Belts for the Tyre industry

Belting solutions for: • • • • Rubber compound handling Extrusion and rubber calendaring Non vulcanised rubber transport Finished tyre handling

.................................................................................. 10 ...... 6 Our product portfolio Process and Conveyor belts ........ 2 Process steps in green tyre production Mixing and Batch-off ............................................................ 3 Extrusion and Calendaring ..................................... 7 Modular belts ................................................................. 4 Handling of finished tyres ................................................................ 5 Special applications .......................................................................................... 8 More of our products ..................... precision instruments and qualified people but also requires qualified suppliers....................... Manufacture of a tyre not only requires the latest technology.......................... 9 At your service .................... Content Introduction .. We at Ammeraal Beltech are able to offer a full range of belting products to meet the ever-increasing performance demands and to provide well considered solutions for all belting processes in the tyre industry............1 Ammeraal Beltech is a leading manufacturer of Process and Conveyor belting and has a unique reputation for developing innovative solutions for belting applications..

High performance flat belts. With the unique product portfolio of Ammeraal Beltech fabric based Process and Conveyor belts. and Timing belts. Working together with our customers and leading research institutions. we provide the best technical belting solution for tyre processing: from mixing raw materials via semi-finished products and green tyre production to vulcanisation. we have developed a large number of alternative solution concepts.2 Providing quality and innovation Ammeraal Beltech continues to prove its commitment to a combination of quality and innovation through the ongoing introduction of new materials. . as well as Modular belts.

steel belt and fabric cord calendaring. The batch-off process involves dipping. In the Banbury mixer. our Silam belts provide excellent release due to the highly non-stick top cover surface Once the mixing is completed. the batch is unloaded from the mixer and sent through a series of process steps to form it into a continuous sheet. For handling of high temperature sticky rubber compound. to precise specifications. The best solution for dip tank applications is our F53 modular belt which offers improved process reliability and easy maintenance.3 Process steps in green tyre production Mixing ›› Batch-off ›› Mixing is the first of many important processes in tyre manufacturing and is typically a batch operation with each batch producing more than 200 kilograms of rubber compound. and tyre tread and sidewall extruding. inner liner calendaring. The mixing temperature can rise up to 180° Celsius and the operation is accomplished in two stages to prevent damaging of the compound. As mixing is the first step of a long process. rubber bales are mixed with many chemicals. drying and stacking of rubber strips and slabs. The slab is then transferred to other areas for bead wire assembly. quality of process is of utmost importance. For batch-off applications we are able to offer our coated and impregnated fabric based belts for long belt life Our famous Hot Stock & Water belts are used for inclined conveying of rubber . cooling. to become the building block of each component of the tyre.

cut into narrow strips and forcefed through precision dies by powerful screw driven extruders. This material is fed through cutting machines to form the cut. and other thick components are precision manufactured in the extrusion process. Mixed rubber sheets are heated on mills. and overall cost control and profitability. This process must be strictly controlled to ensure the consistent manufacture of the component and the uniformity of the final product. Precise control of the process is required to ensure uniform coating of the fabric or steel material. uniformity of final product. to form composite sheets of rubber coated material. and cutting equipment are also required for this process. These „products“ are then supplied to the tyre building machines. as well as an overall consistent thickness of the final sheet. or steel cords. nylon. A wide range of abrasion resistance belts with nonstick properties are available for infeed/outfeed and cutting applications Cutting to precise measurements is critical for quality. For efficient cooling of extruded uncured rubber our Modular belts offer the best technical and cost effective solution. steel belts. Tread slabs. aramid. apex. to rigid specifications to form the body plies. and fabric reinforcing materials of the tyre. rayon. . cooling stations.4 Extrusion ›› Calendaring ›› Extrusion is one of the most important operations in the tyre manufacturing process since it processes most of the rubber produced from the mixing operation and then prepares various components for the ultimate tyre building operation. Strict control of this process is required to ensure quality and a uniform final product. sidewall. Calendaring is the process by which a mixed rubber compound coating is applied to fabrics such as polyester. Precision take-off conveyors.

allowing the tyre to perform as intended in the field. The assembly process must be exacting. or operator driven. Curing is the final step in the manufacturing process. For handling of green tyres before vulcanising we advise our Modular belt RAM 208 When the vulcanising process is completed finished tyres are loaded onto a long conveyor which carries them to final finishing and inspection. Modular belts with lateral rollers for loading side ways are used for transport from vulcanising to final stages Inspection is the last step in the manufacturing process and is important in ensuring quality of both performance and safety. The pressure/heat causes the tyre to flow to the shape dictated by the mould shape. calendared and wound precision components to form the green tyre. while the heat completes all the chemical bonds required to form the adhesion that holds the green components together. depending on the types of building equipment chosen. as any error here will negate the quality of the individual components. Tyre inspection includes: trimming. This process may be fully automated. uniformity and performance. and is magnified in the finished tyres quality. X-ray inspection. To assist in positioning the finished tyre in the centre of the conveyor. while being captured in an aluminium or steel tyre mould. Heat drives the final formulation of compounds in this process. visual inspection.5 Handling of finished tyres Tyre building & curing ›› Inspection The highly robotic tyre building machine assembles all the extruded. where the green tyre is exposed to very high temperatures and pressure. . Ammeraal Beltech has developed direction rollers for use with Solid Top Modular belts. balance (weight and uniformity) inspection.

After a tyre passes these rigorous inspections. since the products need to be wound up with the highest accuracy to avoid stretching and to maintain other critical parameters. sidewalls and body plies. Due to our expertise in the field of tyre manufacturing we fully understand the requirements of wind-up systems. . it is stored in fully automated storage buildings. where high tech handling systems organise them. We are able to provide wind-up belts and fabrics with guiding strips or flat belts up to a length of 200 meters. Within the storage system our abrasion resistant Ropanyl belts with their high flexibility are often utilised.6 Special applications Wind-up systems Warehouse tyre storage system Wind up systems are a critical part of the extrusion process. Wind up systems with Flexam and Fabric belts are used for treads.

such as high temperature resistance. efficiently and effectively. increased flexibility and durability. more stringent international standards. ropes and corrugated sidewalls. Profiling Ammeraal Beltech has developed a comprehensive range of profiled belts. made endless and engineered with holes and grooves. light weight conveyor belts in silicone. One of our more successful profiled belt is the Flexam with A18 Fine square pyramid. rubber. Practically every Ammeraal Beltech belt can be embossed with one of our available profiles. Semi-finished products are customised to exact requirements at local sites. higher speeds. Belts can be fitted with accessories such as carriers.7 Our product portfolio The comprehensive range of Ammeraal Beltech Process and Conveyor belting is regarded as one of the most firmly established within the entire belting industry. while specific requirements can be developed in close co-operation with the customer. PVC and PU material for every step in your production process. We have the technology and experience to fulfil your most demanding material handling needs. V-ropes are fitted on Flexam belts for winding applications. Fabrication Our belts can be made endless by means of various splicing methods. A wide range of raw materials and production methods is available to satisfy ever increasing demands. Ammeraal Beltech is able to offer a full range of high quality. and many more. Process and Conveyor belts Products Silam belts (Silicone coated) Main features • Excellent non-stick • High temperature resistance • Suitable for fasteners or thermoplastic splice Customer benefits • • • • • Highest rubber quality Very good rubber release Long belt life Less downtime Less maintenance costs Application indication • Rubber mixing • Batch-off Fabric and Ropanol belts (Bare fabric or PU impregnated fabric) Flexam belts (PVC coated) Ropanyl belts (TPU coated) • Excellent non-stick • Low friction coefficient • Highly abrasion and cut resistant • Different profiles available • Available in antistatic • Longitudinal flexible • Abrasion resistance • Good rubber release • Reliable product flow • Reduced belt wear • Cost efficient • Reliable conveying • Compact conveyor design • Long belt life • Rubber mixing • Batch-off • Extrusion • General use • Calendaring • Storage . capable of meeting all the requirements of industry in respect of efficient product handling.

Our modular belts assist in meeting high demands with: • efficient conveying system • no tracking problems • less power consumption Accessories Together with different supports. Modular belting has been one of the basic product groups of Ammeraal Beltech. various accessories are available: • Accumulation rollers • Lateral and Position rollers • Amflights • High friction inserts Our belts with position rollers are the ideal solution for handling of finished tyres in merge and sorting applications Position rollers are offered in the ST62000 solid top and are adjustable in 360° degrees Modular belts Products F 50 Series belts (flush grid) Main features • • • • Non stick surface Temperature resistance (+190°C) Raised rib less contact area Open surface 35% Customer benefits • • • • Good release Long belt life Limited contact area Less downtime Application indication • Rubber mixing • Batch-off Small Pitch belts (flush grid) Straight belts (flush grid) All-In-One Series (flush grid) • Non stick surface • Small sprocket diameters • Large open area up to 70 % • Available in one inch • Small diameters possible • Straight and radius transport with one belt • Also possible in Helix spiral applications • Low friction rollers for loading sideways (90°) • Assist in positioning the tyre to the center of the conveyor • Adjustable in any angle in comparison with the transport direction • Low pressure accumulation • Good release • Long life time • Good drainage • Less downtime • Compact conveyor design • Less transfers points • Controlled conveying • Less floor space • Wig wag belts • Cooling belts • Curved transport • Vertical transport Lateral roller belt (2-inch solid top) Position roller belt (2-inch solid top) • Easy changing of transport direction • Less damaging of tyres • No conjunction of tyres • Less damaging of tyres • Loading sideways • Merging and sorting Accumulation belts • Low friction • Low back pressure • Merging and sorting . AC. PP. our Modular belts offer the best solution in many applications in tyre manufacturing such as dip tanks. With its extensive variety of top surfaces and materials (PE. reduced downtime of production and no jams. cooling processes and finished tyre handling. easy replacement. radius and spiral belts suitable for numerous conveying applications.8 For many years. and Nylon). Modular belts with positive drive are running with lower tension and using less energy thus resulting in a longer life. guide strips and sprockets. Use of modular belts in finished tyre conveying systems will automatically lead to cost savings as a result of no maintenance. Ammeraal Beltech provides a complete range of straight. The finish area of tyre manufacturing involves complicated logistics and requires large stock areas.

high friction covers for high efficiency or low friction cover for accumulation. reliable splice results and superior belt appearance • Less shrinkage of fingers. tooth shapes. soft covers to protect goods. approx. Special treatments to the belt surface such as grinding. These belts are made of synthetic yarns and customised with a wide variety of coatings and profiles. Positioning is very important. Outstanding mechanical and chemical properties lead to high-performance operation and precision. flatter splices • No glass fibre sheets or other splice plates necessary A new concept for fast.g. particularly under high speed. Unique Maestro splice press Maestro splicing equipment is specially designed for joining of Ammeraal Beltech Process and Conveyor belts on site. offering different pitches. . Our timing belts with vulcanised rubber top or with splicable polyurethane top and Kevlar fibre are used for in-feed conveying Ammeraal Beltech has standard solutions for all types of synchronised conveying. Timing belts In today’s tyre industry there is a requirement for more and more synchronised conveying. providing stronger. linear positioning and power transmission requirements. reliable and effortless splicing A wide range of cover styles ensure the best solution for various applications e. or less depending on belt type • Consistent. 10 min. Wear resistant flat belts Rapplon® are found in cutting applications in tyre manufacturing to provide uniform feed and precise positioning Woven fabric belts In applications where standard conveyor belts cannot be used because of small diameters. and small diameters are required. The Maestro splice press is constructed of light weight materials allowing for easy transport around the plant. The unique Maestro concept makes Ammeraal Beltech the foremost supplier in global standardised splicing. Silam coated woven fabric belts are the ideal solution for conveying mixed rubber slabs in applications where high temperature resistance. milling or the attachment of cleats are possible. our in-house woven fabric belts are the perfect choice. dimensions.9 More of our products High performance flat belts Ammeraal Beltech offers a complete range of quality flat belts with classical nylon core belting for power transmission as well as modern belt constructions with thermoplastic inner layers. cord and coating materials. leading to: • Improved quality and efficiency benefits • Short cycle time. non stock properties.

market segment knowledge and product management is the basis for our innovative and service orientated organisation. nothing is left to a chance and ensures valuable support and your complete satisfaction. Our Product Specialist have the technical proficiency to develop a belt for most difficult operating conditions in any industry. Our products are available globally via a network of distributors and service centres in more than 150 countries. Technical support With the on-site support of Ammeraal Beltech’s experienced team of Sales Engineers. increased cleanability and durability. where incorporating R&D is an integral part. A sound combination of a global network. Service network We understand the importance of keeping your business running and know how costly and disruptive downtime can be. Because Ammeraal Beltech manages every aspect of the belting quality – from the fabric to the final fabrication – we are confident that we are able to develop the belt that meets your future needs. and more stringent international standards of hygiene and safety. such as higher speeds and temperatures. that is available round the clock at local level.600 highly qualified employees in over 80 service centres. We have 7 production plants. often combined with 24 hours service. That’s why we offer a service network worldwide.10 At your service Facts & figures Ammeraal Beltech is an international company with affiliates in 25 countries. provide standard and tailormade solutions. in close proximity to our customers. More than 1. Innovation Within our purpose-built R&D centres we are continuously optimising and improving our products to satisfy constantly changing demands. which manufacture our rolls of process and conveyor belting. . We ensure that there is an Ammeraal Beltech branch near you. so the support you receive will be fast and convenient.

my Netherlands T +31 72 57 51212 F +31 72 57 43364 info@ammeraalbeltech.0 GB Date: 02 / 2006 Hungary T +36 234 275 10 F +36 234 275 11 Portugal T +351 22 947 94 40 F +351 22 941 30 81 Luxembourg T +352 26 48 38 56 F +352 26 48 38 57 Switzerland T +41 55 2253 535 F +41 55 2253 636 United Kingdom T +44 1992 500550 F +44 1992 553010 Spain T +34 93 718 3305 F +34 93 718 6273 France T +33 3 20 90 36 00 F +33 3 20 32 29 17 Slovakia T +421 2 55648541-2 F +421 2 55648543 Singapore T +65 62739767 F +65 62735490 Austria T +43 1 2929372 F +43 1 2928906 Reference: United States T +1 847 673 6720 F +1 847 673 6373 Czech Republic T +420 56 7330 056 F +420 56 7330 637 Canada T +1 905 890 1311 F +1 905 890 3660 info@ammeraalbeltech. Box 38 1700 AA Heerhugowaard The Netherlands T +31 72 5751212 F +31 72 5716455 Brazil T +55 11 4655 1244 F +55 11 4655 10 99 Finland T +358 3 278 4400 F +358 3 273 1400 info@ammeraalbeltech. Handelsstraat 1 Chile T +56 266 96975 F +56 266 96709 Belgium T +32 2 466 0300 F +32 2 466 4272 Malaysia T +60 3 806 188 49 F +60 3 806 189 35 South Korea T +82 31 448 3613-7 F +82 31 448 3618 Germany T +49 4152 937-0 F +49 4152 77695 Sweden T +46 44 43015 F +46 44 43349 info@ammeraal-beltech.Your global contact International Head Office: Ammeraal Beltech Holding Italy T +39 051 660 60 06 F +39 051 660 60 16 Thailand T +66 2 902 2604-13 F +66 2 902 0422 China T +86 21 6534 4690 F +86 21 6548 0430 webmaster@ammeraalbeltech.

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