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Benjamin Yudin, Rabbi Andrew Markowitz, Assistant Rabbi 2 Tevet 5773, December 15, 2012
Erev Shabbat Candle-lighting: 4:11 PM Mincha: 2:45 and 4:16 PM Daf Yomi Shabbos 73, 8:00 AM Shacharit 7:45/ 8:45/ 9:00AM Sof Zman Kriyas Shema: 9:31 AM Pre Mincha Shiur w/ Aryeh Grinberg 3:15 PM Mincha: 4:00 PM Dvar Torah at Seudah Shlishit w/ Aryeh Grinberg Shabbos Ends: 5:24 PM

Chanukah Parsha: Artscroll: p222 / 770 The Living Torah: p200 Hertz: p155 / Haftorah: Artscroll: p1210 The Living Torah: p1083 Hertz: p152
Kiddush: Simcha Kiddush: sponsored by Esther Apter In honor of her daughter Miriam's engagement to Tuvia Brander of Teaneck, Gitty and Michael Bender in honor of the birth of their granddaughter Maya Ruth, Lynn and Jay Bloom in honor of Dara Abramowitz's 2nd Birthday, Roza and Vladimir Gandelman in honor of their wedding anniversary and Bens, Allans and Davids Birthdays, Sharon and Michael Glass in honor of the Rabbi and Shevi and Rabbi Markowitz and Sara, Marianne and Michael Gottlieb in honor of Mike becoming "Ben Shishim L'Ziknah", Shani and Yitzy Horowitz in honor of Tani's 2nd birthday, Deena and Daniel Jarashow in honor of Joseph and Leora's birthdays, Rabbi Andrew and Sara Markowitz on behalf of their l'maalah min hateva 8th anniversary, Vera and David Ptashny in honor of th the 20 anniversary of Nick Soyfer's Bar Mitzvah celebration at Shomrei Torah and in honor of his upcoming birthday Youth Minyan: sponsored by the Robin family wishing all a Happy Chanukah Seudah Shlishit : sponsored by Norman and Hope Beckoff to commemorate the yahrzeit of Normans mother Minnie Beckoff AH, and by Fred and Raisa Pizov to commemorate the yarzeit of Raisas father Shlomo Golubkov AH. Mazal Tov to: Walter Grossman on the birth of a great granddaughter, Breina Merah, born to his grandchildren Raffi and Miriam Rivka Heimowitz. The newborn is named for Bernice Breina Grossman AH. Bracha and Zvi Loewy on the birth of twin grandsons born to their children Ephraim and Aurlee Janet and Sheldon Rosenberg on the birth of a grandson born to their children Harvey and Miriam Rosenberg Sara and Shmuel Shicker on the birth of twin great grandsons born to their grandchildren Ephraim and Aurlee Thank You to: Annette and Jerry Kranson for donating the new Memorial Tablet in loving memory of their parents Lucille and Harry Kranson and Genia and Joseph Zimmer AH The Leifer, Brandstatter, and Gold families gratefully acknowledge the kind assistance and support of the entire Fair Lawn community during our recent Shiva period following the passing of our mother, Claire Gold. In particular, we deeply appreciate the efforts of our dear Rabbi and Shevi, our Chevra Kadisha, all who prepared meals, and all who visited or called. Thank you, and may we share in many future Smachot. Vladimir and Roza Gandelman thank the Rabbi and Shevi and all of the Shomrei Torah community for their support during a difficult time. The Baal Kriah Upstairs M. Gottlieb Young Couples- D. Krich Youth J. Brauner, S. Eisenstatder , J. Jarashow , B. Kestenbaum , D. Robin, Y. Robin Refuah Shelaimah to: Faiga bas Yita Rivka, Selma Gelman (Shulamit bat Guta), Evelyne Hait (Esther Frimmet bat Raizel), Ceil Heller (Tzivia Rivka bat Naomi Chedvah), Regina Klepfisz (Rivka bat Tzipporah Sima), Jeff Packard (Chayim Zelig ben Sarah Rivkah), Stuart Schochet (Shimon Yaakov HaKohen ben Chava Sheindel), Zvi Yerachmel ben Shaindel, Lola Weisfeld (Leah Devorah bat Priba Tziral), Yitzchak ben Yita, Talya bat Yehudit Shlomit & Avichai ben Rivka.

In Our Shul: The Next Board Meeting is on Monday December 17 at 8:30PM in the Upstairs Ballroom Torah Tuesday on Monday December 17 is sponsored by Ceil and Sam Heller to commemorate the Yahrzeit of Sam's mother Fanny
Heller AH Torah Tuesday December 18 is sponsored by Hope and Norman Beckoff to commemorate the Yahrzeit of Norman's Mother Minnie Beckoff AH and is sponsored by Pearl and Milty Frank to commemorate the yahrzeit of Milty's father Julius Frank A"H and is sponsored by Raisa and Fred Pizov to commemorate the yahrzeit of Raisa's father Shlomo Golubkov A'H Topics on Tuesday December 18 with Rabbi Markowitz will be hosted this week by Rachel Friedman (11-04 Fairhaven Place) at 8PM This weeks topic is: "Free Will I. Rabbi Eli Belizons shiur will be on Tuesday Dec 18 at 9:15PM. The topic is Can my Rabbi paskin based on kabbala or spiritual inclination. Shomrei Torah is initiating a weekly Digest e-mail to summarize events of the week. Please get submissions in to or to by Tuesday evening of each week. An Encore presentation of A November To Remember the short film of a Liberator and a Holocaust survivor will be shown on Saturday night December 22 which is the eve of the tenth of Tevet(fast day) .The event is called for 7:30PM the film will start promptly at 7:45 PM, coffee and cake will be served. A $15.00 per couple donation is suggested. Please make your reservations by emailing

Shomrei Torah is sponsoring a Car Raffle for a Brand New Hyundai Sonata GLS. Only 360 raffles will be sold. The date of the Raffle drawing will be on Purim night Motzei Shabbos February 23, 2013. For more information or questions, please contact our Chairperson Esther Silvestri at 201 741-5341 Kislev Konnections: In order to further and deepen the achdos and warmth of our community we are asking that for the entire month of Kislev all should invite someone new to their home and table for one Shabbos meal. The first Shabbos will be Dec 1, and it th runs through Dec 29 . For hosting suggestions, please contact Juliana Addi 201 796-2782 or Rizi Harris 201 3006793 Please remember to purchase Scrip. For more information contact Milty Frank directly at 201 796-8260 or at for immediate delivery. Please note the following Simcha Kiddushim dates Jan 12, 2013, Feb 9, Mar 9, April 13, May 11, June 15 - Graduation Kiddush.To sponsor a Simcha Kiddush, please contact Alla Kavesh 201-703-9721 or Lina Fleyshmakher 201-703-2381 . Please generously support the Charity fund as you prepare for Chanukah and please remember those who can use your help. The charity fund helps many individuals& organizations in the US and Israel however during the economic downturn we have helped Fairlawn residents with tuition,mortgage payments utilities and other components of daily living. For any questions, please contact Jack Nussbaum at 201-787-3333 To sponsor a Seudah Shlishit please call Esther Silvestri at 201 741-5341 or at

In Our Community: Chanukah at Daughters of Miriam Sunday Dec 16 2012. Meet at Shomrei Torah at 8:15AM, Davening starts at 8:45AM. Bring your children and grandchildren.Contact Sam Heller at or for information. The Mesivtha Tifereth Jerusalem and Hagaon Harav Reuven Feinstein will have a parlor meeting at the home of Doris and Lenny Eis (517 Philip St) on Wednesday December 19 at 7:30PM. All are welcome to attend. Shiurim Sefer Yehoshua at YIFL. Rabbi Reisman Motzei Shabbos 7:30PM, Rabbi Schaffers shiur will resume Jan 28, , Rabbi Frand on Parsha Hashavuah Thursday 9PM.
SUN Dec 16 3 Tevet MON Dec 17 4 Tevet 6:14AM 9:33AM 5:45/6:30/ 7:45AM 4:15PM 12:16PM 4:45/9:00PM TUES Dec 18 5 Tevet 6:15AM 9:33AM 5:55/6:30/ 7:45AM 4:15PM 12:16PM 4:45/9:00PM WED Dec 19 6 Tevet 6:15AM 9:34AM 5:55/6:30/ 7:45AM 4:15PM 12:16PM 4:45/9:00PM THURS Dec 20 7 Tevet 6:16AM 9:34AM 5:45/6:30/ 7:45AM 4:15PM 12:16PM 4:45/9:00PM FRI Dec 21 8 Tevet 6:16AM 9:35AM 5:55/6:30/ 7:45AM Candlelighting: 4:14PM Mincha 4:19PM SHABBOS Dec 22 9 Tevet Shabbat Vayigash 6:17AM 9:36AM 7:45/8:45/ 9:00AM Mincha: 4:00PM Shabbat Ends: 5:27PM


Earliest Tallis & Tephilin: 6:13AM SOF ZMAN K SHEMA: 9:33AM 6:30/7:00/ 8:00/ Shacharit 9:00AM Mincha: 2PM/4:15PM (Earliest) Maariv 4:45/9:00PM


SUN 12/9 7:45AM

MON 12/10 8:00PM w/ Zvi Loewy 7:30AM

TUES 12/11 8:00PM w/Ely Lenik 7:30AM 9-11AM TORAH TUESDAY 8:00PM Womens shiur w/ Rabbi Markowitz at the home of Rachel Friedman Free Will I

WED 12/12 8:00PM w/ Ari Mayefsky 7:30AM

THURS 12/13 8:00 PM w/ Rabbi Yaakov Langsner 7:30AM 9-11AM: Torah Tuesday on Thursday Beis Medrash 8:15-10PM Parsha Chumash and Rashi w/ Rabbi Yudin 9:15-10PM

FRI 12/14

SHABBOS 12/15 8:00 AM




MONDAYS: 9-11:00AM: Torah Tuesday on Monday 7:30PM Ladies Tehillim 8-9PM: Basics in Judaism w/Rabbi Yudin Beis Medrash 8:15-10PM

Beis Medrash 8:15-10PM Rabbi Eli Belizon shiur at 9:15PM

9-11AM Womens Shiur w/Rabbi Yudin 8:15PM Mens shiur w/ Rabbi Markowitz9:15PM: Rabbi Yudins Gemara Shiur Beis Medrash 8:1510PM

Rabbis Shiur 3:15PM

Pachim KTanim from Rabbi Yudin : In honor of Parashat Miketz: