spectre


Programs used: Adobe Photoshop, PaintTool Sai

2D & Scripting

Here are other examples of 2D concepts, designs, and artwork I have created. There are also scripting samples here.
The left images are a concept for a club I created, based off of the theme “red light district robot”. Below is a mock-up screen for a sidescrolling shooter I was planning on creating.

To the right and below you can see my designs for pick ups, enemies, and characters. The below image was originally designed for my business card to give it more of a level design feel with pick ups and enemies that related to the character.

Programs used: PaintTool Sai, Adobe Photoshop

Python Maya/UDK Title Tool
This is a tool I created as a part of a Maya to UDK Toolset made for a group scripting project. I was in charge of handling making laying out objects in UDK easier.

The tools I helped create allow the user to: set the grid to UDK units, replace objects in the scene with a different object, and to quickly set the pivot point of the object to a certain point of the bounding box. The above images highlight my object replacing feature in my tool. The images to the left and below highlight feature that changes the pivot point.

Programs used: Maya

Thank you for looking at my portfolio!

Please visit my website for more examples of my work.

Crystal “CJ” Nievera