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The Pictorialist

January 2013 Newsletter of the Photo Pictorialists of Milwaukee Established 1904 Affiliated with the Photographic Society of America Wisconsin Area Camera Clubs Organization And the Wisconsin Print Circuit Richard Yehl, President; Sandra Weber, Vice President Dixie Lowin, Treasurer; Bert Hartinger, Secretary-Editor Meetings are held the first Thursday of each month from September thru May at 7pm, in the Luther Manor Conference Room, 4545 N. 92nd St., Wauwatosa, Wisconsin Seasons Greetings! Best wishes and happiness to all as you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, or both. One of the blessings we have is the fellowship and camaraderie we enjoy as members of the Pictorialists. Our January Meeting The PSA Chapter 21 photos which we were supposed to judge at the November meeting, but we couldnt because they didnt get to our president in time, finally did get to him for judging this week. Plus that, bring one photo for critiquing. For the February program, be prepared to bring photos of loved ones, be they family, pets, or friends. We did this once last year, and everyone liked it. Our December Dinner Party A good time prevailed at the dinner party. We had plenty of photos to look at and enjoy, and were glad to have two good friends as guests, and also life member Edith Hoefer. The guests were Helen Lauer, and Dr. Zhu. Helen played hostess for many years for meetings of club officials at her home. Dr. Zhu is a former member of the club, and he brought several large prints which were spectacular in quality. Outings We met Santa at last weeks outing to Old World Wisconsin. He was seen there with David Beykovsky, Kylas son. .

Outings, contd. For more photos from OWW, look at the photo gallery in Out next planned outing will be to the Tripoli Temple, the first Tuesday either in January or in February. Exhibits at Luther Manor The November photo exhibit at LM was written up in Luther Manors News and Notes, along with a photo of the photographer. Now the tenants are more aware that the Pictorialists meet and exhibit here and more apt to view the exhibits, which is why we do them. The next exhibit will be of photographs by John and Dixie Lowen, in January if LM permits access to the display boards. PSA Here is a second reminder about PSA dues. Kathy Braun has told us that PSA will increase its annual dues to $60.00 next year. She advised that we pay our dues in 2012 to avoid the increase. WACCO, COPA, AND THE MAM According to Mary Dumont, WACCO will have another downtown display of photographs in 2013, as was done last year. This time it is hoped that the display is included in the Journal/Sentinel Friday listings of special events. COPAs annual Midwest Juried Photo Exhibition, with photographers from Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, and Minnesota, is at Walkers Point Center for the Arts, at 839 S. 5th Street. It started Dec. 7 and will be up through January 19. At the Milwaukee Art Museum, the featured exhibition starting Feb. 22 will be devoted to photography.

Membership A revised membership list is attached, with a couple spelling mistakes from the last list corrected. Treat Schedule 2012/2013 January February March April May Kathy Braun Kyra Beykovsky Bert Hartinger Jerry Harders Year End Competition