ePortfolio Proposal: The Technological Sea-Change

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ETEC 590: Graduating Project Section 64A University of British Columbia

September 30, 2012 Statement of Purpose One harrowing week before finding out that I was accepted into MET program, a vision appeared to me, almost as if in a dream (this was also the week before the movie Inception (2010) was released, but I swear that I had my dream before seeing this movie). I needed to figure out an EdTech project that would put me on the map, as it were, and then it occurred to me that the design of a virtual learning environment (VLE) for teaching Shakespeare’s plays is that project. This vision has stuck with me throughout my courses in the MET program, like the “resilient parasite” Dom Cobb mentions (Nolan, 2010) in the film. I have been fortunate enough through the MET Conference Travel Grant program to attend a conference in Barcelona, Spain, to discuss the design of such a VLE, and my goal remains fixed: to build a Virtual Globe and to make it as open source (Web 3.0 ready) as possible. Therefore, to summarize my experience throughout the MET program, and prove my qualifications for the TQS requirements, I will need to prove how focused I have been on reaching this goal.

Objectives Unfortunately, without an actual model of the Virtual Globe 3.0 to link into my ePortfolio, I cannot claim to be anywhere near accomplishing this goal. However, the reflection process mentioned in Moon’s article reminded me of another individual inspired by the plays of William Shakespeare. Richard Olivier, at some point in his professional career, realized he would not be the greatest actor in his family, being the son of the legendary Sir Laurence. In 2002, Richard came to Vancouver to present his


book Inspirational Leadership and to discuss how this realization gave him the vision to motivate upper levels of management through a close reading of Henry V. He describes setting goals as imagining oneself charting a course across an ocean, and never knowing that one’s ship is on-course, as there will only be a few pivotal moment when the sails are facing the direction one needs to go. This metaphor has consumed my mind, and by using the hitherto unfamiliar web-design tool Wix, I will present my portfolio as a seventeenth century map. This map will chart the course from the coast of British Columbia, my home (and alma mater) to Japan, representing the technological goal of a Virtual Globe. Not only is Japan the home of wife’s family (where we will return for a December visit), but also as I discovered this summer, it is home to the second largest collection of First Folio texts, and a team at Meisei University are attempting to digitize the entire collection, an ideal destination according to Olivier’s Leadership metaphor.

A diagram of Henry V’s inspirational journey from Olivier (2001)


Key Resources Finding an example from each of my MET courses, including the two external courses and a conference from previous summers, will suffice as evidence of learning throughout the program. It happens to be that each key resource relates to a theorist or an author who helped give my ideas shape. For the sake of convenience, as well as not having all my ideas fully formed, I will present each course by its number, plus the author I connected with and the title of the resource I created, like so: MET Essay ETEC 511 ETEC 512 Doug Coupland Student Application Don Tapscott Economic of Educational Technology James Cameron Wikivygotsky: How a New Word Leads to New Knowledge ETEC 530 James Paul Gee Situated Shakespeare: How 21st Century New Media Makes Shakespeare More Accessible ETEC 510 Mike DiMonico Proposal for a Macbeth Blended Learning Environment ETEC 500 Lois Burdett Rebooting the Virtual Globe ENGL 311 Robert Armin A Fool and a Cipher: Touchstone and Anti-Pastoral Themes in As You Like It ETEC 522 David Crystal D. C. and Shakespeare’s Words LLED 565 Terry Gilliam T. G.’s Damnation: Why is the Animator/Filmmaker Staging Berlioz’s Faust? EDULEARN12 Mary Hartman Creating a Virtual Learning Environment for Shakespeare’s Plays: All the Web’s a Stage ETEC 540 Jasper Fforde O Strange New World: Proto-Enhanced eBooks Editions ETEC 590 Richard Olivier ePortfolio Proposal: The Technological Sea-Change Audience and Procedure While the purpose for creating this ePortfolio is to meet the requirements of both UBC’s MET program and TQS, this portfolio will be used as a way to promote the Virtual Globe project as a business strategy. Ultimately, it will require the worldwide resources only available through open source, but starting off as a viable business means being able to attract the attention of educational investors. Through the process of creating the


ePortfolio, similar to my progress through the MET program, I want to refine my skills in the field of educational technology while also reaffirming my commitment to make the Virtual Globe 3.0 an effective and attractive business model for including Shakespeare in the intermediate classrooms.

Expected Outcome Fame and fortune? I am not expecting to become the next next Mark Zuckerberg (UBC grad Brian Wong has already got the first “next” spot) but it is my strong belief that by demonstrating what could be done with the VLE in my ePortfolio, I can at least get the ball rolling, or rather the ship sailing, in the future. It will be important to develop a realistic assessment rubric to keep myself smoothly sailing on course.

Plan for Completion Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Week 11 Week 12 Week 13 Reference Moon, J. (2001). Reflection in higher education learning. Working Paper 4. York: Higher Education Academy. Accessed on September 30, 2012 from: http://www.york.ac.uk/admin/hr/researcherdevelopment/students /resources/pgwt/reflectivepractice.pdf Nolan, C. (dir.) (2010). Inception. [film]. Los Angeles: Warner Brothers. Learn the basic design principles of Wix, embed artifacts using Scribd Determine the assessment criteria for rubric, revisit my concept map Create the ocean voyage images (animation?), map out the route Attend Sauder Entrepreneurship Conference, promote the Virtual Globe Write up account of artifacts, include peer reviews of eP as dialogue Record guided tour Review rationale and more peer feedback Improve upon the layout, make sure it works on Mac and PC Assess peer reviews, launch the ePortfolio, prepare for actual trip to Japan!


Olivier, R. (2001). Inspirational leadership: Henry V and the muse of fire. London: Industrial Society.


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