When things go wrong as a poem can I am not quite sure if I have a plan. As I slouch down the uneasy chair to think of a word to rhyme just to make it sing. My head keeps pounding like a railway track, my wrists are twisted to suit the keyboard keys. The crookedness of years on my back and here I am I can hardly see. Trying to make the words dance in tune hoping to make flowers spring and bloom. Sometimes it gets hard to keep the rhythm when I’m all over with misplaced rhyme and reason. I don’t know why I just have to express it, I’ll write it down anyway because I’m a wannabe poet.

I am a confident fool I know not why I can’t. I believe that underdogs rule and life’s an ever changing event. I don’t go by a set of dos and don’ts, I learn from the best and worst. Friends are not severed by distances and timezones, lovers need not be a curse. There is no one who is most right, there is none so wrong whatsoever, there is just the universe in our sight and the love we know that’s forever. I am an optimistic romantic, I live by the rules of nature. I am one with all and everything I enjoy my silence and adventure. I don’t think life prepares us for anything, or mistakes and missteps and blunders, but living is not about the journeying through the mud and deserts and disasters. Even when I have no food on the table I look to the sky for relief. Even if I’m finally old and disable I will still find my assurances in the secrets of a leaf.

confident fool

I walk in a darken valley when I feel down I thought I had made the good life But it seems not to be what it ought that now leads me back to all I’ve got. Just me and my crazy ideas, coming back to haunt me in my years. If I am not crazy then what’ll I do? If I am not hysterical & tired and blue.

the h

erics of bein st



that I thought I once knew.

then can I come home to you?

Dazed in the morning a look so faraway. There’s a deep profound yearning that simply slips away. Plundering in life’s absurdity running with the rats. For what holds in stupidity all I know is life’s like that.

Family Ties
some families are laced with tragedy some families are don with fame some families are cursed with poverty some families are always at blame some families are dismal autumn some families are always spring some families are winter’s spurn some families are summer’s dream some families are layered with tradition some families are bound to culture some families are knotted with conviction some families are knitted to structure how does your family fare? how much or how little do you share? when some families are fashioned by man who are the people that makes up your clan?


Spiderous Woman

The spider is a unique creature that reminds me of a woman’s character. She spins a solid web to snare, to what she wants and what she cares. The grub that sticks to her home and lair are history once she gets her share. Like the male that loses his life to a black widow, the man will do anything to get into a woman’s meadow. The woman and the spider can spin a nifty web to hold and store her closet with surprises, she loves life and children ever so dearly and if a man do come along, he’ll taste just as fine and dandy.

I live like a song, I venture like the winds, I grief like the gods, I am made of dreams. I speak of clear water, I listen to the trees, I take to the sands, I am the shadow of every man. I travel with the wild, I play with fiery speed, I am love’s every breath, I am the star of west & east. I’m like a sunny day, a sombre sky, and raindrops on the glass. Just take me anywhere, into arms of an open space, in a windswept memories of the past.

Lyrics of the Soul

Magnificent Night Skies
The night skies beg to be appreciated but everyone has gone to sleep. The stars and clouds and profound blue reveal our dreams just as equally deep. The people are distracted by thoughtless glee in the dire need from work and play. Drowning themselves easily in the muck and rut and clay. The brilliant glitter that chart the skies with legends, tales and lore is left to disappear without an audience, there goes the wonderment out through the door. Windows are shut, air-cons are up curtains are drawn, eyes shut tight. When the dark rises up and the light goes out everyone gathers in front of the noise of white. From the ends of the world the sky stretches with hanging ornaments to fill the spaces. A light zephyr contributes the rhythm the nightjar sings in perfect tune. How is it possible for everyone to miss a magnificent exhibit? When all it needs are thoughtful eyes to turn towards what’s only exquisite. The night skies beg to differ in the timeless twilight zone. Not once so much as a flicker does everyone realize they’re not alone.


Sometimes you’ve got to take some drugs to keep away the pain, Sometimes when you’ve taken a little too much things will never be the same. Sometimes you’ve got to cut a little edge and take what life can offer. Sometimes when you slice off just too much you’ll know what it is to suffer. Sometimes we need to fall to feel the cuts and bruises on our skin Sometimes we need to run to wound our soles and calves and shins. Sometimes we have to take a break and leave the world behind. Sometimes love is all it takes to change the water into wine. Sometimes you get so tired of trying everyday, Sometimes you feel like giving up and simply lose your way. Sometimes you want all things to end so you can get out of hell. Sometimes it’s not as hard as it seems you’ve only got to be yourself. Sometimes you wonder about the world to know where you can fit. Sometimes you come so close to madness you think that’s finally it. Sometimes you lay alone in bed while the world parties on. Sometimes you know that inner smile is all you need to carry on.


when you are with nature listen to the trees hear the running streams watch the clouds go by while they transform and shape shift observe the birds as they glide and swoop pay attention to the chirping of insects look closely into a flower or a leaf investigate the miniscule life feel the coolness of the breeze and the lightness of a zephyr smell the sweetness of the air let the winds sweep you off your feet touch the textures of the wilderness embrace a living being taste the flavor in all things appreciate their existence without reason be educated by the love of the land because ultimately, we are all a part of our mother in the end.

Mother’s Love

You don't know what it's like to slow dance with someone that you love, You won't know what it's like to gaze at the starry sky above. You don't know what it's like to be one with the world, You won't know what it's like if you're always feeling old. How will you know what it's like to walk among the majestic trees? How will you feel the brilliant light when darkness is all you see? You've been running all your life to chase that fleeting destiny, When what you have is here and now your most beautiful life that could ever be. Where are you going in this journey? Where are you heading to? In the distant horizon of vanity you'll be forever walking with just one shoe.

Don't you want to feel the breeze up in the hills? Don't you want to touch the ocean's sand? Don't you want to be a part of the thrill? Don't you want earth to be everyone's land? You won't know what it's like to breathe the air that is fragrantly sweet, When all you ever want is to be blind and deaf and sick. Don't you ever want to know? What it's like to listen to the band? Don't you ever want to wake up to the song of life that holds you like a friend? Have you ever felt the breeze running through your hair? Or feel the raindrops washing down your face. Have you ever been embraced by unconditional love? Why haven't you experienced this wonderment? Of being alive, of being in the presence of mirth? Where have you been all your life? If not dredging the floorbeds with your lies.

You don’tknow

I love the fact that I am blessed with the grace to accept life without haste. I love the fact that I have children without having to engage myself into a wedding. I love the fact that I have an alternative family where we come together naturally. I love the fact that I am in great company with friends and people who are wonderfully enjoyable. I love the fact that I know what I want in life and everything makes perfect sense. I love the fact that I am meeting more like-minded people who believes that life is a celebration. I love the fact that all I want is to sing and dance and be happy cos' in the end I know I am only energy. I love the fact that I believe we reap what we sow, we become what we know.

i Love the fact

Even sitting down here takes such a lot of my over expressions of these indecisions. Wondering if I’ll be okay with my blurred vision. Because I watch too much television. All my life I have decided not to take handouts or compassionate gifts. If only I could understand and be a little brave in my beliefs. May be then I will not sit here wondering what life is...


Morning Devotion
It is the morning’s run into an idyllic sun of one’s clear thoughts of things and sorts. I shall live my life with simple things and wish for all the good it’ll bring.

In which eye do we hold the beauty of the beholder? In what heart will we call it home? How do we measure love’s true adventure? How do we know how much we’ve changed and grown? Dare we share the truth we’ve discovered? Dare we spread the things we’d like to sow? Shall we tell our heart’s most intimate desires? And raise our glasses to everyone who knows.

Human Nature

i smoke like a chimney and burn myself inside out i drink like a fish and drown my inner guts i snort like a cow and overdose my soul i sex up pretty good and then i rock and roll

Ballad of the Baddie

this song’s all about my bad habits which doesn’t seem that bad after all i don’t quite worry about how good i can really get i drink and drive to town and knock some trash cans over i slap a chick or two sometimes and i fight with all the men i have no respect for nature and i don’t care what who says i damn the world to hell and yet i am loved in every way this song’s about me and my unworthiness i stand before my people i am elected by the crowd who want to hear my mindless drivel

Whatever you do you do in moderation. Whatever you want to achieve you do it constantly. Whatever you can do without do lesser and lesser. Whatever you imagine, think of the best. Whatever you dream start by envisioning. Whatever you have make matters of it. Whatever you don’t, do you really need it? Whatever the time, it’s never too late. Whatever you believe, better love than hate.


the terrifying thought of internet and chat rooms, porn sites and junk mails, downloads and uploads, blogs and forums, flirting with strangers, looking for mergers, surfing and gaming, making everyone sit and stare into nothingness, but a mirage of imaginary things that are not really there.

the internet

The silent breeze, the chirping birds, a cockerel crowing & pigeons cooing. The flies buzz over dry crackling leaves swaying boughs & breaking twigs. But now, the motorbike roar, the machines hum, traffic ramming, someone’s tv’s drumming. Carwash water-splashing and shouting voices at the peak of the morning. Inconsistent man-made screams, draw nature’s serenity to a close. But in a quiet moment, a brief stillness, I hear again: the birds & insects, the unseen wind, brushing through the peaceful day.

A Brief Tranquility

Dreams, for what they hold are dreamt once too often. Dreams, for what they mean are always easily forgotten. Dreams, when in sleep will never be awaken. Dreams, that is suffered by grief may eventually happen. Dreams, that want to become will finally be. Dreams, when true

in dreams

will always find a way home to you.

freak storm
The days of tomorrow come like yesterdays. I have a question for you if I may. Why are the seasons the reasons for change, and why is change the reasons for today’s seasons?

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