FADE IN Extreme close up of caretake rs hand locking the Two shot, eye level showin g upper half of the INT. MAIN EXITS OF SCHOOL BUILDING EVENING Close up, eye level of caretaker

A few short consecutive shots of the caretaker’s hand locking all the doors to the main exits. Long shot, eye level panning- showing the two characters INT. CLASSROOM EVENING ESTHER(16) is fully focused on her work with her head down. She looks towards the ceiling in deep thought, and then she has an epiphany then return to her work with her head down. DAMI(18), breaking her concentration, feels tired and looks up towards the clock. Close up, eye level, zoom Medium close up, DAMI of Esther holding a pen shot reverse shot (Shocked) on converstaion Is that the time? Close ESTHER! The school is about to close! WE NEED…TO GO! up, eye level, ESTHER pulls a straight face at DAMI, and then kisses her panning teeth with annoyance. showing Match on action, eye level one INT. CORRIDOOR EVENING showing Esther and Dami charact leaving class er then the ESTHER and DAMI are walking down the corridor in silence. other ESTHER realises that she left her folder in the classroom. Mild shot, eye Close up of Dami level, panning showing the upper body Wait a minute, I think I’ve left my folder. ESTHER Medium close up, eye level panning conversati on

Cut away, low angle, zoom showin g the time Close up on shoes showin g walkin g

P.O.V of Esther searchin g for the folder Close up of Esther picking P.O.V, hand held showing up the Esther looking for Dami belt

ESTHER and DAMI both walk back. ESTHER enters classroom while DAMI waits by the door. Match on action, eye level of Esther entering INT. CLASSROOM EVENING the classroom ESTHER looks around for her folder and when she finds it she leaves the classroom. A P.O.V from the folder showing Esther picking up the INT. CORRIDOOR EVENING folder ESTHER realises that DAMI has vanished and then sees her belt on the floor. ESTHER goes to pick up the belt. Meanwhile from a belt Close up, zoom of the

Wide shot; with the Spirit teleporting closer from a distance until her face is the Page only image 2 in the mise-en-

distance, the SPIRIT(16) is standing with her head down and teleports closer to ESTHER and reaches to grab her. An extreme close up of Esther falling. The camera is at floor A high CCTV shot of her running down the corridor ESTHER then falls hard on the floor, then immediately gets up and runs in the opposite direction, having left DAMI’s belt behind but still has a firm grip on her bag and folders, whilst looking back every now and again. ESTHER reaches the end of the corridor near some double doors and is now flat against the wall in complete fear. Unexpectedly a hand grabs her shoulder. ESTHER reacts with a punch towards the suspect. P.O.V of suspect then twoshot

JONAS(16) head forced back while hands reach for nearest wall to maintain balance. Two-shot of Jonas and Esther JONAS (In pain)

Wow wow wow…what was that for! ESTHER (Apologetically) A medium shot showing her against the wall I’m sorry… But listen, there’s something over there! JONAS (Confused) Wh-what you talkiESTHER (More aggression) -There’s something over there!

A medium shot of Esther running from the front with the camera tracking her speed. Medium shot of Jonas and Esther conversing

Fade into a blackout then fade back into the next shot

JONAS (Still in disbelief but reassures ESTHER) Alright, alright, alright. I’ve got this! Just take a step, ok, I’ll be back! ESTHER thinks to herself, “NO, you haven’t” and she makes this obvious through her facial expression. JONAS goes round the corner. ESTHER cannot believe what’s going on and slowly walks towards the lockers and leans onto it in fear. Handheld close Shortly after, the SPIRIT appears around the corner, up of Esther walking dragging JONAS’ jacket, whilst starring at ESTHER. towards the lockers

An extreme close up of the Spirit’s feet and part of the

The SPIRIT leaps onto the ceiling and crawls at a tremendous speed towards ESTHER. ESTHER is traumatised and runs away fiercely down the corridor. Blackout Page 3

A wide shot of the Spirit leaping

P.O.V of the Spirit crawling upside down on the ceiling towards Esther.

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