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Delphos Project Recycle will be held from 9-11:30 a.m. today at Delphos Truck and Fuel Wash. Entry is gained by traveling north from East Fifth Street east of Double AA Trailer Sales. Newspaper, phone books, plastic bags, cardboard, magazines and aluminum cans need to be in separate containers. The group now has a market to sell “clean rinsed metal tin cans.” If possible, please separate the metal cans from aluminum and plastic or glass items. All other items — tin cans, plastic and glass containers — need to be rinsed clean. There is no need to remove labels and they can be co-mingled. Recycle is now accepting worn U.S. flags. Delphos Recycle does not accept window or plate glass, light bulbs, ornamental glass, Pyrex or cookware glass. Computers, etc., are accepted. No TVs or monitors.

Heiing home wins ‘Clark Griswald,’ People’s Choice in contest

The people have spoken ....

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Telling The Tri-County’s Story Since 1869

Delphos, Ohio

Jays open MAC with victory, p6

St. Peter’s offers‘Longest Night Service’

The “Longest Night Service” at St. Peter Lutheran Church is set for 7 p.m. on Wednesday. St. Peter Lutheran Church realizes the Christmas season may not be a joyous time for everyone. Circumstances like grief, illness, aging, stress, loneliness, unemployment and financial worry can seem magnified during the holidays. This service of prayers, readings and thoughtful music is not an all-night vigil but rather a time to take a moment of holy calm in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of this busy season on the longest night of the winter solstice. It is a time to pause and reflect and know that you are not alone. The “Longest Night Service” is open to the community. Feel free to extend an invitation to someone who may be hurting this time of year.

The Heiing home at 501 E. Third St. was the hands-down winner in two categories of the first-ever “Betty Honigford Spirit of Christmas” decorating contest. The effort won the “Clark Griswald” category and People’s Choice in the competition. (Delphos Herald/Nancy Spencer) BY NANCY SPENCER DELPHOS — Chevy Chase’s Clark Griswald of “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” would be proud to call the Heiing home on East Third Street his own this Christmas season. The house, owned by Larry and Deann Heiing and their three sons, Logan, Austin and Noah is festooned with every Christmas light imaginable and for those diehard “Vacation” fans, they can catch the movie in the side window playing on a TV. The home was also chosen as the People’s Choice and “Clark Griswald” winner in the “Betty Honigford Spirit of Christmas” decorating contest. Bev (Honigford) Jettinghoff and Meghan Ryba invited the Delphos community to share in their joy of Christmas by participating in the contest. Residents in the Delphos City School District were encouraged to decorate their homes and then register them for voting. While their goals are the same, the reasons the two came together to offer the contest are different. The late Betty Honigford loved Christmas. She actually loved all holidays but Christmas especially. Ryba and her family moved to Delphos from Youngstown some years ago. They always enjoyed driving around their community and looking at Christmas lights. “We just haven’t been able to find anything around here that compares closer than Bluffton,” Ryba said. “We miss doing that as a family.” Homes were judged in five categories: — Religious — best display with a religious theme. — Nostalgic — most old-fashioned, “best reminds me” display; — White Elegance - Allwhite lights; — Clark Griswald — excessive use of outdoor lighting and decoration; and — Inside Out — indoor displays that are visible from the street. A grand prize and “People’s Choice” were also chosen. The winner of each category received $50 and “People’s Choice” received $100. The Religious winner was the Fetzer family at 477 S. Main St.; Nostalgic was the Neumeier family at 626 N. Bredeick; White Elegance was the Gable family at 508 W. Second St.; Inside Out went to the Ladds at Larry Heiing, left, and Deann Heiing, right, accept their winnings from the “Betty 669 Leonard Avenue; and the grand prize went to the Honigford Spirit of Christmas” decorating contest from contest founders Meghan Hamiltons at 14595 Landeck Ryba, second from left, and Bev (Honigford) Jettinghoff, back. Holly Ryba helped pass out the winnings. See the rest of the winners on page 10. Road.

Jefferson Crestview 33 62 Ottoville 36 Fort Jennings 59 Spencerville Ada 42 67

Lincolnview 52 Bluffton 39 LCC 38 Columbus Grove Van Wert Shawnee 42 40 34

Fort Recovery 51 St. John’s 65 Elida 59 Wapakoneta 46

Gunman kills 26 at Conn. school, commits suicide
By JOHN CHRISTOFFERSEN The Associated Press NEWTOWN, Conn. — A man killed his mother at their home and then opened fire Friday inside an elementary school, massacring 26 people, including 20 children, as youngsters cowered in fear to the sound of gunshots reverberating through the building and screams echoing over the intercom. The 20-year-old killer, carrying at least two handguns, committed suicide at the school, bringing the death toll to 28, authorities said. The rampage, coming less than two weeks before Christmas, was the nation’s second-deadliest school shooting, exceeded only by the Virginia Tech massacre that claimed 33 lives in 2007. “Our hearts are broken today,” a tearful President


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Delphos Senior Citizen Center, Inc. Director Joyce Hale accompanies Bob Ulm, who provided some toe-tapping jingles for those attending the center’s Christmas party on Friday. Members enjoyed lunch, Ulm’s music and fellowship. (Delphos Herald/Stephanie Groves)

Hale, Ulm entertain at seniors party

Barack Obama, struggling to maintain his composure, said at the White House. He called for “meaningful action” to prevent such shootings, saying, “As a country, we have been through this too many times.” Police shed no light on the motive for the attack. The gunman, Adam Lanza, was believed to suffer from a personality disorder and lived with his mother, said a law enforcement official who was briefed on the investigation but was not authorized to discuss it. Panicked parents looking for their children raced to Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, a prosperous New England community of about 27,000 people 60 miles northeast of New York City. Police told youngsters at the kindergarten-through-fourthSee SHOOTING, page 2

2 – The Herald

Saturday, December 15, 2012

It’s a family tradition
After the ladders were put away, the last zip tie ripped and the last bulb tightened, we now know who the first-ever winners in the “Betty Honigford Spirit of Christmas” decorating contest are. I had the pleasure of traveling with the award committee Thursday evening and it was a good time. The winners were so gracious and all had stories of how they managed to pull it off. The Heiing home has left me speechless. Those three boys must have crawled all over that place like ants tucking lights here, attaching them there. Just in the short time I was there Thursday evening, several families stopped by and took a tour around the yard. The inside is looking pretty good, too. Winning two awards must have felt good. A little reward for the effort. Bev, Meghan and Holly were great. There was so much excitement. They were excited — the winners were excited — I was excited. I hope this becomes an annual event. I felt a little more appreciation for the season this year and perhaps a few more lights were out. The main thing is people were talking about it. They were excited about it. It was something positive. When I first talked to Bev about the contest, she shared quite a few memories of her mother with me. Most were about the holidays and the special things her mother did. She missed her mother’s traditions.

For The Record Shooting


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On the Other hand
We all have them. My husband and I have started a few of our own. We get up very early on Christmas morning and watch a little news and perhaps some of A Christmas Story (while it’s looping on its 24-hour marathon) until we’re ready to open our gifts. Sometimes we stay in our pajamas, sometimes not. A little later in the morning, friends stop in for some brunch and quality time. Perhaps a Mimosa or two is poured. We’re all adults and no one is driving; it’s all good. At this point I may still be in my pajamas. It’s still all good. Then it’s definitely time for a nap so we can recharge for Christmas dinner and more celebrating. Several years back, we ran a story about a family that ate hot dogs on Christmas Day. It was the only day mom didn’t have to cook and hot dogs were an easy meal for the kids or hubby to fix. I bet mom thought those hot dogs were the best meal ever. Traditions, don’t have to come in giant bags or elaborately wrapped presents. They just have to make you feel good.

Aaron and Renee Burgei of Ottoville are the proud parents of Kendall Marie Burgei, who was born at 12:12 p.m. on Wednesday at St. Rita’s Medical Center. Grandparents are Chuck and Deb Burgei and Randy and Judy Altenburger of Ottoville. Kendall’s siblings include two sisters, Kara, 6, and Courtney, 3. (Delphos Herald/Stephanie Groves)

Couple welcomes girl at 12:12 p.m. on 12/12/12

Answers to Friday’s questions: U.S. President Calvin Coolidge left a will that was only one sentence long. The single sentence — in which he mentioned his son but left his entire estate to his wife — was 40 words long. The symbol € represents the euro. Today’s questions: How long had Odysseus been away when he returned home from the Trojan War? What automobile was voted “the worst car of the millennium” by listeners of National Public Radio’s popular Car Talk show? Answers in Monday’s Herald. German lesson: Where? - Wo? - voe When? - Wann? - Van How? - Wie? - vee Why? - Warum? - va-room Who? - Wer? - vair


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grade school to close their eyes as they were led from the building so that they wouldn’t see the blood and broken glass. Schoolchildren — some crying, others looking frightened — were escorted through a parking lot in a line, hands on each other’s shoulders. Law enforcement officials speaking on condition of anonymity said that Lanza killed his mother, Nancy Lanza, then drove to the school in her car with at least three guns, including a highpowered rifle that he apparently left in the back of the vehicle, and shot up two classrooms around 9:30 a.m. Authorities gave no details on exactly how the attack unfolded, but police radio traffic indicated the shooting lasted only a few minutes. A custodian ran through the halls, warning of a gunman on the loose, and someone switched on the intercom, alerting people in the building to the attack — and perhaps saving many lives — by letting them hear the hysteria going on in the school office, a teacher said. Teachers locked their doors and ordered children to huddle in a corner or hide in closets as shots echoed through the building. State police Lt. Paul Vance said 28 people in all were killed, including the gunman, and a woman who worked at the school was wounded. The school’s principal was believed to be among the dead. A law enforcement official speaking on condition of anonymity said investigators believe Lanza attended the school several years ago but appeared to have no recent connection to the place. At least one parent said Lanza’s mother was a substitute teacher there. But her name did not appear on a staff list. And the law enforcement official said investigators were unable to establish any connection so far between her and the school. Lanza’s older brother, 24-year-old Ryan, of Hoboken, N.J., was being questioned, but a law enforcement official said he was not believed to have had a role in the rampage. Investigators were searching his computers and phone records, but he told law enforcement he had not been in touch with his brother since about 2010. The officials spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the unfolding investigation. At one point, a law enforcement official mistakenly identified the gunman as Ryan Lanza. Brett Wilshe, a friend of Ryan Lanza’s, said Lanza told him the gunman may have had his identification. Ryan Lanza apparently posted Facebook page updates Friday afternoon that read, “It wasn’t me” and “I was at work.” Robert Licata said his 6-yearold son was in class when the gunman burst in and shot the teacher. “That’s when my son grabbed a bunch of his friends and ran out the door,” he said. “He was very brave. He waited for his friends.” He said the shooter didn’t utter a word. Stephen Delgiadice said his 8-year-old daughter heard two big bangs. Teachers told her to get in a corner, he said. “It’s alarming, especially in Newtown, Connecticut, which we always thought was the safest place in America,” he said. His daughter was uninjured. Theodore Varga was in a meeting with other fourth-grade teachers when he heard the gunfire. He said someone had turned on the intercom so that “you could hear people in the office. You could hear the hysteria that was going on. I think whoever did that saved a lot of people. Everyone in the school was listening to the terror that was transpiring.”

CLEVELAND (AP) — These Ohio lotteries were drawn Friday: Mega Millions 39-44-51-52-54, Mega Ball: 13 Megaplier 4 Pick 3 Evening 0-8-9 Pick 3 Midday 8-0-6 Pick 4 Evening 3-9-4-2 Pick 4 Midday 3-1-3-2 Pick 5 Evening 8-7-3-8-7 Pick 5 Midday 0-8-6-5-5 Powerball Estimated jackpot: $40 M Rolling Cash 5 8-21-28-29-33 Estimated jackpot: $541,000 ST. RITA’S A boy was born Dec. 13 to Shannon and Jhered Cusumann of Ottoville. A boy was born Dec. 13 to Amber and Tyler Allen of Delphos.


The Delphos Herald
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Delphos St. John’s Week of Dec. 17-21 Monday: Beef and cheese nachos/ breadstick, green beans, Romaine salad, applesauce, fresh fruit, milk. Tuesday: Chicken nuggets/ roll, corn, Romaine salad, baked apples, fresh fruit, milk. Wednesday: Meatball sub, broccoli/ cheese, Romaine salad, mixed fruit, fresh fruit, milk. Thursday: Hot dog sandwich, baked beans, Romaine salad, peaches, fresh fruit, milk. Friday: No school. Christmas vacation. Delphos City Schools Week of Dec. 17-21 Monday: Chili soup w/ crackers, peanut butter sandwich or deli sandwich, baby carrots, fruit, lowfat or fat free milk. Tuesday: Franklin: Mini corn dogs; Middle & Senior: Chicken fajita, lettuce and cheese, corn, Mandarin oranges, lowfat or fat free milk. Wednesday: Assorted pizza, Romaine salad, banana, lowfat or fat free milk. Thursday: Corn dog on a stick, green beans, fruit, cookie, lowfat or fat free milk. Friday: No school. Christmas vacation. Landeck Elementary Week of Dec. 17-21 Monday: Breaded chicken strips, butter/peanut butter bread, corn, fruit, milk. Tuesday: Meatballs, butter/peanut butter bread, mashed potatoes and gravy, fruit, milk. Wednesday: Chicken noodle soup, crackers, butter/ peanut butter bread, carrot sticks, fruit, milk. Thursday: Creamed turkey over toast, green beans, fruit, milk. Friday: No school. Christmas vacation.

Ottoville Week of Dec. 17-21 Monday: Turkey sub w/ Romaine blend lettuce, vegetarian beans, pineapple, milk. Tuesday: Hot ham and egg sandwich, tomato soup, corn, banana, milk. Wednesday: Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes w/ gravy, WG dinner roll, green beans, pears, milk. Thursday: WG pizza, pretzels, broccoli, peaches, milk. Friday: Chicken strips, steamed carrots, butter bread, grapes, milk. Fort Jennings Local Schools Chocolate, white or strawberry milk served with all meals. High school - Ala Carte pretzel and cheese every Friday and salad bar every Wednesday. Week of Dec. 17-21 Monday: Chicken fajita, cheesy rice, mixed vegetables, fruit. Tuesday: Popcorn chicken, dinner roll, baked beans, fruit. Wednesday: Sloppy Jo sandwich, mashed potatoes, peas, cookie, fruit. Thursday: Spaghetti and meatsauce, breadstick, broccoli, fruit. Friday: Charbroil beef sandwich, cheese slice, fries, carrots, fruit. Spencerville Schools Week of Dec. 17-21 Grades K-4 Monday: Grilled cheese sandwich, tomato soup, crackers, pears, milk. Tuesday: Popcorn chicken, cheesy mashed potatoes, juice, milk. Wednesday: Super nachos w/toppings, Mexican beans w/cheese, fruit, milk. Thursday: French toast, sausage patty, smiley fries, orange smiles, milk. Friday: Cheese pizza, fresh broccoli w/dip, applesauce, gingerbread, milk.

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Satruday, December 15, 2012

The Herald –3

Santa has been busy collecting all his mail and has sent us these to share. To keep the charm of the letters, they have been reproduced just as the children wrote to Santa.
Dear Santa, I hope you and Mrs. Claus and the elfs are ok. I hope you are redy for Christmas. I hope you like the cookes we make for you. I think you are very nise. I like the elf you gave us. Mary Christmas! Thank you Santa for the gifs you give us! For Christmas I wold like surprises. If you wold can you give the poor some clothes? Love, Lillyan Vonderwell (age 7) P.S. Please give my Mom and Dad something. Dear Santa, I want for Christmas some American Girl doll clothes, American girl doll bunk bed and a make-up set with a table. And some surprises too please. I hope Mrs. Claus and the elves are having fun making toys. How are Rudolph and the other 8 reindeer doing? Did you tell Shep to do that funny stuff or did he think of it himself? Love, Evelyn Vonderwell (age 6) Dear Santa, Sorry for being silly. I want a baby bed and baby dolls. I want surprises please and thank you. Love, Madelyn Vonderwell (age 3) Dear Santa, My name is Alaric Doner, I am a 4-year-old boy. Please put me on your good list so maybe I can get some toys for Christmas. Please bring me a big yellow trick, a Christmas singing penguin for bedtime, a Mac truck that holds Lightning McQueen in it, a remote control airplane, a Christmas singing animal and a pair of dragon Slipeez slippers and a big riding toy like a 3-wheeler. Thank you Santa Claus Love Aleric Doner i’ve been a good boy this year. This year for Christmas I would like A psp and some beyblades and a nerf gun I will leave you some sugar cookies by the tree. Have a safe trip around the world . Love, Kaden S. Dears Santa, My name is Peyton I’m Four years old I’ve been a very good boy this year I would like a dsi for Christmas this year and a scooby doo van,and a car ramp I will leave you some cookies by my Christmas tree and some milk. Love, Peyton Sellers Dear Santa, Did you have a great last year Christmas. You and your elves wrk very hored. I whent you to cum to my hase. I whent you to lev a boxis of candy can. Your friend, Ethan Owens Dear Santa, Santa are you rilee 47? I like you. I no Im getig col. I’m a bad boy. I doo not went to be on the notee list. I love Christmas and I went toy Canandnits. I want seth. Cookies. Your frend, Zander Dear Samta, How are you? I like Christmas. I want make-up. I am lving caris for the reindeer. I want a barbe. I will be good for Christmas. You are nice. Think you for comeing to my home. Your friend, Emma Woodruff Dear Santa, Your reindeers are cute. I want a I pod. This Christmas ev I will go to my Gramos. How are you Santa? Hohoho I went presents. Alivia Joseph Dear Santa, You are nice. Is roodof the reindeer ril? I want a bdrbe. I want a barbehos. Ol give your reindeer food. I hope you will dring me lot uv presints and my sistrs? Your friend, Ariel Wallace Dear Santa, How are you? I like Christmas. I will leve you milk an cookies. I want a dog. You are nice. Your friend, David Betz Jr. Dear Santa, I saw you at the mall on Sunday. Are you filling good? I want a ds and a pin with lots of colors. I like you. Am I on the good list? Your pal, Seth Catlext Dear Samta, How are you? You are nice. I want a toy. I will levi a hot. Will you give my dog a gift. You are my best friend. from Tyler Dear Santa, How are you? I like you Santa. You are my best friend. How old are you. This is my Christmas list. I want a lot of Barbys for Christmas and drums for Christmas. But thir was sumthing I owess whanted for Christmas and that is a unicorn. Your friend, Isabella Castro Dear Santa, How are you? How cold is it? I have ben good. I whent a truck fur Christmas. Lucus Clay Dear Santa, I want a DS. I want glasses. And a spongebob hat. A box of cars. I want a control airplane. Hello how are you doing. And a bullet gun. Love Rome

Dear Santa, How are you? I like Christmas eve. I want a laptop for Christmas eve. I want make-up for Christmas eve. I will be good. I will make milk and cookies for you. I love you. From Annadelle Stepleton Dear Santa, Hello. My name is Maddy Burris. I live at 829 Moening Street. I am almost seven years old. This year for Christmas I would like to have a D.S. most of all. Also I want a pair of black boots and some Junie B. Jones Books to read. I will leave out some cookies and milk for you. Merry Christmas, Madison Rose Burris Dear Samta, How are you? I am good for my aj. I love you Santa. I am good. I will you bring me a drtbick. Can you bring me a ipot. My nam is Mikelbriny Hale Dear Santa, How is yor reindeer? I love you. Santa. I want a dog. I will give you milk and cookies. I want presint for Christmas. Donavan Reed Dear Santa, How are you? Am I being good or bad? I wat a boinairo and I wat a klendl fire. I will be good. I will leave coock out for you. Your dear friend Sam

Dear Santa, I would give your raindeer lettuce. Can I give you some cookies and milk? Did you make my elf named Jack silly? How are you doing this year? Can you brig me a toy? Love, Kendall Dear Santa, I want a nerf gun. The ones that have blads. I’ll give you coocies and milk. I want a remote control truck. Thank you for last years stuf. I want a bigger bike. Can I have a Mario game? From Malik Dear Santa, I want a gum boll musheen. I will leeve kookees and milk on my poorch. Am I on the good list? Can you get me sum new pants. From Nolan Dear Santa, I hope I get a new bike. The rmocinchrll car you got me it got broke. I have bin good. From Kayden Dear Santa, I like to have a ipad. I want a bike. I like your gifts from last yaer. I will leav out cookies for you Santa and for the riandeeres to. You left M&M last yaer. Love, Kayden Dear Santa, I would like a bike this yere. I will pout coocys and mike out for you. I want a hespter. I liked all the presits that you gavd to me last yere. I would like a Ipod. Love, Nautica Dear Santa, Thack you fur the prises that you gave me last year. I wunt a new bick and some sleprs. I would like new stufft anumls. I want a new sowen cit. Love, Olivia Dear Santa, For Christmas I want monster high dolls. Thank you for the gifts from last year. For Chrismas. I want a amarikin girl doll. Love, Emma Dear Santa, Thnk you for efleethan. I leeve out hot choclit and coocees. Tell rootof that I said hiy. I what a marcugirl doll. Love, Lucy Dear Santa, I will give Santa Cookies and milk. I ben a good boy this yer. I wish for a new helcatr. I theck I wunt to have a good crismis. From Gavin Dear Santa, How are you feeling to today? I want a ras car track. Thack you for the stuf last yer. I need new clos. I ben good this yer. I will five you cookes. From Aaron. Dear Santa, First I whunt a mostr truck. Next I whunt a game. I love you and I will leve sum cookies. I like your hat Santa. I like your black bots. From Aiden Dear Santa, My nam is Alivia I am 7 yer old. Are you ready for CHtistmas. How was your sumer. This yer I’ll give you sum mile and cookies. I would like a stuffed animal and 1 Jund B Jons book! Have a very mery Christmas. I will give you a present. Have a Mery Christmas. Love, Alivia Arroyo Dear Santa, My neme is Alijah. Thank you for Christmas. You give a lot of present. I would like a game. It is called 2K13. It is for Xbox360 Live. I love your reindeers. Does Rudolph guidfe your sleigh? Love Alijah. Dear Santa, Thank you for the presents from last year. My name is Gabby. For Chritmas I want a power scooter slippers book. Have a safe trip thsi year. Your firend Gabriella McClure

Dear Santa, Are you redy for Christmas? Are your reindeer redy for Christmas? I want a bed. Have fun on your thrip. Love, Vincent Murray Dear Santa, Santa How was your long nap? I know you have reindeers Dasher Rudoph Dancer. I want all of the museums toy air planes even the bomber. Thank you Santa for the presents. Love, Ashton Briem

whunt nerf bullets. I whunt a x bax. I whunt more Wii remotes and numchucks for the Wii. I will lev karits and cooies and milk. Your friend, Brooks Sen Si Baugh Dear Santa, I can’t wait for you to come to my gramal’s house. I want a pretend dog that walks. I would like to see a picture of the north pole. Love, Casey Flanagan Dear Santa, I want picture of the North Pole Please. I would like a Umbrella and a cooking kit. Love, Payton Plescher Dear Santa, Thank you for the presents. I would like Lego Ninjago. I would like pictures of the Reindeer for Cerismis. Love, Brady DuVall

Dear Santa, Thank you for the gifts from last year. I cant wate tell Christmas. for CHristmas is a dragon fortress. I will give you milk and cookies. Love, James Hasting Dear Santa, My name is Maddisyn. Tank you for the presins from last year. I want for Christmas is a baby doll. I will leave cookies and milk. Love, Maddisyn Walkmire Dear Santa, Think you for the presents last year. You are a very nice guy. I love your present you give me. Santa I beleve that you are real. I love cookies and milk. I will make you special cookies and milk though. I realy want a big trampoleen. Woooo! I want a fake car. From your friend, Alisse Frick Bye Santa Clouse. Dear Santa, Thank you for comeing to our hoes. My name is Abbey. I am 6 yras old. I want for Christmas is a laptop. I will put out mils and cookies. Love, Abbey Sterling Dear Santa, My susters had ben bad grls this year. My name is Matt. For Christmas I want a no homework for life pass. Can I see Roodoff? Yours Truly, Matthew Weitzel Dear Santa, I hope you have a grat Christmas. I hope I am on the good list. At my hous I have a picshr for you. I want ready freedy books. I am going to have cookies for you. Love, Kyrstin Moore Dear Santa, Did you have a good sumr? I hope you have a good Christmas@ I want a ipodtuch and xbox360! Thank you for the present! Luve, Cameron Foust Dear Santa, I hope you have had a nice time with your wide. I want to go see you next sumr! My is Kiaana Mathison. I want Ready Freedy books for Christmas. I will give you cookies and milk. Your friend, Kianna Mathison Dear Santa, Are you ready for Christmas! My name is Jislynn. I am 7 years old. I want book hils and hello kitty stuff and lagoe fireds! I will leave you sum cookies and milk! Love, Jislynn Thomas Dear Santa, Haou are you and Mrs. Closue? Mabe it is hard to lead up yor sleigh and it is hord fro the reindeers. I want a Barebs hass and I want a Barebs car and I want a Baby Alive but I want two of them. Be carfal Sant and the reindeer. Love, Cierra Lee Soto. Dear Santa, How dow yo make every kids toy? How dow yo make machick to? How many cookies and milk do yo eat? I

Dear Santa, Thank you for the presents. I would like a picture of inside of your house. I would like a stompies. And I would like babyalive. And I wuld like lava lamp. Love, Alyvia Lindeman Dear Santa, Thank you for the presents. I would like a new bed. And I would like a new computer. Please may I have a kareoke mochine. MP3. Love, Alonnah Sellers Dear Santa, Thank you for presents. I would like a new computer. I would like a picture of Rudolph. Love, Eowyn Shirey Dear Santa Claus, I would like a kindle fire pleas. I woul dlik clothes from Justice. I would like stompies. I would like orbies. Love, Emily Rode Dear Santa, May I see some pictures of the reindeer. Can you please get me orbies puppy and orbies and a book. Love, Avery Rahrig Dear Santa, I would like a computer and a trampoline and baby doll stuff and stompies and a play set. Love, Morgan Schuck

Dear Santa, How are you doing. I love Christmas. I want make-up for Christmas. I want barbys too. I will give you milk and cookies. Your friend, Paige Dear Santa, How are your elfs. You are nice. I love Christmas. I want make-up for Christmas. I want barbes too. Have a merry Christmas Santa. Love, Cheyenne Dear Santa, How are you? I like Christmas. For Christmas I want a ipad and a bike and ads. Your friend, Caitlin Dear Santa, How are you? I like Christmas. I want a Ipod tuch. I want a wall track too. I like you. Your friend, Xach Dear Santa, For Christmas I want brave the moove and a manstrhie doll. Thank you for the stof last year. And I want sum amaricin girl doll stof. Love, Katie Dear Santa, I hope you get me erars and pensls. I have been a good kid. I want a helacapter and a arme plan with peple. From Austin Dear Santa, Thank you for ol of the toys frum last year. How is the elfs? For Crastes I want a ipade. Luve, Sam Dear Santa, I want a baby doll and one dreckson doll Santa I will liev you cookies and milllk. Thank you for the presins. I will liev carits fort the randers. Love, Wiley Dear Santa, How are you doing this year? I will leave cookis and milk. I want a reamot control boat. I really realy want a reamoat contrl playn. From Eli Dear Santa, I want a new bike. How r you? Can you get me a minne bike? I am doing good this yer. From Gavin

Dear Santa, My name is Brenna Robinson. I am 6 years old. My mamaw said I’ve been pretty good this year so I can ask you for some toys. Will you please bring me a Furby, a princess tent, a big cardboard box to play with and any type of animal stuff. I also want to ask if you would please take me to the North Pole so I can see your workshop and your elves. Please send some food, clothes and toys to the kids that live in the Hurricane Sandy area. Thank you Santa, Love Brenna Robinson Dear Santa, I really wish that I could have the Switch N’ Go Dino “the really big red one....that’s my favorite”, the Batman House and the Batwing, Lego police station and Lego city mine. I’m going to make you a card and leave you cookies and milk. Love, Tanner Hetrick Age 6 Dear Santa, I want a snowplow, a craine, a firetruck, an offroad adventure set, and a chainsaw. I will try to be a good boy. I like your elf that watches us. I will leave you cookies and milk. Oh, and I want new jammies, a guitar, and a race car. Love, Tyler Hetrick Age 3 Dear Santa, Hello, My name is Kaden I am Eight year’s old I think

Dear Santa, Thank you for the presents. I would like a new Barbie. I would like a picture of the North Pole. Love, Tara Radabaugh Dear Santa, Thank you for the presents Santa and God. May i see picture of Reindeer and the North Pole. I would like some pants a lots of it not too much please. Love, Abbi Hageman Dear Santa, Thank you for the presents. I would like a new trampoline. I would like pictures of the reindeer and the North pole. What kind of milk and cookies do you like. Love, Mady Teman Dear Santa, Can I have a ride on your slae. Can you get me a x-box 36. I will leav milk and cookies. A wii, abs, a moder sikle, a cumputer. Have a nice time. Love, Blaine Martin (Continued on page 9)

4 — The Herald


Satuday, December 15, 2012

“History is the record of an encounter between character and circumstances.” — Donald Creighton, Canadian historian (1902-1979)

One Year Ago • After 32 years with the Delphos Public Library Board of Trustees and 22 years as its president, Margaret Fischer is retiring. She said her journey with the board began as a favor. “I was called by Helen Hall, the director back then, and she told me one of the ladies on the board was sick and asked if I’d consider taking her place,” she said. “I accepted and as time went on, I WASHINGTON (AP) just got more and more involved.” — A growing majority of Americans think global 25 Years Ago — 1987 warming is occurring, that it • Tau Chapter of Alpha Delta Omega Sorority held its will become a serious probholiday dinner at Maria’s Restaurant, Elida. Table favors were lem and that the U.S. governmade by Janice Sherrick and Char Hotz. Following dinner, a ment should do something short business meeting was conducted in the home of Marge about it, a new Associated Morris, at which time it was decided to donate to the Teddy Press-GfK poll finds. Bear Fund. A gift exchange was held and Christmas carols sung Even most people who with Marge Morris at the organ. say they don’t trust scientists • St. John’s Lady Blue Jays hung tough to claim a victory on the environment say temover the St. Marys Memorial Roughriders, 56-52, in Tuesday peratures are rising. evening’s non-league encounter on the Jays’ home court. Vicki The poll found 4 out of Kunz led the way for the Jays with 19 markers, the only Jay in every 5 Americans said clitwin digits. Sharon Wilhelm added nine, Lisa Sadler and Lynn mate change will be a seriGrothouse, eight each. • The ladies auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Jacob ous problem for the United P. Smith Post 3740, gathered in the post clubrooms for their annu- States if nothing is done al Christmas party and covered-dish dinner. Voice of Democracy about it. That’s up from 73 winners were guests. They are Julie Brickner, daughter of Mr. and percent when the same quesMrs. Walter Brickner, first winner; Carmen Flores, daughter of tion was asked in 2009. And 57 percent of Jose and Dorothy Flores, second. Barb Bruns was third. Special game winners receiving fruit plates were Evelyn Horstman, Betty Americans say the U.S. government should do a great Wieman, Evelyn Brickner and Ruth Grote. deal or quite a bit about the problem. That’s up from 52 50 Years Ago — 1962 • The Delphos Jay-C-Dels held a combined holiday dinner percent in 2009. Only 22 party and installation meeting Thursday night. Dinner was percent of those surveyed served at the House of Vogts and later the members met at think little or nothing should the home of Mrs. John Dear on East Cleveland Street for the be done, a figure that dropped installation of officers. Officers installed were: Mrs. Richard from 25 percent. Schlagbaum, president; Mrs. Thomas Osting, vice president; Overall, 78 percent of Mrs. Bill Mansfield, secretary; Mrs. Robert Pothast, treasurer those surveyed said they and Mrs. James Mesker, reporter. believe temperatures are ris• Fifty-eight members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars ing, up from 75 percent three Auxiliary at Ottoville were present for the annual Christmas years earlier. In general, party held at the post club rooms this week. Many contests were U.S. belief in global warmheld during the holiday party with prizes being awarded. Hilda ing, according to AP-GfK Pittner received the attendance prize. and other polls, has fluctu• Delphos’ Guardian Angel kindergarten classes presented ated over the years but has their annual Christmas program for the parents of children stayed between about 70 and Friday. The programs consisted of poems, skits and songs in 85 percent. keeping with the holiday season. The program was concluded The biggest change in the with a portrayal of the age-old nativity scene. The programs polling is among people who were under the direction of Mrs. Robert Benedele with Mrs. trust scientists only a little or Robert Shenk and Mrs. Kenneth Fisher assisting. not at all. About 1 in 3 of the people surveyed fell into that 75 Years Ago — 1937 • A Christmas exchange was one of the principal features of category. the weekly meeting of Delphos Kiwanis Club which was held at the Beckman Hotel Tuesday night. Each member of the organization brought a present to this meeting, this present, a toy, being intended for some other member of the club. All the toys brought to the meeting were then turned over to the American WASHINGTON — As Legion to be presented to needy children of Delphos. politicians compete to prove • A general meeting of the St. John the Evangelist unit of the Catholic Students Mission Crusade was conducted in the high who loves the middle class school assembly Wednesday morning with Richard Weber pre- more, they’re missing the siding. In an effort to raise funds for the missions, the Omicron elephant and the donkey in the room. Club, will hold a seven-cent social on Dec. 22. The middle class needs • The following were the officers of the G. I. A. Ladies not just tax breaks and jobs re-elected at the monthly meeting held in the Engineers Hall Tuesday afternoon: Mrs. F. E. Moore, president; Mrs. Barney but also marriage. This is the finding of a Eickholt, vice president; Mrs. Gregory Hiett, secretary; Mrs. Anthony Plescher, treasurer; Mrs. William Deffenbaugh, insur- new University of Virginia ance secretary; Mrs. Jesse Green, guide; Mrs. A. Z. Metcalf, and Institute for American Values report, “The State of sentinel and Mrs. A. C. Sendelbach, chaplain. Our Unions,” which tracks the decline of marriage among the nearly 60 percent of Americans who have high school but not college educations. This not only has farreaching societal repercussions but economic as well. By one estimate cited in the report, which was authored by five family scholars, the cost to taxpayers when stable families fail to form is about $112 billion annually — or more than $1 trillion per decade. Obviously, marriage or the lack thereof isn’t the only cause of our deficit spending, but nor is it irrelevant. Consider that in the 1980s, only 13 percent of children were born outside of marriage among moderately educated mothers. By the end of this century’s first decade, the number had risen to 44 percent. That we seem unfazed by these numbers suggests a lack of attention to the reasons why marriage matters in the first place. It isn’t so that wedding planners can bilk daydreamers out of $50 billion a year or


Poll: Science doubters say world is warming

I do hope that you kept my last article and have reread it before starting this one. If not, I am sure your memory will serve you that we talked about the postage stamps that commemorate the various holidays that are celebrated by various cultures, religions, and nationalities during this time of year. I’d like you to remember the various symbols associated with Kwanzaa and the Arabic holidays. Moving on ... “The U.S. Postal Service unveiled a new series of “Holiday Celebration” stamps in 1996 with the debut of the first stamp commemorating the Jewish holiday of Chanukah, the Jewish Festival of Lights. The Chanukah stamp is the first U.S. stamp to recognize a Jewish holiday. Jointly issued with Israel, both countries feature the same design. The U.S. version contains the English spelling of “Hanukkah” and the Israeli stamp features the Hebrew spelling. Last Thursday evening, I treated some friends to a semi-traditional Chanukah celebration. The Menorah or candle holder was lit; there was Chanukah gelt (pieces of chocolate money) on the tables, and we ate several traditional foods including potato pancakes cooked in oil. I hope they enjoyed the experience. Many of you know my family personally but you may not know that I am practicing Jew, my wife, son and his family are devout Catholics, and my daughter although raised with the knowledge of both religions, has for over a decade, followed the teachings of Buddha. Yes it makes for some very interesting discussions. It is an example of our family’s belief that we are all on different roads headed to the same destination. One Christmas season 24 years ago, a very dear friend of mine volunteered to babysit for our two children who were 8 and 10 years old at the time. Fran and I had someplace to be and the children’s “Uncle Kay” was there to watch them for the evening. As is the case most every year, the Christmas tree and decorations were everywhere and

on top of the piano stood our Chanukah Menorah with the lights brightly lit. Uncle Kay was not familiar with the Jewish holiday so he asked my oldest, Sara, if there was an equivalent to Christmas for the Jewish children of the world. Sara proceeded to tell the story of the Chanukah King. She stated that just as there was Santa Claus at the North Pole, the Chanukah King lived at the South Pole. On Christmas day, Christian children open presents from under a lit tree, they have a big feast of turkey or ham, sing carols, and play games. For Chanukah, the children also get presents, feast on potato pancakes and brisket, they light the Menorah and they sing songs and play with a dreidel or spinning top. Sara went on to say that Santa has so many presents to make and distribute that he has several elves to help him. But fortunately, she said, Christmas is only one day while Chanukah is celebrated for eight days. The Jewish children get presents on each of the eight nights. Uncle Kay was quite impressed. He asked Sara who was there to help the Chanukah King? She went on to say that there were numerous fairies that were able to fly around the world to help deliver the gifts and each night had a special designation. The first night all the children would get pajamas and the second night additional clothing and so on and so on. Of course at the appropriate time they went to bed and we arrived home a few hours later. When we asked Kay about his evening, he recounted this preposterous story. Needless to say her deep sleep was rudely interrupted. Comical? I hope you think so. But the point here is that there are so many common elements about the real celebration that I am sure it seemed believable to someone totally unfamiliar with Jewish traditions. The real story of Chanukah (the Festival of Lights) which took place during the 2nd Century BCE is a commemoration of life and the commitment to remain true to the Jewish beliefs. Once again the Jewish people had to fight against oppression

and with their victory came the task of reconsecrating the Second Temple which had been defiled by their enemies. The lighting of the menorah (a nine candle candelabra), the use of oil, and a dreidel (a four sided top) have become the main symbols of the holiday. In North America and in Israel the Chanukah celebration centers on the concepts of resistance, liberation, and religious freedom. The last day of Chanukah has special significance as a day for repentance and thankfulness for the fulfillment of prayers. True to the holiday spirit are lights, rich foods, presents and games for the children to play. I am sure that I don’t need to bring up the traditions and symbols of Christmas. So if we review all four holiday greetings — Happy Kwanzaa, Eid Mubarak (Joyous Holiday), Happy Chanukah, and Merry Christmas. If we look at the symbols and the traditions that are passed down to the next generation we find so many things that each has in common. Over the years I have seen an ever increasing emphasis on embracing diversity. A concept that evokes in many, the emotions and feelings that divide u s – sometimes even polarize us. History has even shown us of the polarization of various Christian sects even though they worship the same Son of God. So please re read my previous article and this article and ask yourself, “Do you see the commonalities of these holidays in their celebrations, their symbols, their principles, and their intent of passing on traditions for many generations to come? Could it be that we are spending so much time and effort in concentrating on our differences, that we miss the big picture? It is staring us right in the face – we are all interconnected, we share all the same hopes and dreams. Whether you say, As-salamu alaykum, Shalom Aleichem, or Peace be with you, you are speaking the same language of “Peace on Earth, Good Will Towards Men.” From the Levitt family to you “May you be filled with the spirit of the season.”

Un-hitching the middle class

Point of View
so that bridezillas can have reality shows. Marriage matters because children do best when raised in a stable environment with two committed parents, exceptions notwithstanding. For whatever reasons — a fear of appearing judgmental or hypocritical, perhaps — no one makes a peep. Many of us, after all, have divorced. But this fact doesn’t mean marriage is no longer important or that children’s needs have changed. Furthermore, this report isn’t concerned with the welleducated who are typically better equipped to cope with dysfunction, financial or otherwise. What happens to the other 60 percent? And what happens to a society upon whose beneficence the offspring of these broken or never-formed families ultimately may depend? Why isn’t anyone talking about this? In the past, dramatic family changes have prompted calls to national action. The Moynihan Report of 1965 focused attention on the alarming rise of AfricanAmerican children born out of wedlock. In the 1990s,

Moderately confused

rising divorce rates and single motherhood spawned a fatherhood movement and welfare reform. Recently, same-sex marriage has dominated our interests. The hollowing out of marriage in middle America cries out for similarly impassioned action. As lead author Elizabeth Marquardt told me in an email: “Marriage is not merely a private arrangement; it is also a complex social institution. Marriage fosters small cooperative unions — also known as stable families — that enable children to thrive, shore up communities, and help family members to succeed during good times and to weather the bad times. Researchers are finding that the disappearance of marriage in Middle America is tracking with the disappearance of the middle class in the same communities, a change that strikes at the very heart of the American Dream.” Our current debate about the fiscal cliff and entitlement spending can’t be separated from the breakdown of marriage. In the absence of stable families, economic/ societal need increases. And while most good-hearted souls wish to help those in distress, we are essentially plugging holes in leaky boats. Shouldn’t we build better boats? The report’s scholars suggest doing this with a series of federal and state propos-

als. One is to change the tax and welfare system, which frequently imposes financial penalties — up to 20 percent of family income — on lowincome couples who choose to marry. Another suggestion is to triple the child tax credit for children under 3, which would have the added benefit of encouraging married people to have more children -- much needed in the longerterm to support the nation’s elderly. These are but two of many, which can be viewed online at stateofourunions. org, along with an urgent plea that President Obama include some of these thoughts in his own State of the Union next month. It insults no one to encourage couples to marry before having children, thus making a public as well as private commitment to love and care for them. Perhaps most important, to ignore the marriage deficit among America’s middle class is essentially to be complicit in perpetuating a society of winners and losers. Those born to married, well-educated parents are more likely to prosper, while those born to fragmented families are more likely to repeat the patterns of their parents. Therein is a national tragedy worthy of our attention. Kathleen Parker’s email address is kathleenparker@

Satruday, December 15, 2012

The Herald – 5


The Humane Society of Allen County has many pets waiting for adoption. Each comes with a spay or neuter, first shots and a heartworm test. Call 419-991-1775.


Brumback Library

TODAY 9-11:30 a.m.— Delphos Project Recycle at Delphos Fuel and Wash. 9 a.m. to noon — Interfaith Thrift Store is open for shopping. St. Vincent DePaul Society, located at the east edge of the St. John’s High School parking lot, is open. St. John’s Scholastic Team took first place at the MAC Scholastic Bowl on Monday. 10 a.m to 2 p.m. — Delphos Bill Martin of Mercer Savings Bank, center, presents the team with their award. Team Postal Museum is open. members are, front from left, Coach Michelle Stiffey and Anthony Hale; and back, Brad 12:15 p.m. — Testing of Klausing, Aaron Miller and Todd Rode. (Photo submitted) warning sirens by Delphos Fire and Rescue 1-3 p.m. — Delphos Canal Commission Museum, 241 N. Main St., is open. Information submitted League is a program that $100 went to the Coldwater 7 p.m. — Bingo at St. promotes academic recogni- High School team, coached John’s Little Theatre. MARIA STEIN — St. tion. The league includes the by Tom Giesige. Team memJohn’s Scholastic Team won Midwest Athletic Conference bers are Luke Bruggeman, SUNDAY 8-11:30 a.m. — Knights the 2012-13 Mercer Savings Schools of Coldwater, St. Shane Bruggeman, Shannon of Columbus benefit for St. Bank MAC Scholastic Bowl John’s, Fort Recovery, Marion Hess, David Langenkamp, John’s School at the hall, hosted by Marion Local Local, Minster, New Bremen, Teresa Langenkamp, Andrea High School on Monday. New Knoxville, Parkway, St. Moorman, Brennan Osterfeld, Elida Ave. Nate Ranly, Nolan Reed, Julia 1-3 p.m. — The Delphos The twenty-fourth annual Henry and Versailles. Representing the Mercer Rose and Lauren Rose. Canal Commission Museum, tournament was sponsored 241 N. Main St., is open. by Mercer Savings Bank Savings Bank, Bill Martin The Versailles High School and coordinated by Mercer presented prize money to the team, coached by Margie MONDAY County ESC Gifted Programs top five teams. St. John’s Treon, took home the third 11:30 a.m. — The Green Supervisor Ken Markward. High School Scholastic Team, place award of $75. Tying for Thumb Garden Club will meet Students competed by pro- coached by Michelle Stiffey, fourth place were the Minster at the Delphos Public Library viding answers to questions received a $150 award. Team High School team, with Pam for luncheon and program. in all subject areas. Marion members are Anthony Hale, Grew filling in for coach Mindy Mealsite at Delphos Senior Local coach Ashley Minnich Brad Klausing, Aaron Miller Bettinger; and the Parkway Citizen Center, 301 Suthoff and her team were the local and Todd Rode. Each team High School team, coached by Street. hosts for this year’s MAC member also received a 2 GB Anita Muhlenkamp and Ann 7 p.m. — Washington Scholastic Bowl. flash drive from the bank. Vian. Both teams received an Township Trustees meet at The MAC Scholastic The second-place award of award of $50. the township house. Delphos City Council meets at the Delphos Municipal Happy Birthday Building, 608 N. Canal St. 7:30 p.m. — Jefferson DEC. 16 Athletic Boosters meet at the Comments... Rae Ann Burgei Eagles Lodge, 1600 E. Fifth Courtney Haehn St. Spencerville village council Steve Wittler meets at the mayor’s office. Madeline Gerdeman Delphos Eagles Auxiliary Makenna Strayer email Nancy Spencer, editor meets at the Eagles Lodge, at Madison Spring 1600 E. Fifth St. DEC. 17 TUESDAY Gage Mercer 11:30 a.m. — Mealsite Megan Buettner at Delphos Senior Citizen Brenna Robinson Center, 301 Suthoff Street. Kessa Stocklin Please notify the Delphos Herald at 419-695-0015 if there are any corrections For all the news that matters, or additions to the Coming subscribe to The Delphos Herald, 419-695-0015 Events column.

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St. John’s wins MAC Scholastic Bowl

Shakira is a 3-year-old Puggle. She has a lot of energy and would love a home with a fenced yard — where she could sniff, run and follow her nose to her heart’s content. Shakira is a little rusty on her commands and could use some training.

Marcy is a 3-year-old black cat who’s mature enough to be convenient and young enough to be a lot of fun. She has spent almost her entire life at the Humane Society and is more than ready to be adopted to a loving home.

The following animals are available through the Van Wert Animal Protective League: Cats: F, 4 years, shots, fixed, front dew clawed, gray tiger, name Rosey Kittens: M, F, 7 months, tiger, gray and black F, 12 weeks, gray tiger, long-haired F, 12 weeks, gray and white Tabby M, 12 weeks, wormed, black with white feet and belly M, F, 6 weeks, orange, Calico M, F, 6 months, angora, gray striped Dogs: Lab/St. Bernard, M, 1 1/2 years, neutered, shots, blonde Golden Retriever, M, 10 years, named Spankie Chihuahua, M, F, 1-10 years, black and tan Pit Bull, F, 5 years, fawn, name Cocoa Jack Russell Papillion, F, 8 years, spayed, black and white, name Sally American Bulldog, F, 6 months, fixed, docked tail, name Cheyene Puppies: Chihuahua, 6 weeks -11 months, black and tan For more information on the pets or if you are in need of finding a home for your pet, contact The Animal Protective League from 9-5 weekdays at (419) 749-2976. If you are looking for a pet not listed, call to be put on a waiting list. Donations or correspondence can be sent to PO Box 321, Van Wert, Ohio, 45891.

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Veteran Knights pull away from young ’Cats

Jays use defense, good shooting to dispel unbeaten Indians
By JIM METCALFE jmetcalfe@ DELPHOS — St. John’s head coach Aaron Elwer knew what his team had to do to deal with unbeaten Fort Recovery and senior star Wade Gelhaus Friday night at Robert A. Arnzen Gymnasium; make things as difficult as possible. The Blue Jays borrowed the game plan from its game last Saturday with Elida and their explosive scorer, Dakota Mathias, holding him to 26-plus points below his average. Though Gelhaus, heading to Saginaw Valley State, did score 19 points, he never really took over as the Jays grabbed a 65-51 Midwest Athletic Conference boys clash. “We had to defend two of the best players in our area the last two games within a week and it was the same scouting report; make them work for everything and give them nothing easy. Once again, we executed that game plan very well against the reigning MAC Player of the Year and another all-leaguer (Elijah Kahlig),” St. John’s coach Aaron Elwer explained. “This was our fourth game in seven days and to have this kind of effort for 32 minutes, I’m so proud of the kids. We aren’t the biggest or deepest team but we give great effort.” Recovery coach Brian Patch knew exactly what his team was facing. “I told them that every Friday night will be like this, that there are no cupcakes in our league. If you aren’t willing to bring maximum effort all the time, especially on the road and being here, it’s going to be a long night,” Patch explained. “We had beaten them three straight times because we won the hustle plays: offensive rebounds, diving on the floor, loose balls, those plays. Tonight, they beat us there; I can think of a couple of plays they made when they simply wanted it more. You want to be confident coming in but you can’t assume anything.” The Jays (3-1, 1-0 MAC) only trailed once in this contest — 2-0 on two tosses by Ben Dilworth at 7:40. Four consecutive baskets: a deuce and triple by senior Curtis Geise (20 markers), a triple by junior Ryan Koester and a basket by senior Seth Bockey (8 markers, 5 caroms); put them in the lead for good. On the other


Jefferson junior Ross Thompson considers his options against Crestview Friday night at The Castle. The host Knights grabbed a 29-point NWC win. (Delphos Herald/ Brian Bassett) gave the Knights a 27-20 By BRIAN BASSETT advantage at the break. DHI Correspondent “I thought we did a decent job in the first half playing CONVOY - The Jefferson through some foul trouble,” boys basketball team visited said Smith. “At one point, Crestivew Friday night to fouls were 9-2 or something open Northwest Conference like that - our key players (were in foul trouble). Going play for both teams. The start of league action into halftime only down was much kinder to the seven, we were pretty pleased Knights, who pulled away in at that point.” The second half was not the second half for a 62-33 as highly-contested as the win. The story of the game was Knight defense buckled down the second half, in which the and Crestview outscored stingy Crestview man defense Jefferson 23-9. Jefferson held Jefferson to only one made its only field goal of field goal on eight percent the second half in the form of a layup from sophomore post shooting. “That’s just the case of Nick Fitch. “We talked about, at halfour guys buying into what we’re trying to do defen- time, how we wanted to mix sively,” explained Crestview up defenses and we did a coach Jeremy Best. “We talk little bit but it just goes back about (how) we want to con- to our man-to-man. I think test everything. Tonight, I we did a really good job of thought we did a great job gap help - cutting off their penetration,” Best said. of that.” Bolenbaugh added 10 Jefferson coach Marc Smith said that Crestview points in the third quarter, beat them at their own game: while freshman forward Trey “We pride ourselves on our Smith added five free throws physicality and they outphys- for Jefferson. Four more Smith free icalled us tonight. They were throws were all the Jeffcats the aggressors.” That played out in the could muster, offensively, in battle of the boards, where the final frame as the team Crestview grabbed 25 went 0-of-8 from the field. rebounds to Jefferson’s 12, The poor shooting helped and 10 offense rebounds to Crestview increase their margin to the final score of the Wildcats’ three. The Knights dominated the 62-33. “Being youthful - with one post from the tip, with junior forward Tyson Bolenbaugh senior in our top seven playgrabbing six early points in ers - everything we have is a the first quarter. Bolenbaugh learning experience. We’re paced Crestview on the eve- going to have some nights ning with 16 points on 8-of-9 like this, just like we’re going shooting. Senior center Josh to have some good nights. Ream was 2-of-4 inside as You would like to have a level of consistency and we well. “We got the ball into the think we’ll have it as the kids post early, which was good grow up a little bit,” added to see, and we came back and Coach Smith. Before going 1-of-13 in the established that in the third quarter. That’s something we second half, the Jeffcats shot have worked really hard on. 8-of-14 in the first half for an When you get in there, you overall mark of 33 percent want to make some money (9-of-27). Crestview shot 62 and we did a good job with percent (25-of-40) from the floor, including 6-of-15 from that,” Best described. The first half was highly 3-point range. The Knights were a model contested. Crestview took a 14-9 lead at the end of of efficiency with 16 assists to a quarter with the help of only 10 turnovers. Jefferson five points from junior point turned the ball over 16 times guard Cam Etzler to go along and added only four assists. Etzler had 11 points on the with Bolenbaugh’s six. Jefferson fought back in evening. Smith led Jefferson with the second and pulled within one, 15-14, on a 3-pointer 16 points, while going 11-ofby junior point guard Austin 12 from the free-throw line. Jettinghoff. Bolenbaugh No other Wildcat topped six answered with a layup to points, however. The win improves spark another Knight rally. A 3-pointer by senior guard Crestview to a perfect 5-0 Alec Heffner in the closing (1-0 NWC) and they face off seconds of the second frame with non-conference opponent Fort Jennings Tuesday. Jefferson falls to 1-3 and 0-1. They travel to Kalida today (6:30 p.m. junior varsity tip) for their fifth consecutive away game to start WOULD YOU LIKE TO EARN 2012-13. JEFFERSON (2pt. 3pt. SOME EXTRA CASH? FT Tot.) The Delphos Jettinghoff 0-2 1-2 2-2 Herald is looking for 5, Thompson 3-5 0-1 0-0 6, interested applicants Fitch 1-3 0-0 0-0 2, Ricker who enjoy attending 0-1 0-1 0-0 0, Smith 1-4 1-2 local sporting events 11-12 16, Mox 1-1 0-2 0-1 2, and would like to to Williams 1-1 0-2 0-0 2. cover them for the CRESTVIEW Delphos Herald. Zaleski 0-0 1-2 0-0 3, We welcome all Etzler 3-6 1-2 2-4 11, Helm applicants. 3-3 0-5 1-2 7, Bolenbaugh We can work with 8-9 0-0 3-5 19, Ream 2-4 your schedule! 0-0 0-0 4, Simmerman 0-1 Contact: 1-2 0-0 3, Heffner 1-1 2-3 Jim Metcalfe 0-0 8, Brown 1-1 1-1 0-0 5, Rolsten 1-2 0-0 0-0 2. 419-695-0015, Score by Quarters: Extension 133 Jefferson 9 11 9 4 - 33 or by email at Crestview 14 13 23 12 - 62

Solid defense by St. John’s slowed down Fort Recovery star Wade Gelhaus Friday night at Arnzen Gymnasium. Here, senior Ryan Buescher alters the shot as the Blue Jays went on to open MAC play with a 14-point victory. (Delphos Herald/Tom Morris)
end, Geise and Company — four different players defended the 6-5 Gelhaus throughout the game — were doing their best to keep wraps on the Indians (4-1, 0-1 MAC). The closest the Tribe could get was 14-11 on a 3-ball from the right corner by Kyle Schroer at 1:04. However, Bockey hit a 19-footer from the left side with 17.4 ticks on the board for a 16-11 edge. The Tribe kept climbing back in during the second period and with Gelhaus delivering four dimes for the game (to go with 9 boards), they were within 21-20 on a triple by Schroer at 5:37. However, despite Geise getting into foul trouble, the Jays kept the lead and rebuilt it to 33-27 on a trifecta from the right wing by junior Eric Clark at the 40-second mark. St. John’s shot 6-of-8 from the field in the period (22-of-43 for the night, 6-of-13 downtown, for 51.2%). The third period proved the key for the Blue Jays and the doom of the Tribe: the Jays won the stanza 14-6. They did it by holding the Indians to 2-of-10 shooting (17-of-57 for the contest, 4-of-19 triples, for 29.8%). On the other end, five different players scored at least two points for the Blue and Gold and they lead 47-33 on a jumper from the key by sophomore Evan Hays with 31 ticks remaining. With the Tribe forced to try and clamp down on the Jays with their extended 2-2-1 trapping pressure in the fourth, it also became a trek to the free-throw line for both units. Out of the Jays’ 18 markers in the period, 12 came from the charity stripe out of 20 tries (15-of-26 for the game for 57.7%), while the Indians scored 10 of their 18 from the line on 12 shots (13-of-17 for the game for 76.5%). The closest the visitors could get was eight points twice late before a late layin by senior Ryan Buescher (14 counters, 12 boards, 5 assists, 4 steals, 2 blocks) sealed the deal. “We have struggled shooting the ball for our first there games but tonight, we shot it well. We have a number of kids that put in a lot of time there ,” Elwer added. “Curt made his first shot and Ryan (Koester) made a

Kohli leads Musketeers to decisive win over Big Green The Delphos Herald FORT JENNINGS — Two teams having a rough start to the season squared off Friday night as the Ottoville Big Green traveled to The Fort for their non-league matchup with the Fort Jennings Musketeers. Both teams play each other twice during the regular season with the Putnam County League game scheduled for Jan. 24 at Ottoville. The Musketeers scored 25 first-quarter points and bury the Big Green early in a 59-36 win. The Musketeers came out of the gate blazing with four 3s from behind the arc by (2 by senior Kurt Warnecke and one apiece from sophomores Nick Von Sossan and Connor Wallenhorst. In addition, 6-4 senior Brandon Kohli owned the inside with a team-high eight points in the quarter. For the Big Green, they tried to keep up with the up-tempo play from the Musketeers and were led by junior Luke Schimmoeller and senior Derek Schimmoeller with six and five points, respectively, but trailed at the quarter break 25-14. Veteran Musketeer head coach John Von Sossan was happy to see his big senior underneath have a strong game: “Kohli had an exceptional game tonight. He has shown us signs of that all year but has never been consistent. We might get it in spurts but then the aggressiveness stops. He got into a little foul trouble in the first half but I thought he played a much better all-around game for us tonight.” The second quarter found both teams struggling from the offensive end of the court with only eight points being scored between the two teams. The Musketeers increased their lead going into halftime by a score of 30-17. As has been the case throughout the year for the Big Green, they found themselves trailing throughout the second half. The Musketeers continued to use their inside-outside game with Kohli underneath and the strong outside shooting of Von Sossan, Warnecke and Wallenhorst to maintain their lead throughout the final 16 min-


utes of play. Coach Von Sossan called a timeout early in the fourth quarter and instructed his team to take the air out of the ball and force the Big Green to foul. The Big Green, with only one team foul starting the quarter, was forced to foul numerous times until the Musketeers got to the line. The Musketeers did not disappoint the home fans as they went 9-13 (69%) from the stripe for the game in notching their first win on the year. Von Sossan savored the first win of the year: “It’s always nice to get that first win, especially against our neighbors and rival. We went after the ball better tonight then we have all year. Not to take anything away from Ottoville, but they’re not a dominant rebounding team. We were more aggressive to the boards and looking at our stats on the night, we were happy to see that our starting guards hauled down five boards apiece for the game.” The Musketeers had four starters score in double figures: Kohli, Von Sossan, Wallenhorst and Warnecke had 18, 14, 11 and 10 points, respectively. The home team connected on six 3-pointers for the game. The Musketeers (1-4) will be back in action Tuesday night as they visit the Crestview Knights in a stretch of three games in five nights. The Big Green (1-4) had only three players find the scorebook with (Luke) Schimmoeller and (Derek) Schimmoeller leading the way with 15 and 14 points, respectively, for the visitors. The Big Green will next play tonight as they travel to Spencerville for a 7:30 varsity-only start. The JV game had to be cancelled due to an injured player on Ottoville’s squad which only left 10 players for the Big Green. Ottoville (36) Derek Schimmoeller 1-40-14, Ryan Honigford 0-0-0-0, Luke Schimmoeller 7-0-1-15, Cory Fischer 0-0-0-0, Brandt Landin 3-0-1-7, Tyler Roby 0-00-0, Austin Honigford 0-0-0-0. Totals 11/25-4/19-2/4-36. Fort Jennings (59) Nick Von Sossan 2-3-1-14, Connor Wallenhorst 4-1-0-11,


VARSITY FORT RECOVERY (51) Jacob Schoen 1-0-2, Kyle Schroer 2-0-6, Kent Retz 0-2-2, Ben Dilworth 0-22, Wade Gelhaus 6-6-19, Alex Kaiser 1-0-2, Elijah Kahlig 5-2-13, Mason Evers 2-1-5. Totals 13-4-13/17-51. ST. JOHN’S (65) Andy Grothouse 1-0-2, Ryan Buescher 5-2-14, Eric Clark 1-4-7, Ryan Koester 4-0-10, Curtis Geise 6-7-20, Cole Fischbach 0-0-0, Evan Hays 1-0-2, Tyler Conley 0-2-2, Seth Bockey 4-0-8. Totals 16-6-15/26-65. Score by Quarters: Ft. Recovery 11 16 6 18 - 51 St. John’s 16 17 14 18 - 65 Three-point goals: Fort Recovery, Schroer 2, Gelhaus, Kahlig; St. John’s, Buescher 2, Koester 2, Clark, Geise. ---JUNIOR VARSITY FORT RECOVERY (46) Derek Backs 3-0-6, Tanner Koch 0-0-0, Cole Wendel 0-0-0, Brandon Schoen 0-0-0, Chase Bruns 1-0-3, Mitch Stammen 1-1-3, Wes Wenning 2-0-4, Dillon Whitacre 3-1-7, Jackson Hobbs 6-1-16, JJ Overton 0-0-0, Darien Sheffer 2-3-7. Totals 14-4-6/12-46. ST. JOHN’S (44) Aaron Hellman 7-0-18, Ryan Hellman 0-0-0, Ben Wrasman 2-1-6, Eric Gerberick 0-0-0, Gage Seffernick 0-0-0, Jake Csukker 3-0-6, Austin Heiing 1-0-2, Alex Odenweller 5-2-12. Totals 13-5-3/6-44. Score by Quarters: Ft. Recovery 9 12 13 6 (6) - 46 St. John’s 7 7 10 16 (4) - 44 Three-point goals: Fort Recovery, Hobbs 3, Bruns; St. John’s, A. Hellman 4, Wrasman.

couple early and the confidence just seems to grow. We work a lot of our free throws; that will continue to be a focus, as will the usual things, especially rebounding.” Fort Recovery ended up with 31 caroms (16 offensive) as Mason Evers added eight; 10 miscues; and 20 fouls. Kahlig tossed in 13 markers and Dilworth five dimes. They visit WaynesfieldGoshen Tuesday. St. John’s secured 39 off the glass (13 offensive) as 5-9 junior Eric Clark added six; 10 errors; and 19 fouls. They visit Continental Friday. In junior varsity action, the Tribe’s Darien Sheffer hit a drive with 41 ticks left in overtime to help the visitors to a 46-44 triumph. Jackson Hobbs led the victors (4-1, 1-0) with 16. Junior Aaron Hellman was high scorer for the hosts (0-3, 0-1) with 18 (4 bombs) and sophomore Alex Odenweller added 12.

Kurt Warnecke 1-2-2-10, Chad Recker 0-0-2-2, Brandon Kohli 7-0-4-18, Austin Kehres 1-0-02, Drew Stechschulte 1-0-0-2. Totals 16/29-6/17-9/13-59. Score by Quarters: Ottoville 14-3-10-9 — 36 Ft. Jennings 25-5-14-15 — 59 Rebounds: Fort Jennings 28-21. Turnovers: Ottoville 15, Fort Jennings 9. ----Mathias scores 22 as Elida downs Redskins WAPAKONETA — Dakota Mathias netted 22 markers and Ebin Stratton and Aric Thompson 12 each to pace Elida past homestanding Wapakoneta 59-46 in Western Buckeye LEague boys hardwood action Friday. Alex Greve countered with 17 for the Redskins (3-2) and Jake Buzzard 15. Elida (3-2) hosts Toledo Woodward tonight. ELIDA Ebin Stratton 2-8-12, David Diller, 1-2-5, Austin Allemeier 1-13, Aric Thompson 4-0-12, Dakota Mathias 9-2-22, Trent Long 2-1-5. Totals 19-13-59. WAPAKONETA Alex Greve 6-4-17, Jake Buzzard 6-2-15, Brandon Erb 1-0-3, Kodi Morgan 2-2-6, Travis Bertram 2-0-5. Totals 17-6-46. Score by Quarters: Elida 15 12 13 19 - 59 Wapak 11 10 16 9 - 46 3-pointers: E-- Thompson 4, Mathias 2, Diller, Allemeier 1; W-- Morgan 2, Greve 1, Buzzard 1, Erb 1, Bertram 1. ----T-Birds eke past Bulldogs By Dave Boninsegna The Delphos Herald COLUMBUS GROVE — The final Northwest Conference boys basketball contest between Columbus Grove and Lima Central Catholic will be one to remember. The Bulldogs got a momentum push in the first half to give them a 13-8 lead but a 13-0 stretch by LCC gave the Thunderbirds a 18-13 on their way to a 38-34 victory. Martyce Kimbrough led the ’Birds with eight points. Will Vorhees led all scorers for Columbus Grove with 18 points, while Derek Rieman added 11 in the effort.

The Bulldogs led 9-8 after the first period, while Rieman and Vorhees combined for a 5-0 run. However, as fast as the hosts got the impetus, LCC stole the swing right back. Kimbrough nailed a 3-pointer and later rounded out the stretch with another long-range shot, making it a 21-13 lead in favor of the guests. Vorhees and Collin Grothaus rounded out the first half for the Bulldogs with back-to-back baskets as the home team trailed 21-17. LCC came out in the second half putting on the pressure but the Bulldogs responded: Rieman got a back-door cut that he converted into a bucket, Vorhees nailed the first two from the charity stripe for the hosts to cut it to 26-25 with 3:31 to go in the third. The Bulldogs held their guests close in the frame and won the battle on the scoreboard by a count of 8-7. Vorhees continued the improvements at the stripe in the final canto, going 5-for-5, but the LCC speed caught up with the Bulldogs early on as the guests got a breakaway basket from Darius West (7 points) to give the ‘Birds a 32-27 advantage. The game eventually came down to the wire and the line; Johnson hit two key shots for the Thunderbirds with 2:00 on the clock to make it a 36-33 score. Vorhees nailed one from the stripe for Grove 30 seconds later to make it a 2-point contest. However, after a 3-point attempt by the Bulldogs (2-1) missed and led to a Grove foul, Xavier Simpson hit one of two foul shots to seal it up for Lima Central Catholic (4-1). LCC (38) Simpson 2-1-5, Huffman 2-0-4, Johnson 2-2-7, Kimbrough 3-0-8, West 3-1-7, Williams 1-1-3, Judy 1-0-2, Stewart 1-0-2. Totals 12/263/8-5/9-38. Grove (34) Rieman 5-1-11, Vorhees 5-718, Grothaus 1-0-2, Darbyshire 0-1-1, Warnecke 1-0-2. Totals 11/25-1/7-9/17-34. Score by Quarters: Lima CC 8 13 7 10 - 38 Col. Grove 9 8 8 7 - 34 Three-pointers: LCC, Kimbrough 2, Johnson; Columbus Grove, Vorhees.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Herald — 7

Jefferson football players earned special awards at the season-ending awards banquet, (above), front from left, Defensive Back Award - Chris Truesdale; Most Improved - Warren Poling; Offensive Lineman Award - Evan Stant; and Defensive Lineman Award - Quentin Wessell; and back row, Scout Player of Year - Seth Wollenhaupt; Specialist Award - Drew Kortokrax; Linebacker Award- Ross Thompson; and Offensive Lineman - Geoff Ketcham. (Photos submitted) 4 cols. (Right) The football team also instituted the 1st Aanual Keith Kiggins MVP Award, nominated by teammates. Wessell won the award and Kiggins (right) was present to present the award.

Jefferson Football Awards

I had a decent picking week NE wins. GREEN BAY: THE archrilast week, going 8-4 (1-0 in the lone college game, 7-4 in the valry game in NFL. Without Da pros) to improve my mark to Bears defense being is snarling best as they were earlier, 80-64 (34-33, 46-31). Charlie Warnimont of the this offense has proven to be Putnam County Sentinel went somewhat troublesome. Not 7-5 (1-0, 6-5) to progress the good news with Packers comGuest Picker’s mark to 65-42 ing to town, especially with Clay Matthews set to return to (33-15, 32-27). Dave Boninsegna went 6-6 the defense. Just wish Aaron Rodgers a belated (he came oh-so-close “Aaron Rodgers Day” to getting a throwaway as Pack gets huge pick to go his way, NFC Norris Division that is how lucky he triumph. has been!) with 0-1, NY GIANTS: The 6-5 markers to make gauntlet was thrown his mark 93-51 (46-21, down by Falcons WR 47-30). Roddy White suggestCharlie returns for ing the Falcons have a his second week. better receiving corps. This week begins the interminable bowl Jim Metcalfe That likely is true but why throw gasoline on season. the fire, especially with your Here are the games. College (Bowls): New Falcons seemingly beginning Mexico Bowl At Albuquerque their usual swoon? G-Men will - Nevada (7-5) vs. Arizona be motivated and we have seen (7-5); Famous Idaho Potato what they do when that hapBowl At Boise, Idaho - Toledo pens. BALTIMORE: Ray Lewis is (9-3) vs. Utah State (10-2); Poinsettia Bowl At San Diego - supposed to make a remarkable San Diego State (9-3) vs. BYU return this week; if that happens, (7-5); Beef ’O’ Brady’s Bowl what a lift for this defense. Joe At St. Petersburg, Fla. - Ball Flacco has a chance to cement State (9-3) vs. UCF (9-4), 7:30 his name among NFL’s elite. With this game in Baltimore, p.m. (ESPN). NFL: Pittsburgh at Dallas; Ravens snap 2-game slide. NEW ORLEANS: San Francisco at New England; Buccaneers barfed up a lung Green Bay at Chicago; N.Y. Giants at Atlanta; Denver against Philly last week with at Baltimore; Tampa Bay at big chance to secure a playNew Orleans; Indianapolis off berth. Drew Brees has been downright horrible — and I at Houston; Carolina at San should know; I have him in two Diego. Fantasy Football leagues! — JIM METCALFE the last two weeks but methinks COLLEGE: he rebounds with humongous ARIZONA: These early game. bowls tend to be shootouts HOUSTON: Texans had all because they haven’t been off week to lick their wounds after as long as the teams in later Sunday Night national embarbowls — also, they generalrassment in “biggest game of ly involve teams we aren’t as franchise’s history”. They can familiar with. Expect lots of either rebound with ferocity or scoring in this bowl, with the play like pussy cats. I choose more-known Wildcats getting a the first option. win at altitude. CAROLINA: Chargers TOLEDO: The MAC conshocked Pittsburgh last week tinues to make inroads to be but I don’t see that happening among the top conferences in again. Cam Newton is playing America. The Rockets get the much better and the emotion first crack in “The 3-Week of playing (again!) for Norv Bowl Week” that is ESPN’s Turner’s job in SD gets old programming. Again, should be fast. another shootout with UT getDAVE BONINSEGNA ting a big win, despite playing College: in Aggie territory. Arizona: Nevada has just SAN DIEGO STATE: won one of their last five games, These are not the Aztecs of while Arizona has won 3-of-5. Marshall Faulk’s heyday but This should be a high-scoring they’re still pretty good. This game. The Wildcats have most is not the pass-happy BYU of of the momentum; I am going to Lavell Edwards but a stingy take them to get this first bowl defensive unit. Aztecs win “allof the season. but-home” game in what will be Toledo: I like potato bowls a less-high-scoring game. with some butter, maybe sour UCF: Ball State faces a cream ... but I digress. Coming tough task playing in UCF’s off the most successful regular backyard. Should be a wild conseason in school history, Utah test but “home” team gets the State hopes this trip to the blue nod. turf in Boise goes better than NFL: last year’s experience. A year PITTSBURGH: Dallas had ago, Utah State won its last an unbelievable surge of emofive regular-season games to tions after the death of Jerry earn its first bowl trip since Brown last Saturday. The emolosing to Cincinnati in the 1997 tions go the other way this time Humanitarian Bowl in Boise. around. Even though this game Standing in the way this year is in The Temple, it hasn’t are the Rockets of Toledo, a been the home-field advantage team seeking its first 10-win Cowboys’ fans want. I imagine season in more than a decade. Big Ben will be better from The Aggies are riding a 6-game the start and one wonders how winning streak, into the game effective Dez Bryant will be. If against the Rockets and went he’s less than 100%, Da Boys undefeated in the WAC. But don’t have the overall horses. I am going to go with Toledo My picks goes with ... (sob, sob) here if for no other reason than Steelers. some home state bias. NEW ENGLAND: They San Diego State: I got my swatted away the latest usurpwife a Poinesettia (Editor’s er to the Patriots’ AFC throne Note: Boy, the puns are terin Texans last Monday. 49ers rible!) but it was in a pot, not have the chance to make a big a bowl. BYU barely squeaked statement this week in Foxboro. their way into a bowl, so I am Tom Brady and his crew will taking SDS to bring home the be very motivated again and Christmas plant bowl. with an improving defense to UCF: I think I ate at Beef O’ back him, the result is the same: Brady’s when I was a kid; not

for sure UCF nearly has a home are going to do the same. New game here against Ball State. York has better weapons than A heart-breaking overtime loss the Panthers and Eli Manning in the Conference USA title and company send the Falcons game cost UCF a spot in the to their second loss in a row. Denver: With both teams Liberty Bowl. The consolation prize for the Knights is get- battling for AFC playoff positing to play a relatively short tioning, Peyton Manning looks distance from campus -- albeit to help guide Denver to its ninth against an unexpected opponent straight victory Sunday while that will be looking for its sev- winning his ninth consecuenth straight victory. UCF tries tive start against the Ravens. to bounce back when it faces Peyton’s success continues on Sunday, sending the Ball State in the Beef Ravens to their second ‘O’ Brady’s Bowl at consecutive loss. Tropicana Field (how’s New Orleans: The that for endorsements) Saints are getting most and does with a win of their team back but over Ball State. is it too little too late? NFL: To make the postseaPittsburgh: Who son, the Buccaneers would have thought will likely need a string either games for these teams last week would Dave Boninsegna of wins -- and will certainly need some help have ended the way they did? Dallas barely got by -- starting with Sunday’s road the Bengals and the Steelers game against the struggling got shellacked by the Chargers. Saints. Despite being 5-8 on Somebody is going to rebound the season, I am going with the this week; I am going with Saints to keep slim hopes alive for a playoff chance. Pittsburgh. Houston: A win over the New England: We will find out if the 49ers are for real. Indianapolis Colts on Sunday New England will try for its would clinch a second straight 14th straight win in December AFC South title for the playoffand 21st straight at home dur- bound Houston Texans. A loss ing the month, has already won makes the division race much the AFC East title and trails more interesting. The Texans Houston by one game for the look to bounce back from a conference’s top seed. The Pats blowout loss to New England will take a step closer to the last week and prevent the surgnumber one seed when they win ing Colts from securing a playoff berth as these teams meet on Sunday. Green Bay: The surging in Houston for the first of two Packers look to clinch the North meetings over the final three with a sixth consecutive vic- weeks. Houston wins round one tory over the archrival Bears on on Sunday. San Diego: The Chargers are Sunday at Soldier Field. Until last week, Chicago held either still going to be charged up over sole possession or a share of their win over the Steelers last the North lead. After Week 5, week; Carolina, while coming the Bears were 4-1 while Green off a win, too, will have a letBay was 2-3. The Packers, down as the Chargers win at though, have won seven of eight home. C H A R L I E while the Bears have dropped four of five. The Packers take WARNIMONT COLLEGE: advantage of the failing Bears with a win in Chi town. Arizona - Two teams with N.Y. Giants: The Falcons very high-powered offenses got steamrolled by the Panthers led by running backs that both last week and need to get it back have rushed for 1,700 yards together this week or the Giants this season. Arizona quarter-



For Week of Dec. 17-23 MONDAY Girls Basketball St. John’s at Shawnee, 6 p.m. Crestview at Fort Jennings, 6 p.m. Wayne Trace at Lincolnview, 6 p.m. Wrestling Columbus Grove and Ayersville at Paulding, 6 p.m. Swimming and Diving Elida at Bath Quad, 9/10 a.m. TUESDAY Boys Basketball Fort Jennings at Crestview, 6 p.m. Van Wert at Paulding, 6 p.m. Jefferson at Ottoville, 7 p.m. (V only) Girls Basketball New Knoxville at Spencerville, 6 p.m. Columbus Grove at Kalida (PCL), 6 p.m. Swimming and Diving Coldwater and Versailles at Van Wert, 6 p.m. THURSDAY Boys Basketball Miller City at Fort Jennings, 6 p.m. Girls Basketball Jefferson at Ada (NWC), 6 p.m. Spencerville at Allen East (NWC), 6 p.m. Lincolnview at Columbus Grove (NWC), 6 p.m. St. Marys Memorial at Elida (WBL), 6 p.m.


Van Wert at Kenton (WBL), 6 p.m. LCC at Crestview (NWC), 6 p.m.

Wrestling Lincolnview at Fairview Invitational, 6 p.m. Elida at Celina Super-Tri, 6 p.m. Swimming and Diving Elida at Ottawa-Glandorf tri-meet, 7 p.m. FRIDAY Boys Basketball St. John’s at Continental, 6 p.m. Coldwater at Jefferson, 6 p.m. Kalida at Lincolnview, 6 p.m. vw Allen East at Spencerville (NWC), 6 p.m. Columbus Grove at Bath, 6 p.m. Crestview at LCC (NWC), 6 p.m. Tinora at Ottoville, 6:30 p.m. (JV 2 QTRS) SATURDAY Boys Basketball Celina at St. John’s, 6 p.m. Perry at Fort Jennings, 6 p.m. Coldwater at Elida, 6 p.m. Kalida at Ottawa-Glandorf, 6 p.m. Columbus Grove at Patrick Henry, 6 p.m. Girls Basketball Ottoville at Ottawa-Glandorf, noon Elida at Coldwater, noon Wayne Trace at Fort Jennings, 1 p.m. Kalida at Crestview, 1 p.m. Jefferson at Van Wert, 6 p.m.

back Matt Scott has rushed While they have had a short for over 3,200 yards this sea- work week, I am still not sold son, while Nevada quarterback on the 49ers’ change at quarCody Fajardo has passed for terback. The Patriots show why over 2,500 yards and rushed they are one of the favorites for nearly 1,000 yards. The in the AFC this season with question is if Arizona can stop another December win. Green Bay - Two teams anyone on defense. Arizona averages 37 ppg but gives up headed in opposite directions. 34. Just a hunch; they can get The Packers have won seven of their last eight games, while that one stop to win the game. Toledo - The Rockets the Bears have lost four out of five. Chicago is beat were rolling along up on both defense until late-season and offense and while losses to Northern quarterback Jay Cutler Illinois and Ball is going to play, the State derailed their Packers are hitting their chances of playing stride and take control for a MAC chamof the division race. pionship. Toledo is Atlanta - New York one of seven MAC needs this win to stay teams playing in alone atop the East the post-season and Charlie gets the conference’s Warnimont Division in the NFC. The Falcons are comventure into the bowl ing off a disappointseason off to a good start with a win. You have to ing outing last week and will go with the Ohio teams, right? be hungry to prove they are among the top teams in the (EN: If you say so!!!) BYU - They say defense NFC. Plus the game is on their wins championships and the home field. Baltimore - The Ravens are Cougars defense has been solid with the second-best rushing currently on a 2-game winning defense in the nation and they streak, while Denver has already were fifth in points allowed. clinched a playoff spot. Only San Diego State comes into going with the Ravens since it the game having won seven is a home game, although that straight games and recording doesn’t mean a lot these days the school’s most wins since as teams battle for home field 1977. The Cougars have expe- in the post-season. New Orleans - Going with rience on their side and pull out a fourth-quarter win when their the Saints since it is a home game for them. Now since defense gets a late stop. UCF - Ball State has had Bounty Gate is behind them, an excellent season behind the thank you, the Saints can conrushing of sophomore running centrate on playing football and back Jahwan Edwards and not all the off-field stuff. Houston - These two teams quarterback Keith Wenning. However, the Cardinal prob- will see each other two times in ably have not seen a team with the next three weeks. Colt quarthe speed of UCF. That speed terback Andrew Luck has not will be the difference in the had a lot of good Luck (EN: game as UCF pulls out a high- Another “pun”ishing statement!) on the road this season scoring win. turning the ball over 17 times. Pro Dallas - Both teams battling The Texans defense will be out for a spot in the post-season. to show they are not as bad as The Steelers did not look good they looked last Monday night against San Diego last week, in New England. The Texans dropping a home game to the win round one with Indy. San Diego - Carolina is travwoeful Chargers. Dallas had to rally for an emotional win eling west to meet a Charger in Cincinnati last week but are team that went into Pittsburg home and should get the job and shocked the Steelers. Can done as the Steelers inch closer San Diego keep that momento not being in the post-season. tum going? Not that it means New England - The Patriots anything more, except playing are coming off a big win over for pride, the Chargers win two the Texans last Sunday night. in a row.
Quotes of local interest supplied by EDWARD JONES INVESTMENTS Close of business December 14, 2012 Description Last Price
13135.01 2,971.33 1,413.58 357.68 72.14 52.57 41.39 51.19 42.84 49.24 37.60 17.30 13.90 11.10 67.49 24.61 12.95 58.25 62.06 33.72 6.16 70.69 42.81 43.80 34.46 88.88 26.81 70.16 69.93 1.03 5.55 46.77 31.40 9.85 44.21 68.75


The Associated Press Subject to Change Today’s Games New Mexico Bowl At Albuquerque Nevada (7-5) vs. Arizona (7-5), 1 p.m. (ESPN) Famous Idaho Potato Bowl At Boise, Idaho Toledo (9-3) vs. Utah State (10-2), 4:30 p.m. (ESPN)


(7-5), 8 p.m. (ESPN) Friday’s Game Beef ’O’ Brady’s Bowl At St. Petersburg, Fla. Ball State (9-3) vs. UCF (9-4), 7:30 p.m. (ESPN) Saturday, Dec. 22 New Orleans Bowl East Carolina (8-4) vs. LouisianaLafayette (7-4), Noon (ESPN) Las Vegas Bowl Boise State (10-2) vs. Washington (7-5), 3:30 p.m. (ESPN)

Thursday’s Game Poinsettia Bowl At San Diego San Diego State (9-3) vs. BYU



-35.71 -20.83 -1.64 -11.21 -0.45 +0.89 -0.08 -0.15 -0.10 +0.74 +0.31 +0.00 -0.18 -0.17 +0.00 -0.51 +0.09 -0.48 -0.35 +0.08 +0.03 -0.06 +0.03 -0.07 -0.07 -0.29 -0.30 -0.05 -0.20 -0.01 -0.09 +0.08 -0.17 -0.02 -0.31 -0.29

8 – The Herald

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Occupy Advent 2012

The first question was simple: “Siri, when is Christmas?” After the two-tone “BEED-EEP” chime, the voice of the Apple iPhone responded: “Christmas is on Tuesday, December 25, 2012. I hope I have the day off.” Then matters got complicated: “When is Advent?” Siri searched her memory and said: “I didn’t find any events about ‘Ed Fant.’” Trying again: “When is the Advent season?” Siri cheerfully responded: “I am not aware of any events about ‘advent season.’” After several more “BEED-EEP” chimes the Apple cloud ultimately drew a blank when asked, “When does the Christmas season end?” Alas, Siri didn’t understand the term “Christmas season.” That’s understandable, since it’s clear that millions of Americans are either confused about these questions or they disagree with answers rooted in centuries of Christian life, noted Jimmy Akin, senior apologist at Catholic Answers ( The problem isn’t just that the secular marketplace celebrates a different season -“The Holidays” -- which runs from the shopping day previously known as Thanksgiving through Dec. 25, which itself precedes several days in which gifts are returned, leftovers consumed, trees discarded and decorations jammed into garages.

On Religion
The problem, said Akin, is that many Christian institutions have surrendered and no longer observe the four quiet weeks of Advent (Latin for “toward the coming”) and then the 12-day Christmas season, which begins with the Dec. 25 feast and continues through Jan. 6, the Feast of the Epiphany. The Advent and Christmas seasons have for centuries been celebrated in many different Christian traditions. “There is just so much noise out there in the culture this time of year, so many signals clashing with the church’s traditions,” said Akin. “The key to all this is that our culture treats Christmas Day as the climax of a giant holiday season, not as the day that -- after the preparations of Advent -- kicks off the 12 days of Christmas.” The bottom line: Most Americans, believers and nonbelievers alike, “frontload” Christmas celebrations into the weeks before Christmas, trample Advent and then ignore the traditional season of Christmas. The

question for church leaders is how to serve as winsome advocates for Christian traditions without adopting an “Advent Grinch” attitude -- the term used at the Occupy Advent website -- that turns off people seeking alternatives to the modern Christmas crush. Some church leaders are convinced that it’s time to throw in the towel, noted Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York, in an online commentary about what he called “The Annual Advent Argument.” A traditionalist, he said, may proclaim, “Yeah, remember 50 years ago when we were kids? The tree would not go up until Christmas Eve; carols would never be heard till real close to Christmas; there were some added days of fast and abstinence during Advent; even Christmas Eve was a day of penance! Wasn’t that better? We so looked forward to Christmas because we waited!” Then somebody else will respond, “But there’s nothing we can do about it! Society begins the Christmas season on Thanksgiving, and ends it on December 25. ... The Church is out of it and will just have to change.” Meanwhile, Catholic instructions for bishops continue to urge clergy -- on the crucial issue of decorations in Advent -- to proceed “in a moderate manner, as is consonant with the character of the season, without anticipating the full joy of Christmas.” The same general rule applies to Christmas music.

“The question everyone asks,” noted Akin, “is, ‘Why don’t we do Christmas songs in church during Advent?’ The answer is pretty simple: ‘Because it isn’t Christmas yet.’ ... And it’s one thing to put up a tree, but it’s something else to completely decorate it weeks before Christmas. It’s one thing to put up your Christmas creche. It’s something else to go ahead and put the baby Jesus in the manger.” The goal is for churches to take symbolic actions that help people reclaim the full Christmas season. The most important move most churches could make, he said, would be to put their Christmas parties, festivals, caroling events and other celebrations during the traditional 12 days of Christmas. “It would be pretty radical to pull some of those frontloaded celebrations out of Advent and back into the Christmas season itself. If we did that it might get some people’s attention,” said Akin. “The point we need to make is this: Christmas belongs in Christmas.” (Terry Mattingly is the director of the Washington Journalism Center at the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities and leads the project to study religion and the news.)
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Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Herald — 9

(Continued from page 3) Dear Santa, Thank you for the presents. I would like to see 8 Reindeer and the North Pole. Love, Logan Britton Dear Santa, Thank you for the presents. I would like a new DS and a Ipad and a M3P and pictures of the North Pole and stopies, a new trampoline and a computer and 8 reindeer. I will leave milk and cookies. Love, Lauren French Dear Santa, Thank you for the presents. I would like a kareoke. I would like a American Garl doll. I would like some head phones. I would like twista led crayons. I would like some sckool paper. Love, Noelle Prine Dear Santa, Thank you for Christmas. I would like a pocket knife. Reindeer pictures. Love, Troy Pseekos Dear Santa, I would like to see a picture of your reindeer. A DS. A wii. A puppy. Love, Isaac Gallmeier Dear Santa, Thank you for the presents. I would like a picture of the north pole. And a ds. Does Rudolph have a red nose? Rudolph is my favorite reindeer. Love, Johnna Fair-Higbie Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like shoes, hat, flat screen t.v. Love, Mason Dear Santa, For Chrismas I would like D.S. games, Ipod. Merry Christmas! Love, Brandon Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like American doll, D.S. games, a dog. I will leave carrots for Rudolph. Love, Venessa Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like American girl doll, 3 DS, jewery. Merry Christmas! Love, Chelsea Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like stompies, a pillow pet, a pair of gloves. Merry Christmas! Love, Adam Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like a little kids razor and Xbox games and presents. Merry Christmas! Love, Brayden Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like a D.S., D.S. games, big buck hunting game. Merry Christmas! Love, Alex Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like a doll, Janie B. Books, Mp3 player. I have been good. Love, Anna Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like a 3 D.S., Ipod, Lego’s. I have been good. Love, Bryce Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like a Nerf gun. I will leave you some cookies. Love, Eli Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like earrings, America girl doll, wii. I will leave you cookies, Love, Ashley Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like a Barbie photo fashion doll, a Hello Kitty DS game, Barbie Movie “12 Dancing Princesses.” P.S. I’ve been very good this year. Love, Elizabeth

Dear Santa, I want for Christmas, a Monster High Girl, phone with texting and a picture of my Mom and Dad. I am seven. Love, Mika Dear Santa, I have been good. I want a guitar and drum set. I want pajamas and candy. Love, Grant Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like rings, books, Ipod. I have been good. Love, Kayla Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like earrings, make-up, American girl doll wheelchair. Merry Christmas Santa! Love, Aubrey Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like make-up, American girl doll clothes, Addidas. I am good. Love, Leah Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like Barbie, mermaid, headband. Merry Christmas Santa and Anna! Love, Madison Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like a phone, wii games, and DS games, I’ve been good and have a merry Christmas! Love, Carsen Dear Santa, I would like an American girl doll. Also, I would like a pretty brush. Santa, can you bring me a unicorn pillow pet? Santa, I’ve been good this year. Love, Danielle Dear Santa, I want a Joker tank. I want a Batman tank and a Joker house. I am six years old. I have been good. Love, Braden Dear Santa, I want an art set. I’m seven years old. Also, I would like an iPod. I hope you come to my house tonight. Love, Andrew Dear Santa, I would like a stuffed horse. Also, I want a blue furby. Also, I want an iPod Touch. I have been very good. I’m six years old. Love, Briley Dear Santa, I want an iPod. Also I would like a box of lego ninjago books. I have been good. Love, Wyatt Dear Santa, I want an iPod. Also, I would love an iPod Touch. Can you get me an American Girl doll? I ♥ Santa. Love, Lydia Dear Santa, I want an American Girl doll. I want an iPod and an iPad. Santa, I have been good! Love, Hannah Dear Santa, I really want a real horse. Santa, I’ve been really good. Also, I want the horse stuff with it. ♥ Love, Alexandra Dear Santa, I’m six years old. I would like a white Furby. Also I want a Monster High Girl. Santa, also I would like a 3DS. Santa, I have been good. Please can you stop at my house. Love, Adele Dear Santa, I want a phone. Also, I want an iPod Touch. Santa, I want a Mario Baseball Wii game. I have been good. Love, Braeden Dear Santa, I want big stuffed penguins. I wan an iPod. Santa, I want a mini bike. I have been good. Love, Carson Dear Santa, I want a stuffed cow. Also I would like a horse. I am seven years old. Love, Leia Dear Santa, I want the Forest Police Station. Santa, I want the game Secret Agent Undercover. Also, I want the new Bionicle Storm Crusher. I have been good. Love, Owen. Dear Santa, I want an iPad. Also I want a stuffed toy. Can you bring me an iPhone? I want a Mario Baseball wii game. Love, Jared

Dear Santa, My Christmas wish for my mom is a new phone. My Christmas wish for my dad is a blue toy mustang. My Christmas wish for me is a pass word journal. Love, Ryann Schroeder Dear Santa, My Christmas wish for my mom is jewelry. My Christmas wish for my dad is a new computer. My Christmas wish for me is a 3D DS and a Wii U. Love, Jack Vetter Dear Santa, My Christmas wish for my mom is a new phone. My Christmas wish for my dad is a new quilt. My Christmas wish for me is a karate kit. Love, Gabe Manley Dear Santa, My Christmas wish for my mom is silver earrings. My Christmas wish for my dad is tickets to a Celtics game. My Christmas wish for me is a 3D DS. Love, Michael Turnwald Dear Santa, My Christmas wish for my mom is gold shoes. My Christmas wish for my dad is an iPad. My Christmas wish for me is a purple necklace. Love, Addison Geise Dear Santa, My Christmas wish for my mom is an iPad. My Christmas wish for my dad is a gun. My Christmas wish for me is scissors. Love, Mason Fiedler Dear Santa, My Christmas wish for my mom is red slippers. My Christmas wish for my dad is karate weapons. My Christmas wish for me is zapper. Love, Preston Mansfield

Dear Santa, My name is Gavin. I have been a good boy. I read good and I play the Wii. If I were Santa, I would give my mom a bottle of lotion and I would give my dad a new t-shirt. Would you please bring me Skylanders Giants? I can’t wait until Christmas! Your friend, Gavin Boecker Dear Santa, My name is Evalee. I have been a good girl. I made my bed and I cleaned my room. If I were Santa, I would give my mom a diamond necklace and I would give my dad chocolate chip cookies. Would you please bring me diamond earrings? I can’t wait until Christmas! Your friend, Evalee Brinkman Dear Santa, My name is Brendon. I have been a good boy. I make my bed and I clean my room. If I were Santa, I would give my mom flowers and I would give my dad tools. Would you please bring me a fish tank with goldfish? I can’t wait until Christmas! Your friend, Brendon Bullinger Dear Santa, My name is Jessa. I have been a good girl. I made my bed and I clean my room. If I were Santa, I would give my mom a vase with flowers and a bow and I would give my dad a tool set. Would you please bring me an Elf on the Shelf and a diamond necklace? I can’t wait until Christmas! Your friend, Jessa Burgei Dear Santa, My name is Isabelle. I have been a good girl. I put dishes away and I watched my brother. If I were Santa I would give my mom sparkly shoes and I would give my dad a toolbox. Would you please bring me a play school set? I can’t wait until Christmas! Your friend, Isabelle Furley Dear Santa, My name is Brayden. I have been a good boy. I made my bed and I cleaned my room. If I were Santa, I would give my mom a pretty bracelet and I would give my dad a car. Would you please bring me an iPad? I can’t wait until Christmas! Your friend, Brayden Geise Dear Santa, My name is Miah. I have been a good girl. I made my bed and I cleaned my room. If I were Santa, I would give my mom a diamond necklace and I would give my dad a Notre Dame shirt. Would you please bring me an Elf on the Shelf? I can’t wait until Christmas! Your friend, Miah Griner Dear Santa, My name is Alivia. I have been a good girl. I made my bed and I washed the dishes. If I were Santa, I would give my mom earrings and I would give my dad peanut butter cookies. Would you please bring me a real dog? I can’t wait until Christmas! Your friend, Alivia Hilvers Dear Santa, My name is Madison. I have been a good girl. I made my bed and I cleaned my room. If I were Santa, I would give my mom a phone charger and I would give my dad a cell phone. Would you please bring me Barbies? I can’t wait until Christmas! Your friend, Madison Hoersten Dear Santa, My name is Jace. I have been a good boy. I made my bed and I cleaned my room. If I were Santa, I would give my mom pretty shirts and I would give my dad two guns. Would you please bring me Madden 2013 and a 410 gun and X-box 360? I can’t wait until Christmas! Your friend, Jace Langhals

Dear Santa, My name is Ryan. I have been a good boy. I pick up my toys and I go to bed on time. If I were Santa I would give my mom a car and I would give my dad a new watch. Would you please bring me playdoh and a telescope? I can’t wait until Christmas! Your friend, Ryan Looser Dear Santa, My name is Andy. I have been a good boy. I made my bed and I cleaned my room. If I were Santa, I would give my mom a pet dog and I would give my dad a staple gun. Would you please bring me an iPod? I can’t wait until Christmas! Your friend, Andy Moorman Dear Santa, My name is Masin. I have been a good boy. I did my homework and I help my teacher. If I were Santa, I would give my mom a ring and I would give my dad a tool. Would you please bring me alarm clock dinosaur and dinosaurs? I can’t wait until Christmas! Your friend, Masin Metzger Dear Santa, My name is Keaton. I have been a good boy. I made my bed and I washed the dishes. If I were Santa, I would give my mom a cooking set and I would give my dad a fishing pole. Would you please bring me X-box Kinect? I can’t wait until Christmas! Your friend, Keaton Schnipke Dear Santa, My name is Georgia. I have been a good girl. I made my bed and I cleaned my room. If I were Santa, I would give my mom a diamond necklace and I would give my dad chocolate cookies. Would you please bring me a 3D DS? I can’t wait until Christmas! Your friend, Georgia Schnipke Dear Santa, My name is Quinton. I have been a good boy. I made my bed and I watched my brother. If I were Santa, I would give my mom a ring and I would give my dad tools. Would you please bring me a pet cat? I can’t wait until Christmas! Your friend, Quinton Schnipke Dear Santa, My name is Kathryn. I have been a good girl. I listened to my mom and I play nicely with my brother. If I were Santa, I would give my mom a diamond bracelet and I would give my dad fish equipment. Would you please bring me a Lego girlhouse? I can’t wait until Christmas! Your friend, Kathryn Sehlhorst

Dear Santa, I want a 3DS. I want an iPad mini. I want ninjago legos. Santa, you are the best. Love, Jacob Dear Santa, I want a dsxl. I would like a jeep. Also, can you get me a dirt bike? I have been good. Love, Kaylyn Dear Santa, My Christmas wish for my mom is a gold bracelet. My Christmas wish for my dad is a box of pepsi. My Christmas wish for me is a sleigh. Love, Ethan Calvelage Dear Santa, My Christmas Wish for my mom is a silver necklace. My Christmas wish for my dad is a word search activity book. My Christmas wish for me is a black kitten with white paws. Love, Reese Horstman Dear Santa, My Christmas wish for my mom is an iPad. My Christmas wish for my dad is a lego. My Christmas with for me is a ton of Legos. Love, Adam Brinkman Dear Santa, My Christmas wish for my mom is Swedish red fish. My Christmas wish for my dad is some shaving cream. My Christmas wish for me is La La Lopsy Doll. Love, Lexie Honigford Dear Santa, My Christmas wish for my mom is blue slippers. My Christmas wish for my dad is tools. My Christmas wish for me is Glo Glo Inkloops. Love, Makenna Schnipke Dear Santa, My Christmas wish for my mom is flowers. My Christmas wish for my dad is a belt. My Christmas wish for me is iPod. Love, Olesya Herman Dear Santa, My Christmas wish for my mom is a gold necklace. My Christmas wish for my dad is tools. My Christmas wish for me is a 3D DS. Love, Jordan Landin

Dear Santa, My Christmas wish for my mom is a pink necklace. My Christmas wish for my dad is a gun. My Christmas wish for me is stompeez. Love, Delaney Boecker Dear Santa, My Christmas wish for my mom is a gold ring. My Christmas wish for my dad is a level. My Christmas wish for me is an Xbox. Love, Aiden Hilvers Dear Santa, My Christmas wish for my mom is lotion. My Christmas wish for my dad is a new belt. My Christmas wish for me is a DS with a Ninjago game. Love, Brock Grothause Dear Santa, My Christmas wish for my mom is a silver necklace. My Christmas wish for my dad is a cowboy blanket. My Christmas wish for me is a DSI. Love, Chelsi Brown Dear Santa, My Christmas wish for my mom is a gold ring. My Christmas wish for my dad is a hammer. My Christmas wish for me is a Bratzillaz Doll. Love, Gabriele Metzger Dear Santa, My name is Nathan. I have been a good boy. I help mom and I pick up my toys. If I were Santa, I would give my mom a new pot and I would give my dad a tool. Would you please bring me a train set? I can’t wait until Christmas! Your friend, Nathan Geise


Minimum Charge: 15 words, Deadlines: 2 times - $9.00 11:30 a.m. for the next day’s issue. If you like meeting people and Each word is $.30 2-5 days Saturday’s paper is 11:00 a.m. Friday want a challenge,6-9 days has dhi media $.25 V Monday’s paper is 1:00 p.m. Friday an opportunity10+ days as a $.20 for you Herald Extra is 11 a.m. Thursday Each word is $.10 for 3 months or more prepaid

gional runs. Regional driver home weekends and throughout the week. Great pay and benefits 10 – The Herald Saturday, December 15, 2012 like Vision, Dental Major Mfg./Mobile Medical Insurance, Paid Auto Parts and 430 640 Financial 080 Help Wanted 810 vacation, Driver bonus Homes For Sale THE Accessories program and flexible disDELPHOS. OPEN House IS IT A SCAM? The Delpatching. Just give us a Dec. 15 & 16 Sat/Sun phos Herald urges our call and be on the road 12-4. D O U B L E W I D E readers to contact The with a family that cares Better Tri-County’s Story Since 44x24. Excellent condi- Telling TheBusiness Bureau, 1869 and knows your name. 223-7010 or tion, 3BR, 2BA, many up- ( 4 1 9 ) 1-888-465-6001 or grades. Includes new roof, 1-800-462-0468, before 419-692-1435, ask for porch, windows/treat - entering into any agreeShawn. You can also just Windshields Installed, New ments, shed and all appli- ment involving financing, stop in at 900 Lights, Grills, Fenders,Mirrors, Delphos, OH. Gressel Dr., ances. Must see at Ulm’s business opportunities, or Runs 1 day FREE 227 W. Climefree ifLot work at THANKS TO ST. JUDE: Hoods, Radiatorsat the II, ADS: 5 days St., item is free home opportuni105 Announcements 240 Healthcare EXPERIENCED or less Immed. Poss. $22,000 per ad,Theprice of $3.00. in 37. than $50. Only 1 item ties. 1 BBB will assist 4893 Dixie Hwy, Lima 419-234-5495 the investigation of SALES: Each day is $.20 per ROUTE/SHUTTLE Drivers GARAGE these ad per month. $2000 Sign-on bonus! ADVERTISERS: YOU can 419-605-8906 businesses. (This notice BOX REPLIES: $8.00 if youprovidedword.a$8.00 minimum charge. come as customer $.37/mile +stop pay. place a 25 word classified ad in more than 100 newsANCREST and pick them up. $14.00 if we have to by The DelphosBE RESPONSIBLE FOR Driver Unload. Hogan. service “I WILL NOT papers with over one and Health Care Centers send515 Auctions Herald.) DEBTS”: Ad must be placed in person by Class-A CDL Req’d. them to you. Kim 866-275-8839 080 Help Wanted a half million total circulaWe need you... CARD OF THANKS: $2.00 base the person whose name will appear in the ad. tion across Ohio for $295. AUCTION AT Delphos It’s place one Must show ID charge + $.10 for each word. 670 Miscellaneous & pay when placing ad. ReguSelf Storage, Gressel CARRIERS WANTED We pay with one order and accept Drive. Friday, December lar rates apply DELPHOS ROUTES HIRING DRIVERS check through Ohio LAMP REPAIR 21, 4:30p.m. Round wood AVAILABLE IN JANUARY with 5+years OTR experiat Vancrest of Delphos Scan-Ohio Advertising table, new blender, TV big Table or Floor. Route 12 ence! Our drivers average Network. The Delphos Vancrest of Delphos is Come to our store. screen, portable TV, sofa, N. Canal St. & W. 6th St. 42cents per mile & higher! Herald advertising dept. a long-term care facility end table, microwave, Skill Hohenbrink TV. Route 18 Home every weekend! can set this up for you. No providing skilled reha419-695-1229 drill, Makita hand grinder, N. West St. & Westbrook $55,000-$60,000 annually. other classified ad buy is bilitation services, asrocker, kids car bed, quick The selected individual will sell print, Route 19 Benefits available. 99% no simpler or more cost effecsisted living, post acute set pool (new), 10’x13’ W. 5th St. touch freight! We will treat on-line and specialty publications to a tive. Call 419-695-0015 medical care and more. dome tent, Shop Vac, Route 23 you with respect! PLEASE 930 Legals ext. 138 We are looking for an more. Property of Mike diverse group of businesses in a W. 1st St. CALL 419-222-1630 outgoing, energetic and Gengler, Delphos. Route 40 defined geographical territory. ORDINANCE #2012-34 OTR SEMI DRIVER caring LPN to join our N. Jefferson St. 235 General An Ordinance authorizing NEEDED team at our long-term Computer/ No Collecting 525 the auditor (plan adminisBenefits: Vacation, care facility. Second Call the Delphos Herald Electronics Prior sales experience is a plus, trator) to enter into a con- Circulation Department at CLASS-A CDL Drivers Holiday pay, 401k. Home shift, part time position weekends, & most nights. Regional Positions, available. Stop by and GARMIN G.P.S. Works tract with Medical Mutual but not required. 419-695-0015 ext. 126 2500-3000 miles per Call Ulm’s Inc. fill out an application. good. $40. C a l l of Ohio, administered by R.L. King Agency, for DANCER LOGISTICS is 419-692-3951 week. Palletized Truck For details visit 567-242-8175 health insurance coverage looking for a dependable load Van. 2yrs Exp. Req. Position is part-time, and declaring it an emer- Class-A CDL driver for Home Vancrest of Delphos with a hourly rate of pay, commission, dedicated home daily gency. 560 800-288-6168 1425 E. Fifth St. Check The Furnishings Passed and Approved this runs, Part-time runs, bonus and mileage reimbursement. Delphos, OH 45833 19th day of November Team drivers and Re Service ELECTRIC LIFT chair gional runs. Regional YOUR NEWSPAPER ... with battery backup for tall 2012. Directory Interested applicants should send Kimberly Riddell, driver home weekends person. Like new. Call STILL THE BEST Council Pres. and throughout the week. cover letter with resume to 419-695-2751 to Find A Great pay and benefits ATTEST: MEDIUM IN TODAY’S ANCREST like Vision, Dental Major Marsha Mueller, Repairman INFORMATION AGE. Medical Insurance, Paid Health Care Centers Council Clerk 577 Miscellaneous You Need! vacation, Driver bonus Michael H. Gallmeier, We need you... Newsboys. program and flexible disLIMITED TIME $29.99/mo Mayor patching. Just give us a ORDINANCE #2012-30 Newsstands. Unlimited Talk & Text, call and be on the road Free Activation, 2 months An ordinance authorizing Home delivery. the Mayor and/or Safety with a family that cares at Vancrest of Delphos free with additional lines. and knows your name. On-line access. Van Wert Wireless the Service Director to enter Vancrest of Delphos is or into a contract with Peter- 1 - 8 8 8 - 4 6 5 - 6 0 0 1 Alltel Store. 1198 Westa long-term care facilson Construction Co. as 419-692-1435, ask for Smith, Janice L. Jones, Van Wert County wood Drive, Suite B, Van ity providing skilled the successful bidder for Shawn. You can also just Douglas M. Jones, rehabilitation services, Wert, OH 419-238-3101 the WTP By-pass Im - stop in at 900Donnabelle Estate of Gressel Dr., Brenda J. Keltner, assisted living, post 419-695-0015 Delphos, SQUIER FENDER P Bass provements project. Rumble OH. (Donna B. Margaret L. Keltner to acute medical care and ORDINANCE #2012-31 Guitar & Hartke VX 410 MEDIA more. We are looking Rumble) to Jacob Andrew J. Coil, portion Bass Amp 400 WATTS An ordinance accepting for caring, outgoing, of section 2, York ($350). 2 large dog ken- and authorizing the City R. Staley, portion of energetic STNA’s to 4, Hoaglin Township. Auditor to reverse an ad- section nels ($30 each) join our team. We curEstate of Ellen M. vance of certain funds Township. rently have part time within the funds of the City Fortney Family McClanahan to estate of Tool and position available for 590 of Delphos, Allen and Van Trust to Max Bell Joint Lewis C. McClanahan, skilled STNA’s. Nurse Machinery Kerns Ford is looking for a highly motivated and experienced Sales Wert counties, State of Living Trust, Paulette L. Aide Classes will be portion of section 18, Ohio and declaring it an Bell Joint Living Trust, Floor Manager to take our dealership to the next level. We are a offered in January for Jennings Township. 18-VOLT DEWALT Imemergency. those who wish to begrowing dealership in need of a results oriented, high energy Floor Estate of Lewis C. portion of section 19, pact. Brand New. $95 ORDINANCE #2012-33 gin a rewarding career OBO at Ft. Jennings. McClanahan to Merl J. Manager with strong leadership and communication skills and creAn ordinance accepting Tully Township. as an STNA. Class size 419-796-0230, leave mes- and authorizing the City Estate of Kenneth A. Heil, portion of section ative initiative. If you have a solid sales history and proven track rewill be limited. Please sage 18, Jennings Township. Auditor to reverse an ad- Sealscott to Kenneth A. stop by our Delphos cord, we have the opportunity for you. Join a company that values its vance of certain funds Sealscott Trust, portion Gordon Kent location and fill out an employees. This could be the opportunity you have waited for. GOOD U S E D Sears within the funds of the City of inlots 1416, 1415, application. McMillen, Janice Anne Craftsman 12” bandsaw of Delphos, Allen and Van The main duties for this position are as follows: Vancrest of Delphos McMillen to Gordon Van Wert. on stand with instruction Wert counties, State of 1425 E. Fifth St. • Build, train and maintain a quality sales organization Robert D. Ruhlin Kent McMillen, Janice manual. New cost today Ohio and declaring it an Delphos, OH 45833 • Control and manage daily sales activities Living Trust to Winifred Anne McMillen, portion $395. Will sell for $185. emergency. R. Ruhlin, inlot 2505, of section 16, Willshire – Maintain and promote customer and owner relations ALSO, good used 18” ORDINANCE #2012-36 Township. Delta variable speed scroll An ordinance authorizing Van Wert, outlot 127-2, Apartment For – Appraise vehicles for trade-in 305 saw on stand with instruc- the City Auditor to transfer Van Wert. Gordon Kent Rent – Backup finance departyment tion manual. Paid $499 for certain funds within the James W. Hilton, McMillen, Janice Anne – Backup desking 1BR APT for rent, appli- it. Will sell for $195. Would funds of the City of Del- Debra K. Hilton to McMillen to Gordon Ideal candidate must have: ances, electric heat, laun- make good Christmas pre- phos, Allen and Van Wert John E. Hilton, Camille Kent McMillen, Janice dry room, No pets. sents! Ph: 419-695-2887 counties, and declaring it Hilton Holle, portion of • A strong knowledge of auto sales Anne McMillen, $425/month, plus deposit, an emergency. • Excellent skills in leadership, planning and administration outlots 103-4 (formerly water included. 320 N. Passed and Approved this sections 5, 4, Harrison • Outstanding written and oral communication skills known as outlot 103-E), Jefferson. 419-852-0833. 592 Wanted to Buy 3rd day of December 2012 Township. Larry E. Baker, portion of outlot 103 • A proven tract record of achievement with success in th Kimberly Riddell, (now known as 103-4), Council Pres. Larry A. Baker to Van auto industry Mobile Homes ATTEST: Wert County, inlot Van Wert. 325 • Proficiency with desking and CRM tools For Rent Marsha Mueller, G. Kent McMillen, 1149, portion of inlot Apply in person or send resume: Council Clerk Gordon Kent McMillen, 638, Van Wert. 1 BEDROOM mobile Michael H. Gallmeier, Estate of Vicki L. Janice A. McMillen, home for rent. Ph. Mayor 419-692-3951 Janice Anne McMillen A complete text of this leg- Klim to Robert M. Scrap Gold, Gold Jewelry, 1350 Celina Road, St. Marys, Ohio to Gordon Kent islation is on record at the Klim, portion of section Silver coins, Silverware, McMillen, Janice Anne Municipal Building and 6, Hoaglin Township. 1000 W. Logan St., Celina, Ohio RENT OR Rent to Own. 2 Pocket Watches, Diamonds. Michael K. McMillen, inlot 383, can be viewed during We are an equal opportunity employer bedroom, 1 bath mobile 2330 Shawnee Rd. regular office hours. McOmber to McOmber Van Wert. home. 419-692-3951 Lima Marsha Mueller, Land LLC, portion of Estate of Angeline VIEW PICTURES AND DETAILS Council Clerk section 10, Pleasant (419) 229-2899 Miller (Angeline Marie

Midwest Ohio Auto Parts Specialist To place an ad phone 419-695-0015 ext. 122



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4 HOMES ON ONE PARCEL INCLUDING 4 bdrm. 3 ½ bath home on 7.26 acres, just east of Delphos, 2 ponds, wooded area, very unique. Rentals could pay entire mortgage, make offer.

AUCTION LOCATION: Elida Middle School Commons Area at 4500 Sunnydale St. Elida, OH

FARMLAND & FARM HOME SAT. * JAN. 5, 2013 10:00 A.M.

7000,7002,7003,7004 DEFIANCE TRAIL

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Dick CLARK Real Estate

70.795+/- ACRES * 5 PARCELS HOME & FARM LOCATION: 3770 Sunnydale St., Elida, Ohio Frontage on Eastown & Sunnydale & Gomer Rd
“WATCH FOR AUCTION SIGNS” Section 9 * American Twp * Allen County, OH

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675 W. Market St., Suite 120, Lima, OH Phone: 419-879-1006 Phone: 419-695-1006 312 N. Main St. Delphos, OH

Home at 3770 Sunnydale St. Elida, Ohio
OPEN HOUSE: Sunday * Dec. 16th, * 2:00-4:00 P.M.
Contact AARON SIEFKER for Further Details
Parcel #1: Very Nice Square Frame Farm Home Built App. 1900 w/ 1968 Sq. Ft. Plus Full Basement, 5 Bedrooms Full Bath Very Large Living Room, Kitchen, Formal Dining Room, Utility Room, Gas F.A. Furnace, Very Nice Front Wraparound porch, Detached Garage on 1.395 New Surveyed Acres Near Elida Schools Parcel#2: 36.8 Acres +/- in the SE Part of Section 9 American Twp. Allen Co. Ohio w/ Mostly Pewamo & Blount Soils Rear of Home W/ Frontage on Sunnydale St. Nice Square Farm Parcel Parcel#3: East 32.6 Acres +/- in the SE Part of Section 9 American Twp. Allen Co. Ohio w/ Mostly Pewamo & Blount Soils, Frontage on Sunnydale, Eastown & Gomer Roads, Parcel#4: 69.4 +/- Acres in Se Part of Section 9 American Twp. w/ Pewamo & Blount Soils The Combination of Parcels 2 & 3 as a Single Unit Parcel#5: 70.795 Acres Combination of Parcels 1-4 As A Single Unit “COLLECTIVE BIDDING PROCEDURE USED” For Full Terms, Maps, or Further Information Visit our web site @ or call for Brochure

9am-5pm Fri., Sat. & Sun.
19176 Venedocia-Eastern Rd., Venedocia
Beautiful country 4 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath, oversized 2 car garage. Updated everywhere. Must See! $89,900. Approx. monthly payment - $482.60

Car Care

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3, Union Township, portion of sections 4, 16, 9, 15, 3, Union Township, portion of section 14, Tully Township. Larry G. Keltner, Kathleen T. Keltner, Ricahrd L. Keltner, Gary B. Keltner, Renee A. Keltner, Joyce A. Sonnanstine Donald F. Sonnanstine, Debra S.

Miller) to North End Canal Rats LLC, inlot 63, portion of inlot 64, Delphos. Estate of Angeline Miller, (Angeline M. Miller) to North End Canal Rats LLC, inlot 62, Delphos. Ottoville Bank Company to Penny J. Burnett, portion of inlot 181, Middle Point.

Dick CLARK Real Estate

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Experienced Amish Carpentry Roofing, remodeling, concrete, pole barns, garages or any construction needs. Cell


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• automatic transmission • standard transmission • differentials • transfer case • brakes & tune up


Mueller Tree Service
Tree Trimming, Topping & Removal



2 miles north of Ottoville

Miscellaneous Fully insured


Amish Crew
Roofing • Remodeling Bathrooms • Kitchens Hog Barns • Drywall Additions • Sidewalks Concrete • etc. FREE ESTIMATES

This position operates and maintains Facility Refrigeration and HVAC Systems. Plans and maintains PSM Program in conjunction with Safety Manager. Principal Duties and Responsibilities • Operates Plant Refrigeration Systems. • Performs maintenance and repairs of Refrigeration Systems. • Conducts routine inspections of all refrigeration machines. • Ensures refrigeration systems are in compliance with OSHA and IIAR guidelines. Job Specifications • At least 5 years of experience operating and repairing ammonia and glycol refrigeration systems. • High School Diploma or equivalent is required. Technical Degree is preferred. • Commercial Refrigeration Certificate is preferred. • Knowledge of Vilter Compressors is preferred. Interested candidates apply: Email: Fax: 419-692-1944 Mail: 1600 Gressel Dr. Delphos OH 45833

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Herald –11

Tomorrow’s Horoscope
By Bernice Bede Osol
SUNDAY, DECEMBER 16, 2012 Dealings you have with others, even those who reside at a distance from your present locale, should work out favorably in the year ahead. Work-related or commercial transactions will fare especially well. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23Dec. 21) -- There are times when something opportune could slip right past you because of your inability to appreciate its worth. Don’t let this be one of those days. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) -- In order to gain a person’s support, sometimes it’s best to understate your case rather than oversell it. If you’re not a good storyteller, embellishments will be easily detected. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) -- It is never a good policy to be free with something that has been lent to you. If something happens to it, you will be held accountable, so unless you own it, don’t loan it. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) -- It isn’t wise to underestimate your opposition when bargaining for something that you want badly. If you do, someone will make a great deal, but it isn’t likely to be you. ARIES (March 21-April 19) -- Don’t expect to make a favorable impression on someone if you blame this person for mistakes that you had a hand in authoring. Unless you own up to your part, the friendship won’t last. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) -- Manage your funds wisely and don’t draw upon your reserves just to gratify a momentary whim. Unless you have tons of the green stuff, you might not have enough when you really need it. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) -A matter you’re anxious to resolve might be a bit more complicated than you thought. Give it the necessary time, and things will work out. CANCER (June 21-July 22) -If you’re a slow starter, you’re likely to put more focus on talking about your intentions than carrying them out. Procrastination will only make things harder. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) -Although you’re usually pretty good about getting mileage from your dollars, that might not be the case today. Pay special attention to the rationing of your funds to avoid future mishaps. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) -You aren’t likely to be too effective at winning friends or followers if your approach is demanding. If you want a favorable relationship, speak to others with consideration. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) -Unfortunately, you’re more likely to see life as you would like it to be than as it actually is. Don’t confuse optimism with objectivity. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) -- Upon occasion, you can be overly attentive or unduly generous with those who do not merit this behavior, in hope of getting their support. Don’t hold your breath. MONDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2012 A small but consistent financial growth pattern could be in the offing in the year ahead, but only if you take the initiative. Be careful about trying to speed up the process, however, because if you go flying off without your propeller, you’re likely to crash. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) -- Although it’s always important for you and your spouse or loved one to be like-minded, today it could be even more crucial. Don’t expect desirable results if you two aren’t simpatico. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) -- Even though you might do little, you could still expect a lot. However, because your rewards will be commensurate to your service, you’re not apt to get what you want. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) -- Going to a place that attracts only small groups of people is likely to be far more pleasing to your taste than being where the large crowds gather. Make a smart choice. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) -- If you’re planning on hosting something at your place, be very selective about the guest list. Without careful consideration, you could invite someone who doesn’t fit in, making everyone uncomfortable. ARIES (March 21-April 19) -- You might not be as well tuned to your audience as you think, so be extremely careful that you don’t blurt out something that could be offensive to your listeners. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) -- Your judgment regarding a commercial matter might not be up to its usual sharpness. Tread softly when it comes to negotiating a transaction so that you don’t make any bum deals. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) -Don’t be tempted to change a wellconsidered opinion due to pressure from a companion. He or she might merely be biased or self-serving. CANCER (June 21-July 22) -- If you accidentally put your foot in your mouth by blurting out something you shouldn’t have, take care when trying to make amends. You could do more damage if you’re not careful. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) -- It could be a big mistake today to try to alter some social plans that would affect others in order to suit your personal interests. You might get your way, but anger a lot of companions in the process. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) -You aren’t apt to achieve too much today if you’re not methodical or purposeful. Even if you get back on track, it might be too late to get to where you need to go. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) -Pretending to comprehend something you really don’t understand could put you in an embarrassing position. Don’t let your ego get you in a situation that you won’t be prepared to handle. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) -If you’ve been pretending to be the underwriter of hopeless causes lately, there’s a chance that others might get you involved in a costly undertaking that you’ll have a hard time dodging.
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12 – The Herald

Saturday, December 15, 2012

‘Betty Honigford Spirit of Christmas’ home decorating contest winners

The Hamilton home at 14595 Landeck Road is the “Grand Prize” winner in the “Betty Honigford Spirit of Christmas” home decorating contest.

The Ladd home at 669 Leonard Avenue in the Menke Addition won the Bev Jettinghoff, left, and Meghan Ryba, center, present Deanna Ladd “Inside Out” award. with her award.

The Neumeier home at 626 N. Bredeick St. won the “Nostalgic” award.

Don Neumeier, left, his grandson, Noah, front center, and his wife, Lois, right front, accept the “Nostalgic Award from Bev Jenttinghoff, center back, and Meghan Ryba.

The Fetzer home at 477 S. Main St. won the “Religious” award.

Bev Jettinghoff, left, Meghan Ryba and Molly Ryba, front, present Nikki and Scott Fetzer with their award.

The Gable home at 508 W. Second St. won the “White Elegance” Bev Jettinghoff, left, Molly Ryba and Meghan Ryba present Clint and award. Diane Gable and their children, Elizabeth and Camden with their award.

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