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Private & Charter Schools

Be a part of a feature section that is specifically targeting those looking to enroll their children in a private or a charter school. Reach parents who are currently trying to find other schooling options for their children.

Reach a Captive Audience
Reach an audience with children who are looking for schooling options. Educate the public about what sets your school apart from others.

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Dual Immersion Academy

CONTACT: 1155 South Glendale Drive, Salt Lake City |
contributed by Dual Immersion Academy

Oxford Learning Source

CONTACT: 1259 Draper Parkway | 801-501-0228 |
contributed by Oxford Learning Source

Grab the attention of an audience that is currently focused on the education of their children.

Oxford Academy is a full-time private school in Draper. Founded in 2004, Oxford Academy has a small learning environment that enables students to experience success in school and develop learning skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. Our instructors use a variety of teaching methods to cater to individual learning styles. Accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission and by the Utah State Board of Education, our accreditation illustrates our high level of expertise, and allows us to offer high school credit. In 2006, Oxford Academy

was approved as a Carson Smith school. If your student qualifies, he or she may receive a state scholarship to assist in the cost of tuition. To find out more about eligible schools, go to www. or call 801-501-0228. Students at Oxford Academy benefit from a teacher to student ratio of 1:4. The first three hours of the day focus on the core subjects of reading, writing, and mathematics. These courses are written prescriptively for each individual student. Curriculum is mastery based, and all curriculum is approved by the state of Utah and follows the state curriculum guide-

lines. Oxford Academy offers state of the art computer technology to supplement and enhance learning. Our voice recognition software assists students with their phonics and oral reading skills. It includes challenging material for older students to increase comprehension and reading speeds to prepare them for college entrance exams. Oxford Learning Source and Oxford Academy are located at 1259 E. Draper Parkway, Draper, Utah. Please contact Kathy Cutler at 801-501-0228 for more information.

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Dual Immersion Academy (DIA) is a free, public K-8 charter school located within the Glendale community in Salt Lake City, Utah. DIA opened its doors in 2007 and currently has 450 students. DIA was created to provide an educational option and opportunity for parents and guardians seeking to help children develop critical bilingual, bi-literate, and bi-cultural knowledge and skills at the age when their young minds have the greatest aptitude for language development. The DIA student-body is comprised of approximately 50 percent Spanish-dominant students and 50 percent English-dominant students. As such, students are given the instruction and opportunities to become proficient in both Spanish and English and gain socially by making friends across cultural, ethnic, and linguistic boundaries. DIA is the only school in Utah to implement the well-researched and proven 90/10 dual immersion model.

DIA is a great example of cross-cultural exchange and quality education. These youth are our leaders of tomorrow where diversity and inclusion will be the norm rather than the exception. Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Carroon

The data on this model demonstrates that student achievement within the 90/10 model will eventually be higher in all academic subjects, especially in

math and science. DIA has proven this to be true by successfully decreasing the achievement gap. In short, research concludes that students educated within

the 90/10 model achieve an increased knowledge base, superior cognitive abilities, advanced critical-thinking skills, advanced flexibility in thought processes, and enjoy an increased ability to acquire additional languages. As such, DIAs students are inspired, empowered, and prepared to actively participate in our quickly changing global society. DIA follows the Utah State Core Curriculum, as well as the new Common Core standards and objectives while delivering academic content in both Spanish and English. A rich variety of multicultural materials are integrated throughout the curriculum to ensure that DIA meets its mission to value and encourage diversity and cross-cultural awareness. DIA believes its graduates will have a profound impact on the social, economic, and cultural life in their communities, Utah, the nation, and the world.


Dual Immersion Academy (DIA) is a free, public K-8 charter school located in Salt Lake City. DIA provides students with strong, research-based content instruction in Spanish and English. Specically, DIA provides:
Opportunities for students to become bilingual, bi-literate, and bi-cultural A highly qualied, licensed international staff from Brazil, Costa Rica, Mxico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Spain, and the USA Small class sizes (maximum of 20-25 students per class) State of the art technology After school programs for grades K-2 and 3-8 grades Research-based, proven instructional methods

Come and experience DIA yourself!

Tuesday, January 24th and Tuesday, February 21st: 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.:Tour the school and visit classes 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.: Parent presentation to learn more about DIA (in the Library)


1155 South Glendale Drive, SLC, UT 84104 801-972-1425
DIA is an innovative, family-oriented school where education meets Opportunity, and results are extraordinary!!!

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Be a part of a feature section that is specifically targeting those looking to enroll their children in a private or a charter school. Reach parents who are School information: currently trying to find other schooling options for their children.

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