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In Focus From MECIT to Middle East College P 3

Years of Education

Middle East College completes ten years of its glorious existence this year and we at the Dhow felicitate this momentous occasion and congratulate all members of the Middle East College family. I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate our Chairman, Dr. Sabahy and our Managing Director, Mr. Lefeer, on receiving the prestigious fellowship from the University of Wolverhampton, U.K., in Sep 2012 An educational institution earns its reputation through the hard work and zeal of its faculty and the diligence of its student community. However, in the case of Middle East College, the credit goes not only to the commitment of the teaching faculty and the dedication of the student cohorts but also to the farsightedness and constant support of the management and administrative staff. Since its inception in the year 2002, Middle East College has been making remarkable progress over the last ten years,. The rapid growth of this college is evident in the miraculous progress made in all areas especially the expansion in infrastructure, increase in the number of teaching faculty and student enrolment and the number of courses being offered by the college. The ten- year young institution is fast moving into its adolescent years and is on its way to attaining maturity soon. We, at the Dhow, share the joy and pride of being part of this ten-year old progressive institution, which has much to offer to the youth of Oman. This special issue of Dhow focuses on the changes that have taken place over the last decade through reminiscences of those who have been witness to this transition, articles by staff and students associated with the college and introductions to our new Dean and Associate Dean. Articles from alumni and a picture story, tracing the progress made over the last ten years, captured through the camera lens, are added attractions of this issue. We also have for you, reports of various events that have taken place at the college, in the last few months, since our last issue reached you all in Spring 2012, for which thanks are due to Mr. Al Hussain Al Musawi of the PIRU and members of the Languages Centre. The section on Entertainment gives you an opportunity to tease your brain and find some interesting facts and solutions. I would also like to thank all the contributors of articles, for their help in making this issue possible. Last but not the least, my team and I would like to extend our heartiest felicitations and congratulate all citizens of the Sultanate of Oman on the 42nd National Day of the country. It is a pleasant reminder of the miraculous progress made by Oman in the last 42 years, under the wise and able leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said. Happy reading till we meet again with our next issue. Au revoir


Hello Friends

FALL 2012
deepali Bhatnagar ritesh rajendran


Fall 2012

CrEativE Editor assoCiatE Editor( English)

samia naqvi Kakul agha

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asfiya Khan al hussain al moosawi amal al amri anas muneer al rawahi fatma haydar sabeeh Kalash hajer al muzayni Kakul agha nandita nair Priya mathew rumman ahmed rasha al hammadi sadia ashraf verghese Kurian


Deepali Bhatnagar

In Focus
- Deepali Bhatnagar
It was in the year 2000, that our Chairman, Dr. Abdullah Saif Ahmed Al Sabahy, and our Managing Director, Mr. Lefeer Muhamed, came upon the idea of setting up a college. The basis of this idea was not only a desire to set up an institution that was required for the region but also the passion to fulfill a long cherished dream to make a mark in the field of education. Thus, Middle East College of Information Technology or MECIT, as it was earlier known, was born in the year 2002. The goal was challenging and the task, a difficult one! However, hard work and confidence helped shape this dream into reality and MECIT was established in association with Sultans Special Forces Pension Fund (SSFPF). Located in the Knowledge Oasis Muscat (KOM) campus, about 12 kms from Muscat International Airport, the college is fairly close to Muscat City Centre and Sultan Qaboos University. Middle East College, which has established itself as a progressive Higher Education Institution, is an integral part of 21st century Oman. The college showcases the readiness of Oman in the world of technology by providing a Technowledge corridor to the youth of this country. At its inception Middle East College (MECIT) campus comprised a single three storeyed building. There were around 12 classrooms, 1 computer lab, 2 faculty rooms, 4 administrative offices and a cafeteria and just 200 students and eight faculty members. Soon, the central building, now known as the Teaching and Learning Block, had two functional wings and some more classrooms, laboratories and administrative offices were added. The expansion continued and then came up, the Facilities Centre with indoor recreational facilities and a much bigger cafeteria to accommodate the rapidly increasing number of students and faculty. Then, another addition was made to the college buildings, now known as the Learning Resources Block, which houses the Corporate offices, the Student Success Centre, Student Activities Unit, Placement Cell, PIRU, Centre for Continuing Education, the Library, and the General Lab. This block became functional about two years back. The progress has continued and a new block for

Engineering has recently been added to the existing three blocks on the college campus, to facilitate good learning and enhance student experience. This block is almost functional and will house the Languages Centre and the Engineering (Civil and Electronics) Departments. The Library which was previously in the Teaching and Learning Block is now located in an expansive and spacious premise of the Learning Resources Block, with enhanced facilities and substantially increased learning resources. The Computer Lab, with an increased capacity, provides space for a large number of students to work, at the same time, as compared to the smaller capacity Computer lab earlier. In the beginning, the courses offered to students at Middle East College were in collaboration with Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), a well-established educational institution of India. In MECITs affiliation with MAHE, three specializations were offered and the curriculum was validated by MAHE. More programmes were gradually introduced and the existing ones restructured according to the requirements of Oman National Qualifications Framework (ONQF). The college soon entered into a partnership with Coventry University, UK. The existing programmes were thus validated by Coventry University, MECITs partner university, after incorporating some modifications suggested by them. At present, a wide range of programmes, in different areas of technology and foundation courses in English (all four skills), Computing and Mathematics are offered to students, who are interested in furthering their career prospects in the emerging areas of Science and Technology and Communication. Presently, Middle East College also offers specialization in Civil Engineering, in collaboration with Coventry University. Another course that has been opened recently is B.Sc. (Hons) in Business and Information Systems which has been introduced in association with Dublin Institute of Technology. The college stands for excellence in developing human resources, creating knowledge, and active community engagement for the immediate society and the world at large, through enhanced student experience. To fulfill its mission and to envisage its Vision of Inspiring Creative Minds, Middle East College has spared no effort in providing knowledge and training to the youth of Oman with the aim of building a modern progressive nation with advanced knowledge in the field of Technology, Science and Communication. The progress it has made over the

last ten years, speaks volumes for its commitment towards the community and immediate society as well as the country and the whole world. The values and institutional goals upheld by Middle East College provide an insight into the importance given to creating a positive learning environment encouraging scholarly enquiry, promoting professional development and providing continually improving learning opportunities. Though the journey has been long and arduous, in a short span of ten years, this institution has emerged as one of the leading Higher Education Institutions, imparting technical education to the youth of Oman. It is a matter of great pride to be part of this illustrious institution, especially when it has entered into the tenth year of its operations. Middle East College completes 10 years this Fall and is all set to make further strides in the field of higher education. In the present scenario, one can look forward to a visible change in the infrastructure and also addition of new courses. From a humble beginning in 2002, and its earlier name: Middle East College of Information Technology (MECIT), to Middle East College, as it stands now, the institution has traversed a path that comprises a mixed bag of experiences, challenges, hard work and innovations, not only for the management and the administrative authorities, but also for the teaching staff and students and everyone connected with this institution. Its present position not only reflects the contributions made by faculty from various departments and other staff members including the administrative and ancillary staff, but also showcases the efforts and achievements of all our beloved past and present students. What the institution is today is all because of each and every member of the Middle East College family, be it a student or an employee.

PROGReSSIVe DeVeLOPMeNt OF MIDDLe eASt COLLeGe LIBRARY IN tHe - Rumman Ahmed and Rasha Al Hammadi LASt 10 YeARS.
with the introduction of services such as photocopying. Students borrowing limit was enhanced to two books at a time whereas text books were given to students which they could keep with them. In order to support library in its development of facilities, resources and services a Library Advisory Committee (LAC) with a coordinator and faculty Library during 2002- 2004 members from each department was constituted in the year 2006. Gradually the collections of the library grew further and a text book section was established with over 6000 text books on almost all modules being offered by MEC during this year. Students were allowed to borrow text books for the whole semester in addition to three reference books for two weeks. The total collection of the library during the end of 2007 reached approximately 15000 which included over 8000 volumes of books in English and Arabic, over 6000 text books and over 100 items in multimedia format and subscription to 49 periodicals. The total number of students at that time was around 1265 and 88 faculty and staff. Library development gained further momentum by initiating various services such as a weekly Awareness Bulletin viz. MECLIB, by acquiring more books and other forms of resources especially electronic resources. The Library automation process started with the adoption of College Information System (CIS) in the college. A library module was facilitated in the CIS incorporating a database of books and text books in the library and the book issue/ return system functioned completely through CIS during 2007. The need for subscription to electronic resources gained importance in the modern academic libraries and MEC library, being a new developing library also initiated to subscribe to an electronic database viz. ProQuest in 2007, for the benefit of its students and faculty members. The development in electronic resources subscription further enhanced with the addition of more databases such as Emerald, ACM Digital Library, IEEE CS digital library, and Membership of Border Less Higher Education. MEC library wished to develop cooperative arrangements and relationships with other college libraries in Muscat with similar interest by establishing a resource sharing program and initiated it. An arrangement was made by establishing a relationship with the SQU library and the Modern College of Business and Science Library during 2007, to borrow books on Inter Library loan by our faculty members. The resource sharing initiative was further developed during February 2009 when a Library Resource Sharing Meet was organised in Library during 2002- 2004 Middle East College, for the first

The Middle East College library was established along with the establishment of the college during October 2002. The development of the library since then, has maintained a continuous and rapid growth. It can be divided into three phases. At the initial phase the library started in a small hall located in the main building which is at present known as Teaching and Learning Block, with a collection of over 1400 books and text books approximately, arranged on four racks and with a seating capacity of 30 . No major services were offered at that time except circulation of books and students were allowed to borrow one book at a time. Since there were no part time classes, the library used to remain open from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM with only one staff in the library, Ms. Rasha Al Hammadi. The library was part and parcel of the college academic activities and occupied a nodal point since its inception, as the initial set up was carried out under the personal supervision of Mr. Ashwin and Mr. Ali Al Araimi, with the help of some other staff. During the second phase of development from the year 2004 to 2009, the library had grown gradually

and the first physical expansion of the library was done with the construction of a separate wing to the main building in the 4th quarter of the year 2004 with an area of 415 sq. meters consisting of two large halls. The first bigger hall viz. general reading hall with a seating capacity of 53 students, contained book stacks, periodical racks and a circulation section with a prepaid photocopier. The other smaller hall known as silent study hall had a capacity to accommodate 33 students. This silent study area, in the other hall was designated as reference section which contained reference books and some technical journals and was equipped with desktop and laptop computers with internet connections. The total number of students in the college was 1005 at that time and the staff totaled 85. In order to promote library usage, the library initiated a weeklong event known as Intensive Library Week during the 1st week of April 2006. This involved participation from all the departments and has now become a regular annual activity. The collection of books rose to over 6000 books for reference. Some CDs were also added along

Library during 2004- 2008

time in Muscat, for private universities and colleges of Oman. During this meet, heads of libraries of 9 private universities and colleges attended the meeting for library cooperation. During academic Year 200809, a complete automation of library functions viz. online catalogue and circulation of materials was achieved by complete implementation of CIS in library Management system. A reorganization of the physical setting of library resources was carried out during the summer of 2008 by rearranging book stacks and changing seating arrangement, which gave a new look to the library, generating better service and reading area. Also, all sections of resources were rearranged for the benefit of students. Before moving to the new Learning Resources Block, the entire library was moved to Facilities Centre, as a makeshift library. It was located in the Common Hall 1 & 2 during the 2nd week of July, without interruption of library services even for a single day. This makeshift library was in operation from July 2009 to March 2010. And finally, in the 3rd phase of its development, the library was moved to the present location in the Learning Resources Block, with a variety of services, facilities and resources and became operational since 27th March 2010. By this time the library of the college had become one of the best libraries housed in any private university or college. The new library at Middle East College occupies an area of 2400 sq. meters and is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and variety of print and electronic resources. The entrance of the library is restricted to its members with a turn-stile gate while the security of the library and its resources is ensured through security cameras and security gates. In terms of resources, it has over 30000 volumes of books on variety of subjects in English and Arabic and subscribing to five important electronic databases

apart from many online and print journals. The library has a total seating capacity of over 310 users on both the floors and of the two floors; the first floor is dedicated for book stacks and silent reading area. Ground floor facilitates collaborative and cooperative learning by providing five discussion rooms for group study with a total seating capacity of 44 users and in addition a 115 seating arrangements on 2 and 4 seat tables and chairs. An audio-visual section with a seating capacity of 30 users with state-of-the-art equipment and resources is one of important features of the library. The library is also providing a research section for its faculty and PG students. In terms of facilities, it provides reprographic facility with prepaid photocopying machines and Online Public Access Catalogues (OPAC) for search of library resources on each floor. Members of the library can borrow books using their smart ID cards from the Circulation & Reference counter located on the ground floor. A reading lounge is provided on the ground floor near the entrance, equipped with comfortable seating and latest magazines and newspapers. Apart from these, many more features are expected to be added to the library in near future.


-Kakul Agha

New Library since March 2010

The establishment of Middle East College in 2002 laid down foundations of development and growth for the people of Oman, on the educational front. The college boldly marched from Undergraduate programmes to Postgraduate programmes in the year 2007, thereby offering the MBA (IT) programme to those who desired to work as well as enhance their educational qualifications. Later, MSc (IT) programme was also added to the cart. Plans of having a postgraduate programme in the Engineering domain are being deliberated. The MBA (IT) programme was operationalized by the Postgraduate Studies and Research department at Middle East College in 2007. The amazing part of this programme was the blend between developing the business sense and the technological aspects in the contemporary times. It is interesting to note that students were not only given an opportunity to have in-depth knowledge about business modules and develop their skills on decision making and leadership but could simultaneously get a taste of the technological aspects like Database systems, M-Commerce and Information Systems security issues. Hence, with time this programme became a sought after programme amongst education seekers of Oman. Well, most of our students are professionals involved in different sectors of workforce. They belong to different institutions ranging from Ministries to private

organisations of repute. However, it is worth mentioning that some of them are even entrepreneurs. Their work experience also ranges from a few months to 3-4 decades. This adds to the learning experience of the students in the class. In this whole exchange process the faculty members also benefit by interacting with the professional students who carry hands-on experience. Industry speakers are also engaged in the learning process, who interact with the students and inform them of the contemporary practices in different domains. A gamut of methods of assessment enable students to acquire and practice new skills and evolve their personality over time. The final dissertation again enables students to evaluate their skills and knowledge and present solutions to industry issues and problems. The journey of Middle East College in the previous decade has been remarkable as it showcases the development of human resources which has been mentioned in the mission of the college and more importantly in speeches of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said. The development of human resources enables the country to fulfill its pursuit of development which brings glory to the country. Hence the 10th year of existence is a proud moment for Middle East College when its members can proudly stand up with all those who have played a role in the development of the Sultanate of Oman.

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.



-A Football enthusiast

for leading clubs and the Oman National team have walked the corridors of this great institution. The irony of this great squad was that we never won a tournament when we hosted it. The MECIT football team however was part of some of the most memorable games; the team played a part in crucial nail biting matches.

Kamool- The mascot of MECIT Cup Tribute to the Organisers, the Students The MECIT Cup was never won by the college football team, but it was always a victory for the college because every year the tournament was organised with more grandeur. There was a definite excellence in organisation of tournaments of such magnitude and all the credit goes to the student organisers. The students who were involved in organising the tournament gained knowledge in certain skill sets: Working in teams Planning Organising Implementation From sponsorships to invitations, from organising first aid and an ambulance at the ground to supplying drinking water to the teams competing; all in all, it was handled by the students. That was the beauty of this tournament. Names of organisers, who had the same spirit as that of our players and who would have sweat, blood and tears after a game, come to mind. MEC would like to take this opportunity to thank and salute the contribution of all those students. The MECIT Football team has been evolving from 2003. Many famous players who featured Students celebrating a goal scored by the MECIT Team during the MECIT Cup in 2005

Kamool- The mascot of MECIT Cup

Champions of the Higher Education Institutions Cup 2012

Present day - 2012: Middle East College: Champions of Football in University/Colleges Competitions. The glorious moment, when captain invincible, Mohammed Al Balushi (known to all as Asfoor) lifted the trophy and MEC declared champions of Universities football, will remain etched in the minds of all staff and students at MEC. This moment seems more special because this year it is our 10th anniversary. Rewind to 2002 and a young college and its young management whose strong emphasis and belief that sport has an important role to play in the overall development of the student led to the commencement of the MECIT Cup, an Inter-Collegiate Football Tournament that was completely organised by the students. The tournament also had a famous mascot Kamool. The MECIT Cup had a successful run of 8 years and ended in 2010. MEC did conduct a tournament in 2011 but it was called by another name, the Higher Education Institutions 2nd Football Tournament. Middle East College is considered the benchmark among colleges when it comes to conducting tournaments. But for the tournament to have gained such success we must not forget the extended support received from our counterparts, especially Mr Firdous of Caledonian College, Mr Younis Al Fahdi of Caledonian College, Mr Younis Al Balushi of International College for Engineering and Management (formerly Fire and Safety College) and Abdul Aziz Al Habsi of Sultan Qaboos University, and last but not the least, Talal Al Balushi who helped with organising the referees during the tournaments.

Celebration Time: MECIT team enjoying a sweet victory during the MECIT Cup in 2005 In 2010 MECIT also lost the Finals of the HEIs Cup (hosted by Majan College) to Higher College of Technology. Each and every player during this time played a crucial role in MECITs overall football development.

Organising Team of MECIT Cup 2005


Since 2003, MECIT had a few football coaches, some of them were also students of this college. In fact the winning coach of the 2012 inter collegiate championship, Issa Al Fori, is a student of the college. All coaches made equal contributions to the development of the game at the college and in the final win. The coaches: Maqbool Al Balushi, Issa Al Awaisi, Ahmed Al Najashi, Hassan Rustom Al Balushi, Issa Marhoun Al Fori, are all responsible for the success of the Middle East College Football team. In the last segment of this article, I would like to emphasize the role the staff has played in MEC Football. I would say their role has been very important, but like always, they remain the unsung heroes. If I were to tell you that our Registrar was one of the first organisers of MECIT Cup, you would surely have the same smile I had when I first heard it. Yes, this is the amount of passion this college has for sports. From planning to implementation of the tournament, staff has played a key role in the success of the event. 10 years on, Football in MEC has come a full cycle, now it is a new academic year, new players will have joined the squad, the kit for 2012-13 will have a different look, MEC will have a new football ground as well. The sport looks like it is here forever; where can it go when it is in the DNA of the MECians. The football system in MEC seems to be set and as a good friend once said in the end football is truly the winner

Football Team - 2003 Team Members

Football Team - 2004 Football Team 2005

MECITs standings during the MECIT CUP

2006: 2007: 2008: 2009: 2010: Lost in the Quarter Finals to Caledonian College Lost in the Quarter Finals to Sultan Qaboos University Lost in the Quarter Final to Caledonian College Lost in the Final to Higher College of Technology Lost in the Final to Majan College Organising Team of MECIT Cup 2003

2011: Lost to Sultan Qaboos University in the finals (Tournament called The 2nd HEIs tournament) 2012: Champions of the HEIs Cup hosted by Caledonian College

MECITs standings during HEI Football Tournament

Organising Team of MECIT Cup 2008




- Asfiya Khan

It is challenging to capture the dynamics of any evolution anyhow herein I have made an attempt to present to you the essence of our journey. The Egg: Ms. Fatma Al Kindi and I set our foot on a new path (almost a new planet) in April 2007, when we were informed about our role in the Learning Advisory and Career Counseling Unit (LACC Unit). I was still a part of Languages Centre and Fatma was moved full-time into LACC Unit; which is why we were fondly referred by colleagues as the one and a half member team. For quite some time Fatma and I were sitting in separate rooms. We mostly used telepathy and sometimes telephone to connect with each other. The swarm of students around us all day long, the animated discussions among the students and of course our own cacophonic qualities were enough reasons for other staff members in the room to frown. Anyhow, soon after, the two of us were given a room on the first floor of the Teaching and Learning block. It was a new field of work for us: very exciting and equally challenging. Often in the beginning we both had sleepless nights with loads of uncertainties hovering over us. What helped us was a lot of relevant

reading, constant reassurance from Dr. Thomas (our Asstt. Dean at that time) about our abilities, and the congeniality we shared with the staff and students in MEC. The Caterpillar: Initially, we were more focused on student experience in terms of orientation program, summer internship, placement, and student activities. I Have News for You were slides prepared by the LACC Unit reminding students from time to time about important regulations concerning students. These slides were displayed by faculty members in classes before they began their routine teaching activity. The Mecitian Quiz was another favorite event facilitated by LACC Unit; students thoroughly enjoyed answering questions based on the student handbook. Organizing the Orientation Program for new students was a major activity undertaken by the LACC Unit. Initially it always felt like Mission Impossible, given the number of constraints. However, representatives from all departments as well as student volunteers worked shoulder to shoulder with the LACC Unit to conduct the Orientation Program. Seeing the smooth transition of students into college life was one common

goal for all involved. LACC Unit also maintained a log of students complaints and queries. Appropriate departments were involved for further action or referrals. The hostel visits by LACC Unit were for the same purpose. Soon it was realized that many of the issues needed specialized interventions. Thus Ms. Badriya Al Hosni joined the LACC Unit as a psychological counselor. Her qualifications, experience, and above all her demeanor attracted staff and students alike. Soon she became the backbone of LACC unit. Ms. Fatma Al Kindis passion for work took galloping strides. She gave a neat structure to the LACC unit and laid down the policies for Summer Trainings for students. Hundreds of students would approach her to take advice over summer training and she happily assisted them in making the right choice. She would further assist deserving students by issuing a letter from the college helping them seek summer internships. Towards the end of their training tenure students would submit their Internship Performance Appraisal Forms duly filled by their supervisors. It was a great joy for us to go through the rating scores of our students which always exceeded our expectations. Ms. Fatma left MEC. Her popularity with the students surfaced even more when students especially from the hostels would come asking for her and would leave saying, The College is no longer the same without her. The Pupa: Ms. Badriya Al Hosni took training in Psychodrama and also Timeline Therapy which empowered her to deal with diverse issues related to students. I took training in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Timeline Therapy and Clinical Hypnosis which gave me the confidence of heading the SSC. The Butterfly: The much awaited time had come LACC Unit was renamed Student Success Centre (SSC). What a relief! We were no longer jokingly called lack unit. Things started shaping up fast. We were moved to our current office, room 701, in the Learning Resources Block. With the establishment of the Student Activities Unit and the PIRU, lot of the work that SSC was previously doing was taken care of. We were happy with our revised roles. The SSC team now has four full-time and one part-time member. Today SSC is more focused in terms of assisting those students who need that extra push: be it in the shape of additional tutorials, social counseling, psychological counseling or just a pep talk. Very shortly after joining

the SSC, Ms. Nandita gave the much needed structure to the Peer-tutoring program. Her role added stars to SSC. Her regular contacts with the peer-tutors have certainly stirred many lives in the right direction. Mr. Sulaiman Al Shuaili, with his expertise in social work had the Piped Piper of Hamelin effect on the students. Be it the Turning Point Program or the Specialization Fair, if it is offered by Mr. Sulaiman the show goes house-full. Mr. Talal Al Amri has been with SSC for more than a year. Even though a part-time member, the growth of SSC is his full-time concern. Ms. Badriya in SSC continues to shine like a star as she focuses on more complex issues intersecting psychological counseling related to academics like Math anxiety. No information about SSC can be considered complete without mentioning the role of Ms. Rahma Al Alawi and Ms. Suad Al Shuhaimi. Though no longer with SSC now, these young and dynamic girls, added value to SSC in their own way. The credit for designing the Specialization profile goes to Ms. Suad and the concept of the Turning Point Program came into SSC through Ms. Rahma. To conclude, I would say that it is Passion for Work and Compassion for All that binds our souls together in SSC.



The Alumni Speak

As a Student: After I left Higher College of Technology (HCT), I decided to join MECIT, now known as Middle East College, to pursue my studies in the IT field. It was summer 2005 when it all started. My friend who was studying in this college at that time advised me to join the Hardware and Networking program. There was something different about this place which was not there in HCT and that was Student Activities. I had the chance to discover my interests and abilities through these activities. At that time, the college faculty and the student activities coordinator supported me to organize events and taught me several things related to event management. In 2005, I had the chance to participate in an event that was titled Barka e-Literacy Campaign. My role was to lecture school students on Computer Basics and also to troubleshoot the used PCs if any problem occurred. All new students at the college were to attend an Orientation Program but for me, as I was a student volunteer. During the orientation program my batch teacher entrusted me the responsibility of an interpreter. I assisted him in communicating with the students and helped the students in the activities. It boosted my confidence. Once settled, in the first semester itself I started studying and had four main goals: 1. To become the most popular person in the college. 2. To be the Student Council (SC) President. 3. To get my Bachelors degree. 4. To work at this college. Finally, after three years of studying hard and organizing and participating in almost all the student activities, I was able to achieve all the four goals. I became the SC President; I became popular, and got my degree. In my final semester the management offered me a job at the college, even before I formally received my degree. At the end of every academic year I used to evaluate myself and feel the difference in my knowledge, skills and personality. I also had the chance to create my own student network with different universities and colleges through old students of the college, who are currently working in different organizations with different occupations. I also gained a lot of experience which has proved useful for work today. Some of the things that Middle East College taught me are: never listen to peoples negative comments set goals and focus on them think in a different way do not imitate others And the most important thing: Never give up because failure is the beginning of success. Change in plan: Since the age of 11, I had always wanted to be an expert in Hardware and Networking. I use to read books and then implement what I had learned, on my own PC. By the time I was in my last year at school I had attained a good reputation amongst my friends and family and was known as the IT expert. Still that was not enough. I had another goal and that was to get a degree in Hardware & Networking and learn more about the subject. During my study time at Middle East College, I applied for many IT job vacancies and was called for interviews. Though I got shortlisted, I never accepted any offer, because I was still studying and I was using the employers feedback about me as a tool for evaluating my knowledge and to enhance my confidence for future job interviews. While studying at Middle East College I had the chance to study some business modules such as Business Communication, Business Environment and Marketing

Management which I found very interesting. So in the last year of my studies I discovered that I have new interests and decided to change my career path from the IT field to the Business Administration field by accepting the job offer from my college. My love for IT will never stop. I realized that I could learn about IT in my free time like I used to do when I was at school. Another thing that I learned from my college is, to make your own decisions, not to get affected by others, to always have an alternative plan and be prepared for any sudden life or career changes. As a staff member: It was August 2008 when I started working here. I first joined the Quality Assurance and Corporate Affairs. After couple of months I was given the task to start a new Unit that takes care of four main areas and they are Graduate placement, Student internships, Alumni relations, and Industry relations. This unit is known as the Placement and Industry

Relations Unit (PIRU) and it has been functioning since January 2009. I started as a placement executive and within three years I became the head of PIRU. Initially I faced a lot of difficulties in getting students CVs and establishing connections with the industry. But I managed the transition into my new role smoothly. Even though, I have learned a lot during this time, I feel I am at the beginning of my career and still have a long way to reach my new goals. At the end my advice to all students who are currently studying in Middle East College Concentrate on your studies and participate in student activities to enhance your skills (especially communication skills) Be prepared for the job market and life in general. This is a chance where you will find plenty of time to prosper and move on to the next level. Enjoy every moment as a student here, because one day you will wish to be back.

This weekend I went back to a very familiar place to me. My sister attends the same college that I did a couple of years ago. Driving through Middle East College to get to KOM was very nostalgic for me. My mind was flooded with memories and a feeling of freedom that I had once felt before. Middle East College for me (like a lot of other people) was a place that I could start over with new friends and something that was all mine. The friends I made in Middle East College will have a deep place in my heart. As we drove into the campus I couldnt help but remember my friends faces with backpacks on, walking to and from class. I remembered laughing and loving, running into people on campus. I remember meeting all my friends for lunch and hanging out on the quad when I should be heading to class. As you can tell, my college experience was about developing stronger work ethics and testing the limits of my personal ambition. I did what I needed to, to get by. If I were to go back, I honestly dont think I would change that. I love my college experience because it was a part of my life that I cant explain to anyone. It was a time for growth. It was not always easy but worth finding out on my own. I find myself being the dreamer that I am and realizing how much I loved those times but

as I walked by myself around that campus again I realized that I have moved on. Some of my friends are still there to this day but I am a different person. I feel like a grown up now. I am doing my PhD on Network & Communication Engineering and am a full time lecturer in Malaysia. I have a wife who loves me and we have a beautiful daughter. Most of my friends have families and kids and their own busy lives. My friendships have gone from having a bunch to a few, but those friendships are so deep that I will always treasure them. I will always remember those times and the feelings I had. I am so thankful to everyone at the Middle East College, who made my college experience what it was. Thanks for the memories and the friendships.



On the Campus
Introducing our new Dean: Dr R C Bhattacharjee
Prof. R C Bhattacharjee has recently taken over as Dean, Middle East College. He comes to us with a rich experience in the field of higher education behind him. His professional experience and educational background speak volumes of his achievements. Dr Bhattacharjee got his Masters and Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from IIT, Roorkee, a very reputed institution of India. Credited with 32 years of teaching and research experience in premier technical institutes in India, he acquired diversified experience in Academic Administration, Infrastructure Project Management, Institutional Capacity Building and Resource Management, besides Core Academics. He is known for his perfection, dynamic leadership and organizational capability. Before joining Middle East College, Muscat, Dr. Bhattacharjee had been serving at the National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra, India, which is an institute of national repute, functioning under the Govt. of India. He worked at NIT, Kurukshetra for the last more than 31 years, in the capacity of a Professor for about 14 years. During his tenure there, he established himself as an effective and dedicated teacher in the field of Civil Engg. and Management. The All India Council for Technical Education, New Delhi, India, appointed Dr. Bhattacharjee as member of the expert committee for accreditation of courses for maintaining quality technical education through inspection of Engg. Institutes, across the country, in recognition of his contribution to technical education, Dr. Bhattacharjee has published about 35 research papers in various international and national journals and conferences. He has guided several M.Tech. and Ph.D. scholars during his teaching tenure, as well as successfully completed two research projects financed by DST, New Delhi, India. His research areas were: Optimization in Design of Hydraulic Structures and Disaster Management. Dr. Bhattacharjee has attended and chaired several international conferences abroad and has delivered

Introducing our new Associate Dean: Dr Anupam Srivastav

Prof. Anupam Srivastav joined Middle East College as Assistant Dean, earlier this year, in April 2012. He has a Doctorate and Masters in Mechanical Engineering (Machine Design) from U.P Technical University and IIT-BHU, India, respectively. He has over 23 years of experience in teaching and has done research in the area of Materials Science, particularly Biomaterials and Composite Materials, as well as Tribology and Corrosion Studies. He also has about 18 years of experience in academic administration. Before joining Middle East College as Professor & Assistant Dean, Prof Srivastav was founding Pro-Vice Chancellor of IFTM University, India, as well as Director of the School of Engineering & Technology in the same University, since Oct 2010. He was also Head of Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering at Caledonian College of Engineering, Muscat, during Feb 2008-Dec 2009. He was founding Director & Professor of College of Engineering & Technology, Moradabad, India, from Oct 2002 to October 2010 and founding Associate Professor & Head, Department of Mechanical and Chemical Engineering at MJP Rohilkhand University, Bareilly, India from March 1996 to Sept 2002. He has also worked as Lecturer of Mechanical Engineering at Kamla Nehru Institute of Technology, Sultanpur, India (a State Govt institution), during Feb 1992-Feb 1996 and was Senior Research Fellow at School of Biomedical Engineering, IITBHU, during August 1990-Jan 1992. He was awarded the Senior Research Fellowship and Junior Research Fellowship of Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India for his research and M.Tech degree at IIT-BHU during 1987-1992. Prof Anupam is a life member of two professional bodies namely Indian Society for Mechanical Engineers and Society of Biomaterials and Artificial

lectures on being invited by various universities and colleges in India and abroad. Some of them are: University of Catania, Italy; Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada; University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada; Tampare University, Finland; and Cambridge University, U.K. Besides this, Dr. Bhattacharjee has attended and delivered expert lectures at various scientific forums organised by the United Nations at Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Istanbul, Tajikistan, China, Doha, Bangkok, Laos and Bangladesh. At the NIT, Kurukshetra, Dr. Bhattacharjee had been sharing premier administrative responsibilities for the last 25 years. He discharged his responsibilities as Dean, Head of the Dept., Chief Vigilance Officer (appointed by Govt. of India), President, Students Clubs; Superintendent-in-Chief of Exams, to mention a few. In the field of community service, Dr. Bhattacharjee was appointed Chairman of Tsunami task force in India for extending technical support for the rehabilitation of Tsunami victims in Tamilnadu, India during 2004-2005. Further, he has done a large number of consultancy jobs in the Deptt. of Civil Engg., NIT, Kurukshetra, for the benefit of the Govt. and private sectors. In recognition of his outstanding contribution in the field of Science & Technology, Dr. Bhattacharjee was awarded Shiksha Rattan award by H.E. the Governor of Tripura, India.

Organs (India). He received Visiting Associateship of UGC, India from 1994 to 1996 and is also associated as a member of the Editorial Board/ reviewer of well-known International Journals of Engineering/Wear/Simulation and Modelling, etc. He has over 25 research papers published in international and Indian journals, has attended international Conferences, etc. and contributed a chapter in a book on Biomaterials, published by INTECH, Vienna. Prof.Srivastav has also completed research projects in the area of Tribology/biomaterials/ gas sensors, sponsored successfully /externally funded by prestigious research and quality assurance agencies in India such as DRDO, and AICTE etc. He has supervised one Ph. D and is currently supervising five more Ph.Ds. He also has supervised four Masters (M. Tech and MDS) theses. Prof Srivastav has visited several universities in different countries such as China, USA, UK, Singapore, and India and has been invited to deliver talks and chair sessions at various international conferences.




Middle East College is the fruit of the trust and friendship of two entrepreneurs, our Chairman, Dr Abdullah Al Sabahi and our Managing Director, Mr. Lefeer Mohammed. Recently, Dr Abdullah and Mr. Lefeer received honorary Fellowship from the University of Wolverhampton, UK in recognition of their contribution to the development of education in Oman. They were honoured at a graduation ceremony held in September 2012, at the University of Wolverhampton, U.K. Dr. Sabahi and Mr. Lefeer were together at college and became good friends. Over a period of time they realized that they should employ the creativity of people and hence tried to be innovative in their approach. It was then that they established MECIT, now known as Middle East College. They were keen on the development of the country, promoting knowledge and getting actively involved in the community to benefit the country, its people, society and the world at large. Additionally, they wanted the learners to have a wonderful experience during their stay at the college and become its ambassadors to the world. Middle East College, as we know it now, was conceived with a belief that all people are creative and only need to be inspired to showcase that creativity and talent to make a mark in their field. The founders brought their own beliefs and values into the working of this institution which led to establishing the value statements of the college. These are: quality, in terms of the service we deliver to the community and students in particular; diversity of people, ideas and culture; transparency in our conduct; respect for our responsibilities and other people and lastly commitment to the nation and its culture, intellectual inquiry and the environment. These pillars have helped the college grow and flourish. Entrepreneurs need to be vigilant, patient, and ready to accept challenges occurring due to changing scenarios and a dynamic environment. The honorary fellowship granted to Dr. Sabahi and Mr. Lefeer is an indication of the ability of our founders to adapt to changes and move forward to seek innovation in their entrepreneurial pursuit as Techno-entrepreneurs

- Kakul Agha


Middle East College is firm in its belief that feedback from stake holders, particularly from students, is an important mechanism to stay on course with its vision and mission. In view of this, student feedback is considered very important and valuable. Therefore we conduct regular surveys asking about the students study and life experience at MEC. The students answers help us in improving our academic and non-academic services provided to the students of the college.. In June 2012, MEC conducted the first Student Satisfaction Survey to get students feedback. As a straight result of this feedback, following improvements were made in our services and facilities: General Facilities: Additional cafeterias have been added and Properties Management Department has started a mechanism of continuous review of menu, variety, quality and prices of items served in the cafeterias. Number of prayer rooms has been increased. More aggressive engagement with industries and corporate sector has been activated to intensify the already existing collaboration, as a result of which extra internship opportunities will be available Photo copy machines and printers are being made available in the Teaching and Learning Block as well to facilitate easy access For further comfort and ease in paying fees, more counters will be provided Students Activities: Students Activities Calendar, with greater number of activities, through more clubs than earlier, has been carefully planned and communicated to all. Students Success Club and Environment Club have been introduced recently and students will also be provided more opportunities to participate in Sports. Registration Department Registry Services will continue to offer prompt service to meet students satisfaction. Better awareness campaigns have been launched to increase student awareness about academic policies.

- Amal Al Amri

who have imbibed technology as a tool to establish and flourish. Dr Abdullah is a leading educational entrepreneur in the Middle East and India. In 2007, Dr Abdullah and Mr Lefeer added another feather to their cap by partnering with the University of Wolverhampton to establish Indias only dedicated Gaming institution, the Asian Institute of Gaming and Animation (AIGA) in Bangalore. Alongside his contribution to the education sector, Dr Abdullah is an active member of The Research Council (TRC), Oman, where he chairs the Research Funding Committee for Education and Human Resources. This is testimony of Dr Abdullah being futuristic and positive as well, with the awareness of all possibilities in the immediate as well as distant environment. He continuously keeps scanning the business environment through his research capabilities, which is an extremely crucial prerequisite in a successful entrepreneur. Constantly steering the college to align with national and regional priorities, Mr. Lefeer has been involved with the community through a range of programmes. Further to being an educationist, he is a philanthropist too. His expertise has been widely used by governments and communities on developmental issues including education, sports and rural enhancement. This may appear incomplete if these visionary personalities are not compared to intra-entrepreneurs. Dr Abdullah and Mr. Lefeer have been playing the roles of innovative, creative and proactive leaders within Middle East College itself which relates them to being intra-entrepreneurs. The dreams and aspirations of our founders are now in a blossoming stage and we as members have been playing our roles to let the college reach here! Let us pledge together to take Middle East College to new heights in the forthcoming decade.

Transportation Properties Management Department has introduced a mechanism wherein the punctuality of transport will be monitored Regular workshops on Safe Driving will be conducted for bus drivers and regular maintenance checks on vehicles will be carried out Hostels Girls Hostels have been provided with a dedicated house keeper to assist the wardens/guards to manage and see to the upkeep of the common areas of all hostels including maintenance of furnishings and general cleanliness of the premises. Plans are underway to build a State of the Art girls hostel. The project will begin by December 2012. On completion, it will have a capacity to house 850 students. Teaching Faculty To further enhance learning experience of the students, the college will continue to provide qualified and experienced staff Examinations The rules and procedures of the examination process comply with the standard practices followed by reputed universities and colleges. Quality Assurance Unit is responsible for quality improvement initiative by the college. If you have any suggestions/comments or you need to know further details, please send email to



Snaps by Photography Club

Tahani Al Huthili

Monira Al Hosni

Hajer Al Tuwaijri

Bashair Al Bahri

Abdul Rahman Al Adawi

From MeCIt to Middle east College






2005 to 2006



MECIT is born


In this special tenth year issue, we bring you interviews with our Chairman, Dr. Abdullah Al Sabahy and our Ex-Dean, Dr. Narayanan. They were interviewed by Anas Muneer AL-Rawahi, a student from the General Foundation Programme at Middle East College, a few months back. The coordinator was Ms. Samiya Al Hinaai, Faculty, Languages Centre and a member of the Dhow team. An interview with Dr. Abdullah Al-Sabahy, Chairman, Middle East College 1. You studied in the UK. What impact did that have on you? Being abroad you experience a lot of things; you meet people from a lot of different cultures and UK is the centre of many cultures. Its a source of knowledge, wealth and experience. I did my Bachelor and Masters degrees in UK; I made a lot of friends and gained knowledge about their cultures. So, studying in the UK was a great chance to gain such rich experience. 2. What made you think of founding the college? Firstly, I heard that the government wanted to build an IT park and I think my idea of building the college came at the right time. Mr. Lefeer and I studied at the same university in UK , so we decided to work together on this project. 3. May I ask about the story, if there is any, behind choosing the name as MECIT or Middle East College, as it is now called? The ministry offered us three names; MECIT was our first choice as it was the best among the three names given to us to choose from. 4. Could you please share with us the challenges you might have faced during the early stages of development of this institution? First of all, we decided to build the main building in less than three months; in fact, this idea came when we were in a small flat in Al-Khuwair. After two months and 15 days the minister came to visit our site and decided to cancel this project as it was felt that it would not finish in three months. Thus, we had to work very hard and within the remaining 15 days, we did it; the building was ready to receive students. About 250 students registered at the college, but we didnt have electricity at that time so, we had to use generators. Frankly, that was one of the first challenges that we faced.

An interview with Dr.Narayanan, Ex- Dean, Middle East College (2003-2012) 1. Could you please tell us about your journey with Middle East College? When did you join? MECIT was officially opened in 2002 and by 2003 I joined the college. It began as a wonderful journey for me. I was given a special room as my office was in the library. There were just around 200-250 students when the college opened and now we have around 4000 students, all the students are academically good and we have had excellent support from the Ministry of Higher Education. Personally, for me, it has been a successful journey. 2. Could you please tell us more about the college message and view? At Middle East College, you will find a welcoming and supportive environment that helps you settle down with complete ease. The student council at the college assists new students to adjust with their surroundings by organizing various orientation programmes in association with the different departments here. This ensures that students start their academic life smoothly. 3. With reference to the success of this project, what kind of special characteristics or features does Middle East College have, that make it different from other private colleges in the Sultanate? We have a different student life at Middle East College. The students are always working in teams and support each other rather than work alone individually. Added to that, a lot of facilities are provided for the students. Moreover, in the college, students are gaining knowledge and experience at the same time. Most of the students who have graduated from Middle East College are engaged in different types of careers and they are creative and good in their area of specialization. 4. May I ask about the main goals that the college intends to achieve within the coming five years? We do have a strategic plan to develop the college further, by adding more majors, and there is a building under construction for specializing in Engineering. 5. What advice would you give to our youth, especially students of Middle East College? I believe that our students have the ability to work hard and succeed in the exams; they should respect the rules of the institution, follow the system, pay heed to teachers advice and realize the value of being in such an illustrious educational institution. And I am always ready to contribute and provide any help, in case my students need it.

5. How do you think that Middle East College has helped in the development of our country? Our college is helping in the progress of Oman by providing and helping students to get information and gain knowledge through the different courses that are offered here. There is no doubt that our students, graduating with different majors, are now employed in different positions in many places around the country. They are the best proof of our success and the contribution they are making in the development of the country. 6. With reference to the success of this project, what special characteristics or features does Middle East College have, that make it different from other private colleges in the Sultanate? This college has many special features. I would mention one of the facilities from many, provided for the students, which is the online registration. Students are our focus and enhancing their experience is our main concern here. 7. What advice would you give to our youth, especially Middle East College students? The world is yours; thus, you control it by your thoughts. To achieve success, always make your plans and dont worry if you fail once or twice; keep working till you get what you want. Finally, try to get knowledge as well as experience from everywhere around you.



As I complete ten years of service at MEC, I walk down memory lane reminiscing these ten glorious years. I have vivid memories of the days and years I have passed at MECIT as each day at MEC has been a learning experience, an achievement to rejoice or a setback for improvement. Home-coming I landed at Seeb, Muscat International Airport on 6th November, 2002 with a lot of dreams, hopes, fears and apprehensions of coming abroad for the first time in my life. As I alighted from the plane, cleared the immigration and walked towards the exit, I prayed hard to see a known face of someone who would have come to pick me up at the airport. I anxiously scanned the crowd and was delightfully relieved to see Ashwin at the airport (I had previously met Ashwin at the Bangalore office). I was driven to the MEC staff accommodation at Al Khuwair 33. I was given a Jibreen smart-card to call my parents who were relieved to hear my voice. I had already started feeling home-sick and wanted to take the next flight back home. The next day, 7th November, 2002 was the start of the Holy month of Ramadan. I would have starved the whole day had it not been for my caring neighbor, mentor and teacher Prof. Dr. Chandrasekaran, then the Pro-Vice Chancellor of Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE). Later that day I visited the office of Evolution Middle-East located in Madinat Qaboos; a small office, with a small number of largehearted people. After formal introductions with the MD, the Director of Planning, the Financial Controller and few other people, I was glad to meet three warmhearted, friendly and cheerful Omani ladies, Jamila Al Balushi, Samiya Al Zadjali and Zeinab Al Siyabi. They were pleasantly surprised to see henna in my hands ( I had put Henna for the Diwali festival when in India couple of days back). They asked me about India, about my family and made me feel very much at home. I no longer felt like a fish out of water. My First Day at MEC On Saturday, 9th November, 2002, I entered Middle East College (MEC) for the first time. In the whole KOM campus, there were only two buildings, MEC and Waljat College of Applied Sciences. We had to take the road through the Rusayl Industrial Residential Area as the current road to KOM did not exist then. The MEC building was newly constructed and the area around the building was muddy. MEC started with some 3 or 4 sessions in the Foundation programme and only one session in the Semester, with around 200 students. We started with 8 faculty members in Fall 2002. We had few people in the administration handling diverse responsibilities. The star performer was Ashwin as he was handling students admissions, students complaints, HR, Registration, purchase.I guess everything except accounts. For handling accounts, we had (still have) our one and only money man Jaleel. On my first day at MEC, just after a few hours of class, it started raining very heavily and classes had to be suspended for the day. The area around our college building got flooded very quickly. Water got into the parked cars and everyone was making all efforts to drain off water from their vehicles, using whatever containers they could find. Students guardians came to pick up their wards and a couple of over-enthusiastic students were carrying students one by one from the foyer into their cars waiting at the entrance. I was amused and thrilled on seeing the reaction of people here, to a light rain. At the end of this eventful day I was really glad to have joined the MEC family.truly a home away from home with loving and caring colleagues and students. Some Memorable moments During our free hours, I used to spend time with the

female students singing, talking to them about their families, their villages and about Oman. They keenly listened to things I told about India, about my family and friends. The girls even invited me to their hostel, where they treated me to music, dance and good food. During one of the informal talks with a group of students, one of the boys told me that they were 12 siblings in all. He asked me how many siblings I had. When I told them I was the only child to my parents, they were shocked for a moment and then he said, Dont worry miss, I am your brother. I was really touched by those selfless words. One of the Foundation students who was weak in English writing and reading skills, used to very beautifully and clearly sing a song by Backstreet Boys: Show me the meaning of feeling lonely. I was amazed at how well he had picked up the words of the song. When I was teaching some part-time Foundation students, one of the students told me he had to leave early as he had to travel a long distance to reach his fields. Fields made me visualize a

picture of green paddy fields which I was so used to seeing back in India. He later told me, he was talking of oil fields. Every festival, be it Eid, Diwali or Christmas was celebrated by all colleagues together at the MEC staff accommodation. We were a large single family sharing each others joys, difficulties and sorrows. We had some mischievous colleagues who played pranks on other staff members, some elderly colleagues who represented the senior members of the family and offered good advice and help when required and some angelic wives of colleagues who often treated us bachelors or forced bachelors to home food. When a new staff joins MEC, he/she is always told Welcome to the MEC family. MEC truly is a large family for me. MEC has grown very fast in these 10 years in terms of infrastructure, teaching and learning practices, human resourceand is still progressing. I pray to God to continue to shower His grace and blessings on all MECITians.oops MECians


I still have very vivid recollections of the day I came to Middle East College (MEC) for the first time. If it were not Syed Mujtabas, the HR manager then, adept skills at giving directions, I would never have been able to make it to the KOM campus. I could never have imagined coming to this place every day as I needed to travel more than hundred kms a day. I did not know then that this is going to be my second home for the next 8+ years. The KOM campus took me by surprise. Here I was, in the middle of the desert, in an oasis, literally for the greenery it possessed and figuratively, for the knowledge it offered. MEC has grown in all directions ever since I joined in 2004, be it the structure, infrastructure, quality of education, number of students, affiliations or specializations. To continue the analogy, MEC truly is the oasis for those seeking quality higher education. MEC was affiliated to Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) at the time I joined. MAHE courses slowly gave way to Coventry University and over the years MEC got two more affiliations to its credit. Talking about Languages centre, which is a support department, the number of faculty members increased from fifteen to forty. The Fall semester intake, which used to be around three to four hundred is around a thousand at present. The experience I gained over the years truly matured and changed me as a person. The professional environment helped me discover my own capabilities. I was revealed to varied fields of IT, Electronics and Business. Each new day comes with a new learning experience. Students are our teachers and I must say I lear a lot from them. Apart from academics, my students have given me an opportunity to get familiarized with the Omani culture too. Over the years we have had many people joining and leaving MEC for various reasons, still MEC has given me some lifelong friends and I thank MEC for this. MEC has taken rapid strides in the past few years and I expect the same in future too. Sheer hard work and commitment from all the stakeholders plus respect for all have been the pivotal reasons for the continued success of the institution and has set the ball rolling. I wish MEC all the best in future.




This is my ninth year in MEC. Its been an eventful eight years-to put it mildly! My years at MEC have made me wiser and stronger and above all, given me the opportunity to be creative and taught me to be resilient against all odds. For those in the Languages Centre especially, its been a roller coaster ride. The number of students in the Foundation Programme has increased fivefold and where we once offered one UG module, we now offer eight. The Languages Centre had eight teachers and now we have forty! It has been quite a leap (understatement of the year!) I remember each time there was a growth spurt, we used to worry about having enough teachers, about how to manage all those different temperaments, about how to get so many people used to the MEC systemthe list is endless. Now when we hear that numbers are going to rise dramatically, we dont bat an eyelid. We just nod wisely because we know the show will go on. After all, were toughened warriors thanks to the rigorous training and positive thinking that a vibrant academic institution has instilled in us. The tremendous growth in infrastructure speaks volumes about our commitment to give the best to our students. What is most interesting is the infectious enthusiasm each little or big addition generated among us, from the incredible growth of the library to the shape of the tables in the new classrooms! A lot of people have been in and out of the institution within this relatively short span of time. Sometimes this kaleidoscope of faces has left me bewildered. In spite of this, I should say Ive met some wonderful people and made lifelong friendships. On a more serious note, Im grateful to this institution for allowing me to discover what Im capable of and I think thats the greatest accolade one can confer on an employer. Im reminded of these lines from Grays famous elegy, Full many a gem of purest ray serene, The dark unfathomed caves of ocean bear: Full many a flower is born to blush unseen, And waste its sweetness on the desert air. However, MEC makes sure that there are no hidden gems and desert flowers! Every one of its staff members can honestly say that talent and initiative is recognized and rewarded. A precocious, daring and sometimes impatient ten year old MEC to a graceful, wise and acknowledged genius in another ten years-we are waiting expectantly! with, I decided that I will adapt to this new set-up and make myself comfortable and not complain. I prayed, and at the back of my mind also had this wishful thought: What if the decision makers of this college, whom I did not know as yet, think the same way as my school teacher and take steps to improve the set up and infrastructure to suit the modern times and come at par with the best institutions? Recently, that is over the past few days, I have been reviewing my days spent at Middle East College and I realized that my initial scepticism had proved wrong, my wishful thinking had proved right and my prayers had been answered. The management of MEC deserves full applause and appreciation as within this short span of six years, MEC has come a long way and become my home away from home. Frankly I am unable to find words to congratulate our management for all their wise decisions over the past decade. I have been observing and experiencing continuous improvement and a lot of changes and success in several things in and around MEC. Human resources management is the mainstay of any organization. At MEC, ongoing activities, to name a few, like Women Sports Day, Bowling, training workshops etc. are being organized for staff to create a warm and family-like atmosphere within the organization.This has resulted in better communication and cooperation among our staff, has fostered closer bonds and promoted a sense of commitment. The teaching faculty and other staff consist of individuals bearing different nationalities, which helps us to understand each others culture better. The installation of the Human Resources Information System or HRIS and the improvement in student services and activities give a further human touch to the functioning system within the college. The biometric system for attendance ensures that all the concerned persons are at the right place at the right time. The management appreciates each individuals contribution by giving due recognition to each and everybody who has some achievement to his or her credit. The system of communicating and sharing results with all helps in dynamic interaction among all concerned. Infrastructural changes have occurred within a short span of time and have resulted in expansion in the number of class rooms, expansion of office space, a big sports hall, a big library and increased parking space. A spacious cafeteria provides a relaxing atmosphere to all of us. All this, I can definitely and rightly claim, has made MEC an outstanding institution of Modern Oman. The management takes quality improvement as a serious issue as seen in the establishment of an active Quality Council Committee. This has resulted in development of a Research Team and further improvement in teaching. The Postgraduate Certificate of Academic Practice provides a structured research based educational environment in which MEC academic staff can explore theories of tertiary teaching and academic citizenship and apply those theories to their own teaching. At MEC, training and professional development opportunities are provided to staff and this translates into better contribution by the staff to improve academic excellence. To conclude, I can only state that my readers would definitely be convinced as to why I take pride and satisfaction in recommending MEC as one of the ideal case study materials of dynamic management and wise decision making, contributing to overall positive change and development.

One of the most dedicated teachers in my school always stressed on the fact that Change is the only constant in life and she deeply imbibed into us young girls then, that one has to have a firm conviction and take efforts to understand and improve over ones limitations as one grows in life. She made us understand that one needs to be flexible and adaptable in a positive way to the changing situations and scenarios as one grows in life over a period of time. She assured us that this invariably leads to a higher level of satisfaction and success in life. I am living my life guided by the words of my dear teacher. Actually, I am now realizing that the above concept that is true for human beings also holds true for institutions and organizations and my wonderful and satisfying experiences over the past six years since I joined MECIT, now Middle East College, bear testimony to this. When I joined this college in 2006, the college consisted of only one building, a small restaurant, a small library and a limited number of classes. To be frank, this set up appeared relatively backward and out of place for me as I had already visited some of the well established and reputed institutions in Muscat and found this new college, which was to be my place of work, to be nowhere near them in comparison. But the golden memories of childhood spent in the company of my dear teacher surfaced and her voice and teachings started ringing in my ears. Even though I was a bit sceptical to begin



ts ven E
The Foundation Anti-plagiarism day for the Summer 2012 semester was held on the 2nd of July, 2012. The event is scheduled every semester by the Languages Centre to ensure awareness of academic dishonesty and its consequences. Students are encouraged to think about ways to avoid plagiarism and convey their message in the form of posters, articles and skits. Mr. Tareq Al Damen, HoD of the department and Ms. Hind Al Saadi conducted interactive lectures on the same theme for Foundation students. The question and answer session held afterwards witnessed some lively discussions. An essay-writing competition was held one week prior to the event and certificates of participation were awarded. Most students wrote about why they were opposed to plagiarism and offered suggestions on how to prevent it. The poster session was held in the Sports Hall with each session being allotted some space to put up their posters. Faculty members from all departments were invited to participate in this session to encourage students and to vote for the session with the most creative anti-plagiarism messages. Enthusiastic students presented their posters to visitors. Trophies were awarded to the best three sessions.


The Placement and Industry Relations Unit at the Middle East College (MEC), organized its fourth Career Fair on May 7 and 8, 2012. The event was inaugurated by H. E. Sheikh Khalid bin Omar bin Said Al Marhoon, Minister of Civil Service. The Career Fair aimed to bring the industry and academia together under one roof for a comprehensive understanding of each others function. During these two days, students had the opportunity to explore the different career options within the employment landscape of Oman. Also, they got to know emerging career trends across various industry groupings. For the graduating students of MEC, the Career Fair offered an excellent platform to showcase their credentials and possibility of them being recruited by participating companies. The 21 organizations who participated in the Career Fair showcased the nature of their business, human resource policies and other related information for the students to consider for an employment either now or in the future. At the end of the event, MEC carried out an extensive feedback from the participating organizations, soliciting information regarding the students. This could be a useful tool for enhancing the existing academic model of the institution. MEC strongly believes that any linkage with the industry should be ongoing whereby the teaching and learning process is constantly enriched. MEC has been successfully offering programmes in the field of Information Technology, Management, and Engineering at Bachelors and Masters level in partnership with Coventry University, U.K. It also has a flourishing campus of 4,000 active students located within the Knowledge Oasis Muscat (KOM), the only I.T. Park in the Sultanate. Till date, 206 students have passed out of MEC with an undergraduate degree and 127 with their Bachelor degree and another 4,000 students are pursuing their academic dreams with passion, rigor and commitment. Mr. Faiz Al-Maskiry, CEO of Ajyal HR Solutions & Services said, This was an excellent event, well organized in every sense, and we will be glad to participate in future events also. He also added, Ajyal would like to collaborate with MEC to provide its students with extra employability skill activities, such as, how to write a winning CV, how to search for a job and how to prepare for an interview


Every year the Placement & Industry Relations Unit (PIRU) organizes a career fair and requests students to design a theme for the event. This year PIRU decided to give the chance to more students to showcase their creative abilities and have their designs included in the career fair marketing campaign. Each student had the chance to participate with no more than one design and the entries had to be entirely their own original work without breaching any copyright or third party rights. The designs of the Career Fair had to meet the following criteria: Represent employment. Be acceptable to industry. Reflect Omani culture. Could be reproduced easily on print/online. The competition was organized with the help of Mr Vikas Rao, Lecturer, Multimedia. Mr Vikas guided the students, set the design specifications and evaluated the student entries. Finally, Adhara Said Thunai Al Amry, a Multimedia Technology student won the Career Fair 2012: Theme Design Competition and had the chance to present her work to about 22 employers.


14 MEC students and Staff members participated in the Coventry University summer school 2012. The Intensive English Language Course was delivered in a period of 2 weeks. The course took place from the July 9-12, 2012. The course involved activities and tasks designed to increase the range and effectiveness of the students use of the English language and primarily focused on the development of study and communication skills in an academic and engineering context. Even though the teaching and learning was intensive, the course was practical and enjoyable. Cultural /sightseeing trips were linked to the language learning. Hassan Al-Balushi, one of the students who attended the course said: Speaking for me, the intensive English summer course was so practical and useful. The teaching method was not the traditional way. It was unique and amazing and all of us loved it. I would love to attend this course once again.




All students can learn and succeed, but not all on the same day in the same way. - William G. Spady Taking a leaf from Howard Gardners Frames of Mind, Ms. Asfiya Khan and Ms. Samia Naqvi conducted a research on Application of Multiple Intelligence Theory through Folklores in EFL Teaching in Oman. The paper was presented at Asia TEFL conference on 5th October 2012, by Ms. Samia Naqvi, Faculty, Languages Centre, Middle East College and was well received. The first part of the paper gave an overview of the definition of Multiple Intelligences, origin of the theory and its importance in the EFL/ESL field. Dr. Howard Gardners theory of Multiple Intelligence (MI) precipitated a revolutionary change in the process of teaching and learning in the 20th century and the field of Second Language Acquisition was also not left spared. Previous theories on intelligence merely measured the Intelligence Quotient (IQ). Gardners theory offered a fresh perspective on intelligence supporting a pluralistic view of mind which identifies various aspects of cognition and learners individual cognitive styles. Gardner believes that practically each individual has the ability to develop all nine intelligences if provided opposite instructions, encouraging environment and reinforcement. The second part of the paper provided insights on how MI theory can be applied in tertiary level EFL teaching and learning in Omani context. Oman has a rich cultural heritage well preserved specially through folklores. The paper covered activities based on folklores, ranging across the four language skills, catering to the different intelligences. The activities, based on various intelligences, would guide EFL/ESL teachers in addressing diverse learners, developing their intelligences and encouraging learner autonomy. These activities provide opportunities for learners to use and develop all the nine intelligences, not only the ones they excel in. Though the sample lesson plan and corresponding activities were based on Omani folklore the applications could be extended to varied subjects. This universal appeal of the lesson plan was the most appealing aspect of the presentation.

Abdul Rahim Ibrahim Ahmed Al Kindi, a student of Middle East College, enrolled in Computer Hardware and networking, participated in the Study of the U.S. Institute (SUSI) for Student Leaders on New Media in Journalism. He and two other students were shortlisted by the US Embassy, Muscat, to participate in the program representing the Sultanate. The event took place at Washington State University in Pullman, WA, from June15 to July 20, 2012. SUSI for Student Leaders are intensive academic programs whose purpose is to provide groups of undergraduate student leaders with a deeper understanding of the US, while simultaneously enhancing their leadership skills. The study of the U.S Institute on New Media in Journalism examined major topics in journalism, including the changing landscape of traditions and new forms of media. The program underscored the impact of digital journalism, and gave the participants exposure to new skills, such as, uploading original audio/visual content; twittering; publishing blogs; utilizing social networking websites; and other new media platforms. The institute also explored the concept of a free press, First Amendment rights, the medias relationship to the public interest, and media business models. The institute included a media field placement component, providing participants with hands-on experience covering various aspects of journalism: researching, writing, editing, and reporting with particular emphasis on new forms of digital media.


On the first day of the Career Fair held in May 2012, the Placement and Industry Relations Unit (PIRU) organized a workshop on How to face interviews successfully. This workshop was presented by Ernst & Young. Officials from E & Y conducted the workshop and were willing to interview some students for joining their graduate training program. The workshop was conducted by Ms Ilse van der Horst, In-charge of Graduate Recruitment for Middle East and North Africa and Ms Rasha Dawood, HR Team Leader who is responsible for omanization, recruitment, training and developing the local office.


Taqniyat LLC is a specialized technology service company, which started operations in 2007. Their core business is to develop, produce and market innovative technologies. Taqniyat offers a range of products and services that are creative, innovative and customer centric. They include but are not limited to Software Solutions, Audit & Advisory and Hardware Design & Development. As a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility Program 2012, they wanted to train three Omani Nationals fresh graduates in IT/Computer Science for a duration of three months, under their internship program. The training was in the following areas: 1 Android App Development (VoIP) 2 iPhone App Development (VoIP) 3 PC Application Development (VoIP) Their internship program allowed the fresh graduates to learn about the industry from the inside. The program started on the June1, 2012. Shima Nasser Al-Mandhari, one of the interns said, The internship program was very interesting. We learned how the programs are developed and we learned how to search for information by ourselves She further added, The other interns and I got a chance to develop a real mobile application that will be used by many people in and outside Oman. Thus, it is a great achievement for us


The Placement & Industry Relations Unit (PIRU) organized a workshop for the expected to graduate students in CV Making & Tips for Attending Interviews. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Hilal Al-Jadidi, HR Advisor, BP Oman and the Executive Partner of Tamakun for Management Consultancy. It was conducted on April18, 2012 at the college auditorium.



Student s Space


As I witness these new cohorts of students who are joining our beloved college Im reminded of my 2 years experience at MEC. I think the journey would be as interesting to the freshmen as it was to me. It all started in summer 2010, after the release of our grades in high school. I had issues with the programs of higher education. For some, I wasnt lucky enough to get in and some werent just good enough for me. Anyhow, I ended up with an open scholarship to almost any private college and university of my choice in Oman. After a lot of encouragement from parents, I chose a private university which was located outside Muscat, due to the traditional belief that university might be a better option than most of the other private colleges. That was enough to follow my parents wish at the beginning. We had 3 days of time to list our selections by priority. On the last day of that given period for editing our selections, I dont know how, but I just felt that I had made a wrong decision! I thought about it and it was obvious to me that for me a good quality of degree is not enough to pick one college over another, and for a university outside Muscat, its something assured that life in its campus is lacking in activities and events which I consider as important as the quality of education in any educational organization. After a short research, I just decided that I want to go to MEC. Even though I didnt know much about the college, I was encouraged by the fact that this college supports so many different types of activities and my friends told me that they care much about sports activities which was really important for me as an athlete. I also heard that it has a good educational system, so that was enough for me to go for it, and that was totally a last minute decision. The first year was a bit awkward, because I joined college around 3 weeks late and I had to catch up with the schedule, and what made things worse was that I didnt have many friends to help me with things back then. The funny thing was that I missed my final Foundation Math exam due to my ignorance of the system. I thought that Foundation and UG exams were held at the same time, but the good thing is that the registration office was really understanding to my situation and allowed me to do the exam along with those who had sick leave. My first year was full of unusual experiences. It was an important turning point in my life. It was part of the growing up process, where I was no longer a school kid, but a responsible adult. Despite all the hurdles, I started liking my college more and more gradually. And what seemed to be a random last second decision turned out to be one of the best choices I ever made in my whole life. I wont lie, at first I was a bit disappointed for not being in the university that I wanted in the first place, but slowly I started to figure out all the reasons why I am here in MEC and not anywhere else and everything started to make perfect sense to me. Ive always believed that God knows whats best for us, we just have to trust his wisdom, have faith in his mercy and of course have patience. Well, now I believe in that more than ever. In my second year in the college everything just got better. I made a lot of friends and started building a good reputation by being an active vital student in the college . What I love most about this college is that it has a unique combination of quality in education, outstanding campus, flexible system and a lot of interesting activities that aim to develop the students potentials, social and inter- personal skills and improve their professional abilities. I took part

in many events and activities inside and outside the college, and actually I am thankful for all the support that I got from the college staff. I even got the honor to raise the college name at the national level on many occasions.

The bottom line is I am really proud to be a MECian. Yes, I can say it out loud now : MEC is my lucky shot.


Renowned folklorist Alan Dundes once commented, Future orientation is combined with a notion and expectation of progress and nothing is impossible. With the same inspiring zeal MEC organized its Orientation Week for the new batch joining in Fall 2012 -2013 to welcome and motivate them. Starting from 22 September to 26 September more than 20 batches were daily introduced to the college by an eminent team of admin and academic faculty working with Students Activities Unit. On the first day, students were registered for the orientation followed by presentations informing them about the various Foundation and UG programs. Later, they had a systematic processor to help them with the transition to college. Mahir Iqbal Al Balushi, a new student, considered it as a very important event and remarked, Yes, I enjoyed a lot. No doubt, I found it very beneficial for myself. Our seniors shared their experiences with us and shared some study tips. The day ended with registration for classes. The second day was mainly focused on acquainting students with Health, Safety and Quality Assurance, College Information System (CIS) and IT, whereas the third day was dedicated to clarifying hostel related issues and familiarizing students with Admin and Finance Dept. and Students Activities Center. This day was important for students as it helped them to know how to help themselves throughout their education process in the college and where/ whom to turn to whenever they were in need of any advice. The next day was kept only for the semester students. They were introduced to all the departments of the college including Computing, Electronics, Students Success Center, Academic Advisory, Anti Plagiarism, Exam and Registration, Foundation Computing etc. And, on the last day of the event, the introductory sessions were open for all students whether Semester or Foundation. The Orientation Week was conducted appropriately, so as to ignite and maintain the interest of the batches. Together with it, the program also proved to be very successful in helping the students to get accustomed to the new environment comprising of their teachers, seniors and various wings of the college. Noof Hamed Hammod Al Hakmani (12F9029), another new student, who was very enthusiastic about the orientation, added, There is no second opinion that MEC is a good college. My elder sister graduated from here this year only and now she is on a good post. I am quite satisfied by this college. Secondly, here I should add that the management staff is very helpful. She further added, I chose MEC because I like its environment. The people are very friendly and cooperative here. Level of education is very important for me and here the level of education is high... in short, I like it and I am looking forward to it. There were some suggestions also from the students in order to make the Orientation Week much more effective and stimulating. Reem Khamis (12F9017) proposed that the length of the program should be reduced while Jeniffa Sherly Paul (12F9663) recommended the completed program to be held in Arabic as well as English to attract more number of students. Overall this Orientation Week proved to be a boon for the students and prepared them for the forthcoming Fall Semester 2012 with zeal and fervor.




During the Orientation programme, some of the student volunteers were interviewed by Sadia Ashraf. The transcripts of their interviews are as follows: How was your experience during the orientation? Did you find this program helpful for the new students? Safaa Al Shibi (08F4441) : Yes, it was a great experience for me. I taught and guided the new students. I felt this program was really helpful for them, as they are new to the college, they need someone to guide them. Jumana Al Hoshi (10F6908) : Yes, it was helpful for new students, so that they will be familiar with everything about the college and dont face any problems during their stay here. What problems, if any, did you face while interacting with the new students? Safaa Al Shibi: Actually, new students were a bit confused and shy. I observed that most of the time, they were hesitating to ask questions. Jumana Al Hoshi: Students sometimes felt bored during the program. At that time, I faced some problems activating them. What are your expectations from the new comers? Safaa Al Shibi: I have lots of expectations from the new comers. I wish to see them all taking part in extra-curricular activities as well as in studies. Jumana Al Hoshi: I just want to say one thing; I hope that all juniors will make us feel proud of them and I want to say best of luck to all of them. Do you think some changes are required for the orientation program? Jumana Al Hoshi: I wish organizers would make it more fun-filled and entertaining. Will you like to play the volunteers role next year also? Safaa Al Shibi: Yes, off course! Jumana Al Hoshi: INSHALLAH! Definitely I will.

Award for Innovative Practice

YeAR 2012

Meganathan Ramasamy

Prakash Kumar

YeAR 2011

President of Student Council Abdul Rahman Al Adawi

Hari Mohan Pandey

Alya Talib Ali

Satinder Bhatia

Sudhagar Chandran




Crossword Puzzle

- Collected by Sara Hamdan AL-Omairi

Try to solve these fun puzzles........ 1. What invention allows you to see through walls ?! 3. Which letter is not me? 2. What are the two things people never eat before breakfast? 4. What letter of the alphabet has got lots of water?

5. What letter of the alphabet is always waiting in order?


Find the words below in the grid. Words can go horizontally, vertically and diagonally, backwards or forwards.


1 New Year In Scotland 3 Enumeration Of Final Moments 4 Greet Warmly 6 Famous London Clock 8 Explosion Of Lights 10 Day Of New Year 12 16 Oclock At Night 17 Promise You Make 19 New Year Month 20 Shows The Date 21 Traditional New Year Song

2 There Are 12 In The Year 3 Festivity To Mark An Event 5 Couples Do This At Midnight 7 Expression Of Goodwill 9 Celebrate The Arrival 11 Where Crowds Gather In New York 12 Noise Produced By Clock 13 Get-Together To Celebrate 14 Used For Decoration At Parties 15 Celebration Drink 18 Move To Music

N.B: There are no spaces between words.



Visual deception
How many living things are there in this picture?

1. Imagination 3. U 2. Lunch and Supper 4. The letter C

5. The letter Q (queue)

Crossword Puzzle

There are 30 living beings in the picture



. . . : ... . . ... . . . . . . 15 . 10 ... : .

.. . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

: ........ ..... ... ... . . : . ... . . .



, , . . . 3 / 10 / 2012 , . . . . . . 10 . . : - . . . . ...

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