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Business Innovation Strategy MGT 504
3hours per day (2 sessions in a week)

MGT-201 & MKT-201 Summer 2011 Humair Tariq 0321-8225049

1. Course Description:

In this course you will learn a skill-based approach to think creatively towards innovation. This includes a set of step-by-step thinking techniques that lead to new idea generation, better problem-solving, efficiency building and getting the best of your employees’ talents and thinking abilities. It will enhance your company’s innovation and competitive position in the marketplace. 2. Course Objectives: When you finish this course you will be able to generate new ideas that are qualitatively different from those that simply add incremental improvements to existing products and processes.

3. Learning Outcomes:

Learning outcomes are structured in terms of knowledge, skills and abilities that students should attain from the course. LO1. Knowledge about the course content and understanding of the concepts particular to the course LO2. Application of the concepts and develop link among other domains (like marketing, management, operations, strategy, finance etc) LO3. Analysis and application of the course content in real life and how could the concepts read in this course can benefit any business LO4. Evaluation and implementation of techniques, models, theories and concepts in order to gain comprehensive comparative advantage Business Innovation Strategy Page 1 of 6

BIZTEK Business Innovation Strategy Page 2 of 6 .

Reference Book(s): • Business Innovation for Dummies. and to enhance the learning. Teaching and Learning Methodology: Assessment Instruments Quiz Class work/Project/Presentation Class Behavior Attendance Midterm Exam Final Exam Percentage 10 % 10% 5% 5% 20 % 30 % 10. 2nd edition. Textbook: • Creative Problem Solving for Managers. occasionally videos will be embedded. Attendance Policy: Business Innovation Strategy Page 3 of 6 . fact finding and problem finding/definition • Morphological analysis and related techniques • Paradigm-breaking techniques and some miscellaneous ideation methods • Protecting Intellectual Property • Building a business around your innovation There will be power point slides. 9. Grading Policy/Student Assessment: 7. Allan Afuah 5. Materials and Supplies: Suitable reading material will be emailed to the students via e-group.BIZTEK 4. 8. Tony Proctor • Strategic Innovation. Developing skills for decision making and innovation. New Games Strategies for Competitive Advantage. Topics/Chapters: • Concept of Innovation. Case studies and articles of innovation and creativity will also be discussed along with class presentations and pop-up quizzes to improve the learning outcomes. Alexander Hiam 6. creativity in comparative environment • Theories of creativity and problem solving process • Objective finding.

Any late after 5 minutes will be considered as half absent. If anyone found being oversmart and not abiding the rules made. Only 5 minute leverage will be given to students (only if they have genuine reason). leave application etc. Sessi on 1 Weekly Course Outline: Session Topic Chapter 01: Creativity and its importance (Book: Creativity and Innovation) Chapter 03: Theories of creativity and the creative problem solving processes (Book: Creativity and Innovation) Chapter 04: Innovation in Sales and Marketing (Book: Business Innovation) Chapter 05: Being an Innovative Strategist (Book: Business Innovation) Chapter 04: Objective finding. maximum absences allowed.BIZTEK Prompt arrival and regular attendance are extremely important. Expected Class Conduct: Students are not allowed to use mobile phones during class timings. he/she will be asked to leave the course. 12. and they should come in time in class. Refer to student handbook for policies on late entry. 11. fact finding and problem finding/definition (Book: Creativity and Innovation) Chapter 09: Turning problems into opportunities for innovation (Book: Business Innovation) Chapter 11: Coming Up with Creative combination (Book: Business Innovation) Chapter 05: Morphological analysis and related techniques (Book: Creativity and Innovation) Assessments * Percentag e** 2 3 4 Quiz 5% 5 Quiz 5% 6 7 8 Mid-Term 20% Business Innovation Strategy Page 4 of 6 .

The instructor reserves the right to utilize electronic means to help prevent plagiarism. Challenges: 14. Special arrangement may also be made on prior request based on specific challenges. 15. Students with Physical or Educational Students with educational and/or physical challenges are entitled to extra attention and time from the instructor. Comments and/or Suggestions: Business Innovation Strategy Page 5 of 6 . All submitted work and activities should be genuine reflections of individual achievement from which the student should derive personal satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. Therefore students are advised to notify the course instructor at the beginning of the course.BIZTEK Chapter 13: Negotiating Creative Win-Wins (Book: Business Innovation) Chapter 14: Innovating to Save cost (Book: Business Innovation) Chapter 09: Paradigm-breaking techniques and some miscellaneous ideation methods (Book: Creativity and Innovation) Chapter 15: Managing the Development of an Innovative Idea (Book: Business Innovation) Chapter 18: Building a business around your innovation (Book: Business Innovation) Case study: Xbox 360: Will the Second Time be Better? (Book: Strategic Innovation) Case study: Nintendo Wii: A Gamechanging Move (Book: Strategic Innovation) 9 10 11 Quiz 5% 12 13 14 15 16 Quiz 5% Final Exam 50% 13. clear thinking. resourcefulness. and perception. Plagiarism and cheating subvert these goals and will be treated according to the policy stated in the Student Handbook. Academic Integrity This course seeks to empower students for independent learning.

BIZTEK Students and Instructors may contact the Institutional Research Department if there is a need to make suggestions or comments that can help further improve the course. The Institutional Research Department would like to hear your feedback about the following: Students Course Content/ thoroughness Lecture Delivery/Supplementary Material Facilities/Labs/Software/Hardware Support Course alignment with learning outcomes Any other comments/feedback Instructors Availability of teaching material Facilities/Internet/Administrative Support Labs: Software/Hardware/Technical support Availability and quality of Teaching Instruments Any other comments/feedback Business Innovation Strategy Page 6 of 6 . A link is also provided on your BIZDESK account for frequent and trouble-free feedback.