MySQL - Installing the Test Environment

Installation Overview
 How will installation be used? o Testing environment? o Production environment? o What application will be using DB? MySQL as part of a package o XAMPP package: cross-platform, simple to install and use MySQL standalone: o For MySQL support: o o MySQL GUI Tools o Text editor – not a word processor o Mac: BBEdit or TextWrangler o Win: Notepad++ Command Line Prompt o Mac: – included with OS X or iTerm ( o Win: cmd.exe – included with Windows

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Installing in Windows
     Download XAMPP and right the installer and run as administrator. Open XAMPP Control Panel Application, start MySql first and then start Apache. Open web browser and type http://localhost/xampp/splash.php Click on Status to check what’s running and working, and what isn’t working. For mysql, click on control panel, system, and then on Advanced system settings. Open Environment Variables to edit a system variable called path to add c:\xampp\mysql\bin. Click Ok to save the changes. Now you will be able to run mysql in command line prompt.

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