The US elections and Gann’s Emblem

Mitt Romney’s Sun in Pisces is Trine the Sun on Election day.



Barack Obama’s Sun is square the Sun on election day.

au .astrologyforganntraders.Mitt Romney and 20th May Solar Eclipse Eclipse visible in the US on his ASC Mitt’s prenatal eclipse 23 Nov 1946 at 0 Sag conjunct his Des Nodal opposition Asc for Eclipse cast at Washington DC had 25 Scorpio conjunct his Moon/Jupiter Vertex for the Eclipse conjunct his natal Vertexthis is a very fated chart.Mitt Romney and 13th November Total Solar Eclipse MC for Eclipse cast for Washington is conjunct his MC Eclipse rising opposite his Moon/Jupiter and transiting North Node Part of Fortune risingnew beginnings www. He has been propelled into the spotlight by these eclipses hitting his natal angles.astrologyforganntraders.

au .com. www. Look at the degree and sign on his MC – 13 Scorpio 40the Sun on election day is 14 Scorpio.astrologyforganntraders.Mitt Romney’s Current Solar Return Notice that the Sun is trine his solar return MC.

com. *Vx/Asc.SR midpoints Sun/Venus = *Uranus/Node: sudden excitement shared with . the state of feeling happy. www.astrologyforganntraders.fated event *Saturn/Mc: structured and discipline goals. *Moon/Jupiter: optimism . .com. Sun conjunct SR MC Again the Vertexes line upvery fated event. www.Mitt’s Solar Return with Election day.

au .com.astrologyforganntraders. www.Barack Obama and 20th May Eclipse The Asc degree for the eclipse set at Washington DC was conjunct his Mc This eclipse was conjunct his natal moon.

com. .au This eclipse highlights his MC/IC axis. The Part of Fortune conjunct his IC.Obama and 13th November Eclipse www. This is the traditional point of endings and the south node would also be there – not a supportive combo.astrologyforganntraders.

Obama’s Solar Return His SR MC = Romney’s Sun ! .astrologyforganntraders.

com. www. * Saturn/Neptune: suffering and .SR midpoints Sun/Venus = *Mars/Chiron : weakness and wounding *Saturn/PF/Node: difficulties with others and separations.astrologyforganntraders.

Obama’s SR with Elections As this is a midday chart for the election – the the transiting Moon is conjunct his natal sun in Leo however the transiting Sun is square. www.astrologyforganntraders. At . PF and Vx and Moon would be moving throughout the day. MC .

au .• Overall. • Romney’s SR midpoints are more positive than Obama’s.astrologyforganntraders. • Olga Morales – 5th November www. the eclipse patterns this year trigger the MC/IC for Obama and the ASC/DSC for Romney. however as you can see Romney has more fated connections.