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SATURN ACESSC MAR (ULES ‘Vente STM PEEP LEPC eee RET eee NOEL LOOMIS. .. ROBERT SILVERBERG. ALAN BARCLAY ai THE HERITAGE OF JULES VERNE We think it appropriate that we initiate the first issue of SATURN, new and latest science-fiction magazine, by presenting for the first time the final work of science-fiction to be written by the founder of this specifically 20th Century literature, Jules Verne. To the best of our knowledge this outstanding novel has never been previously trans- lated. Yet those who are familiar with Verne (who is enjoying renewed popularity through the medium of Around the World in Eighty Days and Journey to the/Center of the Earth) will recognize that Eternal Adam truly is the climax of Verne's creative life. a Eternal Adam is a novel that seems to have been designed for the modern science-fiction reader, for alone of all Verne's works, it reaches into the farthest future and dares to envision the kind of world-shaking changes that only we of the Atomic Age have learned to appreciate {end savor. ‘ 4 This, we think, fittingly dedicates our new venture. Like Saturn, the — tinged planet whose unique image stirs the human imagination over that of ‘any other celestial object, SATURN seeks the unique in science-fic- tion, the stories which encompass the greatest thrills which have built upon the Verne heritage a whole new literary cosmos of science-fantasy. We sincerely hope you enjoy SATURN. Your letters and comments will be welcomed. , THE EDITORS Secrets entrusted toa few ‘THERE are some things that cannot be generally told—things you ought to know. Great truths are dangerous to ‘some—but factors for personal power and accomplishment in the hands of those who understand them. Behind the tales of the miracles and mysteries of the ancients, lie centuries of their secret probing into nature's laws- their amazing discoveries of the bid- den processes of man's mind, and the mastery of life's problems. Once shroud ed in mystery to avoid their destruc- tion by mass fear and ignorance, these facts remain a useful heritage for th thousands of menand women who pi vately use them in their homes toda; @ THIS FREE BOOK ‘The Rosicrucians (not a religious ¥bé Rosicrucians «soro organization) an age-old brotherhood of learning, have preserved this secret wisdom in’ their archives for centu- ties. They now invite you to share the practical helpfulness of their teaching ‘Write today for a free copy of he book, “The Mastery of Life.” Within its pages may lie a new life of oppor tunity for you. Address: Scribe ¥.0.¥ “SEND THIS COUPON--=4 ibe ¥.0.¥. | of Life, which explains how I'may learn to tase my f .culties and powers of mind. Soo ees , SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, U. S.A 1 neat) sperma ERS SLES A NN sil